Anyone find this couple

Edward Featherstone (Farmer of Kirton (?) in the county of Lincoln, father a butcher called George Featherstone) married Elizabeth Allen Marshall (of Clinnell, father a sergeant in HM forces called Francis Marshall) at Alwinton on 20 July 1882 – entry 147. Witnesses Charles L and Annie Thompson. Alwinton is in Northumberland

Can anyone find this family in the 1920 Us Census

1910 US Census Pembroke Wash. County, Maine District 0298 (Can not read other numbers etc.) All born in Maine Harriet N. Batson,72, wdr, 5 children born, 4 living; her mother born in mass. USA; keeper of boarding house George H Featherson, 45, son, married 12 years, labourer odd jobs Estelle M Featherson, 27, wife, 7[…]