Featherston Findings Volume 10

Featherston Family Bible Record – 1743-18761Haskins-Featherston Family Bible Record  1798-19791Rutherford Co., TN Historical Society Publication, No. 4 Fall 19743My Findings Vol. 1 by Lillian Vesta Brown Johnson3Gibson County, Tennessee Wi11, Book F, page 863Abstracts of Records of the Featherstone Family in Southside Virginia4Will of John Featherstone of Chicago. Cook Co.. IL 1880-18888Featherston(e) – given names10William R. Featherston13William Henry Featherston15Branches #2, #5. and #921Change of Address Notices25Queries26Every Name Index
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from Virginia State Archives (Hard to read)
Charles Featherston born Febry 19th 1743 departed this life April 2nd 1828
Dorothy French Featherston born May (?) 1733 (or 1753)
Charles Henry Featherston born May 3 1786
Calphurnia Wesly(?) Featherston born Feby 8(?) 1799
Charles H. Featherston & Elizabeth ?? (poss. Marshall?) married Jan 15th 1807
Charles H. Featherston Jr. was born Oct 13 1807 departed this life July 19th 1832
Richard L. Featherston was born Dec 8 1808
Amanda Featherston was born Feb 9th 1811 (1817?) departed this life June 10(?) 1856(?)
Edward Featherston was born Dec 8 1813 (or 1814) departed this life 1 Sept 1833
Mercer & Montgomery Featherston b. Dec 8 1814
William B. Featherston b. May 25 1817
Martha E. Featherston born Jan llth 1819 (?)
Lucinda May Featherston b. Jan 1, 1820(?)
Edward M. Featherston b. March 13th 1828 (1823?)
John R. A. Featherston b. Dec 6 1824
Mary E. B. Featherston b. June 11 1827
HASKINS-FEATHERSTON FAMILY BIBLE RECORD 1798-1979 (Partial copy – Featherstons primarily copied)
 ace. No. 31574 – VA State Archives
Bible published by William W. Harding. Philadelphia 1871
John R. Featherstun & Ann E. Haskins were m. 27 Nov 1866
John H. Featherstun & Lizzie Lee Hauetnme(?) m. 18 Mar 1905
John R. Bacon & Harriet Featherstun were m. 24 Nov 1896
Wellington Featherstun son of J.R. & A.E. was born Jany 16th 1869
Harriet Ann Featherstun was born Jany 28th 1871
J.R. Featherstun died Sept. 21 1932
(Dick) John Haskins Featherstun d. June 16 1955
John R. Featherstun d. May 30 1904
Wellington Featherstun d. Nov. 15 1903
Lucie Featherstun d. Nov 21 1903
Ann(?) Elizabeth Featherstun d. Feb 19 1920
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Haskins-Featherston Family Bible Record 1798-1979 (cont.)
The following were on separate pages, headed FAMILY RECORD
Joshua Featherstun born 24th Sept 1788
deceased July 3rd 1848 3 o’clock in the morning
Ann Wilkinson born Jany 1800
they were united in matrimony 16 Oct 1821
Lucy Ann Minerva Featherstun born 25th Sept 1822
John Richard Featherstun born 28 June 1824
Sarah Elizabeth Featherstun born 9 Dec 1825
William Bond Featherston born 9th Sept 1827
Virginia Alberta Featherstun born 17 April 1829
Joshua James Featherstun born 16 Dec 1830
Martha Louisa Featherstun born 12 Jan 1833
Benjamin Wilkinson Featherstun born 21st June 1834
Charles Wesley Featherstun born 25th June 1835
Charles Wesley Featherstun deceased 26th Mar 1836
Mary Francis Featherstun born 3 July 1837
Cornelia Wilkinson Featherstun born 5 Sept 1839
Cornelia Wilkinson Featherstun deed. April 1840
Separate page headed FAMILY RECORD
John Haskins Featherstun was born May 14 1873
John Haskins Featherstun died June 15 1955
Lizzie Lee Hawthorne born Jan 18 1885
Lizzie Lee Hawthorne died Oct 4 1905
John Richard Featherstun born Jan 25 1905
John Richard Featherstun died Sept 2 1932
Charlie Comer Featherstun born July 28 1908
Mary Elizabeth Moore born Nov 21 1913
Patricia Ann Featherstun born Aug 30 1939
Charles Moore Featherstun born May 15 1947
Mary Elizabeth Featherstun born April 5 1911
Julian Armstead Hawthorne born Oct 30 1908
Mary Elizabeth Hawthorne born Sept 19 1934
Mary Elizabeth Hawthorne died June 2 1936
Barbara Lee Hawthorne born June 19 1940
John Julian Hawthorne born Apr 7 1950
Lloyd Blackwell Featherstun born July 24 1913
Lloyd Blackwell Featherstun died Oct 31 1976
Virginia May Moore born June 2 1919
Betty May Featherstun born July 15 1944
George Clifton Daniel born Jan 17 1935
Virginia May Daniel born July 23 1970
Ann Featherstun Daniel born Nov 9 1973
Joseph Glennon Lanford born April 23 19??
Elizabeth Davis Lanford born May 2 1963
Sarah Holland Lanford born April ? ?
Joseph Glennon Lanford Jr. born Jan 25 1971
John Wesley Hawthorne born ? ? 1976
Susan Stanley born ? ? ?
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Haskins-Featherston Family Bible Record 1798-1979 (cont.)
Separate page headed FAMILY RECORD (very early handwriting)
Wm B. Featherstun born Sept 9th 1827
Addie T. Hardy born Nov 28th 1836
The above were united in matrimony Oct 21st 1856
Florence Caroline Featherstun born Dec 3rd 1857
Florence Caroline Featherstun died Feb 7th 1864
Addie T. Featherstun died Nov 23rd 1866
Wm B. Featherstun died Feb the 15th 1871
No. 4 Fall 1974
p. 84
The following pages are a listing of those who paid taxes in Rutherford
Co. in 1810 and were not listed on the 1810 census (list includes):
John Featherstone, Sr.
MY FINDINGS Vol. 1 by Lillian Vesta Brown Johnson
Pub. 1987
p. 338
Granville M. Rowland, son of William Rowland and Elizabeth Brown, b. 1847
Rutherford Co., Tn. m. (1) 13 Sept. 1875 Rutherford Co. Frances Vashti Windrow
b. 15 Oct. 1849. m. (2) Nancy Featherston b. 1863/4.
submitted by: Mrs. I.D. Oakley
Gibson County, Tennessee, Will Book F, page 86
September Term 1857
John R. Fite’s Admr Bond
We John R. Fite, James H. Bass & R. Thompson bind ourselves to pay to the
State of Tennessee the sum of Four Hundred Dollars for the payment of which
well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs executors &
Administrators witness our hands & seals this 7th day of September 1857.
The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bounden
John R. Fite Administrator of all and singular the goods & chattels rights &
credits of Edmund Featherston deceased do make or cause to be made a true and
Page 04
Gibson Co., TN Will Book F, page 86 (cont.)
perfect inventory of all and singular the goods & chattels rights & credits of
the deceased which have or shall come to the knowledge of him the said John R.
Fite or into the hands & possession of any other person or persons for him and
the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited to the next county Court
where orders for administration papers & the same goods chattels and credits &
all other the goods chattels & credits of the said deceased at the time of his
death or which at any time after shall come to the hands or possession of the
said Jno R. Fite or into the hands or posession of any other person or persons
for him do well & truly administer according to law & further do make or cause
to be made a true & just account of his Administration within two years after
the date of these presents & all the rest & residue of the said goods chattels
& credits which shall be found remaining upon the said Administrators account
the same being first examined & allowed by the county Court shall deliver &
pay unto such person or persons respectively as the same shall be due unto
pursuant to law & if it shall appear that any last will and testament was made
by the deceased & by the executor or executors therein named do exhibit the
same into court making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if
the said John R. Fite above bound being thereunto required do render &
deliver the said letters of Administration & approbation of such testament
being first had & made in this said court then this obligation to be void & of
none effect or else to remain in full force & virtue
Examined & approved Jno. R. Fite
J. B. Debrell, Judge James H. Bass
R. Thompson
submitted by: Brenda G. Fischler
11620 Kemp Mill Rd.
Wheaton, MD 20902
by Robert M. Clark, Jr., M.B.A., J.D., C.G.
pages 45-49
William Featherstone of Prince George and Amelia Counties, Virginia
William Featherston was perhaps the brother of Charles Featherston. From
Henrico records. Vol. 10, p. 355: The General Assembly at James City 16 April
1691 Henrico County. To Robert Powell. Will Featherston & Will Seawell 200
pounds of tobacco. No statement as to why it was awarded them.
If he was born around 1678 he could have been of age when Governor
Francis Nicholsor granted to him and John Edwards a tract of land containing
545 acres lying in what was then Charles City County at Shipley’s line, John
Roach. Jr., on Broad Runn, the runn of Bore Meadow, to a branch of Old Possum
Runn. (Land Patents *9, p. 210.)
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Abstracts of Records of the Featherstone Family in Southside VA (cont.)
William Featherston married Mary daughter of Henry May and was being suedby her relatives Ruth an orphan of John and Sarah Wilkinson at Court held 3 August 1692 (Orders p. 418.  Weisiger, Charles City Co.. Va. Court Orders 1687-1694 125) from suit brought 3 October 1689 (Orders p. 246, 264, & 273, Weisiger Charles City Co., Va. Court Orders  1687-1695 61 , 69 & 74.)
Thomas Cock sues for an attachment on estate of Wm. Featherston, who unlawfully departed the county, 572 Ibs tobacco due. Joshua Wynn, Subsheriff. hath attached goods of Featherston at 5 August 1695 Court (Orders p. 581, Weisiger, Charles City Co.. Va. Court Orders 1687-1695 210.)
15 July 1717, Alexander Spotswood, Governor, granted to William Featherston 50 acres of land — new ground — on the south side of Herring Creek in Charles City County, adjoining Mr. Cole on Beaver Pond. (L.P. 10, p. 325.)
The will of William Featherston, dated 1718 is referred to in a deed of lease and release of William Featherston of Charles City County (Charles City County Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1724/25, p. 153-155.
William Featherston received a survey 27 Jan. 1725 for 200 acres both sides of Bear Swamp in Prince George County (Prince George Records 1713-1728. p. 1023, Weisiger. p. 136.)
William Featherstone administrator of will of Charles Howell dated 6 April 1728, inventory recorded 9 April 1728 (Prince George Co. Records 1713-1728 p. 1094, I, Weisiger. p. 147.)
Trespass case of Francis Poythress vs. Charles Featherston dismissed (Weisiger, Prince George Co., Va. Records 1733-1792 p. 1.)
About 1737 William Featherstone married Susannah Grigg in the same area of Amelia County, Virginia  where Susannah’s brother James Grigg lived. Susannah Grigg was born in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia on 11 June 1720 (Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne, The Vestry Book and Register of Bristol Parish. Virginia. 1720-1789 (Richmond, 1898), p. 306.)
She died prior to 1767 in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County. Virginia.
20 July 1738, Sir William Gooch, Governor, granted to William Featherston Jr. 150 acres lying on Woody Creek of Deep Creek in Amelia County adjoining Charles Irby and Christopher Robertson. (Vol. 18. p. 49.)
12 March 1739, Sir William Gooch granted William Featherston Jr. 321 acres lying on White Oak Swamp in Prince George County adjoining Robert West, Hugh Reece, to Cabin Branch & the Beaver Ponds of White Oak Swamp. (L.P. 19, p. 580.) Deed. William Featherston, the younger, to Timothy Murril. D. Mar. 21, 1739. Consid: 1600 pounds of tobacco. Wit: None.
50 acres on head of Woody Creek of Deep Creek adj. lines of Christopher Robertson & Charles Irby. being land pat. to sd. William Featherston on July 20, 1738.
Possession obtained by Timothy Murril on March 21, 1739. Deed ackn. by William Featherston & ordered rec. at Court held Apr. 1, 1740 after Susannah, his wife, relinquished her Right of Dower (Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey. Deed Book I. Amelia Co.. Va.. Deeds 1735-1743. Bonds 1735-1741. p. 230.)
22 Sept. 1739, Sir William Gooch granted to William Featherston 200 acres of land in Prince George County, containing 400 acres on Namozeen Creek adjoining Robert Boiling, at the Ridge Path, Wigg Island & George’s Branch. (Vol. 18, p. 48.) cont…
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Abstracts of Records of the Featherstone Family in Southside VA (cont.)
25 July 1739, William Featherston, Jr., had a tract of 100 acres in Prince George County on George’s Branch of Namozeen Creek adjoining his father. (Vol. 24, p. 345.) All of the tracts were in the present Dinwiddie County, near the Amelia County line as Namozeen Creek is the boundary between the present Dinwiddie and Amelia Counties.
From an old plat book of Dinwiddie County still preserved we find that Richard Featherston owned land in that county adjoining George and John Still, William Stanley and James Price. (8 Nov. 1758, p. 26.)
William Featherston of Dinwiddie moved across the line into Amelia County when on 15 Dec. 1755 he purchased 200 acres of land on the Middle Fork of Cellar Creek of Deep Creek from Francis Raney. Witnesses to the deed were John and Susanna Epes and Howell Featherston (Deeds #5, p. 361, Amelia Co.)
It seems that his son. styling himself as William Featherston the Younger of Amelia County, sold 150 acres of land to Timothy Merritt for 1600 pounds of tobacco; it lay on Moody’s Creek adjoining Charles Irby and Christopher Robertson; patented by said W. Featherston 20 July 1738. Susannah, wife of said Featherston, joined in the deed. (#1, p. 230.)
11 Aug. 1738, William Featherston brought suit against James Grigg who is ordered to pay him L6-6-9. (Orders 1735-46, p. 52.)
24 Aug. 1765, William Cryer and Howell Featherston for debt. Judgement to said Cryer. (Orders. 1785-70, p. 32b.)
April Court 1770, Inventory of the estate of William Featherston was returned and ordered recorded. (Orders 1769-71, p. 52.)
16 Oct. 1764, Henry Clay of Lunenburg County conveyed to William Grigg Featherston of Amelia County, for the sum of L100-5 shillings current money of Virginia, 200 acres of land lying on Leath’s Creek adjoining Charles Clay, John Gregory, Peter Jones and George Stills. Witnesses: Henry Jones. George Steel, and William G. Featherston. (Deeds #8, p. 472.)
William Featherston of Amelia made his will 22 Aug. 1767 which was probated 27 April 1769. William apparently survived his wife Susannah Grigg since he did not name her in his will which named their ten children as legatees. He left bequest to his children as follows:
 Charles Howell Featherston to have 50 acres of land, dwelling house and orchard. Jesse to have 50 acres of land; Richard 50 acres; Bur-well 50 acres; Lucy Vaughan Featherston 20 pounds current money, Francis Still same; Elizabeth 20 pounds current money, a feather bed and furniture; Susanna to same as Elizabeth, 6 sons: William Grigg, Lewis, Jesse, Richard, Burwell and Charles Howell Featherston. Witnessed by Francis Epes, William Stow and George Cabiness.
(Will Bk. 2X, p. 276.)
William and Susannah (Grigg) Featherstone had the following children:
i. Burwell Featherstone. In 1810 he lived in Nottoway County, Virginia (Nottoway Co., Va. Deed Book XXIII, p. 159.)
ii. Jesse Featherstone, mar. Catherine ————— and removed to Lincoln Co., N.C. (Amelia Co., Va. Deed Book XIII. p. 140.)
iii. Charles Howell Featherstone. He left a will in Nottoway Co.. Va. dated 12 Jan. 1791 (Nottoway Co., Va. Will Book I, p. 25-26.)
iv. Richard Featherstone, mar. Susannah ————— and removed to Granville Co., N.C. (Amelia Co., Va. Deed Book XIII, p. 73.) cont…
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Abstracts of Records of the Featherstone Family in Southside VA (cont.)
v. Lucy Featherstone. mar. John Vaughan (Jewel Davis Scarborough, Southern Kith and Kin, (Abilene, Texas; Abilene Printing Co., 1951), I 187 (hereinafter Southern Kith and Kin]
vi. Frances Featherstone, mar. George Stell (Southern Kith and Kin)
vii. Elizabeth Featherstone, mar. Lew dark (Southern Kith and Kin)
viii. Susannah Featherstone.
ix. William Grigg Featherstone. He died intestate ca. 1788 in Amelia Co., Va. (Amelia Co., Va. Will Book IV, p. 87.)
x. Lewis Featherstone, mar. Elizabeth ————— Will dated 7 Jan. 1781 in Nottoway Co.. Va. (Nottoway Co., Va. Will Book I, p. 43.)

Richard of this line with his wife Susanna removed to Granville Co., N.C. by 26 March 1774 when they sold 42 acres of land in Amelia adjoining Burwell and Charles Howell Featherston. (Deeds, 13, p. 73.)
3 Jan. 1775, Jesse Featherston and Catherine his wife sold William G. Featherston 42 acres of land in the lower part of the county and sometime later removed to N.C., as in March, 1788, styling himself as of Lincoln Co. of that state, he, together with Richard, Burrwell & Charles Featherston of Amelia Co.. John Vaughan, Lew Clark, Elizabeth Brookes & Jeremiah Still of Amelia, conveyed to Richard Dennis for the sum of  L70, 50 acres of land on Great Cellar Creek adjoining Richard Dennis, Peter Bland & Charles Mills. (Deeds 13. p. 140.)
On 7 January 1781. Lewis Featherston of Nottoway Parish made a will in which he left his estate to his wife Elizabeth Featherston, mentioning 4 negroes, a blue side saddle, feather bed and furniture, 4 negroes. 1/2 the stock, the pewter which came by her, also 3 negro men during her widowhood.
To brother Charles Howell Featherston 1 negro. 1 feather bed with furniture, 2 guns, etc.; the 3 negroes left wife to my brothers & sisters. Brothers William & Charles Featherston Executors. Witnessed by Peter Jones, Robert Hinton & Mary Clardy. (W.B. 1. p. 43.)
William Featherston seems to have died without a will but an inventory of his estate was returned 28 February 1788: 4 negroes, 3 horses, 15 head of cattle, 36 hogs, 10 sheep, beds, etc. Returned by Batte Jones, Joseph Royall, Mark Moore. Amount. L482-1-3. (Wills Bk. 4, p. 87.)
22 November 1787. Richard Featherston gave bond in sum of L2000 as administrator of the estate of William Featherston deceased. & Charles Featherston executor of the estate of Lewis Featherson who was guardian of John Leath was to render an account of same. (Orders 1786-88, p. 166.)
22 February 1810, Burrwell Featherston and his wife of Nottoway County sold 15 1/2 acres of land adjoining the widow Adams & George Kidd to the said Kidd. (D.B. 23. p. 159.)
When Nottoway was cut off from Amelia in 1792, it seems to have left most of theFeatherston land in that county, so we have no further record of them here, after that, save the above cited deed which was probably for a small tract of land on the Amelia side of Cellar Creek.
submitted by: Virginia Phil lips

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Will of John Featherstone of Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
dated 17 September 1880 – proven 5 September 1888
I, John Featherstone of the city of Chicago, in the County of Cook, and State of Illinois, do make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament. First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully paid. Second. I give and devise unto my wife Ruth Ann Featherstone, the following described parcels of land situated in said city. County and State, to wit: The south Seventy five (75) feet of Lot Five (5) in the Resubdivsion of Walker’s Subdivision of Block Seven (7) in Ashland Addition to Chicago, the same comprising my dwelling and the adjoining house: Also, the East Twenty eight (28) feet of Lot Eight (8) and the East Forty-two (42) feet of Lot Nine (9) all situated in Sub-Block Two (2) of Page and Woods Subdvision of Block Fifty (50) in the Canal Trustees Subdivision of Section Seven (7) in Township No. Fourteen (14) East of the Third Principal Meridian, the houses thereon being now numbered as eighty-one, eighty-three and eight-five Park Avenue. And I do further give and bequeath unto my said wife all my household furniture, pictures, crockery, stoves, beds, bedding and kitchen utensils: Also my Gold Watch, diamond pin and jewelry: also all the United States bonds of which I shall die possessed the principal thereof now amounting to Forty thousand dollars and in addition thereto, I do give and bequeath unto my said wife the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars in money subject to the deduction therefrom hereinafter mentioned. And I do will and provide that the foregoing devises and bequests to my wife are to be taken and accepted by her in lieu of all dower and share in my estate real or personal, and of all right to the award to which she may be entitled by law as my widow. But if she shall decline to waive such widows award and shall prefer to accept it, then it is my will that instead of said bequest of Ten Thousand Dollars, there shall be paid to her on that bequest only the balance that shall remain after deducting ! the amount of such award from said sum of Ten Thousand Dollars. Third. I give and bequeath to my brother William Featherstone the sum of Five Thousand Dollars; but in case he shall not survive me, I give said sum to his children William and George in equal parts, but if one be deceased, then the whole to the survivor. Fourth. I give and bequeath to my sister Mary Ann Featherstone, the sum of Five Thousand Dollars; but in case she shall not survive me, I give said sum to my said wife in addition to the provisions already made for her. Fifth. All my real and personal estate of every kind, not herein before bequeathed or devised, and remaining after the payment of my funeral expenses and just debts and also, all of the property mentioned in item “second” as given to my wife, in the event she shall not survive me, I do give bequeath and devise, in equal shares to my sons. John, George, Arthur and Edward Featherstone or to the survivor or survivors of them if any decease without leaving issue born in lawful Wedlock surviving him; but if any of my sons Shall die leaving such child or children then it is my will that such child or children or the survivor of them shall take such deceased sons share in equal parts. Sixth. I hereby constitute and appoint my said wife and my friend Stephen F. Gale of Chicago, Executors of this Will, and direct that they may not be required by the Court to give bond as such executors, and in the event it shall become necessary to sell any of the property of which I shall die cont…

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Will of John Featherstone of Chicago, Cook Co., IL (cont.)
possessed, and which is not hereinbefore Specifically bequeathed, for the
purpose of paying my just debts, or said legacies of money. I do empower my
executors to sell and convey so much of said last mentioned property as may be
requisite for such purpose, at public or private sale, for cash or on credit
as they may deem best and to use the proceeds for said purposes.
Seventh. I do further provide and it is my will. if my wife should survive
me, and should die before my estate is settled, and my sons Arthur and Edward
should legally or equitably receive from her any of the property given to my
said wife in item “second” of this Will, or the proceeds thereof that in such
case the devise and bequest of the residue of my property mentioned in item
“Fifth” of this Will be so modified and changed as that my sons John and
George shall receive from said residue sufficient property in value to make
them worth as much as my said sons Arthur and Edward may be in case they
should succeed to the bequests and devises given to my wife. It being my
intention in case my wife shall die leaving to her said sons Arthur and Edward
under the circumstances aforesaid the bulk of the property given by me to her.
that they shall not also share equally in the said residue bequeathed to my
sons in said item “Fifth”, but that my said four sons shall possess and own
out of the property left by me and by her sufficient to make their shares as
nearly equal in value as may be practicable.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Seventeenth
(17th) day of September A.D. 1880.
John Featherstone (seal)
Signed, sealed, published and declared as the last Will and Testament of John
Featherstone, by him in our presence who at his request and in his presence
and in the presence of each other have hereunto set our hands as subscribing
witnesses to said Will this Seventeenth (17th) day of September A.D. 1880
George 0. Ide Chicago, Illinois
Alfred Burtow          Chicago, Illinois
George L. Paddock 511 Hurlbut St.
Chicago, Illinois
Proved and admitted to record in open Court September 5th 1888.
J.C. Knickerbocker, Probate Judge
Endorsed on Will
Last Will and Testament of John Featherstone
State of Illinois !
Cook County !
In the Probate Court of Cook County. Filed, proved and admitted
to records in open Court this 5th day of Sept. A.D. 1888.
Thomas W. Sennott. Clk.
submitted by: Ellen Featherston Edwards
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Featherston(e) – given names
The following is a list of people with Featherston(e) as a given name. In
some cases I can place them in a family and connect them to known
1. Featherston Clark – Roan County, Tennessee 1840 census, p. 56. Living
near Samuel dark. Elizabeth Featherston. daughter of William of Amelia
County, Va. married Lewis dark cl756 and had a son Lewis. This is the only
Clark-Featherston connection I know of.
2. Featherstone Wells – On 5 January 1792 he inherited land from William
Featherston in Nottoway County. Va. Susannah Featherston. daughter of William
of Amelia County, Va. married Burrell Wells cl758 and had a son. Featherstone
3. Featherston Sadler – Named in his father’s will on 5 June 1795 in
Brunswick County, Va. Rebecca Featherston, daughter of Henry Charles
Featherston and Elizabeth Walthall married Thomas Sadler 1737/8 in Brunswick
or Henrico Co.. Va. Featherston Sadler is their son. They also had a
daughter. Fanny, who married John Dugger. Named in the will of Thomas Dugger
(27 July 1815. Sumner Co., Tennessee) is “Thomas Featherston. now an infant to
be reared.” (For more on the Sadler family, see Featherston Findings, Vol. 7.
P. 7-8.)
4. Featherston Holt – In 1790 he is listed in Stokes County. N.C. I know of
2 Featherston/Holt connections, but nothing that I can tie in with this man.
Featherston Findings Vol. 1, p. 27 shows Winfield Scott Featherston marrying
Mary Holt Harris of Columbus, Ms. in 1848. Vol. 3. p. 9-10 contains the will
of Henrietta L. Featherstun (22 Oct 1918, Pocahontas. IL) in which she names
her sons. Joseph S. Holt and Clarence E. Featherstun.
5. Rev. Featherston Walden – From Early Surveys of Overton County, Tennessee
(4th Dist) abstract: James Roberson and Featherston Walden were sworn chain
carriers (surveyors) on the south side of the Obids River on 13 August 1808
for a Mr. William Benningfield.
From Alabama Records #74 Morgan County, p. 99. Morgan County notes from “Rise
and Progress of Baptists in Alabama” by Hosea Holcomb, pub. 1840 abstract:
Mt. Pisgah, Morgan Co. About 7 miles south of Decatur. For a number of years
called Cedar Spring; constituted in 1824 and Wm Bird was called to supply
them. Elder F. Walden, who died in 1827 served them a short time.
From marriage Book A, Morgan County, AL:
p. 158 Moses Walden m Mary Childress 11-19-1829
p. 194 Thomas Eraser m Susan Walden 8-19-1831
p. 273 Elisha Waldon m Pennelia Jane Young 8-18-1835
p. 43 Richard Priddy m Peggy Walden 11-17-1823
p. 39 John S. Priddy m. Mary Walden 1-4-1828
p. 23 Richard Hudson m Lucinda Walden 12-13-1824
p. 33 Rheasha N. Walden m Meriay G. dark 3-11-1845
p. 78 William Walden m Martha Moss 4-28-1851   cont…
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Featherston(e) – given names (cont.)
From Morgan County, AL Records: Oktibbaka Co., MS 1850
Judith Priddy, widow of Richard Priddy (rev. pensioner) aged 85 applies
for a widow’s pension under the Act of 7 July 1838. She states that Richard
Priddy resided in Hanover Co., VA at the time of enlistment. She was married
to Richard Priddy in Halifax Co., VA by Rev. Nathaniel Hall, Baptist Minister,
7 March 1782. Richard Priddy died 2 May 1831 in Mation Co., AL. David Ames.
judge, W.S. Featherston, wit.
From Morgan Co. Records. Deeds Bk. D-D 24 Feb 1827.
Polly Walden and Peter Stoveall were appointed admns by the last will and
test of Featherston Walden. Francis Crow and Jas. L. Smith were witnesses to
said will.
From Alabama Records +49 Morgan Co. p. 84
R.N. Walden representative in legislature Morgan Co., AL 1857- , 1859- .
From Morgan County Land Grants:
Featherston Walden granted land in Morgan Co. 13 July 1818.
From Cemetery Records of Colbert County, Alabama:
Buried in City Cemetery – Ell is Isbell Walden d. 3-6-1832 age 88 b. 1744
and Mrs. Eliza Walden d. 9-17-1832 b. 1750
(Note that Littleton Isbell was the father named in the 1791 bastardy case
with Sarah Featherston in SC)
6. Featherston Cross – 1820 Georgia Census, Green County.
From Gibson Co., Indiana Marriage Records Vol. 1, June 1813-Apr 1839 by Ruth
Eads Kendall: 5 Jan 1829 Featherston Cross m Sally Downey (marriage *609a)
From Fred E. Featherstone. Jr., 150 S.E. Severin Rd., Port Charlotte. FL 33952
1. Wm E. Featherston (b. 1644)
spouse: unk. Pymbrough
2. Wm. II Featherston (b. 1685)
spouse: Frances Cross
3. Jane Featherston (b. 1705)
spouse 1: John Cross spouse 2: Francis Hardyman
4. Featherston Cross
From Mary Frances Byrd, Rt. 2, Box 208, Tyiertown. MS 39667 (2-1989)
Featherstone Cross – Born 14 Aug 1799, died 24 May 1837. Married 9 Nov
1817 to Nancy Gill, who was born 19 March 1801. She died 30 Sep 1840. He is
shown in Ga. 1820 census. He drew lot 58. dist 8 of Henry County, later
Newton County, in the land lottery of 1821. He sold land to Thomas Hudson.
You had to live in a county 3 years and be of age to be eligible to draw in
the lottery. The census showed him living in Greene Co., GA.
The Surveyor General dept. of Georgia Archives shows the land drawn in
the GA 1821 lottery was granted to Featherstone Cross 15 March 1825. He sold
land to Thomas Hudson, date of instrument 18 Aug 1825, date recorded 14 Apr.
Book B, p. 9. cont…
Page 12
Featherston(e) – given names (confc.)
Featherstone Cross’ name appears in the census of Perry County. AL in
1830. His wife Nancy’s name appears in 1840 census of Perry County, AL.
Records show that Featherstone Cross bought patented land in Section 17,
Township 20. Range 9, North on 30 Dec 1828.
Children of Featherstone and Nancy Cross:
1. William M. Cross – 1 Sep 1818-27 Apr 1899. Married Mary A. Whitman. Both
buried at Hickory, MS
2. Thomas M. Cross – 18 Jul 1819-19 Jul 1819
(A record was cut out of the Bible here.)
3. Mary Gill Cross – b. 27 Feb 1825
4. George W.T. Cross – b. 27 Feb 1825 (evidently twins)
5. Nancy C. Cross – 18 Mar 1827-8 Jun 1847
6. Alien M. Cross – b. 1 Mar 1829
7. Elizabeth W. Cross – b. 20 Jan 1831
8. Eliza A.T. Cross – 30 Dec 1832- Mar 1840
9. Samuel F. Cross – b. 25 Feb 1835
10. Featherstone T. Cross – 9 Jul 1837-12 Jul 1862
11. F.I. or F.J. Cross – son, died 12 Jul 1862 (same as »10?)
Family of William M. Cross and Mary A. Whitman:
1. Polyann Cross – b. 18 Apr 1842
2. Benjamin Franklin Cross – 11 Jan 1844-1947. Born in AL
3. John William Cross – 31 Oct 1845-8 Sep 18—
4. George Anderson Cross – 13 Jul 1847-1935. Resided in Enterprise, MS
5. Adam Whitman Jackson Cross – b. 23 Oct 1849. Married Katherine Louisa
6. Sally Ann Emalene Cross – b. 14 Feb 1852. Married Jake Morton.
7. Nancy Adaline Cross – b. Jul 1854. Married Geo Myers.
8. Henrietta Paralee Elving Cross – b. 23 Oct 1857. Married Robert Milton, a
dentist in Hickory, MS
9. Samuel Featherstone Cross – 1 Jul 1859-7 Aug 1862
Census Records – Perry County, AL
1830 – p. 40 Featherstone Cross males 2 under 5 females 1 under 5
1 5-10 1 20-15
1 10-15 1 20-30
1 30-40
1 60-70
1840 – p. 50 Nancy Cross males 1 under 5 females 1 5-10
1 5-10 1 10-15
1 10-15 1 15-20
2 15-20 1 30-40
1 20-30
From Marriage Records of Halifax County, VA
Featherstone Cross m Elizabeth Runnels 5 Aug 1790 cont…
Page 13
Featherston(e) – given names (cont.)
7. Featherston Twitty – I can’t find my notes on this one, but I believe he
was in either NC or Alabama. This was not the Tweedy family that married the
Featherstons in Limestone County, AL. I recall reading a lot of Twitty
records in Buncombe Co., NC and I believe that was where he was. but I can’t
remember for sure.
8. Charles Featherston Walthall – From Coweta Co. (GA) Chronicles, p. 651
“3 Walthall brothers came to the U.S. about the year 1740 and settled in
VA. Gen. E.C. Walthall of MS was a grandson of one of these brothers. Edward
who had married Nancy Tunnan from Scotland later moved to GA and made his home
in Jasper County. His Children: Charles Featherston, Tunnan, Wm. P.,
Paschal. Milton P., Leonard Herndon, Andrew Jackson. John Harvey. Mrs. Lucinda
Winn of Columbus, GA and Mrs. Pennelia Burke of MS. Charles F. married and
moved to Meriwether Co. left no children. Pride, Pascal and Milton went to
Arkansas. Jackson also went west, Leonard H. moved to Cedartown, represented
his county in the Legislature and was an influential citizen. Tunnan was the
father of Capt. Felix Walthall and grandfather of John Leonard Lyon of
Jackson. GA. both of whom represented their county in the Legislature at
different times.”
There are several Featherston/Walthall connections in the Charles
Featherston/Rebecca Stratton line:
1) Charles Henry Featherston (ca.l680-bef. 1759) married Elizabeth Walthall,
dau. of Richard Walthall
2) Charles Featherston – son of 1) b. 1718, d. 1778, married Phebe Walthall
(dau. of Henry Walthall)
3) Eliz. Featherston – dau. of 2) d. 1806, married Thomas Walthall
compiled and submitted by: Priscilla Martin
16400 SE Hwy 224
Clackamas, OR 97015
JFH: Can anyone help Priscilla (and all of us) connect the above individuals
with Featherston(e) given names to Featherston(e) families?
William R. Featherston
William R. Featherston, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Elmore Featherston,
was born in Virginia, Dec. 7. 1798. He died in Sangamon County. 111.. Sept.
14, 1878 and is buried in Wimmer Cemetery, Auburn, 111. His grave, and very
legible headstone are on a cemetery lot, which, according to the cemetery
records, is owned by William Henry Featherston, his son.
According to records compiled by Elizabeth Featherston Sellier, Jeremiah
and Elizabeth Featherston had 5 children, as follows:
1. Nancy P. born 22 March 1797 died 3 October 1822. Married John
Featherstone, son of Carolus and Lucy Elmore Featherston and double first
cousin to Nancy. cont…
Page 14
William R. Featherston (confc.)
2. William R. born 7 December 1798. died 14 September 1878.
3. Elizabeth Elmore Featherston, born 23 April 1801 died 8 August 1882,
married 15 October 1837 to Edward Elmore.
4. Robert Wright born 30 March 1803 died 24 March 1899 married 1st Margaret
Farra 27 March 1830. 2nd Elizabeth Neet Higbee 18 December 1833. Elizabeth
F. Sellier was his granddaughter.
5. Mary (Polly) James Featherston born 18 Jan 1805. died 11 Dec. 1893,
married 20 Nov. 1829 to John Wilkerson.
Mrs. Selliers records indicate that Jeremiah and Elizabeth Elmore
Featherston and their 5 children went from Virginia to Kentucky about 1810 and
settled in Fayette county between Tates Creek and Nocholasville Pike about 5
miles from Lexington.
A copy of the marriage bonds of William R. Featherston and Sally Elmore.
daughter of James Elmore. shows they were married in Jessamine County. KY on
April 9, 1827. They were parents of 2 children James born ca. 1831 and Sarah
born ca. 1835. (This information from an 1850 Owen County. KY census showing
their ages as 19 & 15 respectively.)
From a copy of the will of James Elmore dated August 28, 1848 and filed
for probate Jan. 17, 1853 the following is noted. “I have heretofore, given
to my daughter Sally Featherston one negro girl, valued at three hundred
dollars and she having since died. I now give and bequeath unto her two
children James Featherston and Sarah Featherston, One thousand dollars to be
equally divided between them which sum I have left in the hands of my son
Thomas D. Elmore….”
This would indicate that Sally died before August 28, 1848.
On January 9, 1838, William R. Featherston was married to Martha Dunn
Wilson, daughter of Nathaniel Dunn, in Jessamine County, KY. This information
from a copy of the marriage bonds. They were parents of my Great Grandfather, ,
William Henry born Feb. 16, 1839, and Robert born ca. 1840.
Again I don’t know when Martha died but a copy of her father. Nathaniel
Dunn’s will dated Dec. 15, 1842 and filed for probate July 19, 1847 reads in
part…. “Item: As I had given to my daughter Martha L. Featherston in her
life time only one thousand and ten dollars, it is my will and desire that her
three children viz: Sophronia Ann Wilson. William Henry Featherston and
Robert Featherton shall have seven hundred dollars to make them equal with my
son William’s son, one half to the said Sophronia Ann Wilson and the other
half to be equally divided between the said William Henry and Robert
Featherston…” This indicates that Martha died before 1842.
On December 19. 1848 in Franklin County. KY, William R. Featherston
married a third time to Asenth Kellar. All that I have besides a copy of
their marriage bonds is a copy of the 1850 Owen Co., KY census which shows the
William Featherston age 52 Occupation: Cooper born in VA
Aceneth Featherston age 35 born in KY
James Featherston age 19 born in KY
Sarah Featherston age 15 born in KY
William Featherston age 13 born in KY
Robert Featherston age 12 born in KY
This information indicates that William R. Featherston, his 3rd wife and his
two sets of children were in Owen Co., KY in 1850. cont…
 Page 15
William R. Featherston (cont.)
Note: The ages of the children given on this census are not correct, at
least with the other information available.
Here I lose track of all of the family until 1856 when on Jan. 19, 1856
William R. Featherston married Ann Morris in Marion County, Indiana. This
being his 4th marriage. I have a copy of this marriage license but it gives
no ages or any other information.
I find William Henry Featherston in Sangamon Co.. IL in 1865 where he
married Sarah Jane McComas, but I have never found William R. or William Henry
in any 1860 census that I have searched, which are some KY census, Indiana
census and Illinois census.
In the Bates County, Mo. census for 1870 I do find the following in Mount
Pleasant Township, town of Butler, MO. On page 12 family #90:
William Featherston age 74 farmer born in VA
Ann Featherston age 64 keeping house born in PA
I feel sure this is my William R. Featherston and his 4th wife Ann Morris
Featherston and the fact that they were in Bates County in 1870 leads me to
believe that is the reason why his son William Henry Featherston and his
family were there in 1872 when my grandfather Robert Lee Featherston was born
in Butler, MO, this information from his birth certificate, and that is where
Sarah Jane McComas Featherston died in March 1872.
William Henry Featherston
William Henry Featherston was born Feb. 16, 1839 in Jessamine County,
Kentucky, to William R. Featherston and his second wife Martha Dunn Wilson
Featherston. I have not found much information as to the whereabouts of the
family between 1839 and 1850, but according to a copy of the will of Nathaniel
Dunn filed July 19, 1847, he leaves to his grandchildren, William H. and \
Robert Featherston, children of my daughter Martha, deceased, and William R.
Featherston, money and property.
In the 1850 census for Owen County, Kentucky I find the following:
Wm. Featherston age 52 Occupation; Cooper born in VA
Asenth Featherston  age 35 born in KY
James Featherston age 19 born in KY
Sarah Featherston age 15 born in KY
William Featherston age 13 born in KY
Robert Featherston age 12                         born in KY
I also have a copy of the Marriage Bonds from Franklin Co., KY showing that
Wm. R. Featherston and Asenth Kellar were married Franklin County on Dec. 19,
1848 by F.W. Hodges of the Baptist Church.
Asenth was William R. Featherston’s third wife, his first wife was Sally
Elmore, daughter of James Elmore and according to the copy of the marriage
bonds they were married April 9, 1827 in the commonwealth of KY. Sally is the
mother of James and Sarah, the two oldest children of William R. Featherston
and half brother and sister to William Henry and Robert Featherston.
After 1850 I find no information about William Henry until 1865. I have
a copy of a marriage record showing that Sept. 7, 1865 he married Sarah Jane
McComas, daughter of Elisha and Sophia Shelton McComas, in Sangamon County, IL cont…
 Page 16
William Henry Featherston (cont.)
So far in my search I have been unable to locate them in the 1870 census,
but we know that according to the 1880 census of Sangamon co., IL their first
child, Mary L. was born in 1866 and their second child William Taylor was born
in 1868, both in Illinois.
In 1872 William Henry and his family were in Butler. Bates County,
Missouri, where their third child, my grandfather Robert Lee. was born Jan.
19, 1872. Sarah Jane died March 6, 1872, this according to a copy of a letter
written by William Henry to her parents in IL. The same letter also indicates
she is buried in Butler, MO and although I have searched the cemeteries there
on two different occasions I have never found her grave. I assume there never
was a marker or over the years it has deteriorated. The state of MO indicates
they do not have death records that go back that far. I also searched the
newspaper from Butler for that time in hopes of finding an obituary but never
did find one or any other notice or item about her death. I do have a copy of
Robert Lee’s birth certificate that I found among my Mother’s things after she
Sarah Jane’s sister, Mary Ellen McComas Davis and her husband Andrew, who
lived in Wayne County, Iowa, near the little town of Bethlehem, took the baby,
Robert Lee to raise. Andrew Davis died in 1874 and Jim, the eldest son of
Andrew and Mary Ellen helped raise my grandfather Robert Lee Featherston.
I next find William Henry back in Sangamon County, IL where on Jan. 1.
1874, he married a widow, Mrs. Nancy Vancil who according to the 1880 census,
was ten years older than he was. This census shows them to be in Auburn, IL
and William’s two oldest children Mary L. and Willie are listed in the
household. I have a copy of the record of marriage for William Henry and Mrs.
Nancy Vancil, as well as a death certificate for Nancy Featherston, who died
March 22. 1891 and is buried in Wimmer Cemetery, Auburn township. Auburn, IL.
I also have a copy of the obituary for Nancy, taken from the Newspaper Auburn
Citizen dated Thursday March 26, 1891, which reads as follows:
On Sunday. March 22nd, at her home. about three
miles southeast of this(sic) Mrs. Nancy Featherston in
her home.
The subject of this obituary was the daughter of
Penrod Vancil, and was born and raised within a few
yards of the spot of where her grandfather, Samuel
Vancil. in 1818 built the first cabin within what is
now Auburn Township.
She was born Nov. 23. 1826. and was married to
Jacob R. Vancil, March 4, 1849. Three children by
this marriage, died in infancy. Mr. Vancil died Feb.
16, 1873 and she was united Jan. 1, 1874, to Wm. H.
Featherston, who survives with two children by a
former marriage, viz: Mary L. and W.T. Featherston.
Mrs. Featherston has been for years a true and
consistent member of the Baptist Church, a good
Christian, a good wife, step-mother and neighbor.
Rev. A.J. Donaldson spoke to the people assembled
Page 17
William Henry Featherston (cont.)
at the residence, Tuesday afternoon, and the mortal
body lies beside many ancestors and relatives in
Wimmer Cemetery.
The pall-bearers were C.M. Patton, J.W. Hart, J.T.
Kenney. Wm. P. Taylor, D.H. Felton and Thos. Black.
In October, 1984 we searched the Wimmer Cemetery for a headstone for
Nancy Featherston but were unable to locate one. We did however locate a
headstone for William Featherston, who died Sept. 14. 1878, age 79 years, 9
months and 7 days. This beyond a doubt has to be William R. Featherston.
father of William Henry Featherston. The grave is on a lot owned by Wm. H.
Featherston, according to the index for the Sangamon County Cemeteries. I do
have a picture of this head stone.
In 1894, according to the newspaper Carlinvilie Democrat dated Thursday
Feb. 1, 1894 the following appeared:
Wm. H. Featherston of Auburn and Mrs. Amelia Nevins
of Palmyra were married at the residence of Rev. W.A.
Wright last Wednesday night about six o’clock. They
have gone to live on Mr. Featherston’s farm near
This information is confirmed by a copy of a marriage license for Macoupin
County, IL between William H. Featherston age 54, and Mrs. Amelia J. Nevins
age 34, and dated Jan. 24, 1894. The reverse side of this document has the
following information:
1. Full name of Groom: William H. Featherston
2. Place of Residence: Auburn, Sangamon Co.
3. Occupation: Farmer
4. Age next birthday: 55 years. Color: W Race:
5. Place of Birth: Jessamine Co., Kentucky
6. Father’s name: William Featherston
7. Mother’s Maiden name: Martha Dunn
8. Number of Groom’s Marriage: Third
9. Full name of Bride: Amelia J. Nevins
10. Place of Residence: Palmyra
11. Age next birthday: 35 years. Color: W Race:
12. Place of birth; Macoupin Co., IL
13. Father’s name: David Dikes
14. Mother’s Maiden name: Louisa (?)relton
15. Number of Bride’s Marriage: Second
16. Married at: Palmyra in the county of Macoupin and state of Illinois, the
24th day of January 1894.
17. Witnesses to Marriage: Nellie Ditson. Mrs. W.A. Wright
This information gave me the first solid clue to Wm. Henry’s parents and
also told me he had been married 3 times when I had always assumed he had been
married only 2 times,  cont…
Page 18
William Henry Featherston (cont.)
Don’t I wish all States required this information on their Marriage
Licenses? What a big help it would be.
We searched the records of Macoupin County at Carlinvilie and learned
that Amelia J. Nevins was the widow of John Nevins whose Estate Probate dated
March 7, 1894 shows they had a child Elmer Nevins and that the estate, a lot
in the town of Modesto. IL had to be sold to settle debts owed. It indicates
the Administrator was Alexander Nevins and Elmer Nevins. Since I find no
later evidence of Elmer Nevins, I assume he remained in Macoupin Co., IL and
did not live with William Henry and Amelia.
The next trace of Wm. Henry and Amelia is a deed dated August 17, 1897
which conveys to Charles E. Davis land in Wayne County, Iowa that Elisha
McComas had filed on and left to his children when he died. This deed was for
the portion of this land he left to his now deceased daughter Sarah Jane
McComas Featherston. The deed bears the signatures of not only William Henry
and Amelia, but also the signatures of Mary L. Featherston and her husband
William S. Harris, William T. Featherston and his wife, Clara, and Robert Lee
Featherston and his wife Belle Webber Featherston.
From the description of the land and from what my Mother has told me, I
believe this to be where Robert Lee and Mary Belle Webber Featherston were
living when my Mother was born Feb. 8, 1897.
I next find William Henry and Amelia in the 1900 census of Harris County
Texas, as follows:
W.H. Featherston age 61 born KY
A.J. Featherston age 41 born TN
U.O. Featherston age 4 born IL
H.C. Featherston age 3 born IL
These children were a daughter Eunice Opal born in 1895 died Feb. 13, 1943.
She was married to Julius Koester and she is buried in Harris Co., TX. Henry
Clay born Oct. 9, 1896. He died August 24, 1900 and is buried in Magnolia
Cemetery at Katy, Texas. I have a picture of his headstone and also visited
the grave site in Nov. of 1983. Following is the inscription on the stone:
“Henry Clay son of W.H. and A.J. Featherston
born Oct. 9, 1896, died Aug. 24. 1900
Jesus said: Suffer little children to come unto me
and forbid them not; for such is the kingdom of God.”
The 1910 census for Harris Co., TX shows the following:
W.H. Featherston age 71
A.J. Featherston age 49
E.O. Featherston age 14
C.L. Featherston age 9
R.E. Featherston age 8 born TX
These last two sons were Carl Stewart born in 1901 who died Sept. 7, 1957 in
Ft. Bend County, TX in an accident. He was electrocuted. Royce E. born in
1902 and died in Harris Co., TX June 21, 1982. cont…
Page 19
William Henry Featherston (cont.)
William Henry Featherston died March 2, 1925 this confirmed by a copy of
his death certificate from Harris Co., TX. Amelia died Mary 7, 1911 this
confirmed by a death notice from Harris Co., TX. They are buried beside their
son Henry Clay in Magnolia Cemetery, Katy, TX and while there are no markers
for either of them this information was confirmed by Mr. Fussell of the
Magnolia Cemetery Association. Carl S. Featherston is also buried on the lot
but with no headstone. I have visited the site and have pictures of the
headstone for Henry Clay and the adjoining areas where the others are buried.
I have always heard from others that were researching our Featherston’s
that William Henry was a Baptist preacher, and from information found for me
by a professional researcher in Houston, TX I learned that indeed he was and
at the First Baptist Church in Katy, TX, so I wrote the Church and the Church
Secretary, Mrs. Winnie Carson, sent me some copies of pages taken from one of
the Church’s pictorial directories made in 1973 for the celebration of their
75th anniversary. The very first name on the list of Charter Members is:
W.H. Featherston, Auburn, Illinois.
One Page of Historical Highlights states the following:
On November 20, 1898, a small group of 12 gathered
in the schoolhouse at Third Street and Avenue A. in
Katy, Texas to organize a church. From this meeting
the First Baptist Church was born. Originally known
as the Zion Baptist Church, the congregation remained
small. By 1904 only four names could be found on the
church roll. However, the following year membership
increased to eleven, and continued to grow at a slow
but steady pace until 1927 when the church could boast
132 members. During the early years the pastor
preached in Katy only once a month. Services were
held every Sunday however, with W.H. Featherston, a
charter member filling the pulpit along with other
ordained ministers in the area.
Twenty-nine men have served the church as pastor
during its seventy-five year history. W.H.
Featherston was licensed to preach by the church. In
1906 he was called as pastor and was ordained by the
church he helped organize. During his four year
tenure as pastor the name of the church was changed to
the Katy Baptist Church.
There is more information about the church and the library at Katy sent
me a copy of a History of Katy and vicinity that also makes references to W.H.
Our ancestor seemed to have a rather sad life, being widowed three times,
and if you have noticed, the month of March seemed to have been a bad month
for him. At last though we know more about him. born in Kentucky, living in
Illinois, Missouri and dying in Texas. I hope eventually to find more
information to fill in the “gaps” in his life, but finding all this has meant
a lot to me.   
Page 20
William Henry Featherston (cont.)
Addendum: William Henry Featherston
It occurs to me I didn’t include much detail about William Henry and
Sarah Jane McComas Featherston’s three children, with the exception of birth
My grandfather, Robert Lee, grew up in Wayne County, IA and on Dec. 24,
1893 married Mary Belle Webber, at the home of her parents John W. and Eliza
Ann Parker Webber, near Bethlehem. She was 17 years old and Robert Lee was 21 years old.
They were parents of six children. Lester Walter born Nov. 10, 1894 in Wayne County, Iowa. My mother, Ida Vivian, born in Wayne County Feb. 8. 1897. William Bland, born Jan. 10, 1900. in Wayne County. Jessie Maevis born Nov. 16, 1902, Wayne County, Lloyd Lee born Feb. 2, 1905. Wayne County, Iowa. Robt. and Mary Belle along with the two youngest children, Lloyd and Maevis, homesteaded to Converse County, WY to a ranch about 40 miles North of Douglas near the little town of Bill, Wyoming, in 1917. William was attending college and my mother Ida Vivian was married to my dad, Stephen Everett Moore. The 6th child, Robert Dale was born in Converse County, WY on May 16, 1918.
Mary Belle died Feb. 25, 1948 in Douglas and is buried there and Robert
Lee died April 26, 1952 and is also buried there. Lester died Nov. 11. 1957
in Douglas and is buried in the Featherston family plot. Ida Vivian died
Sept. 27, 1979 in Thousand Oaks, Calif, and is buried in the Rose Hill
Cemetery at Whittier, Calif. William died April 13, 1951 in New York City and
is also buried in Douglas in the family plot. Robert Dale died of injuries
suffered in a car accident Dec. 18, 1935, at Scottsbluff, NE. He is also
buried in Douglas in the Featherston family plot. Maevis lives in Redmond, WA
in a retirement apt., a short distance from her only child, Barbara, and her
Mary L. Featherston, the eldest child of William Henry and Sarah Jane,
married William S. Harris in Virdin, IL and they were parents of 4 children.
Twin girls, Edith Alma and Ella Ada, born Oct. 9, 1900 in Virdin. Simpson
Julius, born April 7, 1902 in Virdin, IL and Bessie Jane born in 1905 Prague. __- OK.  
Mary died in 1912 and is buried in Wimmer Cemetery. Auburn. IL which is
located about a mile from Auburn Cemetery where William Harris is buried. I
have a picture of Mary’s headstone.
William Taylor, the middle child of William Henry and Sarah Jane was born
in 1868 in Auburn, IL. He married Clara (Callie) Climatee Albert in Auburn,
IL. They were parents of 4 children. Taylor Lee, born in 1895 in Auburn,
Albert Henry born Jan. 21, 1897, Auburn, IL. Jenny Mar ie born 1900, Auburn, IL
and Nona Irene born 1907 in Lincoln County, OK.   Taylor Lee died in 1956,
Albert Henry died Jan. 31, 1973 and Nona Irene died in 1978.
I hope eventually to write a more detailed story about the life of my
grandparents and their family.
compiled and submitted by: Mavis Brees

Page 20a
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By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage. You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins
Page 21
I William Featherston – b. ca. 1791 SC or NC(?). d. 11 May 1857, Van Zandt
Co., TX; served in War of 1812; m. 1811/1812. Franklin Co.. GA to Cynthia Conn
– b. ca. 1796 SC(?) or GA(?), d. aft. 1870
1. Lucinda Featherston – b. 1814
2. Mary “Polly” Featherston – b. 1816
3. W.M. Featherston – b. 1 Oct 1822, d. 18 Mar 1900
*4. Thomas Franklin Featherston – b. 21 Oct 1825 AL
5. Samuel Featherston – b. 1831
6. James H. Featherston – b. 7 Apr 1833, d. 26 Mar 1900; m. Elizabeth ?
7. Martin A. Featherston – b. 1836, d. 2 Jan 1862 in Civil War
Note by submitter: I don’t feel this is a complete list of their children.
Between 1816 and 1822 I think they either had children that died or there are
possibly 2 more children we don’t know of yet.
(JFH: see Volume 1, page 21)
II Thomas Franklin Featherston – b. 21 Oct 1825 AL, d. 20 Mar 1894 Mont-
gomery Co., AR; m. Adra N. Ponder – b. 15 May 1827 SC
1. Centhia E. Featherston – b. 17 Jun 1847
2. William C. Featherston – b. 18 Dec 1848
3. Ciscero Featherston – b. 14 Jan 1852
4. John M. Featherston – b. 4 Oct 1853
5. James J. Featherston – b. 10 Mar 1855
6. Sarah H. Featherston – b. 18 Aug 1857
*7. Thomas Mitchell Featherston – b. 30 Mar 1859 MS
8. Samuel B. Featherston – b. 16 May 1861
9. Luther Green Featherston – b. 1 Apr 1863, d. 25 May 1929; m. Lydia
10. Joseph P. Featherston – b. 12 May 1865
11. Martha A. Featherston – b. 16 Apr 1867
12. Sid B. Featherston – b. 4 Apr 1870
III Thomas Mitchell Featherston – b. 30 Mar 1859 MS , d. 19 Dec 1929
Montgomery Co., AR; m.l) 14 Sep 1884 dark Co., AR to Maranda J. Terrell – b.
20 Mar 1866, d. 15 Jul 1906 Montgomery Co.. AR, d/o David M. Terrell/Sarah ?.
Thomas Mitchell Featherston m.2) to Etta Tackett.
Issue by 1st marriage:
1. David Franklin Featherston – b. 17 Sep 1885. d. 17 Jul 1935; m. Eva
2. Sarah N. Featherston – b. 8 Jul 1887, d. 12 Apr 1907; m. ? Vaughn
3. Bertie Ida Featherston – b. 18 Oct 1889, d. 3 Jan 1931; m. ?
4. Lula M. Featherston – b. 8 Oct 1891; m. Lee Hamilton
*5. Colmon Green Featherston – b. 6 Aug 1893 Blue, OK
6. Virby J. Featherston – b. 3 Jun 1895, d. as a young man
7. Lilly M. Featherston – b. 8 Feb 1898; m. Gilliam Wright
Page 22
BRANCH #2 – Family of Thomas Mitchell Featherston (cont.)
8. Virgle D. Featherston – b. 9 Jan 1900; m. Mady Short
9. Zada A. Featherston – b. 20 Mar 1902; m. Dale Whisenant
10. Racksy Florance Featherston – b. 16 Feb 1904; m. Isaac Long
11. Walter T. Featherston – b. 7 May 1906
Issue by 2nd marriage:
12. Alma P. Featherston – b. 28 Apr 1912; m. Will Farmer
13. Willie K. Featherston – b. 15 Jul 1914
14. Zeima H. Featherston – b. 6 Sep 1916
15. Quinton W. Featherston – b. 15 Sep 1918
IV Colmon Green Featherston – b. 6 Aug 1893 Blue, OK, d. 12 Oct 1954
Montgomery Co., AR; m. 6 May 1917 Montgomery Co., AR to Ruby Jewel Elizabeth
Martin – b. 4 Dec 1896 Montgomery Co., AR. d. 4 Feb 1971 Montgomery Co.. AR,
d/o Benjamin Stanley Martin/Bette Elizabeth Lawhorn
*1. Lucion Leon Featherston – b. 1 Jul 1918 Montgomery Co.. AR
V Lucion Leon Featherston – b. 1 Jul 1918 Montgomery Co.. AR, d. 7 Dec
1964 Montgomery Co., AR; m. 6 May 1937 Montgomery Co., AR to Lorene Tidwell –
b. 30 Jan 1920 Montgomery Co., AR, d/o George Monroe Tidwell/Armitty
*1. Barbara Jean Featherston – b. 8 Feb 1938; m. 1958 to Don Neal Conner
2. Clyde Mitchell Featherston – b. 20 Aug 1945; m. Elaine Brown
3. Phi Hip Lee Featherston – b. 12 Oct 1950; m. Sharon Byers
submitted Dec. 1992 by: Barbara J. Conner
BRANCH #5 – Refer to volume 2. pages 16 & 17 and other previous volumes
for more complete information on Generations I thru IV.
I William Featherston –
*1. William Featherston, Jr. –
II William Featherston, Jr. – m. Susannah Grigg
*5. Burwell (or Burrell) Featherston –
III Burwell (or Burrell) Featherston – m. Ann Hightower
*2. Burwell (or Burrell) Featherston, Jr. –
IV Burwell (or Burrell) Featherston, Jr. – m. Rebecca Adams
*8. Francis Marion Featherston – b. 24 Sep 1827 Robertson Co.. TN
V Francis Marion Featherston – b. 24 Sep 1827 Robertson Co., TN, d. 30 Jan
1891 Woodville Station, MS; m.l) 19 June 1848 Warren Co., MS to Mary Elizabeth
Rundall – b. ca. 1829 MS, d. 13 Oct 1878 Warren Co., MS of Yellow Fever; m.2) cont…
Page 23
BRANCH #5 – Francis Marion Featherston (cont.)
2 Oct 1879 Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS to Mary Virginia Markham – b. Jul 1855
MS. Sources: Methodism in the Mississippi Conference Vol. 2 Jackson, MS;
Hunting For Bears – Warren Co., MS Marriages; 1860 US Census Yazoo Co., MS;
Methodist Episcopal Yearbook South – 1932 Obituary of H.W. Featherston;
Memories of Myrtle Irene Walker Walton in 1952; 1880 Santa Barbara Co, CA
Census; 1900 Hinds Co.. MS Census.
Issue by 1st wife:
1. Henry Walter Featherston – b. 10 Jul 1849 Warren Co., MS, d. 24 Jul
1932 Jackson. Hinds Co.. MS, bur. Cedarlawn Cem., Hinds Co., MS; m.
25 Mar 1874 Warren Co.. MS to Emily E. White
2. Lewis Rundall Featherston – b. 1851 Warren Co.. MS. d. 19 Oct 1883
Yuba City, CA; m. Lizzie A. ? – b. 1858 LA
3. Francis Featherston – b. 1853, prob. d. in 1878 yellow fever
*4. Sal lie Belle Featherston – b. 1854 Warren Co.. MS
5. Irene Featherston – b. 1856, d. aft. 1932 prob. in Memphis, TN; m.l)
16 Oct 1877 Beachland, Warren Co., MS to William B. Clelland; m.2)
__ Phillips
6. Charles Wesley Featherston – b. 1858 MS, d. 22 Sep 1878 Warren Co..
MS in yellow fever epidemic
7. Robert H. Featherston – b. ca. 1860, d. 25 Jul 1872 Warren Co., MS
8. Abbie Featherston – b. 1862, d. 12 Oct 1878 Warren Co., MS of yellow
9. Leonidas W. Featherston – b. ca. 1865 MS. d. 12 Oct 1878 Warren Co.,
MS of yellow fever
10. Laura Featherston – b. 1867, d. 11 Oct 1878 Warren Co., MS of yellow
Issue by 2nd wife:
11. Mamie V. Featherston – b. Sep 1880 CA
VI Sal lie Belle Featherston – b. 1854 Warren Co., MS, d. 19 Oct 1918
Alameda, Alameda Co., CA; m.l) 22 Jan 1876 Warren Co., MS to J. Bellfield
Featherston – b. MS. prob. d. in 1878 yellow fever epidemic, s/o Belfield
Featherston/Nancy Culberson; m.2) 1880 Guadalupe. Santa Barbara Co.. CA to
George Edward Walker – b. ca. 1847 New York, NY, d. 1924 Alamada, CA. s/o
Fredrick/Mary (Family name may have been changed). Sources: Hunting For
Bears – Warren Co., MS Marriages; 1880 Census Santa Barbara, CA ED 86 pg. 2;
Elmeree Oakley – Family Group Sheets; Alameda County Marriages Book 29. p.
163; CA Death Certificate – Myrtle Walton.
Issue by 1st husband;
1. Flora Genella Featherston – b. 1877 AR. d. ca. 1925 CA
Issue by 2nd husband:
*2. Myrtle Irene Walker – b. 12 Sep 1882 San Luis Obispo, CA
3. Mary Lauretta Walker – b. 1885 CA. d. 1905; m. Donald Harris
VII Myrtle Irene Walker – b. 12 Sep 1882 San Luis Obispo, CA, d. 21 Apr 1954
San Francisco, CA, bur. Cypress Lawn, Colma, CA; m. 15 Jul/Aug 1902 Alameda,
CA to John “Jack” Timothy Walton – b. 12 May 1876, d. 14 Aug 1966 at Oakland
Naval Hospital, Oakland, CA, bur. Cypress Lawn, Colma, CA, s/o Isaac Henry cont…
 Page 24
BRANCH #5 – Myrtle Irene Walker (cont.)
Walton/Sarah Catherine Bell. Sources: Info mainly personal knowledge; 1910
Census Fresno, CA Ed61 Sheet 19, Coalinga City 702, D382 F402.
1. Forrest Emory Walton – b. 13 Jun 1903 Alameda, CA, d. 25 Dec 1977
Fresno, CA; m. 1931 Fresno, CA to Dorthea Craven
*2. Wilford Earl Walton – b. 23 Aug 1904 Alameda, CA
3. Muriel Irene Walton – b. 6 Apr 1911 Coalinga, CA; m. 25 Apr 1931
Fresno, CA to Charles McGaw
4. Jack Edward Walton – b. 16 Mar 1914 Fresno, CA; m. 1952 to Madeline
VIII Wilford “Bill” Earl Walton – b. 23 Aug 1904 Alameda. Alameda Co., CA. d.
14 Dec 1990 Torrance, CA, bur. Pacific Crest, Redondo Beach, CA; m. 3 Oct 1936
Fresno, CA to Alma May Lewis – b. 14 May 1906 Riverdale, Fresno Co., CA. d. 5
Sep 1987 Torrance, CA, cremated – Ashes at Sea, d/o Alfred Lindsey
Lewis/Adeline May Palma.
*1. Constance May Walton – b. 16 Mar 1938 Torrance, CA
IX Constance “Connie” May Walton – b. 16 Mar 1938 Torrance, Los Angeles
Co., CA; Teacher; m. 16 Jun 1961 Portugese Bend, Los Angeles Co., CA to
Richard “Dick” Charles Moretti – b. 8 Jun 1942 Woburn, MA. d. 27 Sep 1972
Redondo Beach, CA of motorcycle accident, bur. Roosevelt Memorial Park,
Gardena, CA, s/o Christie John Moretti/Blanche Emily Wetherbee; USMC;
Electronic Engineer.
1. Elisabeth May Moretti – b. 21 Sep 1963 Twenty-nine Palms, CA; m. 11
Jul 1992 Redondo Beach, CA to Scott Roland Holcombe
submitted Aug 1992 by: Connie Moretti
646 Avenue B
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-4829
I Daniel Featherston – b. ca. 1847 Ireland, parents b. Ireland, m.
Elizabeth “Lizzie” N. Carey – b. ca. 1850 VT, parents b. Ireland. Resided in
Appleton, WI, but Elizabeth frequently went to LaCross, WI in the summer.
Source: 1880 Outagamie Co.. WI Census.
1. John L. Featherston – b. ca. 1873 WI
*2. William A. Featherston – b. 1874, probably LaCross or Appleton. WI
3. Cathryn “Katie” A. Featherston – b. ca. 1876 WI
4. Frank E. Featherston – b. ca. 1878 WI
5. Daniel J. Featherston – b. ca. 1879 WI
6. Elizabeth Featherston –
 Page 25
BRANCH #9 (cont.)
II William A. Featherston – b. 1874, probably LaCross or Appleton, WI, d.
1933; migrated from Wisconsin to Pot latch. ID (near Palouse) and was an
attorney and accountant for Weyerhauser Timber Company. William m. Florence
Brown – b. Palouse, WA (near Pullman).
1. William Arthur Featherston – d. 3 days after his father in 1933
2. John Daniel Featherston – d. 1931
*3. Elizabeth “Betty” Featherston – b. 1924 (twin)
4. Cathryn Featherston – b. 1924 (twin to Betty), d. aged lOy in 1934
III Elizabeth “Betty” Featherston – b. 1924 (twin to Cathryn); m. ? Shoup
(living 1991 at Pullman, WA)
The above lineage submitted in March 1992 by Madeline Raymond and is printed
above with Betty Shoup’s permission. Inquiries may be submitted to: Madeline Raymond
Page 26

Page 26
10-01. In FEATHERSTON FINDINGS, volume 7. page 18. I show that Edward
Hardiway Featherston (Branch »3. father Henry. Jr.) m.l) ca. 1834 to Julia Ann
Thompson; m.2) Anne Reed and m.3) Mrs. Sarah Raines Nichols. A 4 Dec 1834
Lincoln Co., TN Deed, in which he and his wife are named several times (she
was also examined alone), gives her name as “Jane Featherston.” Later records
show that wife Julia Ann Featherston was never called “Jane.” Was Edward
Hardiway married four times?
submitted by: Madeline Replogle Raymond

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