Featherston Findings Volume 15

Featherston Findings Volume 15


From a book on pioneers in the Joplin, MO Library’s genealogy dept FEATHERSTUN MARRIAGES OF JACKSON COUNTY, ALABAMA 1851-1856 AND 1859-1871 JOHNSON COUNTY. ARKANSAS MARRIAGES 1890-1908 Books R, S and T.

CLARK COUNTY (WA) PIONEERS – A Centennial Salute


Tyler (TX) Morning Telegraph,” Saturday, Feb. 26, 1994

Hillcrest Cemetery – Holly Springs, MS, Featherston Plot
KENTUCKY NEW ERA – Friday, Jan. 21, 1994

1910 California Census

Chesterfield Co., VA Will Book 3, pp. 252-253

Chesterfield Co., VA Will Book 4, p. 505

Death notice

BRANCH #7 (additional information)


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Robert Wright Featherston
This material was submitted by Margaret T. Macdonald from a copy she received from her grandmother, Bessie Featherston Milward. This material was dated January 1931. Her notes for this submitted material is that in the
1930’s when American genealogists were trying to tie their families to English nobility, Elizabeth Featherston Sellier was making a listing of the descendants of her grandfather, Robert Wright Featherston, who had come to
Fayette Co., Ky. about 1810 with his parents Elizabeth Elmcre and Jeremiah Featherston. She gave each of her cousins a handwritten copy. The one I have used came from my grandmother, Bessie Featherston Milward. It is faded after sixty years, but still legible.
I have changed her format considerably. To make sure that she was understandable, Mrs. Sellier repeated names and dates and put each small family on an individual sheet. I have tried to make it simpler. The material in the footnotes was found in the course of my own research.
Margaret T. Macdonald

Desiring to preserve for future generations a genealogical record of the descendants of my grandfather, Robert Wright Featherston, of Fayette County, Kentucky, I have compiled these records obtained from a member of each family.
The greater number of his descendants were known to me personally and I believe I can say this account is accurate, as far as it goes, but lacks a few names and dates which I have been unable to find.
The data. relative to his father, Jeremiah Featherston, was given to me many years ago by his daughter. Miss Susan Magdalene Featherston, my father’s sister.
I am grateful to each one who assisted me in any way in acquiring these records, and especially to my brother and sisters, who have been so helpful.
Elizabeth Featherston Sellier (Mrs. E.L.)
Lexington, Kentucky January 1931

The first account we have of our great grandfather, Jeremiah Featherston, is that he came with his wife, Elizabeth Elmore Featherston, and five children from Virginia to Kentucky about the year 1810 and settled in Fayette Co., between Tates Creek and NicholasvilIe Pikes about five miles from Lexington.
His mother, Jean Wright Featherston, was living at that time, but whether she came to Kentucky or not we do not know. She died November 16, 1812.
She had several children but we know the names of only three, Hezekiah, Jeremiah, and Carolus. (cont’d)

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(3) Hezekiah took part in the War of the Revolution. We do not know his rank, nor if he survived; have not been able to trace him through the War Department because of so many records having been destroyed.
(4) Carolus married twice. Name of first wife not found. His second wife was Lucy Elmore, sister of Elizabeth Elmore, wife of Jeremiah Featherston.
(5) He came, with his family, from Charlotte County, Virginia to Franklin County. Kentucky about 1814.(6) He and Jeremiah have many descendants scattered throughout Kentucky and other states.
Jeremiah Featherston – b. 4 Nov 1776, d. 11 July 1854; m. 4 Jan 1796 to Elizabeth Elmore – b. 7 Mar 1771, d. 3 Mar 1864
(7) Children of Elizabeth Elmore and Jeremiah Featherston
1) Nancy P. Featherston – b. 22 Mar 1797, d. 3 Oct 1822; m. John Featherston, son of Carolus and Lucy Elmore Featherston, and double cousin to his wife Nancy.(8)
2) William R. Featherston – b. 7 Dec 1798, d. 1880 (9); m. 1st Sallie Elmore 9 Apr 1827; m. 2nd Martha L. Wilson 9 Jan 1838; m. 3rd Miss Keller; m. 4th name unknown
3) Elizabeth Elmore Featherston – b. 23 Apr 1801, d. 8 Aug 1882- m 15 Oct 1837 Edward Elmore (10)
4) Robert Wright Featherston – b. 30 Mar 1803, d. 24 Mar 1899; m. 1st Margaret Farra 27 Mar 1830; m. 2nd Elizabeth Neet Higbee 18 Dec 1833
5) Mary (Polly) James Featherston – b. 18 Jan 1805, d. 11 Dec 1893; m. 20 Nov 1829 John Wilkinson(ll)

Robert Wright Featherston – m. 1st Margaret Farra – b. 25 Sept 1803, d.25 Dec 1832, the daughter of Amos and Margaret Whiteman Farra. Amos Farra, son of Samuel and Hannah Farra. was born 23 Aug 1756, in Pennsylvania. Came with wife. Margaret Whiteman Farra and three children to Kentucky in 1786.
After which, other children were born to them, the last of whom was Margaret Whiteman Farra, b. 25 Sep 1803. Amos Farra died in Kentucky in 1825 and his wife Margaret Whiteman Farra died in Kentucky in 1834.

1) William Whiteman Featherston – b. 12 Jun 1831, d. 12 July 1921; m. 9 June 1859 in Lexington, Ky. by Dr. Pratt to Margaret B. Cassell – b. 26 Apr 1841, d. 13 Apr 1883, daughter of Samuel Farra and Sarah Bryan Cassell.
Samuel Farra Cassell was the son of John and Hester Farra Cassell, sister to Margaret Farra, wife of Robert W. Featherston. John Cassell was the son of
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Abraham and Catherine Lingenfelter Cassell. Abraham Cassell came from Maryland to Kentucky. He was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. Abraham was the son of Heinrich Cassell, of Hesse Cassell, Germany, who came to America in the seventeenth century and settled in Frederick Co., Md.
Sarah Bryan Cassell, mother of Margaret Cassell, wife of William W. Featherston, was the daughter of William T. and Margaret Gist Bryan.
William T. Bryan was the son of Daniel Boone and Elizabeth Turner Bryan. This William Bryan was the founder of Bryan Station, Kentucky.
Mary Boone Bryan, wife of William Bryan, was the sister of Daniel Boone, who blazed the trail for the “Wilderness Road”, and was founder and defender of Boonesboro, Kentucky.
Margaret Gist, wife of William T. Bryan, was the daughter of William and Mary Gatewood Gist. William Gist was the son of Nathaniel and Mary Howard Gist. Nathaniel Gist, Ensign of Gist’s Continental Regiment in the
Revolutionary War, was the son of Christopher and Edith Cromwell Gist.

A) Samuel Cassell Feathersto-n – b. 26 Apr 1860
B) Maggie Featherston – b. 7’Dec 1862, d’. 24 Dec 1868
C) Elizabeth Elmore Featherston(12) – b. 12 Nov 1865 Fayette Co., Ky.; m. 5 Dec 1895 Lexington, Ky by Rev. Mark Coll ins, to Eugene Lafayette Sellier – b. 14 Mar 1861. Fayette Co., Ky., d. 23 Jan 1927. Dallas, Tx., son of Jules Francais (Belforte, France) and Elizabeth Knicel Sellier.
D) Robert Featherston – b. 28 May 1869; m. 23 Dec 1907 Lexington, Ky. by Rev. Mark Collins, to Margaret Downing – b. 14 Feb 1883, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Blank Downing.
1) Robert Edgar Featherston – b. 19 Nov 1908 Lexington, Ky.
E) William Edgar Featherston – b. 27 Aug 1871, d. 9 June 1919; unmarried
F) Hilary Davis Featherston – b. 26 May 1874; m. 26 Nov 1903, Lexington, Ky., by Rev Mark Collins, to Ethel Stivens – b. 11 Oct 1885 Fayette Co., Ky., dau. of Will is and Eliza Baker Stivens.
1) Grace Howard Featherston – b. 7 Oct 1904
2) Ethel May Featherston – b. 30 Sept 1907, d. 18 Aug 1909
3) Isabel Featherston – b. 16 Mar 1910
G) Eudora Morey Featherston – b. 26 Feb 1877; m. 25 Jan 1915, Paris, Ky. by Rev. H. E. Ellis to Robert Boggs Turley – b. 19 Sept 1873, son of Robert and Jane Black Turley, Madison Co., Ky.
H) Lilybelle Golden Featherston – b. 23 Oct 1879
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Robert Wright Featherston – m. 2nd 18 Dec 1833 to Elizabeth Neet Higbee – b. 13 Nov 1807. d. 18 Jan 1891, daughter of George Neet b. 10 Feb 1767, d. 3 Dec 1839 and Lucy Rice Neet, b. 29 Jan 1768, d. 10 Apr 1844. They came from Frederick Co., Md. to Kentucky.

Elizabeth Neet – b. 13 Nov 1807, d. 18 Jan 1891; m. 1st Joseph Anderson Higbee. Their children were George Higbee, died in Missouri unmarried and Sallie Higbee, m. William Reed, lived and died in Missouri and have descendants living there now.
Elizabeth Neet – b. 13 Nov 1807, d. 18 Jan 1891; m. 2nd 18 Dec 1833 to Robert Wright Featherston, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Elmore Featherston.(13)

1) Charles Farra Featherston – b. 26 Oct 1834, d. 16 Sept 1908; m. Annie Beasley – b. 1 Jan 1838, d. 25 Jun 1925, daughter of James Beasley (b. 22 Feb 1800 in Georgia, d. 11 June 1865 Ky.) and Frances Veal Beasley (b. 5 Dec 1803 Virginia, d. 28 Apr 1885 Ky.)

A) Bessie Featherston – b. 21 Apr 1868; m. 16 Oct 1889 Lexington, Ky to Stanley Milward – b. 14 Jan 1868, d. 31 Dec 1913 son of William Rice Milward
(b. 5 Feb 1842, d. 18 Apr 1915) and Arabella Bright Milward (b. 19 Aug 1845, d. 10 Mar 1926). . William Rice Milward the son of Joseph Milward
(b. 22 Aug 1803 in England, d. 14 Aug 1883) and Eliza Young Milward (b. 10 Feb 1808, d. 9 Dec 1855).
a) Anne Milward – b. 27 Sept 1891; m. 3 June 1914 to H. Lee Moore
i. H. Lee Moore – b. 20 Aug 1915
ii. Stanley Milward Moore – b. 3 Dec 1918
iii. John Harlan Moore – b. 16 Oct 1923
iv. Will Milward Moore – b. 25 Jul 1929
b) Margaret Milward – b. 25 Nov 1893; m. 25 Oct 1916 to William Walter Taylor
i. Elizabeth Milward Taylor – b. 3 Sep 1919
ii. Margaret Milward Taylor – b. 3 Aug 1924
c) Dorothy Milward – b. 29 Aug 1896, d. 7 Mar 1901
d) Will Rice Milward II – b. 22 Mar 1903
e) Stanley Milward – b. 25 Jul 1907
B) Frances Featherston – b. 1870, d. 1871
C) Ernest Letcher Featherston – b. 1 May 1873 m. 1 Apr 1907 to Elizabeth Duval – b. 8 June 1873 daughter of Edgar H. and Sallie Coleman Duval.
2) Franklin Featherston – b. 3 Aug 1836, d. 17 Jan 1858; unmarried. (cont’d)
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3) Elizabeth Featherston – b. 6 Sept 1838, d. 18 Jun 1887; m. 31 Oct 1861 Fayette Co., Ky by E. Pinkerton, to John Michael Rice – b. 5 Dec 1827, d. 27 Dec
1891, son of Solomon and Elizabeth Smith Rice.
4) John Robert Featherston – b. 1840. Was a physician in Indianapolis, In. and died there. He married 1st Amanda Sanders. Their only child Arthur died. He
married 2nd Frances Jameson of Indianapolis, In. d. 16 Jan 1931 in Santa Monica, Ca.
A) Rhea Featherston
B) John Robert Featherston – d. young(14)
5) Milo Gist Featherston – b. 24 Nov 1842, d. 13 Aug 1927; m. 28 Sept 1865 Belle Foley – b. 13 June 1846. d. 3 May 1917 daughter of James and Mary Jane
Wymore Foley.
A) Lizzie Rice Featherston – b. 10 Dec 1872, d. 28 Dec 1890
B) James Foley Featherston – b. 8 Jun 1874, d. 25 July 1875
C) Susie Wilkinson Featherston – b. 16 Nov 1875 Fayette Co., Ky.; m. 22 Sept 1917 to John Burton Kimberly b. 18 Nov 1889, son of William and Martha
McClanhan Kimberly, Bracken Co., Ky.
D) Mary Re id Featherston – b. 3 July 1877, d. 26 Oct 1883
E) Robert Preston Featherston – b. ’11 Dec 1878, d. 30 Dec 1889
F) Amanda Sanders Featherston – b. 10 Apr 1880 Kirklivington, Ky.; m. 11 June 1903 Fayette Co., Ky. to Claude Featherston(15) – b. 28 May 1874 Forks
of the Elkhorn. Ky., son of George Lloyd and Sallie Dorcas Wilkinson Featherston.
a) Virginia Belle Featherston – b. 23 Oct 1904 Midway, Ky.; m. 3 Sept 1929 Midway, Ky. to Roy Robert Ray – b. 21 Apr 1903 Kentucke, W. Va. Now
living in Dallas, Texas.
b) Lottie Sanders Featherston – b. 15 Mar 1906; m. 20 Dec 1929 Midway, Ky. to Loy Kennedy – b. 3 Oct 1903 Calvert City, Ky. Living in Calvert City.
G) Katherine Bell Featherston – b. 7 Aug 1881 Fayette Co., Ky.; m. 23 Dec 1904 to Colby Quisenberry Karr – b. 13 Aug 1879, son of Blackwell and Belle
Quisenberry Karr of Fayette Co., Ky.
H) Milo Gist Featherston, Jr. – b. 11 Apr 1883; m. 6 July 1905 Fayette Co., Ky to Margaret Keith Ford – b. 21 Aug 1885, daughter of Edward Simpson and
Margaret Talbot Ford.
a) Margaret Talbot Featherston – b. 27 Aug 1914
b) Milo Gist Featherston – b. 21 Oct 1918, d. 3 Jan 1923
I) Sallie Keene Featherston – b. 7 Nov 1884; m. 12 Feb 1913 to Albert Sharkey Karsner, son of George and Fannie Outten Karsner of Kentucky. (cont’d)
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a) Sarah Belle Karsner – b. 25 Dec 1913
b) M.G. (Milo Gist) Karsner – b. 12 Feb 1915
c) Albert Sharkey Karsner – b. 11 Feb 1918
J) Florence Lucy Featherston – b. 4 Oct 1886
K) Margaret Stockdell Featherston – b. 16 Feb 1888; m. 18 June 1930 Winchester, Ky. by Dr. S. P. Lander to Charles B. Kinnaird, son of Eugene Stanley
and Emeline Beck Kinnaird.
L) daughter – b. 12 June 1890 – dead
M) Virginia Louise Featherston – b. 26 Aug 1892, d. 11 Apr 1893
6) Susan Magdalene Featherston – b. 13 June 1844, d. 21 Jan 1921; unmarried
7) Warren Barton Featherston – b. 1847, d. 1890; m. 26 Feb 1874 Lexington, Ky. to Myra Hart – b. 1851, d. 1887, daughter of Nathaniel C. Hart (b. 26 Feb
1825, d. 1 July 1868) and Elizabeth Dudley Hart (b. 4 May 1831. d. 10 Mar 1888)
A) Nathaniel Hart Featherston – b. 23 Nov 1874; m. 1st Annie Evans McClanahan – b. 29 Dec 1874, d. 17 Aug 1926, daughter of John Pickett and Addie
Britton McClanahan of Bracken Co., Ky.
a) John Eastin Hart Featherston – b. 2 Jan 1903
A) Nathaniel Hart Featherston – m. 2nd 16 Oct 1929 Brooksville, Ky. to Ida May Dixon – b. 1 Apr 1868 near Lenoxburg, Bracken Co., Ky., dau. of
W.C. and Mary A. Dixon of Bracken Co., Ky.
B) Lily Belle Featherston – b. 8 June 1876. d. Mar 1900; m. 13 Apr 1899 Louisville, Ky. to James Asa McConathy – b. 7 Jun 1876, d. 7 Apr 1927
son of James and Mollie Mitchell McConathy.
C) Richard Dudley Featherston – b. 21 Feb 1878 Fayette Co., Ky.; m. 10 Nov 1904 Lexington, Ky. to Edna Earl Stevens – b. 18 Mar’1877, dau. of
Thomas Hines Stevens (b. 3 Mar 1852 Boonesboro, Ky., d. 19 Aug 1912 Montana) and Emily Stevens Stevens (b. 11 Oct 1848 Quincy, II., d.
7 Aug 1884 Ky.)
a) Robert Warren Featherston – b. 17 Sept 1906 Fayette Co., Ky.; m. 2 Oct 1927 to Martha Veal – b. 6 Oct 1905, daughter of Wilmot
Preston Veal (b. 27 Sept 1874) and Ray Bell Hale Veal (b. 20 June 1881).
i. Robert Warren Featherston, Jr. – b. 5 Jan 1930 Lexington, Ky.
b) Richard Dudley Featherston, Jr. – b. 3 Sept 1908 Fayette Co., Ky.; m. 24 Dec 1930 Central Christian Church, Lexington, Ky. to Edna
Hammon Marrs – b. 17 Apr 1907, daughter of E. Foley (m. 26 Jul 1906) and Jane Sharpe Marrs (b. 27 Jun 1885) (cont’d)
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D) Charlie Farra Featherston – b. 29 Jan 1880 Fayette Co.. Ky.; m. 19 Oct 1904 Fayette Co., Ky. to Annie Bonnie Stevens – b. 19 Mar 1880 Fayette
Co., Ky., sister to Edna Earl Stevens, wife of Richard D. Featherston, daughter of Thomas Hines and Emily Stevens Stevens.
a) John Will Featherston – b. 6 Aug 1905 Fayette Co., Ky.
b) Edna Earl Featherston – b. 20 Oct 1914 Fayette Co., Ky.
E) Florence Hart Featherston – b. 1 Jan 1882; m . 1st 19 July 1905 Fayette Co., Ky. to James Preston Logan – d. during the World War in service and
was buried with military honors in Ft. Worth, Texas.
a) Louise Finley Logan – b. 10 May 1906 Lexington, Ky.; m. 6 Jan 1923 to Fleming Cayce Clardy Jr., Hopkinsville, Ky. Son of Fleming Cayce
and Elizabeth Clardy.
i. Betty Florence Clardy – b. 4 Aug 1925 Hopkinsville, Ky.
ii. Fleming Cayce Clardy III – b. 6 Apr 1927 Hopkinsville, Ky.
E) Florence Hart Featherston – m. 2nd 3 Nov 1909 Fayette Co., Ky. to Charles Milton Parrish – b. 7 July 1881, d. 11 Dec 1920, youngest son of Henry and Nancy Rutledge Parrish of dark Co., Ky.
a) Myra Hart Parrish – b. 4 Sep 1913 Fayette Co., Ky
b) Charles Milton Parrish, Jr. – b. 14 May 1917 Fayette Co., Ky.
F) John Robert Featherston – b. 24 Nov 1883 Fayette Co., Ky.; m. 22 July 1909 Covington, Ky. by Rev. Davis To Estell M. Price – b. 28 Aug 1889 daughter of Ezra Elgin Price (b. 18 May 1860) and Bettie Kimball Price (b. 11 Oct 1861; m. 31 Dec 1884 Louisville, Ky.)
a) Robert Elgin Featherston – b. 2 Aug 1911
b) Elizabeth Veria Featherston – b. 2 Dec 1917
c) John Preston Featherston – b. 30 Aug 1919
d) Porter Prather Featherston – b. 7 July 1923
e) George Brown Featherston – b. 7 July 1923
8) Oscar Neet Featherston – b. 22 Nov 1849; m. 29 Sept 1874 Lexington, Ky. to Bettie M. Hart – b. 14 Apr 1854, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Dudley Hart and sister to Myra Hart, wife of Warren B. Featherston. At this time, January 1931, living in California.
A) Franklin W. Featherston – b. 21 Aug 1875; m. 4 Aug 1902 San Francisco., Ca. to Katie Strickler – b.
18 Jan 1882
B) John H. Featherston – b. 6 Dec 1876, d. 4 Aug 1880
C) Oscar N. Featherston, Jr. – b. 28 Mar 1880
D) Lena R. Featherston – b. 10 Oct 1882
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(1) The first land that I have found that Jeremiah Featherston bought was on 18 Nov 1826 from Samuel and Betsy Bryan, 169 1/2 A on Hickman. He paid $2542.50 in silver. (Fayette Co., Ky D.B. #2, p. 191)
(2) For more on Jean Wright and her husband, Charles Featherston, see “Beware of the Charlotte County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, The Featherston Family”, The Virginia Genealogist. Vol. 23, #1, 1979 by Margaret T.
(3) Charles Featherston had other children, including two daughters. I have never been sure that Jean Wright was the mother of any of his children, other than Jeremiah.
(4) The records are more available than they were in Mrs. Sellier’s day. I have never found anything to suggest Revolutionary War service.
(5) From Marriages of Charlotte County, Virginia. 1764-1815, by Catherine L. Knorr, p. 27 [married] 21 Nov 1782, Carlus Featherston and Gilly Brum- field. Married by Rev. Thomas Johnston. [Married] 10 Dec 1787, Charles* Featherston and Lucy Elmore, dau. of James Elmore. Surety James Tarpley. Married 12 Dec by Rev. Thomas Johnston. *The original bond says Carlis, not Charles.
(6) Carolus Featherston was in the Fayette Co., Ky. census in 1820. He later moved to Franklin Co., Ky. and died there in 1830.
(7) Oddly, the dates Mrs. Sellier gives are not identical with the ones on their tombstones at the Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky where Featherston family members, buried on the farm, were reburied by Robert
Wright Featherston. There Jeremiah Featherston’s birthdate is 7 Nov 1776 and Elizabeth Elmore Featherston’s deathdate is 30 March 1864. The marriage date Mrs. Sellier gives can be found, also in Knorr. (op.cit.), p. 27. Elizabeth Elmore is listed as the daughter of James Elmore. Jesse Elmore, surety.
(8) They were married less than three months, for the Marriage Records of Fayette Co.. Ky. 1803-1851 by Annie Walker Burns, reports their marriage on 13 July 1822.
(9) Mrs. Mavis Brees, has tracked down William R. Featherston and found Mrs. Sellier’s information correct, as
far as it went. He died in Illinois.
(10) He was a first cousin, the son of Rev. James Elmore of Jessamine Co., Ky. No children.
(11) Mary F. Wilkerson died 11 Dec 1893. (Lexington Leader 11 Dec 1893) She left a will naming two children, W.W. Wilkerson and Mattie J. Rapelle (?) (Fayette Co., Ky. will book *7, page 183)
(12) She compiled these records.
(13) Both of Elizabeth Neet’s marriages took place in Jessamine Co., Ky.
(14) From the records of the Crown Hill Cemetery, 700 W. 38th St., Indianapolis, Indiana, we have the following, all of which are burial dates: Arthur Featherston 8 Nov 1873; Amanda S. Featherston 29 Apr 1881; Dr. J.
R. Featherston 15 Apr 1886; John Featherston 9 Sept 1891 (possibly John Robert died young); Frances J. Featherston 10 June 1931; Rhea Featherston 4 Jan 1963. They have the following notation on the last: born Indiana, 21 Aug 1885, died. s. San Gabriel, Calif. 10 Dec 1962.
(15) He was a descendant of Carolus Featherston. (cont.’d)
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Oldest Citizen In Fayette County Passes Away Friday Mr. Robert Featherston is Dead After Nearly a Century of Honorable and Exemplary Citizenship; to Be Buried Here Yesterday afternoon, as the last rays of the sun rested on the ridge where Mr. Robert Featherstone has lived for eighty-seven years, his spirit passed to its Maker.
He died at the age of 96 years, barring a few days, the oldest citizen of Fayette County and one of the oldest in the State. A week ago Wednesday he was confined to his bed at his home on the Tate’s Creek Pike, suffering with pneumonia, contracted while riding about the farm, and from which he died. For some days past he had not been at all times conscious, but in one of his moments of lucidity he expressed himself as willing and ready to die. Around his death bed were gathered but a few of the family and friends.
Up to the time of his illness he was hale and hearty, having been in Lexington the last Court Day. During his whole life he has been a remarkably healthy man.
In losing Robert Featherstone the county and the State loses one of its most honored and respected citizens. He’ was a man of singularly pure and upright mind, standing as an example of the Christian gentleman, whose
unwavering integrity and nobility of character were known to all men.
For more than eighty years he has been a member of the church and one of its best, though retiring, members. He joined the Republican Church on the Clay’s Mill Road when a mere lad. There his membership remained for a long period, after which it was placed at Providence church, a Christian Church on the Nicholasville Pike about six miles from the city. He has been an officer in that church since its establishment.
He came to Kentucky from Charlotte County, Va., with his parents at the age of 10. Within the first year of their removing here his father purchased the farm on the Tate’s Creek Pike about seven miles from this city, where he
is buried. He was twice married, his first being Miss Margaret Farra, by whom he had one son, William, who lives in Richmond. His second wife’, who died eight years since, was a widow, Mrs. Mattie Higbee. By that union there were six sons and two daughters.
The three sons now living are Mr. C.F. Featherstone, father of Mrs. Stanley Milward and Mr. Ernest Featherstone, Milo G. and Oscar N. Featherstone. The daughter surviving is Miss Susan N. Featherstone. The dead are Dr. John R., Warren, Frank and Mrs. John Rice.
When death comes in the midst of youth, taking the roselipped maid or the bright-faced boy, or indeed in manhood’s sterner years when the ear has grown familiar with the mingled voices of the world, the bereft are left comfortless and stumble on in the merciless darkness of their grief. But in the green of old old age, at the end of a life devoted to the betterment of humanity, after an example that has been a sign of better things to those about him, following “days that were sinless and nights that were pure”, death can have no string; it is as a simple passing in the midst of the way to lie down to pleasant (cont’d)
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slumber. Beyond life’s fitful horizon much that was dear to him has gone. In a few more years those who are left will follow. If yonder somewhere beyond the realm of shade, the just shall be reunited with the just and the dead
shall smile again in the faces of the loved and lost, this knightly gentleman, constant Christian, and unchanging friend will wake to immortal music and taste of the sweets of the eternal promise. There was no mockery in him. He despised hypocrisy, as he loved humanity, and his career was a living, burning emphasis of this matchless creed. This is enough. By this sign he has conquered, and his example is a heritage to his children.
The funeral services will take place at his residence on the Tate’s Creek Pike Sunday afternoon at two o’clock, solar time. The Rev. J.S. Shouse and the Rev. B.C. Dewees will conduct the service.
The burial will be in the Lexington Cemetery.

Front page of the Morning Herald, Lexington, Kentucky Saturday, March 25, 1899
(1) The family always spelt the name Featherston, without the “e”. JFH: The preceding article regarding a segment of our BRANCH #1, was printed in Volume Seven. Number 3, Fall 1992 issue of the Fayette Co., KY Genealogical Society Quarterly. It was prepared and submitted to the society by: Margaret T. Macdonald

It is reprinted here with the permission of Mrs. Macdonald and the Quarterly’s editor: Melvin E. Hurst

Thanks to both of these individuals for allowing us to publish this very informative article in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS.
From a book on pioneers in the Joplin, MO Library’s genealogy dept. FEATHERSTUN
We begin the story of the Featherstun family with the marriage of James Franklin Featherstun, born 7 October 1833 in Tennessee, and Susana Francis Booker, born 10 November 1834. They were married in Illinois and settled in Seneca, Missouri, about the year 1858. Susana’s parents were William and Mary (Finch) Booker and they were believed to have come from Charlotte County, Virginia to Illinois, near Aviston about 1830. Susana Francis Booker was the eighth of eighteen children. James Franklin Featherstun, more commonly known as Frank, was a charter member of No. 255 I.O.O.F. Lodge. He was elected to the Seneca school board 1879-1882. In 1896, he established a grocery and feed business, later expanded to include dry goods, shoes and clothing. His son John was associated with him in the business. He united with the Christian Church at Neosho in 1895 and departed this life October 24, 1921 at the age of 88+ (cont’d)
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From a book on pioneers in the Joplin, MO Library’s genealogy dept. (cont’d)

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Featherstun were prominent in the social and civic affairs of early Seneca.
Their children were as follows: Agnes Jeannetta (28 August 1856 – 25 October 1930) was married to William H. Mitchell. Mitchell and Dr. H. L. Porter erected a building with offices and a lodge hall on the upper story.
He was a member of the city council, a Democrat, member of I.O.O.F. and A.O.U.W. lodge, a school director and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born 9 December 1846. To this union were born Norman E.
Mitchell (1878-1937). His first wife was Janett Harvey. He married Inez Moore in 1905 and she died 1909. They had one child, Norma Mitchell, born 19 November 1907. Norma married Erin 0. Chase and they had one child. Nancy, born 3 November 1930. Norman’s third wife was Iva. They adopted a child, Julia. Harry M. Mitchell (1877-1920) married Helen (?) and they had one child. Marcelle, who married James Borg. Rhoda J. Mitchell (1880-1969), was the second wife of John Tobein, banker in Seneca for many years. Another daughter of the Frank Featherstuns was Rhoda (11 May 1856 – May 1887). She was married to Matt Murdock, who was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and came to Seneca at an early age. He was very active in Newton County and in the growth of Seneca. He was one of the organizers of the Seneca Artesian Water Company, one of the directors of the bank of Seneca from its organization and for about 40 years, had a meat market where the present bank is. He had a slaughter-house, an .ice cutting and storing business, and sold meat to the Indian Agency in the Territory.
Not much is known about John Lewis Featherstun (13 September 1860) except that he was in business with his father, Frank, at one time a butcher for Matt Murdock, and played the Bull Fiddle for Saturday night dances in McGannon’s Hall.
Charles Tony Featherstun (1 March 1863 – 29 February 1920) was married to Mary Victoria Cochran (8 October 1862 – 28 Mary 1948). Her mother was Louisa Adelaid (Caruthers) Bass, whose parents were Cynthia (Majors) Caruthers and John Caruthers. Louisa was first married to William Jasper Cochran (Mary Victoria’s parents), then later married Sam Bass. Her stone reads 28 October 1835 – 3 December 1913.
Charles and Mary’s first child was Irene (21 January 1891 – 1975), who married Charles Saft (29 April 1883 – November 1944). Saft was a very prominent merchant, having a furniture and general store and undertaking
business in Seneca many years. Their children were: Carl Saft, born 29 August 1922 and Ruby Saft, born 9 September 1929.
Flossye Este was born 13 November 1887 and died 15 January 1953. She was married to LeRoy Brady, born 23 February 1888. Their children were as follows: Mary Alice, born 7 March 1915 and married Albert Tourtillott;
Virginia Lee, born 28 August 1917 and married Thomas S. Hoare, Jr.; Laura, born 9 September 1919 and married Harvey Pate; Howard Alien (Bud), born 24 July 1921 and married Carol Cumberland; Roy Randall (Babe), born 10 October 1923 and married to Jane Rhine and Connie V. Knight.
The account of their wedding taken from the Seneca News, is as follows:
“On Monday, June 12th at their home, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Featherstun gave their daughter, Flossye, in marriage to Mr. LeRoy Brady of Joplin, Missouri. The Rev. W.W. Hess of Neosho performed the ring ceremony at 8:30 a.m. The (cont’d)

Page 12
From a book on pioneers in the Joplin, MO Library’s genealogy dept. (cont’d)

wedding breakfast followed. The bride’s dress was beaded marquisette over white messaline. Her bouquet was white roses. She followed the old custom of wearing something old and something new. something borrowed and something blue. The bride and groom left for Joplin at half past ten accompanied by his brother Mr. Lewis Brady of Neosho and her sister Miss Irene Featherstun. The last part of the journey was made in an automobile. Mr. and Mrs. Brady will be at home after July 1st at 522 Connor Avenue, Joplin, Missouri.
A Friend. (1911)”
At the time of their marriage LeRoy worked as a pharmacist at the Leffen Drug Store in Joplin. After Charles Featherstun’s death, he managed the Featherstun store and eventually owned it. It later was owned by his son, Roy (Babe) Brady. Virginia Hoare
submitted by: Jane C. Stryker

JFH: James Franklin Featherstun was a son of William S. and Margaret(ta) or Marguerite (Pressgrove) Featherston. For information on this family see FFs, volume 12, page 23.


by: Addie K. Stovall Shaver & Sybil Bishop Hinman
Book A 1859-1871
p. 36 R.H. Dixon to H.H. Featherston
Lis: 17 Jan 1860 Sol: 18 Jan 1860 by E.P. Anderson, M.G.
L.1074 John Featherston to Malinda Moore
Lis: 5 Sep 1868 Sol: 11 Sep 1868 by J.E. Vernor, MG
L.1357 Simon Crossland to Norma Featherston
Lis: 25 Oct 1869 Sol: 28 Oct 1869 by J.E. Vernor, MG
p. 908 Lafayette Featherston to Mary Bell Crossland
L.1525 Lis: 26 Sep 1870 Sol: 29 Sep 1870 by George Cloud, JP
(JFH: Harriet (who married Richard Dixon), John, Norma (this should read Naomi) and Lafayette Featherston were children of Jesse Benson and Naomi (Samply) Featherston – Branch #5.)


Transcribed by Imogene McConnell
Pub. 1990 by Arkansas Ancestors, Hot Springs, AR
14 Jan 1900. G.C. Baskin and Effie Featherton. Page/Book: 216S
13 Mar 1904. W.A. Dillshunty and Lillie Featherton. Page/Book: 079T
(JFH: Effie & Lillie Featherston were daughters of Lafayette and Mary Bell (Crossland) Featherston – Branch #5)
Page 13
Compiled by Sara M. Nash

Deed Book H
page 97. 6/6/1805 – 6/8/1805. Sarah Featherston to my Grandson Richard Land son & heir of Sumpter & Obedience Land of Kentucky, & also to my son Wm.Featherston & my daughter Lucy Featherston, one negro man Brister and one cow & calf, all to Thomas Land as trustee or guardian to sell & make equal division amongst the three aforesaid. Also a featherbed & furniture to dau Lucy when she becomes 18. Wit: E.S. Roland, John Land. B.H. Saxon, J.Q.

page 97. 6/6/1805 – 6/8/1805. Sarah Featherston to Thomas Land for $745, Bill of Sale for above negro man, at present loaned to John McCrary Esq sheriff of Chester Dist. Same Wit & Probate.

page 181. 2/11/1806 – 12/27/1806. Thos. Land to Sarah Featherston assignment of Bill of Sale. Wit: E.S. Roland. W. Burnside, J.P.
(JFH: Sarah Featherston was a daughter of Richard and Lucy (__?) Featherston – Branch #8)

Deed Book J
Page 10. 5/20/1805 – 4/26/1808. Lewis. Graves to Larkin Gaines of Abbeville Dist. for $750, 187 a. in three tr.orig’.gr., to Mary Harwin, Robt. Hinton, sd L.G. on Saluda R. Wit: Richd. Gaines, Edmond Gaines, Lewis Featherston. Josiah Blackwell, J.P.
(JFH: Lewis Featherston was a son of Richard and Susanna (Davenport) Featherston) – Branch #5)


pub. by dark County Genealogical Society, Vancouver, WA 1989
William David Wampler
Born in Indiana in 1838, William David Wampler came to Washington Territory before 1872 and settled in the Diamond Hill area near La Center, Washington. He was a farmer and had lived in Iowa, where his daughter
Athalinda was born in 1858 prior to immigrating to dark County. His first wife was Kate Cook who was killed in an accident involving a horse before the family came west. He later married Emma Groves, the daughter of John B. and Catherine Groves. Emma was born in 1848 in Illinois, her father was born ca. 1815 in Indiana and her mother was born ca. 1820 in Pennsylvania. It is unclear which children were by each marriage or if all of the children are listed. During the Civil War William served as a Private in Company “A” of the 146th Indiana Infantry. He was interred in the Post Military Cemetery in Vancouver on April 5, 1926. (cont’d)

Page 14
CLARK COUNTY (WASHINGTON) PIONEERS – A Centennial Salute (cont’d)

Children of William David Wampler, Kate Cook and Emma Groves:
Athalinda Wampler – b. 26 Nov 1858, IA; m. William R. Bolen 22 Oct 1876, d. 28 Dec 1950, dark Co., WA, Vancouver, WA, bur. Park Hill Cemetery
May Wampler – m. __ McGregor Harland H. Wampler – b. 1869, IL; m.l) Mrs. Lotta Jaggy 7 Dec 1893; m.2)
Cora E. Featherstone 3 Nov 1907 (b. 1872 AR, dau. of John Featherstone and
Sarah Cross), d. 28 Aug 1912, bur. Old City Cemetery, Vancouver, WA
John T. Wampler – b. 1872, WA; m. Melissa __ (b. 1874)
Harriet “Hattie” Wampler – b. 1875, WA
Ida F. Wampler – b. 1878 WA; m. __ Erickson
George Wampler – b. 1879 WA; m. Susie Holcombe 6 July 1903 (b. 1885, Amboy, d. 1979, bur. Mountain View Cemetery, dark Co., WA, dau. of Fleetus N. and Margaret Holcombe), d. 1968, bur. Mountain View Cemetery, dark Co., WA
Charles Wampler – b. 1886, WA; m. Mattie Fleming 21 Dec 1907 (b. 1886, McMinnville, OR)
(JFH: Cora E. Featherstone was born in Benton Co., AR, the daughter of John Burrell (s/o Burrell W. and Mary Ann (Davidson) Featherston) and Sarah Malissa (Cross) Featherston – Branch #5.)

MEN OF THE TIME – SKETCHES OF LIVING NOTABLES – A Biographical Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous South Carolina Leaders – by J.C. Garlington Spartanburg. SC – Garlington Publishing Co. 1902

This Volume Was Reproduced From A 1902 Edition In The South Carolina Library
University of South Carolina – Columbia – Reprinted 1972 by The Reprint Company, Spartanburg, SC
page 141
FEATHERSTONE, CLAUDIUS CYPRIAN – At present engaged in the practice of law, at Laurens, South Carolina. He was born in that county on December 1, 1864. His education was acquired under the instruction of Professor W. J. Ligon, at Anderson, South Carolina. Married Miss Lulu, daughter of Rev. J.D. Pitts, of Laurens, South Carolina, October 10, 1893
(JFH: Claudius Cyprian was a son of John Wesley and Catherine E. (Latimer) Featherston. John Wesley was a son of Lewis and Catherine (Johnson) Featherston. – Branch #5)

Compiled by Raymond W. Watkins

Pub. by Lauderdale County Department of Archives and History, Inc. P.O. Box 5511, Meridian, MS 39302
Confederate Deaths, Clinton, Mississippi
Fountain E. Feathington Co. A, 49th Tenn. died: October 16, 1862
Page 15
Tyler (TX) Morning Telegraph, Saturday, February 26. 1994

ATHENS – Services for Alcidie Featherston, 90, Athens, are scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday at the Foster & Brown Funeral Home chapel with the Rev. Dr. Grover Bishop officiating.
Burial will be in the Davis Cemetery.
Mrs. Featherston died Thursday night in an Athens hospital. She was born Jan. 18, 1904. in Erath County to the late Earl S. and Zada Felicity Montgomery Douglas. She was a housewife. Mrs. Featherston was preceded in death by her husband, Leonard Featherston, in 1976, and by a daughter, Lucille Marie Kelly, in 1985.
Survivors include one daughter and son-in-law, Jimmie and Joel Harris, Tyier; six grandchildren, Joel Harris Jr., Wenatchie, Wash.. Thomas Kelly, Mansfield, Larry Harris, Flower Mound, Wilda Arnold, Ennis, Jimmy Honza,
Telico, and Wilson Kelly, Corsicana; 11 great-grandchildren; and one great- great-grandchild.
Pallbearers will be Larry Harris, Chris Arnold, David Arnold, Thomas Kelly, Larry Honza and Wilson Kelly.
Family will receive friends 6-8 p.m. Saturday at the funeral home.
(JFH: A Leonard Featherston, son of James and Caroline “Callie” J. (Gaunt) Featherston was age 5 (born Jan 1895) on the 1900 Grimes Co., TX Census and was age 12 on the 1910 Henderson Co., ‘TX Census. An Index to Probate Birth Records – TX Delayed Vol. 11 shows Leonard was born 1 Jan 1895 in Henderson Co., TX. Is this the same Leonard (Branch #2) that married Alcidie Douglas?)
submitted by: C.R. “Ron” Featherston

Volume 2

pub. Parthenon Press, Nashville
pages 399 & 400 – year 1891
Francis Marion Featherstun
On January 30, 1891, a little more than one month after Francis M. Featherstun had been appointed to Woodville Station for the second time, he passed to his reward. He was born in Robertson County, Tennessee, September
24, 1827; before he was grown he moved to Mississippi and settled in Warren County. He married Miss Elizabeth Rundell in June 1848, and 10 children were born to them, two of them becoming Methodist preachers and members of the Mississippi Conference, H. Walter Featherstun and Lewis R. Featherstun. In 1879 he married Miss Virginia Markham of Warren County, and to them a daughter was born. (cont’d)

Page 16

He was licensed to preach in 1853, and was admitted into the Mississippi Conference and appointed to Warren Colored Mission. He gave four years of service to the Negroes. He spent two years, 1866-1867, in Tennessee, and four years, 1881-1884, in California, and with this exception he spent his full labors in the Misissippi Conference, serving on missions seven years, in stations eight years, and presiding elder eight years. Hiwassee College conferred the degree of D.D. on him in 1885. He was the great-grandfather of H.W.F. Vaughn of the Mississippi Conference.
From: Methodism in the Mississippi Conference – Notes.
1872: F.M. Featherstun organized the Vicksburg mission Grove Street Church.
Henry Walter Featherstun from the North Warren Council admitted on
trial to the Miss. Conf. and ordained a local deacon.
1874: F.M. Featherstun succeeded to the position of presiding elder of the Vicksburg District.
Lewis R. Featherstun admitted on trial from North Warren. “Ten young men were admitted on trial, four of them from Vicksburg district . . .One of them, Lewis R. Featherstun, is the second son whom our brother
F.M. Featherstun has given to the ministry in this conference…”
1876: L.R. Featherstun ordained deacon
“H.Walter Featherstun, who transferred in the middle of the year to California wrote a complete description of his transfer to Los Angeles, his new field. He went by boat from Vicksburg to St. Louis and by train and boat to his destination.’ His assignment was in Santa Anna.”
1878: L.R. Featherstun ordained traveling elder
1880: L.R. & F.M. Featherstun transferred to the Pacific conference
1883: “Reverend Lewis R. Featherstun died at Yuba, California on Friday, October 19. The widow and children were in New Orleans with Rev. H.W. Featherstun on November 5. Mrs. J.T. Leggett is a daughter of Rev.
L.R. Featherstun.”
1884: H.W. Featherstun transferred in from the Pacific Conference
“F.M. Featherstun, formerly of the Mississippi Conference, now of the
Pacific Conference, was the recipient of a degree of Doctor of Divinity
from Hiwassee.”
“A new institution was established at Holmswell, 8 miles east of Magnolia, by H. Walter Featherstun called Kavanaugh College. It began its first session on Sept. 29, 1884. H.W. Featherstun was appointed “President.”
1895: H.W. Featherstun resigned as President of Edward McGehee College (for young ladies) at Woodville
1899: H.W. Featherstun presiding elder and president of the State Epworth League
1901: H.W. Featherstun has a new book out .. The Christ of our Poets which was selected for study by the Epworth League
submitted by: Mrs. Connie Moretti

(JFH; Francis Marion Featherstun was son of Burrell and Rebecca (Adams) Featherston – Branch *5.)
Page 17
Hillcrest Cemetery – Holly Springs, Mississippi
Featherston Plot

Featherston, Winfield J., October 6, 1864 – September 11, 1878, “MY SON”
Featherston, D.M., Aug. 11, 1865 – March 18, 1941. “OUR MOTHER”
Featherston, Gen. Winfield Scott, born in Rutherford (Co.), Tenn. Aug. 9. 1820, died in Holly Springs, Miss. May 28, 1891. “OUR FATHER”
Featherston, Lizzie Georgia, June 6, 1861 – Sept. 28, 1878. “MY DAUGHTER”
Featherston, Lizzie M.. July 19, 1834 – Sept. 17, 1878. “MY WIFE”
Featherston, Charles Alex., infant son of W.S. & L.M. Featherston. April 15, 1859 – July 4, 1860
Beall, Elsie Featherston, dau. of W.S. & Elizabeth McEwen Featherston, wife of William 0. Beall, died March 23, 1939
McEwen, Eliza, wife of Alexander C. McEwen, Nov. 18, 1807 – June 21, 1892
McEwen, Alexander, Feb. 9, 1806 – Dec. 6, 1869
Featherston, Lucius Marshall, infant son’of W.S. & Lizzie M. Featherston, Nov. 14, 1870 – June 1, 1871
submitted by: William H. Baggett

(JFH: General Winfield Scott Featherston was a son of Charles and Lucy (Pitts) Featherston – Branch #3)

KENTUCKY, NEW ERA – Friday, Jan. 21, 1994

Services for Ocie McNeal, 90, Covington’s Convalescent Center, will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Hughart and Beard Funeral Home, Hopkinsville and burial in Green Hill Memorial Gardens. She died at 12:40 a.m. Thursday at Jennie Stuart Medical Center.
A native of Paris, Ark., McNeal was born 8 Mar. 1903, daughter of the late Jerry and Li 11 ie Mae McKinney Featherstone. She was a homemaker and a member of the First United Methodist Church. Her husband the Rev. T.T. McNeal, died in 1987.
Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Edward (Georgia) Best, Temple, Tex., Mrs. Bill (Jerry Kathryn) Weymer, Flat Rock, N.C. and Mrs. Clyde (Edilda) Flanigan, Hopkinsville: two sisters, Mrs. Jim (Lucille) Smith and Amy Baxter, both of Paris, Ark., and 10 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.
(JFH: Ocie Mae McNeal was a granddaughter of John and Malinda (Moore) Featherston – Branch #5.)
Page 18
1910 California Census

Oakland, Alameda County
Peter Featherston head 71 m. 44 yrs. IRE IRE IRE
Anna Featherston wife 67 9 ch/2 Ivg. IRE IRE IRE
Anna Featherston dau 28 CA IRE IRE
(Peter & Anna immigrated 1850 and are naturalized)

Oreville, Butte County
George Fethurston head 62 m. 33 yrs. ENG ENG ENG
Eliza C. Fethurston wife 58 2 ch/2 Ivg. CA ENG NY
George F. Fethurston son 31 m. 3 yrs. CA ENG CA
Evelyn T. Fethurston dau-in-law 29 0 ch/0 Ivg. CA VT CA
Archie Fethurston son 28 m. 0 yrs. CA ENG CA
Margaret Fethurston dau-in-law 26 0 ch/0 Ivg. CA ENG CA

Fresno County
William H. Fethurston head 38 single farmer CAN ENG ENG

^Los Angeles County
Los Angeles
Agnes Featherstone housekeeper 31 div. 11 yrs. 2 ch/1 Ivg IN IN IN
Walter Dermitt head 37 m. 7 yrs. PA IRE PA
Blanche Dermitt wife 35 0 ch/0 Ivg. NC NC NC
Ambros A. Featherston bro-in-law 33 single NC NC NC
(JFH: Ambrose A. Featherston and Blanche (Featherston) Dermitt were children of Ambrose Augustus and Harriet L. (Deaver) Featherston from Buncombe Co., NC – Branch *5)

Arthur Featherstone head 31 m. 2 yrs. architect? IRE IRE IRE
Irene M. Featherstone wife 28 1 ch/1 Ivg. ENG ENG ENG
Moyraw Featherstone dau 11/12 CAN IRE ENG

Charles H. Feafcherstone head 41 m. 8 yrs. own income AR US US
Myrtle Featherstone wife 27 1 ch/1 Ivg. IL TN TN
William Featherstone son 6 TX AR IL
(JFH: Charles Henry Featherstone – born in Waldron, Scott Co., AR, was son of George Washington and Mary Ann Minerva (Appleby) Featherston – Branch #3)

E.A. Featherston head 35 m. 12 yrs. IL NY NY occupation: proprietor motor car supplier
Anna Featherston wife 34 IL RI NJ
+ 2 servants
Page 19
1910 California Census (cont’d)


Gervaise Featherstone head 31 single coachman, pvt. fam. ENG ENG ENG
Edmond Wallace partner 42 m. 4 yrs. groom ENG ENG ENG
Jennie Wallace wife 26 1 ch/1 Ivg. SCT SCT SCT

Los Angeles

Sarah W. Featherstone head 35 single teacher pvt. schi. OH ENG OH
Mary E. Featherstone sister 30 single teacher pvt. schl. OH ENG OH
Jessie P. Featherstone sister 27 single teacher art schl. OH ENG OH

Marin County

State Prison at San Quentin
John W. Featherston prisoner 33 single cob winder, jute mill NH IRE IRE

Santa Anna, Orange County

Harry Featherstone hired hand 24 single baker, bakery ENG ENG ENG

Rocklin, Placer County

James Featherstone boarder „ 39 single laborer, railroad IA NY NY

Sacramento, Sacramento County

Michael H. Featherston head 65 m. 43 yrs. janitor, school IRE IRE IRE
Helen M. Featherston wife 57 6 ch/3 Ivg. LA IRE IRE
William J. Featherston son 39 single clerk, cigar store CA IRE LA
Frank E. Featherston son 33 single pressman, newspaper CA IRE LA

San Bernardino County

William H. Featherston head 74 m. 51 yrs. farmer NY IRE IRE
Anna S. Featherston wife 74 8 ch/3 Ivg. IRE IRE IRE
Elizabeth Featherston dau 48

Santa Clara County

Edwin Featherstone head 32 m. 4 yrs. bookkeeper, factory OH ENG OH
Margarett Featherstone wife 26 1 ch/1 Ivg. CA SCT SCT
Elen Featherstone dau 3 CA OH CA

Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz, Baldwin Ave.

George A. Featherston head 38 m. 12 yrs. saloon keeper CAN MO IRE
Florence M. Featherston wife 32 2 ch/2 Ivg. CA IRE NC
William M. Featherston son 11 CA CAN CA
Florence M. Featherston dau 9 CA CAN CA
Page 20
1910 California Census (cont.)

Watsonville City

John B. Featherstone head 43 single merch. variety store ENG ENG ENG
Blanche B. Featherstone mother 71 wid. 1 ch/1 Ivg. ENG ENG ENG

San Francisco

Frank Featherstonhaugh head 58 m.2) 26 yrs. ENG ENG ENG
Annie Featherstonhaugh wife 45 m.l) 26 yrs. 1 ch/1 Ivg. MO GER MD
Frances Featherstonhaugh dau 14 CA ENG MO

Mary H. Quinn head 50 wid. own income NY IRE IRE
Carry Robinson dau 26 m. 3 yrs 0 ch/0 Ivg. CA IRE NY
Herbert Robinson son-in-law 28 m.3 yrs. janitor ENG IRE ENG
Laura Donahue dau 24 m. 5 yrs. 2 ch/2 Ivg. CA IRE NY
Frank Donahue son-in-law 28 m. 5 yrs. teamster CA IRE NY
James Quinn son 22 single none CA IRE NY
Hugh Quinn son 20 single none CA IRE NY
Evelyn Donahue gr.dau. 3 CA CA CA
James Featherstone father 96 widowed none IRE IRE IRE

John N. Featherstone head – 50 single NY IRE IRE occupation: Secretary, wholesale drug distrib.
Lillian G. Featherstone sister 34 single , CA IRE IRE

Peter J. Featherstone head 43 single sawyer box factory PA IRE IRE

Ed 173 HH#35 (index listing)
Rennie S. Featherstone 27 AR
(JFH: Renick Sterling Featherston was a son of Renick N. and Cora A. (Boardman) Featherston – Branch #7.)

Tablerock Twp., Sierra County

Spencer Fetherston boarder 36 wid. laborer. Quartz mine MN IRE IRE

Visalia, Tulare County

Mathias S. Featherstone head 69 m.40 yrs. keeper-lodging house ENG ENG ENG
Margaret E. Featherstone wife 63 9 ch/ IN VT PA
Ida C. Featherstone dau 35 single IL ENG IN
Martha A. Featherstone dau 28 single CA ENG IN
+ 17 non relatives

Ventura County

James W. Featherstone 65 single laborer ENG ENG ENG

submitted by; Mrs. I.D. Oakley
Page 21

Extracted from Biographical and Historical Memoirs Originally pub. 1890 Nashville & Chicago
The Southern Publishing Company
Mills Historical Press – Tuscaloosa, AL 1985

page 19
In 1836 a merry company passed through Natchitoches: David Crockett, John Featherston, “Happy” Johnson, Ephriam Tully and Matthew Despallie. In describing the last named, the gambler. Green, says * * * “He was a villainous bully. He drew on me at Alexandria, in 1833, but I was expecting it, and shot him with a derringer. I hurried away, supposing he was killed, and was assisted in my escape by J. Madison Wells’ father, who kept me at his plantation for several days. I am not sure whether it was Matt, or his equally bad brother, who was killed by ex-governor Wells.” Resin P. and James Bowie were residents of Opelousas Parish. Nassau, or Little Nas. a native of Natchitoches, who slept outside the Alamo during the battle of March 6, 1836, was the only male who escaped the fate of the besieged. Mary Britton and her infant were spared by the Mexicans.

Chesterfield County, Virginia Will Book 3, pp. 252-253

In the Name of God Amen I William Moseley of Chesterfield County & Parish of Dale being in my perfect senses mind & memory praised be God do give & dispose of all my worldly Goods in manner & form ——— Viz.
Imprimus I give to my Daughter Sarah Marshall one Negroe man named Tom to her & her Heirs forever.
Item I give to my grand Daughter Sarah Marshall one Negroe boy named Tom to her & her Heirs forever.
Item I give to my grand Daughter Sarah Moseley one negroe Boy named Gloster to her & her Heirs forever.
Item I give to my grand Daughter Frances Moseley Daughter of my Son Wm one negroe Girl named Judy to her & her Heirs forever. Item I give to my grand Son Mathew Moseley one Bed & furniture to the Value of eight pds.
Item I give to my grand Son Thos. Moseley one Woman named Doll & all her increase except the Negroe Girl that I gave to his Sister to him & his Heirs forever.
Item I give to my grand Son John Moseley one small Bed & Furniture. Item. I give to my Son Mathew four Children the Negroes that were divided amongst them to stand as the Division was made to them & their Heirs forever.
Itm. My Desire is that the three Negroes that my son Mathew had the use of shall go according to the Gift made in his Will to them & their forever.
Itm. I give to my G grand Son Mathew Moseley Son of Blackman Moseley one Negroe Boy named Adam to him & his Heirs forever.
Itm. I give to my Daughter in law Mary Moseley widow of my son Wm Moseley seventy five pounds Currant Money of Virginia to her S & her Heirs forever,
Page 22
Chesterfield County, Virginia Will Book 3, pp. 252-253 (cont’d)

Itm. I give to my grand Daughter Elizabeth Featherstone seventy five pounds currant Money of Virginia to her & her Heirs forever.
Itm. I give to my Son William’s Estate four Cows.
Itm. I give to my Son Mathew’s three Sons all my House – Hold & Kitchen Furniture to them & their’s forever.
Itm. I give to my grand Son Blackman’ Moseley all the residue & remainder Part of my Estate both real & personal to him & his Heirs forever.
And I constitute & appoint Blackman Moseley & Wm Walthall Jnr. Exors. to this my last Will & Testament desiring my Estate may not be appraised & revoking all other Wills heretofore made by me In Witness hereunto I have set
my hand & affixed my seal this tenth Day of July one thousand seven hundred
seventy & eight Anno Domini
signed sealed published & declared this to be my! last Will & Testament in presents of . . . . ..:
Wm. Pleasants
Thos Batte
Thos Pollard
Wm Moseley (LS)
(JFH; William Moseley’s grand daughter, Elizabeth (Marshall) Featherstone, was wife of Henry Featherstone, Sr. – Branch #3)

Chesterfield County, Virginia Will Book 4, p. 505

In the name god amen I Edward Featherstone of Chesterfield county being sick and weak but of perfect sound mind and memory thanks be to god for the same I
do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and form as followeth First recommend my soul to almighty god who it me, and for my body to be decently buried by my Executors hereafter mentioned I give and devise and bequeath unto my son Charles Edward Featherstone and to his heirs and assigns forever all my land in the said county plantation houses and the appurtenances thereunto belonging, but in case my wife should now be with child with a son, then and in that Case I give devise and bequeath unto such son as my wife may now be big with and to his Heirs & assigns’ forever My Tract of land in the said county on the assen swamp and in case it should so happen That That my son Edward should depart this life under age without leaving any child. Then and in that case I also give the land to such son as my wife may now be big with whereon I now live to him and his heirs forever and likewise in case my wife is big with a son and he should not live to arrive to lawful age nor leave no heir of his body then and in that case I give devise and bequeath my land on the said Assenswamp to my son Edward and his heirs forever.
ITEM I give devise and bequeath unto my son Edward and to his heirs forever my mohogany Desk, two Table and one Dozen chairs that are now in the Hall room of my dwelling house.
ITEM I lend to my wife during her widowhood the use of the plantation whereon I now live and three negroes, Frank, Jane and Nancey and after the expiration
Page 23
Chesterfield County, Virginia Will Book 4, p. 505 (cont’d)

of her widowhood I give the said three negroes and their future increase to my son Edward and to his heirs and assigns forever. I give my said son Edward and to his heirs a negro boy named Moses.
ITEM I give unto my daughter Elizabeth and to her heirs two negroes named Kizzy and Peter, I give unto my daughter Lucey two negroes named Soloman and Jenney,
I give my riding chair to my wife and Daughters, also the Hames that belongs to the cheer.
I give unto the child my wife is now big with, a negroe boy named John to the said child and its heirs forever.
ITEM all the rest and residue of my estate not above mentioned I give to my wife and my Three children above named and the child my wife is now big with to them and their heirs forever and for the same to be equally divided Between them at the time my Eldest son arrives to the age of twenty one years old; or my wife may marry which ever of these cercumstances may happen first I leave the use of my two Chamber rooms to my daughters until I they marry. I Desire that my estate may not be appraised but for an inventory of it be taken. I appoint my brothers Henry Featherstone and Charles Featherstone and my Nephew Henry Featherstone Exors. of this my last will. IN WITNESS whereof I the said
Edward Featherstone have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 20th day of July 1792.
Signed sealed & Delivd. ;
In the presence of ! ‘ . Edward Featherstone (SL)
Jesse Cogbill
Thos. A. Taylor
Henry Featherstone
Date of probate not shown.
(JFH: Edward Featherstone was a son of Charles and Phoebe (Walthall) Featherstone – Branch #3)


Ann McLinn Eskridge, b. Dec. 1, 1835, m. 1864, Rev. John Kimball, U.S.A., of Vermont. They lived in Washington, D.C. until 1869, when they moved to California, where they both died. They are buried at the old Kimball home in Vermont. They had: Minnie Hope, b. March 3, 1867. d. in infancy; John Vernon, b. Sept. 23, 1868, m. about 1899 Marion Frances Featherstone of San Francisco. Issue: Hope; John Austin; Earl; Walter Freer; Vernon.
We are saddened to learn of the death of Lester Dale Featherston on May 19th
1994 at his home in Amarillo, TX. We extend our deepest sympathy to his
family and friends. (Branch *1 – FFs, volume 8, ps. 14, 15 & 16.)
Page 23a

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These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best
intentions of permanently -recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill . to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage.
You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources
whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later
number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins
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BRANCH * 7 – additional information

Note: Lewis Featherston (generation I) may possibly be a son of Lewis Featherston and Elizabeth Leath – Branch #5)
I Lewis Featherston – m. Sally Hurt (for more information on this family see vol. 5, ps. 21 & 22)
1. Mary Featherston – m. A.H. Herron
2. Martha A. Featherston – m. William A. Jones
3. male –
4. Harriet Featherston – m. W.G. Wynne (Wyman?)
5. Susan Featherston – m. William P. Bradley
*6. Lewis H. Featherston – m.l) Zuchaina Porter; m.2) Sarah Lavina Felts
7. male –
8. female –
9. John Patrick Featherston – m. Mary Elizabeth McCully
10. male-
note: one of the male children was George Featherston
II Lewis H. Featherston – m.l) Zuchaina Porter; m.2) Sarah Lavina Felts (for more information on this family see vol. 5, ps. 22 & 23)
Issue by 1st wife:
1. Lewis Porter Featherston – m. Alice White
*2. Renick N. Featherston – m. Cora A-.Boardman
Issue by 2nd wife:
3. Markus Howard Featherston –
4. Herschel C. Featherston – m. Genevieve Newborn
5. George P. Featherston – m. Ophelia ___?
Ill Renick N. Featherston – m. Cora A. Boardman (for more information on this family see vol. 5, p. 23)
1. Cornelia Featherston –
*2. Renick Sterling Featherston – m. Florence Merrill
IV Renick Sterling Featherston – m. Florence Merrill (for more information on this family see vol. 5, p. 23)
*1. Ellen Featherston – m. 01 in Charles Edwards
2. Katherine Featherston – m. Eric Fenton
3. Margaret Featherston – m. Norman Sampson
4. Florence Featherston – m. Roy Otto Hieh
V Ellen Featherston – m. 01 in Charles Edwards (for more information on this family see vol. 5, p. 23)
1. Sara Elizabeth Edwards – b. 10 Feb 1940 Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA; m. George Johnson
1. Eric Edwards Johnson – b. 27 Mar 1967 Ann Arbor, MI
2. Alex Charles Johnson – b. 13 Nov 1968 Ann Arbor, MI (cont’d)

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BRANCH * 7 – additional information (family of Ellen Featherston – (cont’d))

2. Charles Featherston Edwards – b. 25 Mar 1942 Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA
1. Christine Elizabeth Edwards – b. 15 Apr 1964 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA; m. Jay Howard
1. Zackary Thomas Howard – b. 15 Oct 1987 Lodi, San Joaquin Co.. CA
2. Stephanie Elizabeth Howard – 7 Aug 1989 Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA
2. Robert Charles Featherston Edwards – b. 9 Sep 1965 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
3. Charlynn Violet Edwards – b. 19 May 1969 Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA
3. Robert Olin in Edwards – b. 31 Mar 1945 Modesto, CA
1. Olin Robert Edwards – b. 19 Mar 1971 Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA
2. Tina Lee Edwards – b. 22 Apr 1974 Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA

submitted May 1994 by: Ellen. Featherston Edwards

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