Featherston Findings Volume 1

Vol. 1 Forward

Welcome to volume one of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS!
This volume is the beginning of a new series of booklets designed to be of help to all of us interested in this surname. In the past, we’ve each done our individual research and shared those results with our correspondents.
With FEATHERSTON FINDINGS, we now have a central repository and a place to share our research with other genealogists and family historians. This series will include information on all variant spellings; i.e. Featherstone, Featherstun, Featherson, Fetherston, Fetherson, etc.
Each volume will contain at least 25 pages plus an index.
Please let me know of others who may be interested in the Featherston surname, so they may be made aware of this new publication. It is not necessary to purchase these booklets to submit miscellaneous material, branches and/or queries for publication.
If you have any suggestions regarding improvements or desired changes in future volumes, please let me know.
A big thanks to all who have made this first booklet possible by sending in material, branches and queries. Also a special thanks to all who responded to my introductory letter with their encouraging words.
Each of us have varied interests regarding our genealogical work. By combining our efforts, interests and talents, we will make progress in our endeavours. Let’s all work together to make this effort a big success.
Thank You,
Aug 1990

Vol. 1 Index

Index of Giles County, Tennessee Deeds 1839-1842 1
Giles County, Tennessee Deed, Book. Q, p. 144 1
Giles Co., Tennessee Deed Book AA, p. 275 1
Beware of Charlotte Co., VA Marriage Bonds 2
Early Middle Tennessee Marriages, Vol. 1 5
Early Middle Tennessee Marriages, Vol. 2 5
Early Tennessee Marriages 6
Marriage Notices From Richmond, Virginia Newspapers 1821-1840 6
Frankfort Cemetery…In Kentucky 6
South Carolina Census Data 7
Lunenburg Co., Virginia Marriages 1750-1853 8
Cemetery Inscriptions of Claiborne Parish, Louisiana 8
Deeds of Frankiin County, Georgia 1784-1826 9
1820 Virginia Census 10
Branch Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 11
Queries 29
Every Name Index

Vol. 1 Page 1

Index to Giles County, Tennessee Deeds 1839-1842

Bk. 0, p. 178
Kelley Featherston bill of sale to Thos. Martin

Bk. 0, p. 352
Bill of Sale from W.T. Featherston to Mary Hamilton
Bill of Sale from W.T. Featherston to Mary Thompson

Bk. 0, p. 521
Bill of Sale from W.S. Featherston to R.P. Shelton

Bk. Q, p. 144
Bill of Sale from Robt. R. Featherston to Joshua Baker

Giles County, Tennessee Deed Book Q, page 144
Robt. R. Featherston
To ! Bill Sale Registered the 30th day of September 1842
Joshua Baker
I have this day bargained & Sold & do hereby convey unto Joshua Baker his heirs & assigns for & in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to me in hand paid the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged a certain negro girl Slave for life named Milly, aged about fifteen years & now in the County of Decoto & State of Mississippi. I do covent with the said Baker to warrant & forever defend the title to said Slave to him his heirs & assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever. I do also warrant said Slave to be sound, healthy & sensible & Slave for life.
Given under my hand & Seal Sept 30th 1842.
Test James F. Davis Robert R. Featherston (Seal)
Isaac Morrison
State of Tennessee Giles County &c
Personally appeared before me Edward D. Jones Clerk of the County Court of Giles County, James F. Davis and Isaac Morrison Subscribing witnesses to the within named Bill of Sale, who being first sworn depose and Say that they are acquainted with Robert R. Featherston the Bargainer, and that he acknowledged the same in their presence to be his act and Deed upon the day it bears date In testimony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and affixed the seal of said
Court at the Clerks office in the Town of Pulaski.

Giles County, Tennessee Deed Bk. AA, p. 275
31 Oct 1859. I Elizabeth Featherston of Carrol 1 Co., Ark. one of the granddaughters and legatees named in the will of William Johnston late of Giles County, Tenn. in his will dated 2 Jan 1857. Appoint Robert H. Johnston of
Giles Co. her attorney to receive all due her. Recorded 18 Jan 1860.

Vol. 1. Page 2
The Virginia Genealogist Vol. 23 No. 1 – Jan/Mar 1979


By Mrs. Margaret T. Macdonald, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Mrs. Catherine L. Knorr’s Marriage Bonds and Ministers’ Returns of Charlotte County. Virginia, 1764-1815 was first printed in 1951. It has been widely sold and used and is still available.
Mrs. Knorr nowhere states exactly what she examined in compiling the bonds of Charlotte County, although she mentions discrepancies between the dates on the marriage bonds and the ministers’ returns. However, the page
numbers that she gives in her book as references show she used a typescript of unknown provenance, still in the Clerk’s Office at Charlotte County House, and also undoubtedly a handwritten volume of ministers’ returns also at the Clerk’s Office. The latter contains no genealogical information, other than the name of the bride and groom, supposed marriage date, and name of officiating minister. Stuart B. Fallen, present Clerk of Charlotte County, is
emphatic that his predecessors would never have allowed Mrs. Knorr access to the original bonds.
Whoever made the typescript which Mrs. Knorr copied was not a genealogist and made inferences of relationships that were incorrect, as will be shown in two of the following examples. Four original marriage bonds, chosen because they were the bonds of the four oldest males of the Featherstone family, which I have been researching for years, were recently examined.

The first as printed in Knorr, p. 27, is:
10 December 1787. Charles (1) Featherstone and Lucy Elmore, dau. James Elmore. Sur. James Tarpley. Married 12 December by Rev. Thomas Johnston. p. 107
This is nearly correct. The marriage bond has written across its face Caries/ Carlos (2) Featherstone and Lucy Elmore, dau. of James Elmore of sd. county.

The second, as printed in Knorr, p. 27, is:
4 January 1796. Jeremiah Featherstone and Elizabeth Elmore, dau. James Elmore. Sur. Jesse Elmore. p. 234
This is correct. A small piece of paper inside the bond reads: “This day Jessee Elmore brother of Elizabeth Elmore came before me and made oath that his said sister Elizabeth is upwards of twenty one years of age – that he heard his father James Elmore Refuse to give to Jeremiah Featherstone who is about to be married to the said Elizabeth Elmore a Certificate to the Clerk of the Court of the said county of the age of the said Elizabeth that he has often heard his father say she was over Twenty one years old – the said Jessee Elmore saith his sister Elizabeth is older than he is – and that [ ] Jessee is over Twenty one years — [Signed] Guinn [?].”

The third bond has caused much trouble and confusion. Printed in Knorr, p. 27, one finds: 26 August 1794. Hezekiah Featherston and Nancy Tarpley, dau. John Tarpley. Sur. Charles Featherston. Married 28 August by Rev. Edward Almond, p. 212
There is a considerable amount of material in the Charlotte County records that shows that the Nancy Tarpley who married Hezekiah Featherston, was the daughter of James Tarpley. In the Court Order Books of August 1796 (3) are two suits in which Hezekiah Featherston and Nancy his wife sued the executors

Vol. 1. Page 3

of James Tarpley, deceased, and the heirs of James Tarpley. In one the Featherstons were joined by John Eudaly and Mary his wife. Mary is known to have been a daughter of James Tarpley (4). There is a similar suit in May 1798 (5). When James Tarpley made his will (6) he named only his sons and his married daughters but his son William Tarpley made his will (7) and named all his siblings, including a Nancy Tarpley. Finally, an indenture (8), dated 1806, between Joseph Friend and the legatees of the estate of James Tarpley, deceased, includes among the legatees “the heirs of Betsy Miller (9) and Nancy Featherston, who are deceased.” Why then did the marriage bond typescript say that Nancy Tarpley was the daughter of John?
Examination of the original bond shows a small enclosed scrap of paper which says: “Ann (10) Tarpley was born 2 day of July 1769”. [Signed] John Tarpley.
August 26 Witnessed Carloss (X) Featherston
94 Agnes (X) Tarpley (11)
There is nowhere any statement that John Tarpley is Ann/Nancy Tarpley’s father. The relationship was inferred from John Tarpley’s sending a statement to show that Nancy was of age to give her own consent. Nancy Tarpley’s
father, James Tarpley, was dead. John Tarpley was her uncle (12).

The last bond examined has caused problems in a different way. It reads in Knorr, p. 27:
18 May 1804. Wyley Featherstone and Sally Elmore (13). Sur. Samuel Green. Wyley son of Jeremiah Featherstone p. 365
There are two Jeremiah Featherstons in Charlotte Co., Va., records and it can be proved that both men were too young to have fathered Wylie. The original bond revealed a piece of paper saying: “This is to certify that Wyley featherson (sic) is of eage (sic) to act for his self.”
Tese(?) Mrs. Jean featherston (14) Jeremiah featherston (15)
On the back of the same piece of paper, the surety, Samuel Green (16), made oath, among other things, that “his (Wylie’s) father and mother are both dead.” The parents of Wylie Featherston are unknown, but we do know that his father’s being Jeremiah is incorrectly inferred. It is extremely probable that Wylie was a first cousin of the other Featherston men.
The results strongly suggest that anyone with a marriage in Charlotte Co., Va., and especially with a stated relationship in the printed marriage bonds that causes problems should certainly see the original bond. The first
175 years of Charlotte County marriage bonds have recently been microfilmed and are at the Virginia State Archives.
(1) The typescript says Carlis. The ministers’ returns say Caries. The original bond says Carlos/es. His name seems to have been Carolus and though he had many variants (Carless, Carloss), he never, so far as I
know, was Charles.
(2) The original bond says Carloss.
(3) Charlotte Co., VA Order Book 10, p. 205.
(4) Knorr, op. cit., p. 26, shows: 1 October 1787, John Eudaly and Mary Tarpley, dau. James Tarpley. Sur. Carless Featherston. Married same day by Rev. Thomas Johnston. Mary Eudailey is named as a daughter in
the will of James Tarpley (Charlotte Co., Va., Will Book 2, p. 21).
(5) Charlotte Co., Va., Order Book 11, p. 162.

Vol. 1. Page 4

(6) Ibid., Will Book 2, p. 21. James Tarpley made his will 2 Nov 1791; it was proved 6 Feb. 1792.
(7) Ibid., Will Book 2. p. 49. William Tarpley made his will 29 Apr 1794; it was proved 2 June 1794.
(8) Ibid., Deed Book 10, p. 136.
(9) Betsy Miller was named in James Tarpley’s will as daughter, Elizabeth Miller. Her husband, David M. Miller was an executor. The marriage is in Knorr, op. cit. p.
(10) Nancy was a nickname for Ann. Ann Tarpley used Nancy almost exclusively
(11) Agnes Tarpley was John’s wife. Charlotte Co., Va., Deed Book 11, p. 35, 26 Jan. 1807, shows a deed between Joseph Venable and John Tarpley and Agness his wife.
(12) James Tarpley (Jr.) and John Tarpley are both named in the will of their father James Tarpley (sr.) made 22 July 1780 in Brunswick Co., Va.. and proved 28 May 1781 (Brunswick Co., Va., Order Book 2, p. 167).
(13) Samuel Green, the surety, made oath about “Sally Elmore whose mother and father are both dead.” This means she must be the daughter of James Elmore (Sr.) and his first wife, who are both dead. James Elmore (Jr.)
was still alive. I know of no other Charlotte Co., Va., Elmore who could be her father.
(14) This is Jean Wright Featherston, daughter of Mary ___ and Robert Wright of Brunswick Co., Va. He made his will 11 Aug. 1781, proved 26 May 1783. (Brunswick Co., Va., Order Book 2, p. 438), and named his
daughter Jean Featherston. He left her a Negro girl named Fib and in 1784 on the personal property tax list of Brunswick Co., Va., Charles Featherston has, for the first time, two slaves, “Fib and one young one.” Jean Wright married at a time and place unknown Charles Featherston whose will was made in Brunswick Co., Va., 3 Apr 1788 as Charles Feariston (Brunswick Co., Va., Will Book 5, pp. 342-43). The Feariston will was proved 25 Jan. 1790 by Jesse Turner and John Porter. Brunswick Co., Va., Order Book 15, p. 261, shows that the will of Charles
Featherston was proved the same day by the oaths of the same two men.
There can be no doubt that the will of Chare Is Featherston is that written as Charles Feariston. A careful genealogy of the Kentucky branch of the Featherston family done by Mrs. Elizabeth Featherston Selliers in the early 1930s says that Jean Wright Featherston, who died 16 Nov 1812, was the mother of Hezekiah, Carolus and Jeremiah Featherston.
Interestingly, she does not give their father’s name. The Feariston/ Featherston will appoints “Kyai” as one of the executors. I presume this is a nickname for Hezekiah. Jeremiah is called “orphan of Charles Featherston” in Charlotte Co., Va., Order Book 10, p. 12 Jan. 1796, when he chose Moses Eudaly as his guardian. I have found nothing, other than circumstantial evidence to show that Carolus was also a son of Charles Featherston, but I believe he was. Charles Featherston had at least seven children and very possibly a wife before Jean/Jane/Gen Wright.
(15) Jeremiah Featherston, the youngest child of Jean Wright and Charles Featherston, was born 4 Nov. 1776 and died 11 July 1854, according to his tombstone in the Lexington, Ky., cemetery. He and Elizabeth Elmore,
born 7 March 1771, died 3 March 1864, had five children. Most but not all, of the Fayette Co., Ky., Featherstons are descended from his son Robert Wright Featherston, born 30 March 1803, died 24 March 1889.

Vol. 1. Page 5

(16) Samuel Green married 7 March 1803 Nancy Elmore, sister of James Elmore, who was surety (Knorr, op. cit. p. 33). This is probably correct. She is the sister of James Elmore (Jr.) and daughter of James Elmore (Sr.) who was dead. Green was surety to his sister-in-law’s future husband.

by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Nashville, Tennessee 1988

p. 177
Featherson, Henry D. to Mary Draughon 4-7-1846 – Robertson Co.
Featherston, Burrel to Sophia Hart 9-10-1853 (9-11-1853) – Robertson Co.
Featherston, C.A. to Mary Crockett 3-16-1868 (3-17-1868) – Coffee Co.
Featherston, Clement to Litha J. Kennerly 1-20-1858 (no return) – Franklin Co.
Featherston, David to Susan Crafford 1-13-1854 – Robertson Co.
Featherston, Geo. W. to Patsy Redfern 3-29-1842 – Robertson Co.
Featherston, H.D. to M.E. Davis 11-25-1848 (11-26-1848) – Robertson Co.
Featherston, James H. to Elizabeth C. Harper 9-1-1846 – Sumner Co.
Featherston, John to Eliza J. Knight 2-17-1859 – Giles Co.
Featherston, Joshua W, to E.M.P. Jackson 2-27-1844 – Robertson Co.
Featherston, Lee to Eliza Hearn 5-13-1870 – Sumner Co.
Featherston. Prestley to Mary Blessing 3-12-1852 – Rutherford Co.
Featherstone, Calvin to Nancy J. Lamb 10-17-1860 – Rutherford Co.
Featherstone, Oliver P. to M.J. North 6-26-1860 – Rutherford Co.

by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Nashville, Tennessee 1988

pp. 177/8
Featherston, Addline to Thomas J. Hightower 9-24-1841 – Robertson Co.
Featherston, Gilly (Tilly?) to James Hazlewood 1-20-1836 – Williamson Co.
Featherston, Julia Farmer to Alfred Chrisman 7-4-1843 – Williamson Co.
Featherston, Luvinia to Perry H. Parks 7-6-1857 (7-7-1857) – Franklin Co.
Featherston, Margaret to Moses Lovet 10-7-1834 – Williamson Co.
Featherston, Martha to William W. Weatherford 1-30-1845 – Williamson Co.
Featherston, Mary F. to F.E. Dycas 1-1-1848 (1-2-1848) – Robertson Co.
Featherston, N.E. to H.F. Horton 12-21-1867 – Williamson Co.
Featherston, Sarah C.E. to Jesse M. Davis 3-29-1841 – Robertson Co.
Featherston, Susan to Daniel Lenehan 12-19-1868 (12-20-1868) – Franklin Co.
Featherston, T.E. to Thomas E. Lenehan 8-10-1872 – Franklin Co.
Featherstone, Berintha M. to David P. Harris 12-16-1819 – Rutherford Co.
Featherstone, Eliza Ann to Moses Li Hard 2-11-1829 – Williamson Co.
Featherstone, Levina to James Rodgers 6-5-1841 – Rutherford Co.
Featherstone, Nancy to Wm. M. Johnson 1-27-1861 – Williamson Co.
Featherstone, Sally to William Ray 8-29-1839 – Williamson Co.

Vol. 1. Page 6
in 6 volumes by Sistler & Assoc. pub. 1987

note by editor: Volume number not indicated
p. 94 – Grooms
Featherston, C.R. to S.E. Moore 9-30-1875 (no return) – Dyer Co.
Featherston. Daniel M. to Sarah A. House 10-11-1860 – Weakley Co.
Featherston, Henry D. to Amanda L. Lusk 5-12-1862 (no return) – Carroll Co.
Featherston, James to Laney George 9-7-1854 – Gibson Co.
Featherston, John W. to Tabitha C. Conlee 12-6-1855 – Gibson Co.
Featherston, Lewis H. to Lavinia Felts 10-15-1856 (10-16-1856) – Shelby Co.
Featherston. W.D. to S.A. Oneal 12-20-1865 (no return) – Dyer Co.
Featherston, William J. to Willy Corley 1-8-1845 (1-9-1845) – Gibson Co.
Featherstone. T.J. to Arabella E. Wingo 12-10-1869 – Gibson Co.

in 6 volumes by Sistler & Assoc. pub. 1987

note by editor: Volume number not indicated
p. 95 – Brides
Featherston, Adaline to J.H. Waldren 2-12-1873 (no return) – Dyer Co.
Featherston, E.J. to J.S. Robbins 10-31-1877 (no return) – Dyer Co.
Featherston, E.L. to J.W. Hall 3-8-1870 (no return) – Dyer Co.
Featherston, Harriett to W.G. Wynne (Wyman) 6-26-1845 – Shelby Co.
Featherston, Louisa H. to Lewis J. Salyton 11-1-1854 (11-6-1854) – Gibson Co.
Featherston, M.E. to S.E. Milam 12-4-1873 – Dyer Co.
Featherston, Martha L. to William A. Jones 12-1-1842 – Shelby Co.
Featherston, Martha to Charley Sawyer 1-1-1874 – Dyer Co.
Featherston, Mary to A.H. Herron 2-6-1838 – Fayette Co.
Featherston, Phebe A. to John H. Wallace 11-10-1853 – Gibson Co.
Featherston, Susan S. to Wm. P. Bradley 6-26-1845 – Shelby Co.
Featherstone, Mary L. to William E. Price 12-21-1858 (no return) – Weakley Co.

pub. The Virginia Genealogical Society 1988

p. 179
Married on 16th Inst., Mr. Stokes Tunstill to Miss Amanda L. Featherston, dau. of Mr. Charles H. Featherston. all of Amelia Co. RE, Nov. 23, 1832, p. 3

Published by The Kentucky Genealogical Society, Inc. 1988

p. 35
Section B
Featherston, Jennie H. 1851 – 1931
p. 159
Section H
Featherston, Martha A. Mar. 28, 1785 -Oct. 1, 1837 cont…

Vol. 1. Page 7
Frankfort Cemetery…in Kentucky (cont.)

p. 192
Section J
Featherston, F.M. (Brother) Oct. 12, 1863 – Nov. 5, 1904
p. 197
Featherston, Charles Feb. 1, 1829 – May 4, 1904 (Co. B., 2nd Ky. Vol., Mexican War)
Featherston, Mary Ross Sep. 10, 1823 – Feb. 25, 1890 (Wife of Charles Featherston)
p. 302
Section 0
Featherston, W. T. (Brother) Aug. 12, 1859 – Nov. 24. 1914
Featherston, Jennie E. Oct. 4, 1868 – Dec. 29, 1935


1790 Chester Co., SC 1790 Lancaster Co., SC
Camden District Camden District
Richard Fetherston Richard Featherston
1 free white male over 16 1 free white male over 16
1 frew white male under 16 2 free white males under 16
2 free white females 1 free white female

1800 Chester Co.. SC
p. 143
John Featherston P. 160
2 males under 10 Jacob Featherston
2 males 10-16 2 males under 10
1 male 45 & up 1 male 10-16
1 female 16-26 1 male 16-26
1 female 43 & up 1 male 45 & up
2 females under 10
2 females 10-16
1 female 45 & up

1810 Chester Co., SC 1810 Pendleton Co., SC
p. 93
John Featherston Sarah Featherston John Fetherston
1 male 10-16 no males 2 males under 10
1 male 16-26 1 female under 10 1 male 16-26
1 male 45 & up 1 female 45 & up 1 male 26-45
1 female 45 & up 2 females under 10
2 females 10-16
1 female 26-45

Vol. 1. Page 8

1830 York Co., SC
p. 120-121 or p. 364
Richard Featherstone
1 male under 5 1 female under 5
1 male 5-10 2 females 5-10
1 male 10-15 2 females 10-15
1 male 15-20 1 female 30-40
1 male 40-50

by John Vogt & T.William Kethley, Jr.
pub. Iberian Publishing Co. Athens, GA 1988

p. 33 – Grooms
Joshua & Ann Wilkinson 16 Oct 1821; bondsman – Stephen Brown; minister – Thomas Adams – Oct 1821
Lewis & Sally Hurt 20 Dec 1810; minister; James Shelburne

p. 113 – Brides
Lucy A M & Peter W (Jr.) Hawthorne 31 Oct 1842; bondsman-Samuel A Peace
Sarah E & Thomas Johnson 23 Oct 1848; bondsman-John Hawthorn

Compiled by John Purnell Frazier and Wanda Volentine Head
Published by J & W Enterprises, Shreveport, LA

Rocky Springs Cemetery
R.N. Featherston (M.D.) 17 Dec 1870 1 Mar 1957
Minnie Eudora Featherston 18 Oct 1875 2 Feb 1977
Richard H. Featherstone 4 Sep 1894 31 Aug 1908
[American Legion Emblem] (R. Horace Featherstone Louisiana Sgt. 88 Aero Sq.)
Wideman Featherstone 1902 1905

Compiled by Elinor McCalman Seward and Wanda Volentine Head

Mt. Zion Cemetery
Rosa D. Featherston 28 Jul 1872 23 Nov 1874
(arm of John W., M.D.)

Vol. 1. Page 9

Compiled by Elinor McCalman Seward and Wanda Volentine Head

Arlington Cemetery
John Windfield Featherstone (M.D.) 7 Mar 1875 12 May 1963 (b. Mahon, Louisiana)
Mary McCutchan Featherstone 12 Apr 1880 29 Nov 1960 (b. Byhalia, Mississippi)
Frances M. Featherstone 6 May 1910 17 May 1977
L.H. Featherstone 25 Aug 1844 1912 (b. Franklin, Heard Co., Georgia; d. Macon, Georgia)
Josephine Cleveland Featherstone 26 Sep 1848 25 Jan 1930 (b. Troupe Co., Georgia)
Charles G. Featherstone 27 Sep 1883 2 Nov 1930 (d. Corpus Christ!, Texas)
L.H. Featherstone, Sr. 25 Jun 1872 18 Sep 1937
Lucius H. Featherstone 6 Dec 1899 17 Mar 1972 (Mississippi Pvt. US Army WW I)
Ruth Gladney Featherstone 17 Mar 1899 15 Nov 1982


p. 404
Deed dated Franklin Co. 11 Mar 1820, rec. 4 Oct 1820, from William Featherston to Frederick Gowder. In cons. of $100, conveys 125a in Franklin Co., adj. Sanders, Col. Anderson, Meeks, Cleveland, being part of land granted to Hamilton Montgomery. Wit: Richard Coleman, John Morgan, John Chalmers, J.P.
p. 425
Deed dated Franklin Co. 21 Dec 1818, rec. 21 Oct 1822, from Elizabeth Conn, John Conn, Isaac Conn, Thomas Conn, and Isaac Conn (sic) to Samuel Headen of aforesaid. In cons. of $300, conveys lOOa in Franklin Co. on both sides of Webbs Crk., adj. Edmund King, Samuel Headen, John Turk.
Elizabeth Conn (x), John Conn (x). Thomas P.(?) Conn, Samuel Conn (x).
Fleming F. Adrian, William Featherston, James M. Anderson. Sworn to by Adrian before G.L. Sandige, J.I.C. 4 Sep. 1822, that he saw Elizabeth, John, Thomas and Isaac Conn sign the above.

Vol. 1. Page 10


Amelia County
Charles H. Featherstone

Charlotte County
William Featherstone 3 males under age 10 1 female under age 10
1 male age 26-45 1 female age 26-45

Chesterfield County
Lucy Featherston
Dinwiddie County
William Featherston 3 males under age 10 2 females under age 10
1 male age 26-45 1 emale age 26-45

Fluvana County
Joshua Featherston 1 male age 18-26

Lunenberg County
Richard Featherston 2 males age 10-16 1 female age 10-16 6 slaves
2 males age 18-26 1 female age 16-26

Nottoway County (index listing)
Joshua Featherston

Washington County
Thd. Featherson 1 male under age 10 1 female under age 10 2 slaves
1 male age 26-45 1 female age 16-26
Abram Featherston 1 male under age 10 2 females under age 10 7 slaves
1 male age 26-45 1 female age 16-26
1 female age 26-45

Vol. 1. Page 10a


The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent. These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.
These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process,
please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume. If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used.
These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes.
Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family
historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage.
You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources
whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins

Vol. 1. Page 11

I Charles Featherston – d. by 25 Jan 1790 Brunswick Co., VA; m. Jean Wright, d. 16 Nov 1812, d/o Robert Wright and Mary __ . Sources: Brunswick Co., VA Wills; Charlotte Co., VA Marriages & Deeds; 1931 research of Mrs. E.L. Sellier; Franklin Co., KY Will of Carolus.

1. Fathey (Faith) Featherston – m. David Grant
2. Charlotte Featherston – m. Burwell Grant
*3. Hezekiah Featherston – b. ca. 1760 VA
4. Carolus Featherston – d. (will-Apr 1830) Franklin Co., KY; m.l) 21 Nov 1782 Charlotte Co., VA to Gil ley Brumfield; m.2) 10 Dec 1787 Charlotte Co., VA Lucy Elmore
5. Jeremiah Featherston – b. 4 Nov 1776 VA, d. 11 Jul 1854 Fayette Co., KY; m. 4 Jan 1796 Charlotte Co., VA to Elizabeth Elmore

II Hezekiah Featherston – b. ca. 1760 VA, d. 22 May-4 Jun 1827 Charlotte Co., VA; m. 26 Aug 1794 Charlotte Co.. VA to Nancy “Ann” Tarpley d/o James Tarpley. Sources: Charlotte Co., VA Deeds, Order Books, Tax Lists, Marriage records, 1810 Census & 1827 Deed of gift; research of Margie Manuel.

1. John W. Featherston –
*2. Robert R. Featherston – b. ca. 1805 ?Charlotte Co., VA
3. Nancy 0. Featherston – m. 7 Feb 1829 Charlotte Co., VA to Moses Eudailey
4. Benjamin I./J. Featherston – b. ca. 1806 VA
5. Archibald O’Kelly Featherston – b. ca. 1809, d. 28 Jun 1883 Valley Springs, Boone Co., AR; m.l) 22 Jan 1828 Charlotte Co., VA to Judith Johns(t)on d/o William Johnston; m.2) ca. 1840 Louisa Johns(t)on d/o Hickerson Johns(t)on
6. Chappell Featherston –
7. Sarah Featherston –
8. William M. Featherston –
?9. Mary Featherston – m. 10 Feb 1817 Pr. Edward Co., VA William Foster

III Robert R. Featherston – b. ca. 1805 ?Charlotte Co., VA; d. ?1842-1850 ?Giles Co., TN; m. 21 Dec 1829 Charlotte Co., VA to Sally (Sarah?) Cary. b. ca. 1811 VA. Sources: Charlotte Co. VA Marriage Records; 1840-70 Giles Co., TN Censuses; Charlotte Co., VA Deeds; CW pension application (John C.); Giles Co., TN Marriages.

1. female – b. ca. 1830 VA?
2. Martha A.E. Featherston – b. ca. 1831 VA?
3. Mary Featherston – b. ca. 1833 VA?
?4. Sallie M. Featherston – b. ca. 1835 VA m. ca. 1850 ?Giles Co., TN George Washington Shrader, b. 1831 Giles Co., TN
5 John Chappie Featherston – b. 15 Jul 1837 Giles Co., TN. d. 22 Nov 1905 Marshall Co., TN; m. 17 Feb 1859 Giles Co., TN to Eliza Jane Knight, b. ca. 1842 Maury Co., TN. No children.
6. Albert Featherston – b. ca. 1839 TN
*7. Thomas J. Featherston – b. 31 Mar 1843 Giles Co., TN cont…

Vol. 1. Page 12
B R A N C H #1 (cont.)

IV Thomas J. Featherston – b. 31 Mar 1843 Giles Co., TN, d. 23 May 1914, bur. Walnut Grove Cem., Wayne Co., TN; m. ca. 1863 Saluda “Lou” J. Burkeen, b. Apr 1847 TN. Sources: 1840-1900 Giles Co., TN Censuses; 1900-10 Wayne Co., TN Censuses; 1900 Jefferson Co., TX and 1910 Chambers Co., TX censuses (John A.); Wayne Co., TN Marriage and Cemetery Records; Family records; Giles Co., TN Cem. Book.

1. Sarah A. Featherston – b. ca. 1865 TN
2. John A. Featherston – b. Mar 1870 TN; m. ca. 1900 TX? to Maude Elizabeth __, b. Jul 1877 MI

1. Ruby Featherston – b. 1900 TX
3. Charles R. or E. Featherston – b. 4 Nov 1872 Linville, Giles Co., TN d. 9 Mar 1945, bur. McGlamery Cem., Wayne Co., TN; m. 19 Jun 1894 Wayne Co., TN to L. Gertrude Craig
*4. Frank Featherston – b. 2 Dec 1875 Giles Co., TN
5. Tennie Featherston – b. ca. 1876 TN
6. James “Jim” F. or J. Featherston – b. 10 Sep 1879 TN, d. 9 Oct 1932 bur. Liberty Hill Cem., Giles Co., TN; m. 18 Apr 1906 Wayne Co., TN to Nancy E. Brewer, b. 28 Aug 1888 TN, d. 11 Jul 1968, bur. Liberty Hill Cem., Giles Co., TN note: Thomas J. and Lou had 4 or 5 other children on 1900 and 1910 census records.

V Frank Featherston – b. 2 Dec 1875 Giles Co., TN, d. 23 Jun 1936 Cookeville. Putnam Co.. TN, bur. Double Springs Cem., Putnam Co., TN; m. 24 Dec 1899 ?Putnam Co., TN to Mattie Vogel Carr, b. 9 Oct 1881 Putnam Co., TN, d. 3 Apr 1963 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN, bur. Double Springs Cem., Putnam Co., TN d/o Pleasant Gideon “Gid” Carr and Mary March McClelland. Sources: Family records; Death certificates; 1880 Giles Co., TN Census; 1910 Putnam Co., TN Census; newspaper clippings; Cemetery markers; Emma Featherston; Ercell Madewell; personal knowledge.

1. Flossie Fern Featherston – b. 12 Jul 1901 Putnam Co., TN, d. 24 Aug 1902, bur. Double Springs Cem., Putnam Co., TN
*2. Winnell Featherston – b. 24 Sep 1903 Baxter, Putnam Co., TN
3. Clyde Featherston – b. 15 Jan 1907 Putnam Co., TN, d. 22 Jul 1966 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN. bur. Crest Lawn Cem., Putnam Co., TN; m. Nell __. No children.
4. Edith Flora Featherston – b. 6 Nov 1912 Putnam Co., TN d. 18 Jun 1914, bur. Double Springs Cem., Putnam Co., TN
5. Ercell Featherston – b. 16 Dec 1914 Putnam Co., TN; m. Thurman Madewell

1. Linda Elaine Madewell –
2. Frank Maury Madewell –
6. John Bailey Featherston – b. 18 Mar 1920 Putnam Co.. TN, d. 5 Jul 1985 Madison, Davidson Co., TN. bur. Crossville, Cumberland Co., TN; m. 12 Jul 1944 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN to Emma Mai Watson b. 17 Dec 1923 Warren Co., TN, d/o Geroge Robert Watson and Maggie Lee
Eirod cont…

Vol. 1. Page 13
BRANCH#1- John Bailey Featherston (cont.)

1. John Mark Featherston – b. 30 Jan 1948 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN; m. 30 Aug 1975 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN to Virginia Louise Bias b. 17 Aug 1950 San Bernardino, CA d/o Joseph John Bias and Ruth E. Langenfeld

1. John Adam Featherston – b. 19 May 1980 Miami, Dade Co., FL

2. Marna Gay Featherston – b. 3 Feb 1952 Crossville. Cumberland Co., TN; m. 7 Feb 1975 Crossville, Cumberland Co., TN to William Jeffrey Goodwin b. 28 Dec 1951 Crossville, Cumberland Co., TN, s/o Everett Goodwin and Geneva Hembree

1. Laura Rebecca Goodwin – b. 29 Jun 1975 Crossville, Cumberland Co., TN
7. Vallie Mae Featherston – b. 10 Aug 1923 Putnam Co., TN; m. David Brady – d. 1977.

1. David Neal Brady –
2. Robert Vance Brady –

VI Winnell Featherston – b. 24 Sep 1903 Baxter, Putnam Co., TN, d. 23 Dec 1943 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN, bur. Double Springs Cem., Putnam Co., TN; m. 23 Jul 1927 Detroit, Wayne Co.. MI to TheIma Carrie Stephenson – b. 25 Jul 1908 Paris, Henry Co., TN, d/o Elbridge James Stephenson and Agnes Banella Barrett. Sources: Birth certificates; Death certificates; Cem. marker; Marriage certificates; personal knowledge; personal research.

1. James Franklin Featherston – b. 2 Aug 1928 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN, d. 29 Apr 1983 Tupelo, Lee Co., MS, bur. Lee Memorial Gardens, Lee Co., MS; m.l) ca. 1950 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN to Betty Jo Glenn; m.2) 21 May 1960 Roswell, GA to Mrs. Delores Yvonne (Mitchell) Johnson.

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Jennifer Lynn Featherston – b. 13 Sep 1955 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN; m. 1976 Davidson Co., TN to Dale Bayer (div.)

1. Thomas Paddage “T.P.” Bayer – b. 20 Apr 1977 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN

Issue by 2nd wife:
2. Banella Sue “Susie” Featherston – b. 7 Feb 1962 Decatur, DeKalb Co.. GA; m. 27 Jul 1984 Shannon, Lee Co., MS to Gary Ray

1. Joshua Mitchell Ray – b. 15 Nov 1989 Lee Co., MS

3. James Winnell Featherston – b. 23 Dec 1964 Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA; m. 12 Sep 1988 AL to Jodi Studsbury

1. Amanda Lynn Featherston – b. 24 Aug 1989 Warner Robins AFB, GA

2. Estelle Mattie Featherston – b. 12 Jan 1931 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI; m. 24 Nov 1948 Trenton, Dade Co., GA to Owen Andrews
Issue; cont…

Vol. 1. Page 14
B R A N C H #1 – Estelle Mattie Featherston (cont.)

1. Gina Carol Andrews – b. 27 Jul 1967 Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA

3. Bonnie Jean Featherston – b. 3 Feb 1934 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN; m.l) 14 May 1949, GA to Charter Mitchell “C.M.” Harris, Jr. (div.); m.2) 7 Apr 1963 Carthage, TN to Buddy Foster

1. Maria Darlene Harris – b. 27 Jan 1953 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN m. 25 May 1980 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN Abolfath Hadidian Moghadam

1. Michael Hadidian Moghadam – b. 23 Feb 1984
2. Melissa Hadidian Moghadam – b. 10 Jun 1988

2. Michael Winnell Harris – b. 16 Feb 1955 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN, d. 21 May 1982 Nashville. Davidson Co., TN, bur. East Woodlawn Cem., Hendersonville, TN; unmarried

*4. Joyce Fay Featherston – b. 15 Oct 1938 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN

VII Joyce Fay Featherston – b. 15 Oct 1938 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN; m. 29 Sep 1956 Overland, St. Louis Co., MO to Homer Leon Hawkins – b. 18 May 1938 Torch, Ripley Co., MO, s/o Samroe Hawkins and Cora Ann Roundtree. Sources: personal knowledge; personal research.

1. Terry Dale Hawkins-b. 8 Mar 1958 Richmond Heights, St. Louis Co., MO
2. Lynda Kaye Hawkins – b. 1 Apr 1960 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA; m. 26 Sep 1987 Makanda, Williamson Co., IL to James Ralph Jordan – b. 25 Jul 1956 Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, s/o Ralph James Jordan and Zerith Helen Issa
3. Donna Lynn Hawkins – b. 19 Mar 1961 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
4. Carolyn Sue Hawkins – b. 13 Sep 1962 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
5. Karen Lea Hawkins – b. 24 Nov 1963 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA; m. 12 Mar 1983 Alexandria. Rapides Parish, LA to Jody Craig McFadden – b. 5 Nov 1961 Wynne, Cross Co., AR, s/o David Roy McFadden and Brenda Kathaleen Williams

1. Joshua Craig McFadden-b. 3 May 1984 Jacksonville, Pulaski Co., AR
2. Matthew Aaron McFadden- b. 28 Oct 1986 Jacksonville, Pulaski Co., AR

submitted by: Joyce Featherston Hawkins

BRANCH*! – a continuation submitted by another descendant

refer to p. 11, child number 4.
I Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1740 VA
II Carolus Featherston – d. (will-Apr 1830) Franklin Co., KY; m.l) 21 Nov 1782 Charlotte Co., VA to Gilley Brumfield – b. VA d/o William Brumfield; m.2) 10 Dec 1787 Charlotte Co., VA to Lucy Elmore; m.3)? Alva Lucy. Res. Charlotte Co., VA; Fayette Co., KY; Franklin Co., KY, Occupation – Planter. Carolus migrated to Fayette Co., KY about 1815. cont…

Vol. 1. Page 15
BRANCH #1- Carolus Featherston (cont.)

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Robert Featherston – b. VA d. Williamson Co., TN; m. 4 Jan 1809 Charlotte Co., VA to Martha Russell
2. Elizabeth Featherston – b. VA; m. 1 Jun 1810 Charlotte Co., VA to Hezekiah Russell
Issue by 2nd wife:
3. James Featherston – b. 1791 VA m. 20 Jan 1815 Charlotte Co., VA to Betsy Elmore
4. William Featherston – b. 1793 VA m. 18 Dec 1813 Charlotte Co., VA to Sally Vaughn
*5. Jeremiah Featherston – b. 1797 VA
6. Burwell Featherston – b. VA d. 1885; m.l) 1885 to Sally Wymore; m.2) Rebecca __
7. Charles Featherston – b. VA; m. 19 Dec 1825 Fayette Co., KY to Sarah Carver
8. John Featherston – b. VA; m.l) Nancy P. Featherston; m.2) Lydia Poindexter
9. Sally Featherston – b. VA; m. A. Wilkinson
10. Lucy Featherston –
note by submitter: Carolus had plantation & large estate in Charlotte Co., VA.

Ill Rev. Jeremiah Featherston – b. 1797 Charlotte Co., VA; d. 1864 Southport, Marion Co., IN bur. Featherston Cem., Marion Co., IN. He was a farmer and a Baptist Missionary; m. 18 Jan 1814 Charlotte Co., VA to Anne
Green b. 1797 Charlotte Co., VA d. Southport, Marion Co., IN bur. Featherston Cem., Marion Co.. IN, d/o Benjamen Green. Res. Charlotte Co., VA, Fayette Co., KY, Southport, IN. Sources: Charlotte Co., VA Marriages; Marion Co., IN Marriages; Crown Hill Cem., Marion Co., Deaths; Marion Co., Wills; Marion Co., Histories; Census; Civil War Biography of grandson; Pension record of grand- son, etc.; Morgan Co., IN Marriages. Note by submitter: Jeremiah moved to Indiana in the fall of 1828.

*1. Charles G. Featherston – b. 28 Mar 1815 Charlotte Co., VA
2. John G. Featherston – b. 1818 Fayette Co., KY; m. 10 Dec 1838 Marion Co., IN to Nancy Barton
3. William E. Featherston – b. 1822 Jessamine Co., KY, d. Apr 1905 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, bur. 4 Apr 1905 Crown Hill, Marion Co., IN; m.l) 12 Jun 1845 Marion Co., IN to Mary Jane Norwood; m.2) 3 Jul 1872 to Emily A. Billingsley
4. Burwell Featherston – b. ca. 1823 KY, d. 1830’s Southport, Marion Co., IN, bur. Featherston Cem., Marion Co., IN
5. Lucy Ann Featherston – b. 1825 KY, d. probably in Hancock Co.; m. 25 Aug 1844 Marion Co., IN to John E. Neal
6. James G. Featherston – b. 1824 1828 KY; m. 27 Mar 1851 Marion Co., IN to Emily Johnson
7. Sarah Jane Featherston – b. 1828 KY; m.l) 11 Feb 1847 Marion Co., IN to Benjamin Kuser; m.2) 23 Apr 1860 Marion Co., IN to Henry Osterbrink
8. Robert J. Featherston – b. 1828-30 KY; m. 28 Nov 1858 Marion Co., IN to Mary Vansickle cont…

Vol. 1. Page 16
BRANCH #1 – children of Rev. Jeremiah Featherston (cont.)

9. Mary E. Featherston – b. 1830-32 Southport, Marion Co., IN, d. ca. 1859; m. 23 Dec 1852 Marion Co., IN to Henry Osterbrink
10. Jeremiah M. “Jerry” Featherston – b. 1834 Southport. Marion Co., IN, d. 16 Sep 1898 Indianapolis. Marion Co.. IN, bur. Marion Co., IN; m.l) 13 May 1858 Marion Co., IN to Sarah Gardner; m.2) 26 Feb 1870 Morgan Co.. IN to Prudence Smith
11. Nancy Moriah Featherston – b. 1838 Southport, Marion Co., IN, d. 1870’s; m. 15 Sep 1859 Marion Co., IN to Robert H. Bradley

IV Charles G. Featherston – b. 28 Mar 1815 Charlotte Co., VA, d. 21 Dec 1882 Old Augusta, Marion Co., IN, bur. Old Augusta Cem.; m.l) 6 Jun 1836 Marion Co., IN to Louisa Acres – b. IN, d. Dec 1837 Southport, Marion Co., IN, d/o Finley Acres (Irish); m.2) 21 Aug 1838 Marion Co., IN to Narcissa W. Eudaly – b. 1821 Gallatin Co., KY, d. 1870 Old Augusta, Marion Co., IN, bur. Old Augusta Cem., d/o Elisha Eudaly and Margaret Elmore; m.3) 10 Nov 1870 Marion Co., IN to Eliza Jane Parker. Res. Charlotte Co., VA, Fayette Co., KY, Hamilton & Marion Cos., IN; farmer/laborer; Christian; no military record. Sources: Marion Co., IN Marriages; Marion Co., IN Deaths; Madison Co., IN Deaths; Census Records; Civil War Biography; Pension file; various histories; Boone Co., IN Marriage Rec.; Hamilton Co., IN Mar. Rec.; Boone Co. Death Rec.; Crown Hill Cem. Rec.; Eagle Village Cem. Rec.; Patrick Henry Sullivan Museum Records; Society of Friends Rec; Hamilton Co., IN Deaths; Mortuary Records.
Note by submitter: Charles helped build the Indiana Statehouse back in the 1840’s. Most of his life was spent in farm labor. At this point, I don’t know if he ever owned a place; but, if he did, it would have been in Old Augusta. I know that the family was very poor and had to work doggedly just to make ends meet. My grandfather. Noble Penrose. was a sort of caretaker of the Old Augusta Cemetery – as a pastime. This particular cemetery was in a
downtrodden community behind the Old Augusta Christian Church which has been gone for a long time – 50 years or more.

Issue by 1st wife;
1. John W. Featherston – b. 1 Mar 1837 Southport, Marion Co.. IN, d. 22 Jun 1912 Anderson, Madison Co., IN, bur. 24 Jun 1912 Maplewood Cem., Madison Co., IN; m. 18 Oct 1857 Marion Co., IN to Malinda J. Johnson. John W. served in the Civil War. Note by submitter: John W. Featherston was raised by his grandfather, Jeremiah, in Southport. As part of his due for serving in the Civil War, John received enough money to buy 160 acres of land in the timber in Brown County, Indiana upon which he built a quite formidable mansion. He later moved to Anderson. His pension file states that his personal property amounted to $25,000 in 1923 when his wife died.

Issue by 2nd wife:
*2. Eliza Jane Featherston – b. 17 Nov 1839 Southport, Marion Co., IN
3. Nancy Ellen Featherston – b. 17 Nov 1839 Southport. Marion Co., IN, d. & bur. Texas Co., OK; m. 13 Jan 1859 Hinkles Creek, Hamilton Co., IN to Elijah D. Bradfield
4. Jeremiah Featherston – b. 1841 Southport, Marion Co., IN; m.l) 19 Jan 1862 Marion Co., IN to Emily Norris; m.2) 12 May 1877 Hamilton Co., IN to Laura I. De Vester

Vol. 1. Page 17
B R A N C H #1 – children of Charles G. Featherston (cont.)

5. Charles Featherston – b. 10 Nov 1842 Marion Co., IN d. Dec 1925 Broad Ripple, Marion Co., IN, bur. Crown Hill Cem.. Marion Co., IN; m.l) 23 Aug 1863 Marion Co., IN to Phoebe Green; m.2) 9 Mar 1909 to Rachel Tomlinson
6. Narcissa S. Featherston – b. 1843 Marion Co.. IN; m. 4 Nov 1860 Marion Co., IN to Chambers Johnson
7. Margaret F. Featherston – b. 1844 Marion Co., IN; m. 27 May 1866 Marion Co., IN to Joseph Campbell
8. Maria Featherston – b. 30 Apr 1845 Marion Co., IN, d. 13 Feb 1893 Noblesville. Hamilton Co., IN, bur. Hamilton Co., IN; m. 2 Apr 1862 Marion Co., IN to Samuel B. Bradfield
9. Elizabeth Featherston – b. 1850 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
10. William Featherston – b. ca. 1851 Marion Co., IN, d. infancy
11. Mary Featherston – b. ca. 1852 Marion Co., IN, d. infancy
12. Andrew Jackson Featherston – b. 1853 Marion Co., IN; m. 11 Aug 1881 Marion Co., IN to Mary Jane Starkey
13. Franklin Pierce Featherston – b. 1853 Marion Co., IN; m. 24 Dec 1874 Marion Co., IN to Elmira J. Shook
14. Lucinda Featherston – b. 22 Feb 1856 prob. Marion Co., IN, d. 13 Jan 1924, bur. Union Chapel Cem., Marion Co., IN; m. 2 Jan 1875 Boone Co., IN to John E. Green
15. Melissa E. Featherston – b. 22 Feb 1856 prob. Marion Co., IN, d. 27 Jun 1900 Lebanon. Boone Co., IN, bur. Old Augusta Cem., Old Augusta, Marion Co., IN; m. 7 Sep 1873 Marion Co., IN to Enoch W. Mark

V Eliza Jane Featherston – b. 17 Nov 1839 Sourthport. Marion Co., IN, d. 24 Jan 1905 Eagle Village, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem., Boone Co., IN; res. Southport, Indianapolis, Noblesville, Broad Ripple, Woodbank, Eagle Village; occupation – domestic; Methodist; m.l) 11 Dec 1857 Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN to Christopher Columbus Green – b. 1840 ?Shelby Co.. IN, d. ca. 1863 Broad Ripple, Marion Co., IN, bur. Marion Co.. IN; res. Broad Ripple; Occupation: farm hand. Eliza Jane m.2) 11 Sep 1866 Marion Co., IN to George Washington Penrose – b. 1821 Bellaire, Belmont Co., OH, d. 21 Dec 1895 Eagle Village, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem.; res. Powhatan Pt., Indianapolis, Woodbank, Eagle Village; occupation – farm laborer; he m.l) ca. 1845 to Druzilla (Miller?); s/o Abraham Penrose and Mary Wilcox. Sources: Patrick Henry Sullivan Museum records; Boone Co., IN Deaths; Boone Co., IN Marriages; Eagle Village Cem.; Census Records; Civil War Biography; Mortuary records; Family Tradition; Obituaries; Marion Co., IN Marriages; Marion Co., IN Deaths; Crown Hill Cem. Rec.; Pension record of Ammoniah (1898); Zionsville Cem. Rec.; Society of Friends Rec. Notes by submitter: George and Jane may have followed a number of gypsy practices. George and Jane were both brought down into poverty by the loss of a spouse and having to care for a family as well as numerous other hardships. For instance, in 1850 George’s personal possessions were valued at $0; 1860 $60 and 1870 back to $0. Jane bought the house and 2 lots in Eagle Village in the mid 1870’s presumably with funds from her brothers or father or other family. At any rate, George was always sick and had many disablements – possibly allergies since so many of the family have died so young over the years.


Vol. 1. Page 18
BRANCH #1- Eliza Jane Featherston (cont.)

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Nancy Ellen Green – b. 23 Oct 1858 Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN, d. 6 Nov 1894 Eagle Village, Boone Co.. IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem.; m. 14 Feb 1878 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN to Frank Moore Gregory
2. James E. Green – b. Mar 1860 Broad Ripple. Marion Co., IN, d. 19— Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, bur. Marion Co., IN; m. 11 Feb 1882 Zionsville, Boone Co.. IN to Mary Lucinda Rhoades
3. Jennie Green – b. 1862 Broad Ripple, Marion Co., IN d. 19— Indianapolis, Marion Co.. IN; m. 30 Aug 1883 Zionsville. Boone Co., IN to James A. Lee
Issue by 2nd husband:
*4. Ruzeu Sylvanus “Silver” Penrose – b. 18 Feb 1868 Woodbank, Marion Co., IN
5. Eliza Caturah Penrose – b. 24 Jan 1870 Woodbank, Marion Co.. IN, d. 2 Feb 1899 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem.; m. 8 Feb 1887 Marion Co., IN to Theophilus Latta Virgil
6. William S. Penrose – b. 1874 Woodbank, Marion Co., IN, d. Nov 1949 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, bur. 2 Dec Crown Hill Cem., Marion Co., IN; m.l) 24 Dec 1895 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN to Winona Justice; m.2) Ann Rose
7. Sanford Ammoniah Penrose – b. 19 Nov 1877 Eagle Village, Boone Co., IN. d. 16 Jul 1941 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, bur. Shumaker Cem., Morgan Co., IN; m. 3 Jul 1917 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN to
Myrtle May Shake
8. Russia Mayme Penrose – b. 9 Jun 1879 Eagle Village, Boone Co., IN, d. 17 Jul 1942 Eagle Village, Boone Co., IN. bur. Zionsville Cem., Boone Co., IN; m. 17 May 1900 Lebanon, Boone Co.. IN to George McGhee

VI Ruzeu Sylvanus “Silver” Penrose – b. 18 Feb 1868 Woodbank, Marion Co., IN, d. 8 May 1945, near Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, bur. 13 May 1945 Eagle Village Cem., Boone Co., IN; res. Woodbank, Eagle Village, Indianapolis, Zionsville. also lived on the East Coast; occupation – carpenter/night watchman/farm laborer; m.l) ca. 1896 Romania Bunnell Pratt? (she was a gypsy)- d. 14 Mar 1916 Hagerstown/Greens Fork. Wayne Co., IN; from 1910-1916 she travelled in a wagon with Charlie; she may have m.l) a Pratt?. Silver Penrose m.2) 6 Jun 1898 Zionsville, Boone Co.. IN to Mary Helen Huston – b. 19 May 1872 De Graff, Logan Co., OH, d. 29 Oct 1933 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem.; res. De Graff, OH. Pendleton, Anderson, Eagle Village,
Zionsville, IN; occupation – quiltmaker; Methodist; d/o Darius Huston and Evaline M. Hardin. Sources: Marion Co. Marriages; Marion Co. Deaths; Boone Co. Deaths; Eagle Village Cem.; Census records; Beverly (Penrose) Riley dau. of Charles; Victor Beck (Charlie stayed with him after his mother died); Marion Co. Births; Boone Co. Births; Boone Co. Marriages; Various Cem. Rec.; Obituaries; Family knowledge.

Issue by 1st wife:
?1. Infant – d. 9 Jul 1896 ?Wayne Co.?
2. Charles Morgan Penrose – b. 19 May 1897 (unable to find location), d. 3 Jan 1963 Clermont, Hendricks Co., IN, bur. Clermont Cem.; m. 16 Apr 1921 Clermont, Marion Co., IN to Marion Sylvia Smith

Vol. 1. Page 19
BRANCH #1 – children of Ruzeu Sylvanus “Silver” Penrose (cont.)

Issue by 2nd wife;
3. Donald Penrose – b. 25 Jul 1899 Eagle Village, Boone Co., IN, d. 24 Jul 1960 Clermont. Hendricks Co., IN, bur. Clermont Cem., Marion Co., IN
*4. Noble Penrose – b. 11 Dec 1901 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
5. Ruby Penrose – b. 8 Oct 1904 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. d. 1 Feb 1981 Indianapolis, Marion Co.. IN, bur. Marion Co., IN; m.l) 18 Aug 1920; m.2) Edwin Wiese
6. Arnold Penrose – b. 15 Oct 1908 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, d. 20 May 1983. Donna. Hidalgo Co.. TX, bur. Hidalgo Co., TX; m. 193- Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN to Betty __
7. Dorothy Penrose – b. 25 Dec 1916 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, d. 11 Mar 1985 CrawfordsvilIe, Montgomery Co., IN, bur. Masonic Cem., Montgomery Co., IN; m.l) Sherman Fitzwater; m.2) Charles H. Knox

VII Noble Penrose – b. 11 Dec 1901 Indianapolis. Marion Co.. IN, d. 25 Mar 1981 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, bur. Lincoln Memory Gardens, Boone Co., IN; res. Indianapolis, near Zionsville 1930-38. Zionsville 1915-1930 & 1938-1981; occupation – Butcher; Baptist; m.l) Myrtle Irene Sullivan – b. 22 Jun 1903 Zionsville. Boone Co., IN, d. 28 Mar 1929 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem., Boone Co., IN; res. Zionsville 1903-1929; occupation – housewife; d/o F. Emery Sullivan and Elizabeth Bell. Noble Penrose m.2) 22 Oct 1930 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN to Eula Mae Shackelford.

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Leonard Morris Penrose – b. 22 Dec 1922 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN; m.l) 23 Jul 1952 Marion Co., IN to Marge __; m.2) Carole J. __. No children.
2. Donald Dewey Penrose – b. 20 May 1924 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, d. 6 Jul 1985 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co.. CA. bur. 28 Jul 1985 Eagle Village Cem., Boone Co., IN. No children.
3. Mary Elizabeth Penrose – b. 23 May 1925 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN. d. 29 Aug 1925 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem., Boone Co., IN
4. Max R. Penrose – b. 7 Aug 1926 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, d. 7 Aug 1929 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem.. Boone Co.
5. Juanita Penrose – b. 27 Sep 1927 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, d. 30 Jul 1930 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN, bur. Eagle Village Cem., Boone Co.
6. John David Penrose – b. 14 Feb 1929 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN; m.l) to J. __; m.2) to Suellen B. __; m.3) to __?. Had one child by Suellen
Issue by 2nd wife:
7. Billie Jean Penrose – b. 2 Sep 1931 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN; m. 15 Jan 1948 Lebanon, Boone Co., IN to Charles Edward Wagner. 4 children
8. Robert Lee Penrose – b. 23 Apr 1933 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN; m.l) 21 Dec 1956 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN to Donna June Day; m.2) 17 Jan 1985 to Jerri Johnson
9. Milton Silvers Penrose – b. 29 Sep 1934 Boone Co., IN; m.l) 8 Mar 1954 Boone Co., IN to Sally Lee Greene; m.2) 22 Nov 1963 Zionsville. IN to Norma Jean Sanders; m.3) 12 Jul 1968 Indianapolis, IN to Frances M. (Lowe) Basham. 1 child, cont…

Vol. 1. Page 20
BRANCH #1 – children of Noble Penrose (cont.)

*10. Mary Margaret Penrose -b. 26 Jul 1936 near Zionsville, Boone Co., IN
11. Charles Raymond Penrose – b. 12 Dec 1937 near Zionsville. Boone Co., IN; m.l) 15 Sep 1956 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN to Marjorie Gayle Boggs; m.2) 22 Aug 1978 to Katherine DuPre Mabe Zawodwy. 2 children.
12. Shirley Ann Penrose – b. 8 Feb 1940 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN; m. 5 Feb 1972 Lebanon, Boone Co., IN to Charles Geder Childress. 1 child.
13. Perry Dale Penrose – b. 7 Jul 1941 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN; m. 7 May 1962 Zionsville, Boone Co., IN to Bonnie Elizabeth Grizzle. 2 children.
14. Nancy Mae Penrose-b. 23 Apr 1944 Lebanon, Boone Co., IN. No children
15. Ruby Carol Penrose – b. 8 Feb 1947 Zionsville, Boone Co.. IN; m. 10 Dec 1983 Owensburg, Greene Co., IN to Lawrence Leroy Loy. Divorced. No children.

notes by submitter. Noble worked for 60 years at Jones Meat Market and for having such a large family, 15 children and 1 step-child, he prospered quite well. He retired in 1975 with well over $100,000 in the bank not counting any other assets. From what I gather, he must have been quite thrifty with the pocketbook! No one else in the family had very many children except for my grandfather – he always wanted more children. When he was not working, he enjoyed many other pastimes such as woodworking, painting, coon-hunting, fishing, traveling, visiting relatives, gardening, tinkering, carpentry, caretaking cemeteries, raising flowers, etc. – A word on flowers, a cousin, Fred Gresh, who lived on Main Street, won many prizes even in Chicago for his Dahlias. Zionsville became known as Dahlia City.

VIII Mary Margaret Penrose – b. 26 Jul 1936 Zionsville, Boone Co.. IN; res. Zionsville, near Zionsville, Indianapolis; occupation – house cleaner; Christian/Baptist; m. 10 Aug 1957 Zionsville. Boone Co., IN to Franklin
Merriman b. 11 Oct 1935 near Trevlac, Brown Co., IN; res. Bear Creek, Brown Co., Indianapolis, Zionsville; occupation – clerk/driver & mechanic; Christian; s/o Clarence Merriman and Alice Hallie Josephine Fleener.

1. Lu Ann Merriman – b. 18 Mar 1958 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN; m. 2 Sep 1978 Morgantown, Morgan Co., IN to David Dale Powell
2. Marilyn Kay Merriman – b. 12 Oct 1959 Indianapolis. Marion Co., IN; m.l) 14 Oct 1977 to David Clarence Hand; m.2) 28 Jul 1986 Lebanon, Boone Co., IN to Michael Tyier Bond
3. Phyllis Karen Merriman – b. 23 Jul 1963 Indianapolis. Marion Co., IN
4. Franklin Merriman, Jr. – b. 30 Jun 1970 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN

submitted July 1990 by:
Franklin Merriman, Jr.

Vol. 1. Page 21
B R A N C H #2

I William Featherston – b. ca. 1790 SC, d. 11 May 1857 Edom, Van Zandt Co., TX; m. 1811 or 1812 Franklin Co., GA to Cynthia Conn – b. ca. 1794 SC d/o ___ Conn and Mary __. Sources: Census records; widow’s pension application; cemetery records – Edom Cemetery, Van Zandt Co., TX; Marriage records – Van Zandt Co., TX; marriage license – copy in my possession) (Claiborne Parish, LA records); Confederate Service Records – U.S. National Archives, Washington, DC

1. Lucinda Featherston – b. ca. 1814 GA
2. Mary “Polly” Featherston – b. 1816 oir 1820 GA
3. John T. or F. Featherston – b. ca. 1819 GA m. to Mary Pinson
4. William M. Featherston – b. 1 Oct 1822 AL d. 18 Mar 1900 Van Zandt Co., TX m.to Permelia E. __
5. Francis M. Featherston – b. ca. 1825 AL
6. Thomas F. Featherston – b. ca. 1826 AL m. Adra W. __
7. Isaac G. Featherston – b. AL m. 2 Nov 1857 to Louisa Pinson
8. Samuel Featherston – b. ca. 1831 AL
*9. James H. Featherston – b. 7 Apr 1833 GA
10. Martin A. Featherston – b. 1836 AL d. 2 Jan 1862 Hopkinsvi1 Ie, KY
11. Clementia Featherston – b. 1840 AL

II James H. Featherston – b. 7 Apr 1833 GA, d. 26 Mar 1900 near Edom, Van Zandt Co., TX, bur. Edom Cem.. Edom, Van Zandt Co., TX; m. 20 Oct 1853 Claiborne Parish. LA to Elizabeth W. Pinson – b. 15 Apr 1831 TN. d. 22 Feb 1900 near Edom, Van Zandt Co., TX, bur. Edom Cem., Edom, Van Zandt Co., TX, d/o Harrison Pinson and Mary __. James H. Featherston – 2nd Co. D, 13 TX Vols. pvt. May/June 1862 – Oct 1864. Sources: tombstone inscriptions; census records 1850-1900; marriage license – copy in my possession; Kathy Dodson
Featherston (wife of Albert, who was son of Franklin Pierce); death certificate, obit. & tombstone inscription; marriage records – Henderson Co., TX; interview with Lula Featherston Holcomb.

1. John T. Featherston – b. 16 Aug 1854 LA d. 22 Apr 1939 Edom, TX; m. 14 Oct 1879 to Will ie Addie Featherston. She m.l) __ Drake
2. William (Bill) Featherston – b. 1858 Edom, TX; m. Can __ 3. Isaac A. Featherston – b. 1860 Edom, TX
*4. James Davis Featherston – b. 23 Dec 1861 Edom, TX
5. Franklin (Frank) Pierce Featherston – b. Jan 1865 Edom, TX, d. 3 Jul 1933 Houston, TX; m. 1889 Laura Georgia Daniels
6. Andrew Jackson L. (Jack) Featherston – b. 12 Jul 1867 Edom. TX, d. 5 Dec 1918 Edom, TX; m. 1892 to Faithy C. __
7. George W. (Babe?) Featherston – b. 1869 Edom, TX, d. at age 16 – eating green hickory nuts
8. Ida A. Featherston- b. 18 Apr 1873 Edom, TX, d. 13 Dec 1901 Edom, TX

III James Davis Featherston – b. 23 Dec 1861 near Edom, Van Zandt Co., TX. d. 4 Feb 1936 Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX, bur. old city cemetery at Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX; m. 4 Sep 1884 Henderson Co., TX to Frances Sarah Worsham – b. 5 Oct 1863 Choctaw or Washington Co., AL, d. 8 Jul 1935 Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX, bur. old city cemetery at Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX con’td…

Vol. 1. Page 22
B R A N C H #2 – James Davis Featherston (cont.)

d/o Benjamin Franklin Worsham and Sarah J. Slater. She married 1st __Loper. Sources: death certificates, obituaries, tombstones; 1870 census; Henderson Co., TX Marriage records; interview with Lula Holcomb with notes from her Bible & family records.

1. Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth Featherston – b. 3 Sep 1885 TX, d. 25 Sep 1974 DeLeon. TX; m.l) Juan Franklin; m.2) Wesley Massingale; m.3) __ Reeves
*2. James William (Fain) Featherston – b. 26 Dec 1887 Murchison, TX
3. David Alexander Featherston – b. 15 Oct 1889 Athens, TX, d. 4 Aug 1971 Gatesville, TX; m. 21 Jun 1914 to Minnie Lary
4. Charles Wesley Featherston – b. 27 Apr 1891 Hersh Springs, TX, d. 7 Aug 1971 Athens, TX; m. 29 May 1912 to Lottie Prater
5. Ida Frances Featherston – b. 19 Mar 1893 Turnersville, TX, d. 29 Dec 1977 Gatesville, TX; m. 20 Mar 1910 to Ira Moore
6. Laura Bell Featherston – d. infancy
7. Lula Jane Featherston – b. 29 Nov 1896 Mosheim, TX; m. 21 Jun 1917 to Claude Holcomb
8. Dennis Lee Featherston – b. 24 Oct 1898 Turnersville, TX, d. Dec 1970 Gatesville, TX; m. 24 Dec 1916 to Ellie Necessary
9. Lilly May Featherston – b. 12 Jan 1901 Turnersville, TX; m.l) 11 Nov 1916 to Robert Moore; m.2) Hub Franks; m.3) Tom Moss; m.4) Lee Butler
10. Alma Bessie Featherston – b. 21 May 1903 Gatesville, TX; m. 12 Nov 1920 to Dewey Clary note: There were 11 children altogether (1900 TX census)

IV James William (Fain) Featherston – b. 26 Dec 1887 Murchison, Henderson Co., TX, d. 14 Nov 1958 Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX, bur. new city cemetery at Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX; m. 28 Dec 1911 Levita, TX to Ruby Bell Wilson -b. 28 Dec 1893 Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX, d. 24 May 1981 Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX, bur. new city cemetery at Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX, d/o George Washington Wilson and Nancy Jane French. Sources: obituaries; Ruby Wilson Featherston – interviews plus Bible records.

1. Robert Lee Featherston – b. 15 Nov 1912 Gatesville, TX, d. 3 Apr 1982 Gatesville, TX; m. 4 Jul 1936 to Pearl Estell Sims
2. Gladys Eva Featherston – b. 19 May 1914 El Centro, CA, d. 9 Feb 1959 Denver City, TX; m. 25 Aug 1930 to Arlie Moore
3. William Wallace Featherston – b. 13 Aug 1915 El Centre, CA, d. 13 May 1916 El Centre. CA
4. George Davis Featherston – b. 16 Nov 1916 El Centre, CA; m. 14 Feb 1944 to Lots Nadine Bucher
*5. Earl Wayne Featherston – b. 18 Jul 1919 El Centre, CA
6. Albert Leslie Featherston – b. 15 Jan 1922 El Centro, CA; m. 1 Sep 1946 to Darlene Gayle Groves
7. Minnie Jane Featherston – b. 25 Aug 1924 Gatesville, TX; m. 23 Dec 1946 to Clarence Albert Moore
8. Geneva Juanita Featherston – b. 13 Apr 1926 Gatesville, TX; m. 25 Dec 1943 to Doyle Greenleaf Shelton cont…

Vol. 1. Page 23
B R A N C H #2 – children of James William (Fain) Featherston – cont.

9. James Baily Featherston – b. 25 Feb 1929 Gatesville. TX; m. 19 Dec 1947 to Mary Helen Vail
10. John Ralph Featherston – b. 20 May 1932 Gatesville, TX m. 18 Sep 1955 to Mavis Loretta Spencer

V Earl Wayne Featherston – b. 18 Jul 1919 El Centro, Imperial Co., CA; m. 14 Feb 1944 Coffeyville, Montgomery Co., KS to Lois Nadine Bucher – b. 16 Jan 1925 Coffeyville, Montgomery Co., KS d/o Tilden Bucher and Mary Josephine Holswarth

1. Leonard Michael Featherston – b. 24 Nov 1944 Coffeyville, KS; m. 29 Aug 1964 to Marguerite Elizabeth Carreras
2. David Gareth Featherston – b. 3 Sep 1946 Coffeyville, KS; m. 1 May 1988 to Mercedes Inez Sais
3. Melissa Dale Featherston – b. 7 Dec 1948 Denver, CO; m. 30 Aug 1969 to Bryan James Dagenhart
*4. Priscilla Janette Featherston – b. 20 Dec 1950 Denver, CO
5. Tilden Fain Featherston – b. 20 Jul 1953 Osaka, Japan; m. 31 Jul 1976 to Nancy Theresa Lupica
6. Timothy Wayne Featherston – b. 30 May 1956 San Antonio, TX; m. 14 Feb 1985 to Wanda Jann Puckett
7. Thomas Scott Featherston – b. 15 May 1963 Ft. Dix, NJ

VI Priscilla Janette Featherston – b. 20 Dec 1950 Denver, Denver Co., CO; m. 20 Apr 1974 Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX to Delmar Moffitt Martin – b. 23 Mar 1951 Portland, Multnomah Co., OR, s/o Gail Southard Martin and Carol Marguerite Moffitt

1. Artie Weston Martin – b. 15 Apr 1977 Portland, OR
2. John Victor Martin – b. 29 Jun 1978 Portland, OR
3. Neoma Jay Martin – b. 29 Dec 1980 Portland, OR

submitted June 1990 by
Priscilla Martin


I John C. Featherstone – res. Richmond, VA area; farmer; m. Catherine __

*1. Mary F. or Mary Thomas Featherstone – b. 10 Nov 1855 Richmond, VA
2. John Richard Featherstone – b. 2 Oct 1859 Prince Edward Co., VA

II Mary F. or Mary Thomas Featherstone – b. 10 Nov 1855 Richmond, VA, d. 6 Nov 1903 Cedar Rapids, Lynn Co.. IA; m. Henry Wetzel b. 29 May 1849 Wittenberg, Saxony, Germany, d. 23 Jan 1931 Cedar Rapids. Linn Co., IA, bur. Linwood Cemetery; Stationary Engineer; s/o John Wetzel and Mary Madeline Winkle

*1. Martha Wetzel – b. 2 Dec 1876 Bethlehem, NJ cont.

Vol. 1. Page 24
B R A N C H #3 – children of Mary F. or Mary Thomas Featherstone (cont.)

2. Chris Wetzel – d. Nov 1949 Cedar Rapids, IA
3. Laura Wetzel – b. ca. 1878 Philadelphia, PA, d. Jan 1929; m. Thomas Wagley
4. Thomas Wetzel – b. ca. 1879, d. 1963
5. Lillian Wetzel – b. ca. 1881 Monticello, IA, d. Jan 1947; m. A. Lee Embree
6. Kathryn Wetzel – b. ca. 1884 South English, IA, d. 1967; m. Ernest Anderson
7. Ernest Wetzel – b. 1890 Cedar Rapids, IA, d. 1919

III Martha Wetzel – b. 2 Dec 1876 Bethlehem, NJ. d. 24 Jan 1932 Cedar Rapids, IA, bur. Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA; res. NJ, Ogle Co., IL; Arlington & Brush Creek. IA; Dubuque & Independence. IA; Cedar Rapides, IA: m. 15 May 1895 Cedar Rapids, IA to Albert Chester Ainsworth – b. 12 Nov 1869 Ogle Co., IL. bur. Linwood cemetery Cedar Rapids. IA; res. Ogle Co., IL; Arlington & Brush Creek, IA; Dubuque & Independence, IA; Cedar Rapides, IA; s/o William H. Ainsworth and Elizabeth Clink

1. Mary Ainsworth – d. young
2. Christian Ainsworth – d. as a baby
*3. Laura Vivian Ainsworth – b. 8 Aug 1899 Tama, IA
4. Richard Ainsworth – m. Opal __
5. William Ainsworth – d. young
6. Kathryn Ainsworth – m. Walter Nesper
7. Corrine Ainsworth – m. Cecil Marshall
8. Herbert Ainsworth – m. Marian __
9. Bertha Ainsworth –
10. Forest Ainsworth – m. Dora Lee

IV Laura Vivian Ainsworth – b. 8 Aug 1899 Tama, IA, d. 24 Apr 1978 Elkhart, IN. bur. Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids. IA; m. 12 Nov 1917 Toledo, IA to John Chester Maxson – b. 24 Dec 1887/1888 Shellsburg. IA, d. 29 Oct 1936 Belle Plaine, IA; res. Shellsburg, Cedar Rapids, Tama, Belle Plaine, IA; Butcher; s/o John Henry Maxson and Laura Virginia Hughes

*1. Kathryn Winifred Maxson – b. 21 Mar 1924 Belle Plaine, IA
2. Martha Maxine Maxson – b. 10 Feb 1918 Belle Plaine, IA, d. 11 Aug 1971 Minneapolis, MN, bur. Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA; m. Minneapolis, MN to Bernard Ferlaak

V Kathryn Winifred Maxson – b. 21 Mar 1924 Belle Plaine, IA; res. IA; Wibaux, MT; Winona, MN; La Crosse, WI; Muskegon, MI; Onamin, MN; Elkhart. IN; Ft. Myers, FL; Occupation: Secretary; Methodist / Congregational / Presbyterian; m. 22 Feb 1947 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA to Brantly Pace Chappell – b. 8 Apr 1914 Wibaux, Wibaux Co., MT; res. Wibaux, MT; Winona. MN; La Crosse, WI; Muskegon, MI; Onamin, MN; Elkhart, IN; Ft. Myers, FL; Occupation: Lawyer/ Banker/FBI; Congregational & Presbyterian; s/o J. Rex Chappell and Grace
Pace. Brantly Pace Chappel m.l) Frances Odell and had issue: Rex Odell Chappell – b. 11 Jan 1939 Ashland, KY

Issue of Brantly Pace Chappell and Kathryn Winifred Maxson: cont…

Vol. 1. Page 25
B R A N C H #3 – children of Kathryn Winifred Maxson & Bratly Chappell (cont)

1. Barry Jay Chappell – b. 19 Jan 1948 La Crosse. WI; res. La Crosse, WI. Muskegon, MI, Elkhart, IN, Austin, TX; occupation: Sign Business; Congregational/Catholic; U.S. Navy; m. 18 Jun __ Lewiston, ME to Pauline St. Pierre – b. 17 Feb __ Lewiston, ME; Catholic; d/o Lionel St. Pierre and Julie __

1. Christopher Chappell – b. 13 Aug 1979 Elkhart, IN
2. Nicholas Chappell – b. 27 Jan 1984 Austin, TX

2. Sally Kay Chappell – b. 22 Nov 1950 Muskegon. MI; res. Elkhart, IN, South Bend, IN, Lexington, KY, Houston, TX; Banquet Manager/Caterer; m. Elkhart, IN to Kurt Stump – b. Nappanee, IN (div. 1989); res. Nappanee & South Bend, IN, Lexington, KY. Houston, TX; CPA; son of Kenneth Stump and Miriam Umbaugh

1. Kelly Kathryn Stump – b. 21 Jul 1976 South Bend, IN
3. Brantly Kirn Chappell – b. 16 Oct 1953 Minneapolis, MN; res. Minneapolis, Onamin, Winona,MN, Elkhart, IN, Dayton, OH, Milwaukee, WI; Banker; m. 20 Jun __ South Bend, IN to Vicki Howell – b. 22
Apr __; res. Muncie, IN, Elkhart, IN, Milwaukee, WI
4. Ellen Jane Chappell – b. 29 Oct 1956 Winona, MN; res. Winona, MN, Elkhart, IN; United Church of Christ; m. 16 Jul __ Elkhart, IN to John Jessen, Jr. – b. 26 Jun __ Elkhart, IN; res. Elkhart, IN; Screw Mach. Mfg.; United Church of Christ; s/o John Jessen, Sr.

1. Johnathan Barrett Jessen – b. 27 Mar 1982 Elkhart, IN
5. Scott Maxson Chappell – b. 10 Jul 1964 Elkhart, IN; res. Elkhart, IN, Ft. Myers, FL; Occupation – Hotel; m. 3 Mar 1989 Captiva, FL to Rebecca Lattig – b. 3 Nov 1964; res. Des Moines, IA, Ft. Myers, FL; Hotel; d/o __ Lattig and Peg __

1. Kathryn Nina Chappell – b. 30 Mar 1990 Ft. Myers, FL

submitted Aug 1990 by;
Brantly P. & Katie Chappell


I Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1635 England, emigrated as a headright of Major Abraham Wood to Charles City Co., VA in 1653, d. ca. 1681. He settled in that part of Henrico County that later became Chesterfield County, and on 19 Aug 1672 was granted a tract of land of 700 A. This land is described as being on the north side of the Appomatox River corner to the orphan’s land of Mr. William Walthall, near Timbury Run Plantation, now the site of Petersburg. In 1679 Charles was named in a list of ’40 tythables’ ordered by the court to ‘fit out arms and men’. He was assigned a quota of three men. In August 1682 his widow, Rebecca, was granted administration of his estate. She later married Samuel Newman. Sources: N.M. Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers; abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1800; Henrico Co. Records,

Vol. 1. Page 26
B R A N C H #4 – Charles Featherston (cont.)

vol. 6, p. 414; Henrico Co. Patents, 24W(1)131; Henrico Co. Records, vol. 2, p. 150. The inventory of Charles’s estate is in vol. 1, p. 226.

1. Ann Featherston – will dated 12 Dec 1745; m. Abraham Burton, b. ca.1669 Henrico Co., VA, will in Amelia Co., VA dated 13 May 1736
*2. Henry Featherston – b. ca. 1680

II Henry Featherston – b. ca. 1680, d. ante 1759; m. Elizabeth __; her will dated 26 Feb 1759. Sources; Henrico Co. Patents; Chesterfield Co., VA Will Book No. 1 (1749-1765)

1. Henry Featherston – will dated 5 Apr 1760 Chesterfield Co., VA
*2. Henry Charles (or Charles Henry) Featherston –
3. Mary Featherston –
plus 3 other daughters

III Henry Charles (or Charles Henry) or, usually, Charles Featherston canbe traced through various land transactions and other documents in Henrico (Chesterfield) Co. during the period 1740-1770, but they tell us little beyond the facts that he was a surveyor and held a good deal of property. He married Phebe Walthall, who was b. ca. 1720. She was the daughter of Henry Walthall and Phebe Ligon. Sources: Chesterfield Co., VA will Book No. 1 (1749-1765); Misc. Henrico and Chesterfield Cos., VA records; The Ligon Family and Connections by W.D.Ligon, Jr.

*1. Henry Featherston – d. 15 Dec 1827 Smith Co., TN
2. Edward Featherston – will dated 20 Jul 1792; m. 28 Oct 1778 Sarah Ashbrooke
3. Charles Featherston –
4. Elizabeth Featherston – m. Thomas Walthall, whose will is dated 12 Dec 1776
5. Phebe Featherston – m. 4 Dec 1778 to Irby Hudson

IV Henry Featherston – m. Elizabeth Marshall dau. of Alexander Marshall and Sarah Moseley. Henry moved to Smith County, Tennessee and d. 15 Dec 1827. His will was probated 28 Jul 1828. Sources: Smith Co., TN Will Book A, pp. 13-15; Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns of Chesterfield Co., Virginia by C.L. Knorr

1. Sarah Featherston – b. 31 Mar 1770 m. 27 Oct 1791 to Thomas Hardie or Hardy
*2. Charles Featherston – b. 6 Nov 1771 Chesterfield Co., VA
3. Henry Featherston – b. 28 May 1774, was a surgeon in the War of 1812 and d. in New Orleans, LA.
4. William Featherston – b. Nov 1776
5. Alexander Featherston – b. 14 Aug 1778, ?d. infancy
6. Elizabeth Featherston – b. 27 Mar 1780; m. 13 Sep 1802 John Cogbill b. 6 Nov 1774
7. Edward Featherston – b. 2 Feb 1782 or 16 Dec 1783; m. Mary Y. Hibbitt – b. 14 Feb 1794

Vol. 1. Page 27
B R A N C H #4 – children of Henry Featherston (cont.)

8. Mary Ann Featherston – b. 23 Mar 1786; m. 26 Nov 1807 Charles Christian Cogbill
9. Phebe Featherston – ?b. 1 Mar 1790; m. Marquis De Lafayette Sharp
10. Daniel Marshall Featherston – b. 28 Mar 1793, d. in War of 1812

V Charles Featherston – b. 6 Nov 1771 Chesterfield Co., VA, d. Franklin, A 25 Dec 1852; m. 24 Jan 1795 to Lucy Pitts – b. 28 Mar 1775 VA, d. 21 Dec 1853 Franklin, GA, d/o Lunsford Pitts and Elizabeth Crutcher

1. Edward Featherston – b. 20 Jan 1796; m. Rebecca Alston
2. Henry Featherston – b. 1798, d. 15 Sep 1819
3. Lucius Horace Featherston – d. infancy
4. Berinthia M. Featherston – b. 15 May 1802; m. __ McMurray of Carrol ton, MS
5. Elizabeth C. Featherston – b. 20 Dec 1804; m.l) 3 Oct 1826 Uriah Gardner – b. 18 Aug 1795 Southampton Co., VA s/o James and Ann Gardner; m.2) __ McKnight of Nashville, TN
6. Melinda H. Featherston – b. 2 Jul 1807; m. __ Freeman of Brownsville, TN
7. Frances P. Featherston – b. 2 Aug 1810; m. __ Fletcher
*8. Lucius Horace Featherston – b. 9 Jun 1814 Franklin, GA
9. Winfield Scott Featherston – b. 8 Aug 1819 near Murfreesboro, TN d. 28 May 1891 Holly Springs, MS; Brig. Gen. C.S.A.; m.l) 1848 Mary Holt Harris of Columbus, MS d. 1848; m.2) 1858 to Elizabeth M. McEwen d. 17 Sep 1878 Holly Springs, MS

VI Lucius Horace Featherston – b. 9 Jun 1814 Franklin. GA, d. 4 Jan 1886 Newnan, GA; m. 27 Dec 1836 to Maria Ann Tompkins – b. 5 Jun 1819 Heard Co., GA, d. 17 Jun 1898 Newnan, GA, d/o Nicholas Tompkins and Catherine Griffin Leverett.

*1. Zerlina Catherine Featherston – b. 26 Apr 1838 Franklin. GA
2. Charles Nicholas Featherston – b. 25 Oct 1839 Franklin. GA, d. 1 Aug 1909; m. Sallie Ann Jones b. 1852, d. 11 Dec 1909
3. Giles Winfield Featherston – b. 10 Jun 1842 Franklin, GA, d. 20 Dec 1905; m.l) Rosa May Richardson; m.2) Willie Lee Lumpkin – b. 1869, d. 1949
4. Lucius Horace Featherston – b. 25 Aug 1844 Franklin, GA, d. 19 May 1912; m. 5 Dec 1867 Josephine Hill Cleveland – b. 26 Sep 1848, d. 25 Jun 1930
5. Edward Pitts Featherston – b. 5 Nov 1846 Franklin, GA, d. 5 Oct 1882 Newnan, GA
6. John Henry Featherston – b. 23 Jan 1849 Franklin, GA, d. 16 Jan 1920; m. Mary Elizabeth Keith – b. 4 Jan 1857
7. Sarah Maria Featherston – b. 3 May 1851 Franklin, GA, d. 26 Sep 1895 Newnan, GA
8. William Steagall Featherston – b. 27 Sep 1853, d. 11 Jun 1932 Atlanta, GA; m.l) 22 Nov 1877 Eugene Harris Mann – b. 8 Jan 1856, d. 2 Aug 1884; m.2) 22 Nov 1887 Laura Grant Dubose – b. 29 Aug 1860, d. 29 Jan 1944 Atlanta, GA cont…

Vol. 1. Page 28
B R A N C H #4 – children of Lucius Horace Featherston (cont.)

9. Mary Emma Featherston – b. 10 Feb 1856 Franklin, GA, d. 25 Feb 1945 Atlanta, GA; m. 28 Nov 1882 to Dr. Henry Summerfield Wright – b. 18 Sep 1857, d. 9 Apr 1911 Atlanta, GA
10. Thomas Middleton Featherston – b. 27 Mar 1858 Franklin, GA, d. 27 May 1874 Newnan, GA
11. Annie Elizabeth Featherston – b. 5 Apr 1860 Franklin, GA, d. 26 Mar 1870 Newnan, GA
12. Joseph Ernest Featherston – b. 23 Mar 1863 Franklin, GA, d. 20 Nov 1933 Newnan, GA; m. 30 Jun 1904 Mary Clara Parks – b. 30 Jun 1877, d. 23 Apr 1960 Newnan, GA

VII Zerlina Catherine Featherston – b. 26 Apr 1838 Franklin, GA d. 9 Jul 1927 Newnan, GA; m. 23 Jun 1859 Franklin, GA to Dr. George Washington Peddy – b. 10 Apr 1834 Franklin, GA, d. 6 May 1913 Newnan, GA

1. Annie Laurie (Laura) Peddy – b. 18 Jun 1864 Franklin, GA, d. 2 May 1941 Newnan, GA
2. Charlie Featherston Peddy – b. 18 Jun 1864 Franklin, GA, d. 16 Sep 1865 Franklin, GA
3. Minnie Lamantha Peddy – b. 2 Sep 1869 Franklin, GA, d. 12 Jan 1913, Newnan, GA; m. Gordon Varner
4. Sallie Hassie (Daisy) Peddy – b. 14 Sep 1873 Franklin, GA, d. 18 Oct 1957 Newnan, GA
*5. Katie May Peddy – b. 3 Sep 1877 Franklin, GA
6. Louise Winfield Peddy – b. 19 Nov 1881 Newnan, GA, d. 27 Jun 1974 Orangeburg, SC; m. 15 Oct 1914 to James Marvin Wadsworth – b. 4 Aug 1888, d. 16 Feb 1948 Newnan, GA

VIII Katie May Peddy – b. 3 Sep 1877 Franklin, GA, d. 5 Apr 1972 Decatur, GA; m. 8 Jul 1903 Newnan, GA to David Smith Cuttino II – b. 20 Aug 1877 Charleston. SC, d. 25 Nov 1948

1. David Smith Cuttino III – b. 20 Mar 1905, d. 13 Jun 1973 Atlanta, GA; m. 19 Oct 1938 to Elizabeth Stovall – b. 19 Sep 1913
*2. George Peddy Cuttino (D. Phil.) (Oxon.) – b. 9 Mar 1914 Newnan, GA

submitted Aug 1990 by;
Dr. G.P. Cuttino

Vol. 1. Page 29

John M. Doughty b. 1797 KY, d. 1875 dark Co., IL; m. 1817 Washington Co., IN to Jane McGuire b. 1796 IN/PA?, d. 1874 dark Co.. IL. Their first child was Featherston Doughty b. 8 May 1818. I believe he married in 1835 Coles Co., IL to Charity Gooden and that they appear in 1850 Benton Co., AR and 1860 Coles Co., IL censuses. The Featherston name may have come through Jane McGuire – but how? Jane McGuire’s parents and siblings unknown to me.
Ruby Simonson McNeill

Jeremiah Featherston, b. 1797 in Charlotte Co., VA moved to Kentucky. In which county did he reside – was it Franklin. Fayette or Jessamine County. “Near Frankfort” – what does that mean? William E., son of Jeremiah and Anne Green Featherston states that he was born in Jessamine Co. Did Carolus Featherston and Jeremiah Featherston move to Franklin Co. in 1817?
Franklin Merriman, Jr.

Mary F. or Mary Thomas Featherstone, b. 10 Nov 1855 in Richmond, VA, daughter of John C. and Catherine Featherstone. Mary married Henry Wetzel and d. Cedar Rapids, Lynn Co., IA 6 Nov 1903. Was Catherine’s maiden name, Thomas? Who were the parents of John C.? Seeking information regarding family and
Brantly P. Chappell

Seeking information regarding Robert R. Featherston, son of Hezekiah and Nancy (Tarpley) Featherston. Robert probably b. in Charlotte Co., VA and married there to Sally Cary on 21 Dec 1829. R.R. Featherston (probably same) is listed in Giles Co., TN 1840 census. In 1842 Robert R. Featherston sold a slave in Giles Co., TN. No further records have been found. When and where did he die?
Joyce Featherston Hawkins

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