Biography of Sit Thomas Henege

Sir Thomas Heneage (brother of Katherine Heneage, wife of Henry Fetherston)

b. abt 1532, 1st son of Robert Heneage

d. October 1595

?? attended Queens College, Cambridge

1553 elected Member of Parliament for Stamford, Lincs (Henry VIII)

?? 1st marriage

1556 daughter / heir born

1559 elected MP for Arundel (Elizabeth I)

1561 Steward of the Manor of Hatfield

1563 elected MP for Boston

1564 honorary MA from Cambridge

1564 Crown grant of Copped Hall, Waltham, Essex

~1565 Gentleman of the Privy Chamber

1565 honorary membership of Gray’s Inn

1566 served on Parliamentary Succession Committee

1568 entertained QEI at Copped Hall

1569 to 1582 Treasurer of the Queen’s Chamber

1570 granted Kingswood Heath by town of Colchester (at Queen’s urging)

1573 Crown grant of Manor of Epping

1576 appointed joint Keeper of the Records of the Tower of London (with brother,Michael)

1576 Steward of some Essex lands of Duchy of Lancaster

1577, 1 December created Knight of the Shire for Lincolnshire

1585 Deputy Lieutenant of County of Essex

1585 elected MP for Essex

1587/88 Privy Councillor

1588 until death Vice Chamberlain of the Royal Household

1588 Treasurer of War for the defense against the Armada (4000 troops)

1590, April Lord Walsingham spymaster and Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster dies

1590, May appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

” Recorder of Colchester

” High Steward of Hull

” High Steward of Salisbury

1591 High Steward of Winchester

?? appointed Ranger of Waltham Forest

1594 appointed by the Crown Justice of the Peace, county of Essex

* was briefly considered possible suitor of Queen. Was certainly close friend and court intimate

* QEI presented him, in gratitude for his service as Treasurer of War, with the Armada/Heneage Jewel; a gold locket with jewels and enamelled pictures of the Queen, the Ark and the Tudor Rose. This Jewel is now in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

* In his will he gave instructions to have a Jewel made for QE1 with a value of 1000 french crowns.

* He was involved in the Queen’s Secret Service/ Intelligence operation which was efficient and extensive. It greatly relied on the licensed Crown acting companies, as they had ease of travel. Sir Francis Bacon and Christopher Marlowe are known to have been involved. On Walsingham’s death in 1590 Sir Thomas is thought to have taken over one of 2 branches of this service, under Robert Cecil.

* He was the intermediary between the Queen and the Earl of Leicester who was in the Netherlands. This is thought to be the only time he went abroad.

* He had poetry published in a volume including works of Sir Walter Raleigh and other courtiers.

* He was a friend and neighbour (in Waltham) of John Foxe, the martyrologist. Foxe’s son Samuel was Steward to Sir Thomas and was married in the home of Sir Thomas’ daughter Elizabeth Finch

m. 1. Anne Poyntz abt 1555

b. aft 1528

d. Nov 1593 “in Modsey, Surrey” note: there is presently a Poyntz Arms pubs in East Molesley,Surrey ( ?)

father: Sir Nicholas Poyntz of Acton Court, Iron Acton, Gloucestershire. knighted by HenryVIII.

Sherrif of Gloucs., appt. 1539 Groom of the Bedchamber of King Henry VIII d. 1557

mother: Joan Berkeley, dau of Thomas Berkeley, 5th Earl of Berkeley

only child:

1. Elizabeth b. 1553 or 1556 d. Mar 23 1633/4

m. Sir Moyle Finch, 1st Baronet of Eastwell (1611) d. 1614

He was a stockholder in the Virginia Company of London

* when widowed, she was jealous of her titled step-mother and persisted until she received in 1625, the title of Viscountess of Maidstone and in 1628 the title of Countess of Winchelsea (Sussex), both hereditary titles. It is said that these titles cost her and her son around L10,000. Her children did very well in marriages and positions.

m. 2. Mary Montague Browne, Countess of Southampton May, 1594


d. 4 Nov 1607 Copped Hall, Essex

father; Sir Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu of Cowdrey Park, Sussex, Knight of the Garter

mother: Jane Radcliffe, dau of Robert Radcliffe, 1st Earl of Sussex

widow of Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of Southampton d. 1581, age 36

1. Maria Wriostheley m. Thomas, 1st Baron Arundell

child: Anne m. Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore

Anne Arundell County, Maryland is named for her

2. Henry Wriostheley, 3rd Earl Southampton b. 1573 d. 1624 “diplomat & Colonial adventurer”. Southampton was patron of Shakespeare (some think a very close relationship) and close friend of Roger Manners (1576-1612) 5th Earl of Rutland, ggnephew of Margaret Manners, Sir Thomas’ step-mother (sister of 1st Earl Rutland)

Sir Thomas Heneage died Oct. 1595. He did not like Sir Moyle Finch, his only child’s husband. His will of July, 1595 sought to ensure that his daughter and her husband would honour his previous conveyance of Copped Hall and Epping to his (2nd) wife.note:see Elizabeth above: he apparently knew his daughter well.

This Bio was assembled by Julie Shepherd April, 2004. The information was taken from published records and similar reliable publications.