About our Society

History of the Society

The Featherstone Society was formed in late 1996 by five English researchers of the surname.

Beryl Featherstone
Jillian Gibson-Stephenson
Susan Nesfield
Iris Woodall
W. Paul Featherstone

We published an introductory newsletter, and sent it to all the other researchers we knew of, some 20 other researchers. Paul had registered most of the surname variants with The Guild of One Named Studies, registration number 2627.

We have published once a quarter over the past 19 years a “Featherstone Family News” which has contained articles by the founder members and members contributions of their research or stories about their family trees and individuals. We also have published source information.

In 1998 we launched a web site, and soon had a surge in membership mainly from the USA, but also from other former colonies of Great Britain.

We appointed volunteers to act as country representatives in late 1998 to make the process easier for those not in the U.K. They are currently:

Lynn Burdick for the USA
Bill E Featherstone for Canada
Joan Currie for Australia & New Zealand

We have had 392 members to date, some have passed on to better things, others have renewed and we have a current membership list of some 100 members worldwide.

We planned a grand reunion for the year 2002 in the U.K.

A one name study of the surname Featherstone, with all the possible variants.

Featherston, Featherstun, Feverston, Feaverstone
Fetherstone, Featherston,
Fatherston, Fatherson, Fetherson,
Featherstonehaugh, Fetherstonhaugh, Fetherstonhalgh.
and many mistranscriptions.

We have members around the world with Featherstone connections.

You can get a quartery electronic newsletter by sending a Paypal payment of $10 to the webmaster.

You can get to our database via http://www.featherstone.org this holds some 76,000 references to people who have or do hold the surname or have a connection to the name.