History of the Fetherstonhaugh Family with a Pedigree of Irish Branch

A hand written document obtained from Ireland, believe to have been written in the 1890’s by A.J. Fetherstonhaugh.
Transcribed by a member.

The History of the Fetherstonhaugh Family with a Pedigree of Irish Branch

Cuthbert Fetherston, of the ancient family seated at Hethrge or Heathery Cleugh in the County of Durham and at Castle Warden in Cumberland? settled in Philipstown in Ireland A.D. 1651 and purchased estates? in Westmeath and Longford; he died? at the age of 72? Leaving issue surviving him by :

John, who had issue four sons Thomas, Cuthbert, John and Francis and three daughters.

Thomas went into the army and served ? William of Glorious memory carried the standard of the Enniskillens at the Battle of Boyne and Aughrim. He left issue one son Thomas. Phillip was also in the army and served with distinction in Spain? and France; left issue two sons Philip & Cuthbert and one daughter Mary. Jacob was also in the Army; and when a mere stripling volunteered to join the expedition of the Gallant Tollencacke ? , his friends interposed and thus saved him from the sad fate which swept away that brave General and almost his whole force in a ? attempt to land in Canceris Ba? He married Ruth Carden and left issue one son James and one daughter Ruth. He died ? 1761. Aged 80 years

John as before stated had four sons and three daughters. he resided at Rath in the County of Westmeath.

Thomas of (Ardagh) (obit 1749) married Mary Shercock of Irishtown in County Kildare and had issue four sons. and one daughter who died unmarried.

Cuthbert ( of Dardistown (obit 1744) married Mary daughter of Richard Magen Esqr; and became ancestor the Mosstown, Grouse Lodge, Ballintubber , Brackly and Rockview Branches.

John was in Holy Orders and never married. When vicar of Maidstone in Kent he was appointed to an Irish Bishopric by Queen Anne. but the letters patent had not been signed when her majesty died, and King George did not adopt her nominee.

Francis (obit 1748) ancestor of the Whitrock branch of the Family ? Three daughters, Viz. Elizabeth married William Atkinson of Forgny and left issue.

Anne married William Vance of Blencore and left issue “””” (sic) married Thomas Mitchell of Ballyturey County Roscommon & left issue male & female.

Thomas as before stated had ? sons & one daughter John in Holy Orders , chaplain to Lord Chancellor Bowes, and Dean of Leighlin, died

William ( of Carrick of whom hereafter Ralph, created a Baronet 26th ?

Francis an eminent merchant Lord Mayor of Dublin 1797: 1798 High Sheriff married Miss Hannah Birch and left issue one son Thomas, afterwards Col; Thomas Fetherston who married his cousin Eliza daughter of Sir Thomas Fetherston (2nd Bart) and left issue two daughters.
Caroline wife of George Schoo? Esqr. And Georgina. We shall now follow the baronetcy and proceed to the elder or Carrick branch hereafter.
Sir Ralph, 1st Baronet married firstly daughter of Samuel Auchmuty Esqr and had issue one daughter Elizabeth who married her cousin Thomas Fetherston of Carrick & died leaving one ? who died in infancy.

The Bar? married secondly in 1757 ? daughter of Godfrey Wills Esq. of Wills Grove in the Co: Roscommon and died in 1780 leaving issue Thomas, second Baronet of ? hereafter (Godfrey, John, Francis who all died unmarried and four daughters. Sarah wife of Robert Thorpe Esqr.
Maria wife of the Revd Wm Sneyd left issue Elizabeth wife of the Revd Henry Massey.
Letitia, died unmarried

Sir Thomas (2nd Bar; obit1819) M.P. for the County Longford, married in 1782 Catherine daughter of George Bolyn Whitney Esqr. of Newpass in the County Westmeath had issue –
George Ralph (3rd Bart.) ( John, George, Henry all died unmarried)
Thomas Francis ( 4th Bart.)
Eliza who as before stated married Col; Thomas Fetherston
Catherine married the Revd Rob? Fetherston Jessop? of Dory Hall in the County Longford Esqr. And left issue, John Howard Jessop ? of Marefield County Dublin. JP.? and two daughters Catherine & Elizabeth.
Sarah died unmarried
Isabella married John Godfrey of Fonthill, in the Co. Dublin, Esqr. and had issue William G.R.G. ? Godfrey, Henry C. Godfrey. Elizabeth Maria died unmarried.
Octavia Letitia married ? Revd James Gregory D.D. Dean of the Cathedral church St. Briget Kildare and died without issue.

Sir George Ralph ( 3rd Bart;) born June 1784 (obit 12th July 1853) married in 1821 Fras; Elizabeth daughter of Richard Torey ? Esqr. but had no issue he was succeded by his brother Sir Thomas Fras: (4th Bart. Obit 1853; in Holy Orders married in 1823 Adeline daughter of Col; Godfrey and by her had issue
Thomas John 5th Baronet of whom more hereafter.
Catherine wife of J H.B.? Phillips Captain in the RA. has issue
Rosa wife of Col ? P. Maloney has issue the Bart; married secondly, Ann? Daughter of Edmund L. Estrange of Maytown, King’s County and had issue

Edmund Whitney Fetherston, Whitney of Newpass in the Co; Westmeath, This gentleman took the name of Whitney by Royal License he married Georgina Catherine daughter of James J. Rolleston Esqr. of Frankfort Castle King’s County; and has issue of one daughter,
Johns Henry – Albert Bolyn, Henry , Francis ( died unmarried)

Henry Ernest William late 60th Rifles married Jane Daughter of the late Edward Atkinson Esqr.

Henrietta Maria , married the Revd Henry Greenwood

Nannette Louisa married Harvey R.S.Armstrong Esqr. and has issue Sir Thomas John(5th Bart: obit 1869) married Sarah daughter of the late Henry Alcock of Wilton Castle Co: Wenford Esqr. and left issue Sir Gerald Ralph ( 6th Bart born 8th Apr 1852 and two daughters, Adeline Margaret, Caroline Louise

We shall now return to the eldest of Carrick branch

William (1st of Carrick obit 1771 married Lydia daughter of Wm Sherlock of Brunnockstown Co: Kildare High Sheriff of Westmeath 1737 and had issue.

Thomas ( obit 1772) High Sheriff of Westmeath 1771 married Eliza Daughter of Sir Ralph Fetherston of Ardagh ( a? 1st Bart ) and had issue an only son who survived him a few months and died in infancy.
William who succeded on the death of his nephew

William (2nd of Carrick, obit 1800) High Sheriff of Westmeath 1782. married Susanne daughter of Godfrey Wills of Wills Grove and had issue

William, who succeded of whom hereafter

Sarah, married to Lord Robert Kidd and died without issue

Lydia married John Perkins of Bally Crawley in the Co: of Mayo Esqr. She died 1857 leaving issue

Elizabeth married firstly Capt James Giueen ? Secondly Rev Stephen Radcliffe and left issue a son Thomas Ratcliffe who died in September 1877 and a daughter Susan.

William (3rd of Carrick born 17?? Married 1806 Elizabeth daughter of William Orme of Abbytown in Co Ma? and had issue besides ?
who died in infancy. (William who succeeded of whom ? Thomas Orme( born 1809 obit 1873 ? Holy orders. Incumbent of Ma? married 1856 Henrietta Lucretia daughter of Capt Richardson ? left issue two sons and a daughter

John ( born 1810: obit 1839 ) without ?

Godfrey of Ballinderg.J.P. (born 1811 obit 1868 ) married in 185? Henrietta Hester daughter of ? Ellis of Broomfield Co Wick? J.P. and left issue. Two sons and two daughters.

George ( 1817 obit 1828 ) without ?

Francis (born 1821) emigrated to Canada. Married in 1845 daughter of Richard Swift Esq. and has issue –

Henry. Captain Westmeath Rifle born 1876 maried Frances Augusta daughter of the Revd. Francis Hewson (vide The ped (sic) of Viscount Hewson Cranhook?) she died leaving two sons and two daughters.

Anne died in 1827 unmarried

Susanna, married Francis Berry Esqr. Of Eglish (sic) Castle Kings Co. who died in 1864. Mrs. Berry died 1876 , leaving issue male and female

Elizabeth married firstly in 183? Samuel W. Hardy Esqr. Of Bracelyn? Castle, Co: Westmeath. who died without issue. 2nd Admiral F.N. Burnard. R.? of Furgebro ? minster Devon.

Jane married her cousin Wm. Fetherstonhaugh of whom hearafter? William (4th of Carrick born 14th Dec 1807) married 1837.

Alicia daughter of Fras. Berry Esqr. before mentioned and ha? had issue besides others ? died in infancy.

Francis Berry ( born 7th Oct 183? Obit 25th Febry , married in ? Elizabeth daughter of the late Jus. Hornridge, Calveston, West M? J.P. left issue surviving sons Fras: Berry & George Rupert and two daughters

William ( born 27 Febry 1840) married Frances daughter of the late Wm Reynolds Esqr. And has issue three sons and a daughter.

Thomas Orme (born 16th Apl 1643 (sic)) obit 21 Apl 1878 unmarried

Olivia Frances. Married Arthur Gambell. Westbrook Co Westmeath J.P.? She died leaving issue two sons and two daughters.

Susanna married in 1863 Geo R. Boyle who died 17th July 187?. Secondly in January 1873 George Fred Harris, Captain ? Regiment, issue of 1st marriage one daughter Helen.

Frances Maria Jane. Anna Ma?

We now return to.

Godfrey 2nd son of the 2nd William of Carrick) of Glenmore Co Mayo & 8 North . G.Georges’s st Dub? Born 7th Sept 1793. Married 7 sept. 1824. Martha daughter of the Revd. Stephen Radcliffe Rector of Skryne Co: Meath. she died 13th April 1875. leaving issue 4 sons & one daughter.

William born 17th September 1??? Called to the Irish Bar Ex Scho? & Gold Medallist of T.C.D. ? married 6th September 1854. Jane daughter of the 3rd William of Carrick and has issue Elizabeth (Lisa) married I? 1874 Oswald Birchall of Ilk? Yorkshire Esqr. And has issue Stephen Radcliffe born 10th ? 1830 Solicitor, clerk of the pea? for the Co: Westmeath. Married 2nd July 1837. Jane daughter of the late Jas Boyle Esqr. J.D.L.? Lord Mayor of Dublin 1855 High sheriff in 1866 and has issue surviving

Godfrey, Born 11th April 1858 Sch T.C??

Alf?? Born 19th October 1863

Albany Born 14th October 1865

Edwyn Born 2nd Nov. 1867 and

five daughters, Violet, May Ade??? , Constance Martha, Jane Emily , Alice Kathleen

Godfrey Born 31st Aug 1831 married 15th September 1859 Susanna daughter of F. Bery Esqr. Before mentioned and has issue surviving

Francis Edward born 16th May 1874 and two daughters Francis Bery (Lina) Lilian Isabel

Edward born 3rd January 1833 married 20th November 1866 Helena daughter of the late Captain Brotchell and has issue surviving, one daughter Kate Matilda.

We now turn to the Fetherstonhaugh of Dardistown, Mosstown, Bracklyn Castle, Rockview , Grouse Lodge Ballintubber Co: Westmeath and Whiterock Co: Longford.

Cuthbert of Dardistown (obit 1744) 2nd son of John who was eldest son of the 1st Cuthbert the founder of the Irish family was settled in Dardistown in the Co: Westmeath in 1721. as he is so described in a deed. registered in that year, by which he conveyed lands in the Co: of Roscommon to the celebrated Johathan Swift Dean of St Patrick’s Dublin, he married Mary daughter of Richard Magan Eqr. And had with other issue John Of whom hereafter

Richard married Anne Tedwick ? and left issue two daughters Anne died unmarried

Frances married a ?. Allen and left issue an only son William (Great grandfather of James Fetherston-haugh of Ballintubber) of whom hereafter.

Francis of whom nothing known

Margaret married 1748, Revd. Willaim Reade Esqr. Of Woodpartk near Scariff

Frances married Joseph Daly of Daly Castle Daly in Co: Westmeath.

John ( obit 1776) Married 1741 Anne daughter of E.D. Magan of Killinbrack Esqr. and had issue two sons, Cuthbert ( of whom next) and Edward ( of the later nothing is known)

Cuthbert ( obit 1817) of Mosstown High Sheriff. of Westmeath in 1781. married 1770 Mary Daughter of Theobald Wolfe Esqr. Barrister at Law and left issue.

1st Theobald of Mosstown of whom hereafter.

2nd Cuthbert ( obit 1849) Rector of Hackettown Co : Barlow married Anne daughter of Robert Holm ? of Prospect Kings Co: Esqr and left issue male & female

3rd Edward (obit 1843) married Mary daughter of Richard Magan and left issue

Cuthbert (obit 1871) Treasurer of the Co: Westmeath married in 1842. Anne dauaghter of William Greene Esqr. and left two sons Edward and Cuthbert and two daughters

4th Willaim married Anne daughter of R. Welsh Esqr. and left issue as follows.

Wm Andrew Lt Col: of Derrykinney in the Co: Galway married his cousin Anne daughter of Theobold of Mosstown. Anne re-married T.W. ? Lawbeth Esqr.

Theobald of Monkstown (obit 1844) High Sheriff in 1805. married in 1797 Mary of Johnathan Hardinge Esqr. of Hardinge Grove Co: Galway and had issue a numerous family

1st John died unmarried

2nd Cuthbert who resides in Australia. Married Susan daughter of William Curtis of Annamore ? King’s County and has issue two Sons, Theobald and Cuthbert and five daughters

3rd Hardings married and left one daughter

4th Theobold , baronet for Westmeath married Jane Maria Daughter of John Barlow of Bushy Park, in the Co: Roscommon Esqr: and has issue 3 sons Theobald, Richard and William and one daughter

5th Edward marries Elizabeth daughter of William Curtis of Annamore and has issue two sons William & Cuthert and three daughters

6th William (of Grouse Lodge) a J.P. for Westmeath married in 1845. Frances (obit 1879) daughter of the Revd. Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh of Hacketstown and has issue, three sons Theobald (born 1846) Charles an enniment Physician (born 1852) Arthur 1857 and five daughters

7th George who died without issue

Theobald of Mosstown had also ten daughters —

— We now return to Thomas (3rd Son of Cuthbert of Dardistown) Thomas married a Miss Nugent daughter of James Nugent of Derrymore and had two sons, James of whom next and John who died in 1829 without issue

James settled in Bracklyn Castle married Margaret daughter of Sir Richard Steele Bart.and had issue three sons and 3 daughters as follows :-

1st Thomas James of whom hereafter

2nd Richard Steele ditto ditto

3rd John ditto ditto

4th Charlotte Married Robert Tigh?? Of South Hill

5th Margaret Anne married, S?. Thomas Chapman Bart

6th Harried died unmarried

Thomas James of Bracklyn Castle born 1790. Married in 1816. Lady Eleanor Howard second daughter of Wm. 3rd Earl of Wicklow, and had issue one son and three daughters as follows:_

Eleanor Margaret : Married 1844. John Vignolles of Cornallin

Catherine Mary married Col: Arthur

Francis Alicia married 1841 Captain John Roden.

. ? Fetherstonhaugh died in 13th Dec 1853. And was succeeded by his son Howard born 1816. Married 10th Augt 1854. ? Emily daughter of William Wingfield of Ossett Hall. Essex Esqr. By whom he had issue 5 sons & two daughters.

? Howrd Fetherstonhaugh died by the bullet of an assassin on the 15th April 18 ?? near Killucan in the Co. Westmeath and was succeeded by his Eldest son . Cecil Howard ? (Now of Brackly Castle ) born 22nd February 1857

We now return to the Rockview Branch——-

Richard Steele (1st of Rockview obit 1834 ) was the second son of James : he setted at Rockview and married in 1822, Dorothea daughter of Denis George, a Baron of the Exchequer, and has issue 3 sons & 2 daughters as follows :–

Richard Steele now of Rockview of whom hereafter

George Edward died without issue

Rupert Pennefather J.P & D. L. Donet – shire ? married in 1857. Louisa Mary daughter of Henry Frampton Esqr. Of Moulton Donet?, and had issue 2 sons and 4 daughters

Maria, married Sir Ben: Chapman Bart:

Adelaide died unmarried

Richard Steele now of Rockview J.P. D. L. Co: Westmeath, High Sherifff. 1847 born 12th April 1823 married 12th September 1846. Rosetta daughter of Sir David Roche, Bart: and has issue
Richard Steele Rupert 20th September 1848 in the 60th Rifles
John Dan: born 20th February 185?
Frances Dorthea.

We now return to the Griffon ? branch—–

John 3rd son of James of Brackelyn Castle (obit 1874 ) born 1796 27 May 1826. Susan daughter of Hugh, 3rd Lord Massey and had issue male & female. he has been succeeded I? his estates by the daughter one of whom Henrietta married 15th April 1874 he? Cousin Robert Hardings Mas? Esqr of Rowesdale in Co: Lime?

We now return to William( 4th son of Cuthbert of Dardiston) We are unable to ascertain who he married. but he had a son Cuthbert of Ballintubber, better known ???? as ” Cuddy Tearfox” married Miss Sarah Mars?? and was succeeded by his son James of Ballintubber who married Miss Lucy Algeo and had issue

Albany who succeeded his father and died unmarried

James of who hereafter

Lucy married firstly a Mr. Barardstowe, and secondly Henry Ebbs Esqr: and has issue of her second marriage

Webmasters note: A letter from researcher Nat G Barnardiston points out that the first marriage of Lucy was actually on 1 Sep 1871 and she married Charles Frances Barnardiston, who died 12 Sep 1875 without leaving issue. He served with the 23rd Regiment of Foot as Ensign/ 2nd Lt.

James: (2nd of Ballintubber ) J.P. Westmeath. married Annalina Balaklava eldest clan? of Wm. Morris Reade of Harbour View in the Co: of Waterford Esqr J.P.R. M.

We now return to Frances of W- Rock the brother of Cuthbert of Dardistown but we have been unable to find any satisfactory record of the pedigree of this branch of the family

Francis married and left a son ( Robert who died in 1779) The last Fras: Fetherstonhaugh this branch died some year back leaving amongst other children, so far as we have learned,

John Wolseley

Catherine, wife of Edw: Dowbrain?? Esqr. Maria wife of Her: Taylor Esqr

Sarah Charlotte wife of the Revd. Robert Gaqe?, Clement & Richard Henry & c&c (sic)

John Wolsely died October 8th 1890. Benelle Victoria, Australia at the residence of his son,

Francis Percy Fetherstonhaugh described as the eldest surviving son of the late ? of Banagher House Rathdunus Co. Wicklow eldest surviving son of the late J. Fetherstonhaugh D.L. I. P. Co: Longford aged 56


Head of the Irish Branch

some controversy has existed from time to time as to who is the head of the family: we do not think it is a matter of much importance but we have endeavoured to ascertain the truth.

The question simply turns upon the simple fact whither Thomas of Ardagh (obit 1749 ) Cuthbert of Dardiston (obit 1744 ) Francis of Whiterock ( obit 1748 ) was the eldest son of John Fetherston of Rath of Co: Westmeath who was the eldest son of Cuthbert the first settler in Ireland. The contention however has been mainly between Thomas: of Ardagh and Cuthbert of Dardistown. the wills of the three brothers in the record office do not throw any light upon the point of issue nor have we been able to find any positive evidence save a very old pedigree preserved by a member of the family of the Ardagh branch : it bears proof of great age and we have obtained many valuable items of information from its pages. it states the early pedigree as we have stated it and styles Thomas of Ardagh the eldest son of John: if this be so and from the researches we have made the challenge proof to the contrary, it is clear that the Carrick branch has the pre-eminence & that the present owner of that old place ( who is a minor) is the head of the family in Ireland. We believe the late William Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick was many times so acknowledged by various branches of the family in England. as we have said before the matter is of no moment and if the owner of Carrick be not the head of the family then is equally clear that Cuthbert eldest son of the late Theobald Fetherstonhaugh of Mosstown ( who is now resident in Australia) must in that case be the head of the Irish Branch.

Head of the English Family. We are unable to throw any light upon this point. The English Baronetcy has become extinct. We extract the following items from Mr Kenzie & Dents History of Northumberland county published 1811. Thomas –de- Fetherstonhaugh was the owner of Fetherstonhaugh Castle in Edward the first reign, Alexander in 39 . Edward II Thomas in 42. Edward III Sir Albany High Sheriff of Northunberland in 2 Elizabeth. Alexander his son, High Sheriff in 32 Elizabeth Henry in 1. James I. Timothy his son killed in the Battle of Worchester: about this time the manor and castle of Fetherstonhaugh was sold to the Earl of Carlisle but many years afterwards was repurchased by Matthew Fetherstonhaugh Esqr. A lineal descendant of Sir Albany ( Empire Elizabeth ) His son Matthew was created a baronet about 1746. and left an only son Henry who was the last Baronet of that line

We believe the Castle & Manor do now belong to the family FetherstonH We have not been able to make out with certainty when this mode of writing the name was commenced, but we find in the History of Nothumberland before quoted, a statement that the Featherstonhaugh in the Co: of Durham although called Fetherstone always signed themselves Fetherstonhaugh

The Irish Branch came from Hethery Cleugh in Durham and we find them early in the 18th century described in deeds & wills as Fetherston but invariably signing FetherstonH.

Deaths in the family while this book has been going through the press. Godfry Fetherstonhaugh of Glenmore C: Mayo & 18 ? Great Georges St Dublin ( obit February 10th 1879) and has been succeeded at Glemore by his eldes son William, and in his Westmeath estates by his second son Wm Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick (obit 1st August 1879. and has been succeeded by his Grandson Fras: Berry Fetherstonhaugh ( a minor ) George Rupert the present owner of Carrick ( obit 1879 in infancy Edmund Whitney Fetherston, Whitney of Newpass ( obit 29 March 1880) and has been succeeded by his brother John Henry Fetherston. Albert his brother died 21st April 1880. unmarried and John H. has succeeded to his estate also with respect to the sons of the first Cuthbert other than John, mentioned at page 9 we have endeavoured to trace their descendants in the male line. Thomas of the Enniskilling 2nd son of Cuthbert had issue one son Thomas who took Holy orders, was successary Curate of Crunlin Co: Dublin Incumbent of Annamore Cherrymont and Donnamore in the Co: Wicklow; he died at the later place at at age of 86:he had issue one daughter who died young and two sons. Thomas his eldest son murdered by mountaineer in Wicklow John second son of whom nothing is known. Phillip 3rd son of Cuthbert as stated had 2 sons and one daughter all of whom are believed to have died without issue. James 4th son of 1st Cuthbert had as stated one son and one daughter.

Ruth, married James Edwards. James took Holy orders married Miss Dorcas Crump. became rector of Newtown?reda ( obit 1801) aged 84. he left 2 sons and four daughters by:- James Richard, Anne, Eliza, Sarah Henrrietta of whom nothing.

Notes of the family with which the Fetherstonhaugh’s have intermarried, Atkinson of Forgey (?ide p: 18 ) of this marriage there was issue 4 sons and two daughters, George Atkinson of Forgey, M: Elizabeth daughter of Robt Lewis of Tullagoy in the Co: Kildare, and left issue male & female —-

Charles died unmarried

Thomas M: Miss Grace Kane ( no issue)

William M: Miss Catherine Roper ( no issue)

Elizabeth M: in 1754 Thomas Orme of Canon Co: Mayo Esqr. and left issue Wm.

Orme of Abbeytown Co: Mayo Esqr. ( vide p:20)

Ann married no information

Vance, of Blencore ( vide p:18) of this marriage there was issue male & female: the male line seems to have failed in the generation next.

Mitchell of Ballyturby (vide p:18) this lady’s name was Mary which was not know to us when printing the pedigree: there was issue of this marriage.

Thomas M: Miss Wills of Willsgrove Co: Roscommon and had issue two sons & two daughters Viz: Thomas Godrey, Sarah Martha, John, Mary Elizabeth, all died unmarried

The late Gen. Mitchell R.E. of the castle strange? was the lineal descendant of Thomas Mitchell with Mary Fetherstonhaugh Wills of Willsgrove ( page 20)

This family is now representd by Mr. Wills Sand Grove of Castleroe of Co: Roscommon Radcliff ( Martha M. to Godrey Fetherstonhaugh.

The Irish Radcliffs have always claimed to be of the linage of the unfortunate Earls of Derwentwater. The last of whom perished on the scaffold about 150 years ago, be this as it may, they are all descended from Revd. Stephen Radcliffe born 1878. Scholar of T.C.D. in 1696 a very distinquished Divine: he became Vicar of Haas & died in 1732, some of his writings are still extant?: he left 3 sons, Richard of T.C.D. the Rt ? Hon. Stephen Radcliffe Judge of the Prerogatine? Court.

To show how public opinion changes with time , we may mention that the Revd. Stephen Radcliffe, whose daughter name stands at the head of this note, was when Rector of Drumcliffe Co: Sligo a popular master of hounds in so much as, that a street in Sligo was named Stephen St. as a compliment to him and yet we have always heard that he was a truly good man and a humble Christian:

We append to these notes a list of the Fetherstons who have obtained scholarships in T.C.D.

1700 Thomas Fetherston son of Thomas standard Bearer of the Enniskillens at the Battle of the Boyne-

1705 John Fetherston, Dean of Leighlin

1729 John Fetherston ( probably son of Cuthbert of Dardistown

1754 Francis Fetherston ( we cannot with certainty identify this scholar.

1847 William Fetherstonhaugh

1878 Godfrey Fetherstonhaugh university classical student 188?

We close this record with a list compiled from the mode? Doomsday Book of the Landowner of the race in Ireland, who own 100 statue acres and upwards at the present time

Cecil H.D, Fetherstonhaugh Co: Westmeath statue acres value 474 £2583 Bracklyn Castle

Miss Fetherstonhaugh 2234, 1628 Grifffinstown. This lady has also a considerable estate in Galway

Richard Steele Fetherstonhaugh 2709. 2452 Newpass. see ?Bavan ? County

Fras: Berry Fetherstonhaugh a minor Carrick 1075 687 This minor has an estate in Co. Longford.

Stephen Radcliffe Fetherstonhaugh 17 Eccles St. Dublin 1070 712 Co: Longford 5 acres

F.B Fetherstonhaugh 498 £401

Sir George Ralph Fetherstonhaugh Bart. Ardagh House 8711 5606 Co: Galway

Wm Fetherstonhaugh Derryhinney 1803 1087 Co: Mayo

Wm Fetherstonhaugh Glenmore Co: Caran? 9261 1669

John Henry Fetherston Whitney 64? 350 Newpass

Rev. James Fetherstonhaugh Rector of Newtownbreda died 1800

James son of above was agent for Lord Dungannon after was agent to Sir Rober Batesow of Belvoir Park

  • Webmasters note, the recent aquisition of papers from the Royal Irish Academy, “The Upton Papers” might prove helpful it looking at this document in detail.