A One Name Study

Of the Surname Featherstone and it's variants

Our research is somewhat subsidised by our members, but the main fee is for our quarterly newsletters. Which contain news and Featherstone information.

The Main Countries

We believe that the name orginated in England, early settlers, into Ireland in the 15th century followed by the USA in the 17th century, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and South Africa followed

Main area’s in different countries

Featherstone and variants of the name appeared in specific states, counties, provinces in varying time periods.

About US

Family History with the Featherstone's
What we Do

We collect all known references about people holding the Featherstone or variant surname.

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  • Marriages England and Wales
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Our Team

The Two Paul's
W.Paul Featherstone
W.Paul Featherstone
Founder and Webmaster
Tracing his family since the early 1990’s, joined the Guild of One Names Studies in 1997 and set up the Featherstone and variant One Name Study.
Paul R Featherstone
Paul R Featherstone
Southern England database organiser.
Paul searches for Featherstone and variants in the southern half of England.
Our four other Founders
Our four other Founders
Two of our four other Founders
Beryl Featherstone, Iris Woodall, Susan Nesfield, Gillian Gibson-Stephenson
Guild of One Name Studies
Guild of One Name Studies
A Team Player our membership number is 2627
Our Members
Our Members
Members from around the world, who contribute family tree’s, some of them appear in the main image, taken while on our reunion trip in 2002.

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