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While Charles Featherstone was not the first of the name to arrive in America, he is the immigrant ancestor from whom Winfield Scott Featherstone descends. He arrived in Virginia in 1653, having been transported by Major Abraham Wood (W&M(2)14). The next reference we have of his is: “At a Court holden at Westov’r Octo’r 13, 1662” shows that Charles Featherstone was paid for Wolves’ heads. (Fleet’s Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 12. Charles City County Court Orders 1661-1664, pp. 31-32.)
During the years between 1662 and 1672, there are few references to Charles Featherstone. On 30 September 1672, he was granted a land patent by Sir William Berkley, then Governor of the Colony of Virginia, for 700 acres on the North side of the Appomattox River in Henrico County, Virginia. (VA Land Patents, Bk. 6, 1665 – 1679, p. 414.) An interesting fact is that as late as 1844, Charles Edward Featherstone, a direct descendant of Charles Featherstone, still owned the home plantation, and so far as is known it consisted of. then, 300 or 307 acres of the original 700 acres. In a disposition given on 10 November 1677, Charles Featherstone’s age was given as 40 odd years. (Vol. 1, Henrico Records, p. 29.)

In 1670 he was on a list of heads of families in Henrico County. (24 W&M(1) 262.) It is assumed that Charles Featherstone was born ca. 1637 in England, and most likely in London, although his place of birth has not, to this writer’s knowledge, been proved. There are numerous Featherstone birth, marriage, and death dates recorded in the Church records in the Cathedral of St. Savior/St. Mary Ovarie in Southwark, England (across the Thames River from London. (Tennessee Cousins by Worth S. Ray, p. 644). As far as this writer knows these records have not been researched for Featherstones.
Charles Featherstone married Rebecca, maiden name thought to have been Stratton. In the will of Edward Stratton, Jr., who died 1698, he mentions his sister Rebecca Newman. (24W&M(1)275.) Rebecca had been married to Anthony Patrum, by whom she had a son, Francis Patrum, before she married Charles Featherstone. (Henrico County Court Record Bk. 5, p. 509.)
We do not know when Anthony Patrum died, but Francis, son of Anthony and Rebecca Patrum, was born ca. 1671. (Valentine Papers, Vol. 3, p. 1790. 1692 Court RecordsJ
Charles Featherstone and Rebecca must have married some time after 1671, if Rebecca was the mother of Charles Featherstone’s children, for Anne Featherstone discharged her guardian, Samuel Newman, in February 1692/3; she must have been at least 18 years of age when that was done. (Henrico County Record Bk. 2, 1678 – 1693, p. 405.)
Samuel Newman was also the guardian of Hen: Chas: Featherstone as is shown by the following record: Henrico County, August 20, 1702 “Henry ffetherston one of the orphans of Chas ffetherston deed being upwards of twenty one years of age comes into open Court and doth acknowledge that he hath Reed. his full portion or part of his deed ffathers Estate and therof doth discharge his present Guardian Samuel 1 Newman and his (last words not legible)”. (Henrico Court Record Bk. Orphans Court, 1677 – 1739, p. 451.)
Samuel Newman who was guardian of both Anne and Hen: Chas: Featherstone was the same Samuel Newman who had married Rebecca Featherstone by 1683. (Henrico County Order Book, 1678 – 1693, p. 150.’) (con’td)

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Winfield Scott Featherstone of Holly Springs, MS (con’td)

At this time we are not completely convinced that Rebecca was the mother of Charles Featherstone’s children. There is no real reason to doubt that she was their mother, but in the Featherstone lines that we have worked on only one granddaughter of Charles Featherstone has been found to have been named Rebecca.
In 1683, shortly after Samuel Newman and Rebecca Patrum Featherstone had married, he “went into open court and acknowledged a free gift (which he desires may be recorded) to Francis Patrum (his wife’s son)…”. (No source for this; it was sent to this writer in some notes from the late Miss Grace Gaw.) Samuel Newman, who was guardian of both Anne and Hen; Chas: Featherstone was the same Samuel Newman who married Rebecca Featherstone by 1683. (Henrico County Order Book, 1678 – 1693, p. 150.)
Charles Featherstone died before 25 September 1682 as is shown by the following record: “probates and administrators return to the Secretary’s office for the year AD 1682 until this 25th day of 7ber. viz Rebecca ffetherstone adm:tion on her husband Charles ffetherstone estate”. (Henrico County Records Deeds and Wills, 1677 – 1692., p. 25.) The inventory of the estate of Charles Featherstone was recorded on 2 October 1682. (Henrico County Records, Vol. 1, p. 226.)
On 2 May 1726, Rebecca Newman “aged 77 years or thereabouts” gave a depostion in which she stated: “that she was perfectly well acquainted with Charles ffetherstone of the said County of Henrico in the Colony aforesaid Deceased and that the said Charles ffetherstone left behind him at the time of his Death four children begotten in Lawful Marriage to witt one son named Henry Charles ffetherstone which was his eldest son and three Daughters named Anne Sarah and Susannah ffetherstone and that the said Henry Charles ffetherstone at this time remains in full and perfect Life…” (Reel 17A, p. 18, Henrico County Deeds and Wills, No. 1, pt. 1).
That does not sound to this writer the way a mother would speak of her children and, the fact that Samuel Newman gave a gift to Francis Patrum and not to the Featherstone children is another reason that we doubt that Rebecca was the mother of Charles Featherstone’s children.
Issue of Charles Featherstone and (name of mother not known at this time.)
1. Anne Featherstone married Abraham Burton
2. Henry Charles (also known as Hen; Chas: Featherstone)
3. Sarah Featherstone – nothing known
4. Susannah Featherstone – nothing known.

Henry Charles Featherstone, son of Charles Featherstone and (name of mother not known at this time), was also known as Hen: Chas: Featherstone. He was born ca. 1681 as on 20 August 1702, he discharged his guardian, Samuel Newman, who had married Rebecca Featherstone. (Henrico County Record Bk. Orphan Court, 1677 – 1739, p. 45.) We have not been able to find a record of Henry Charles Featherstone’s marriage, but we know that his wife’s first name was Elizabeth. In both the Walthall and Featherstone families it is known that there was a marriage (con’td)

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Winfield Scott Featherstone of Holly Springs, MS (con’td)

between the two families during this period. While it is conjecture, we are reasonably sure that Henry Charles Featherstone married Elizabeth Walthall, the daughter of Ricahrd Walthall and (name of his wife is not known.) Hen: Chas: Featherstone witnessed the will of Dinah Walthall, who had a sister named Elizabeth. They were the daughters of Richard Walthall, as is stated in the above paragraph. Dinah Walthall’s will was dated 15 October 1715, so the marriage of Hen: Chas: Featherstone must have taken place after the death of Elizabeth’s sister, Dinah. The will of Elizabeth Featherstone (Chesterfield County, Va., Will Bk. 1, 1749 – 1763, p. 30) is dated 26 February 1759, and was proved at October 1759 Court. In this will she names: “My son Henry Featherstone, my daughter Mary…, and my four daughters” (names not given).
It is a known fact the Hen: Chas: Featherstone had a son named Charles even though he is not mentioned in his mother’s will. We know this from a land indenture between Charles Featherstone and Henry Featherstone. (Henrico County, Va.. Deed Ek. 1744 – 1748, pp. 824, 825.)
Issue of Hen: Chas; Featherstone and Elizabeth (Walthall) Featherstone:
1. Henry Featherstone, died unmarried
2. Mary Featherstone, died unmarried
3. Charles Featherstone, married Phoebe Walthall
4. Daughter Featherstone. married Thomas Jefferies
5. Rebecca Featherstone, married Thomas Sadler
(The above children of Hen: Chas: Featherstone and Elizabeth (Walthall) Featherstone may not be, and probably is not, the correct order of birth.)

Charles Featherstone, the son of Hen: Chas: and Elizabeth (Walthall) Featherstone, born ca. 1715 – 1718, married ca. 1740 to Phoebe Walthall, his cousin, daughter of Henry Walthall and Pheobe (Ligon) Walthall.
Charles Featherstone made his will 13 November 1778; the date of probate is not given. Charles Featherstone and Phoebe Walthall were first cousins… They were married ca. 1740. Phoebe (Walthall Featherstone died after 4 July 1760, and prior to the time her father’s will was written on 9 April 1764. (Chesterfield Co., VA Deed Bk. 4, pp. 27, 28 and Chesterfield County Will Bk. 1, pp. 459, 460.)
Issue of Charles Featherstone and Phoebe (Walthall) Featherstone:
1. Henry Featherstone, married Elizabeth Marshall
2. Edward Featherstone, married Sarah Ashbrooke
3. Charles Featherstone, b. 19 February 1743. married Ann French
4. Elizabeth Featherstone, d. 1800, married Thomas Walthall
5. Phoebe Featherstone, d. 16 December 1820, married Irby Hudson.

Henry Featherstone, son of Charles and Phoebe (Walthall) Featherstone, was born ca. 1738. He was married before 1 July 1778 to Elizabeth Marshall, the daughter of Alexander and Sarah (Moseley) Marshall of Chesterfield County, Virginia. (con’td)

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Winfield Scott Featherstone of Holly Springs, MS (con’td)

It is not known whether or not Henry Featherstone fought in the Revolutionary War, but on 11 November 1785, he did contribute grain and fodder for the use of the Continental Troops.
Henry Featherstone was a Methodist Minister. He was issued a license to preach on 15 June 1788. (Chesterfield County Ministers Bonds for year 1788.) Henry Featherstone and Elizabeth (Marshall) Featherstone began to sell their land in Virginia, and the first record I have is that on 9 July 1787, they sold 41 acres to William Walthall.
On 11 February 1790, Henry Featherstone freed at least part of his slaves. It has been said that Henry Featherstone was an abolitionist, although this has not been proved.
The sale of the property of Henry and Elizabeth (Marshall) Featherstone continued from 1787 until April 1797. On 12 December 1801, Henry Featherstone, Sr., bought 67 1/2 acres from a William Featherstone of the city of Richmond, Virginia. The relationship, if any, between Henry Featherstone and William Featherstone of the city of Richmond is not known.
In February 1804 and on 9 Apr 1808, Henry and Elizabeth (Marshall) Featherstone sell still more land.
Evidently, between April 1808 and March 1813, Henry Featherstone moved from Chesterfield County, Virginia, to Smith County, Tennessee. It is not known whether Elizabeth (Marshall) Featherstone died before or after the move to Tennessee.
In the Smith County, Tennessee Court Minutes, March 1813, p. 237, Henry Featherstone sold 50 acres to his son-in-law, Charles C. Cogbill, who had married his daughter, Mary Anne (Polly) Featherstone.
Henry Featherstone is listed in the 1820 Smith County. Tennessee Census but his wife is not listed. His will is recorded in Smith County, Tennessee, Will Bk. 9. pp. 13, 14, 15, on 28 July 1828.
Issue of Henry and Elizabeth (Marshall) Featherstone:
1. Sarah Featherstone, b. 31 Mar 1770, married Thomas Hardie
2. Charles Featherstone, b. 7 December 1771, married Lucy Pitts
3. Henry Featherstone, b. 28 May 1774, married Nancy Marshall
4. William Feathestone, b. November 1776 – nothing known
5. Alexander Featherstone, b. 14 August 1778 – nothing known
6. Elizabeth Featherstone, b. 27 March 1780, married John Cogbill
7. ___ Featherstone. b. 2 February 1782 – nothing known
8. (Edward) Featherstone, b. 16 December 1783
9. Mary Ann (Polly) Featherstone, b. 23 March 1786, married Charles
Christian Cogbill
10. (Phoebe) Featherstone, b. 1 March 1790, married Marquis deLafayette
11. Daniel Featherstone, b. 28 March 1793
(Note by Marie Rut ledge: The above names and dates were copied by me from a copy of a copy of a Bible record that at one time was in the possession of Sam Featherstone, who was a cousin of my great-grandfather, John Featherstone, son of Edward Featherstone and his wife Mary (Hibbitt) Featherstone. I remember my grandmother “loaning this Bible” to the said Sam Featherstone; I do not remember any of the names-in the Bible.) (con’td)

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Winfield Scott Featherstone of Holly Springs, MS (con’td)

Charles Featherstone, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Marshall) Featherstone, was born 8 December 1771 in Virginia. He died 25 November 1852, and is buried in Franklin Cemetery, Heard County, Georgia. On 15 January 1794, Charles Featherstone and Lucy Pitts, daughter of Lunsford and Elizabeth (Crutcher) Pitts, were married in Powhatan County, Virginia.
Lucy (Pitts) Featherstone was born 28 March 1775, in Virginia. She died 21 December 1853, and is buried in Franklin Cemetery, Heard County, Georgia. Charles Featherstone and his family moved to Tennessee for he is listed on the 1836 Rutherford County, Tennessee Tax list in the 18th civil district.
Issue of Charles and Lucy (Pitts) Featherstone:
1. Edward Featherstone, b. 20 January 1796; d. 19 November 1857; m.
Rebecca Wilcox Alston at Mt. Vernon, Montgomery County, Georgia
2. Henry Featherstone, b. 1798; d. 15 September 1818 or 1819.
3. Frances Featherstone, b. 20 August 1801; m. Richard M. Fletcher
4. Berthenia Malinda Featherstone, b. 15 May 1802; m. (1) David M.
Hannis; m. (2) John McMurry
5. Elizabeth C. Featherstone, b. 28 December 1805; m. (1) Uriah H.
Gardner; m. (2) Robert McKnight
6. Malinda H. Featherstone, b. 2 July 1807; m. M.W. Freeman
7. Sarah Featherstone. birthdate not given – nothing known
8. Lucius Horace Featherstone, b. 9 July 1814; d. 4 January 1886; m.
Maria Ann Tomkins, Newman, Georgia
9. Winfield Scott Featherstone, b. 8 August 1819; d. 28 May 1891, Holly
Springs, Mississippi; m. (1) Mary Scott Harris of Columbus,
Mississippi; m. (2) Lizzie McEwen.
(NOTE: Birth and death dates sent to Marie Rutledge by Mrs. Lillian Featherstone Wideman of Homer, Louisiana, and Dr. George Cuttino, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.)

Winfield Scott Featherstone was born 8 August 1819 in Rutherford County, Tennessee. He died 28 May 1891 in Holly Springs, Mississippi, and is buried in Hill Crest Cemetery there. He was the youngest child of Charles and Lucy (Pitts) Featherstone.
His first wife was Mary Scott Harris of Columbus, Mississippi; there were no children by this marriage. In June 1858, he married Lizzie McEwen, daughter of Alexander C. and Eliza (maiden name not known) McEwen.
Winfield Scott Featherstone’s profession was law; he practiced in Holly Springs, Mississippi, though Dunbar Rowland in his HISTORY OF MISSISSIPPI, Vol. 1, p. 692, states: “Winfield Scott Featherstone, a young lawyer from Houston”, was put forward by the Democrats as their candidate for Congress – the year was not given. In this election he defeated Alexander McClung. In 1849, he was re-elected to Congress. In 1861, he was appointed by governor Pettus of Mississippi as a commissioner to visit other Southern States to try and influence them to cooperate with Mississippi in her session(sic) plans. (con’td)

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Winfield Scott Featherstone of Holly Springs, MS (con’td)

Featherstone was assigned to Kentucky and in this effort he was not successful as Kentucky did not secede from the Union.
During the War between the States, Winfield Scott Featherstone was in Company G, 17th Mississippi Infantry F & S. He was Captain from 27 May until 30 June 1861. He was promoted to Colonel on 4 June 1861 and on 1 Apr 1862, he was promoted to Brigadier General of the Confederate States Army.
General Featherstone served with distinction in the Confederate States Army and was held in high esteem by the men who served with him. After the War, General Featherstone began to practice law again in Holly Springs. In 1867, he served his State in lower house of the Mississippi Legislature. It was General Featherstone who, in 1876, introduced a resolution to take measures to determine whether or not the carpetbagger Governor of Mississippi might be impeached. The Governor resigned rather than face the impeachment charges.
In 1878, a Yellow Fever epidemic hit Holly Springs and General Featherstone’s wife and two of the children were victims of this dread disease.
It is regrettable that the only information that this writer has on the family of General Winfield Scott Featherstone is the list of his children. It is not known if this list is complete.
Issue of Winfield Scott and Lizzie (McEwen) Featherstone:
1. Charles Alexander Featherstone, b. 15 March 1859; d. 4 July 1860
2. Lizzie George Featherstone. b. 6 June 1861; d. 28 September 1878
3. Winfield J. Featherstone, b. 6 October 1864; d. 11 Septebmer 1878
4. Elsie Featherstone (date of birth not known), d. 23 March 1939
5. Dudley M. Featherstone, b. 11 August 1865; d. 18 March 1911
6. Lucius Marshall Featherstone, b. 14 November 1870; d. 1 June 1871
compiled April 1977 by Marie Rutledge of Greenwood, MS (JFH: Faye Marie Rutledge – b. 5 Sep 1921 Gibson Co., TN. d. Aug 1985 Greenwood, MS, d/o William Thomas Rut ledge/Gladys Bennie Featherston – BRANCH #3.)

by Shirley Wilson 1987 HendersonvilIe, TN

p. 53
Nancy Hibbett, 28 Jun 1849; May 1854 – Four granddaughters Louisa, Martha, Phebe Ann and Mary Featherston. Four sons and two daughters David C. Hibbett, Robert H. Hibbett, Joseph F. Hibbett, John J. Hibbett, Elizabeth Sharp and Louisa Sharp. Graveyard where husband James Hibbett is buried in Macon Co. and grave of Mary Y. Featherston. Ex: John J. Hibbett. Wit: James Barr and William A. Lauderdale (wo, 418)

p. 86
Lunsford Pitts, 26 Jun 1813 – Mentions James Hastings, Joseph McCraven, Wilson Yandell, Henry Fetherson. Son Burton H. Pitts & his sons Lunsford Pitts and George Gains Pitts & his dau. Rebecca Pitts, son Henry Pitts, son Lunsford C. Pitts, daughters Lucy Fetherson, Fanny Black & former husband, Betsy Yandell,

Page 07
Sumner Co., TN Will Abstracts (Lunsford Pitts, (con’td).)

Judith Yandell. grandson Lunsford Pitts Yandell. Ex: Samuel P. Black, Charles Fetherson, WiIson Yandell and John Yandell. Wit: Samuel Woolton, M.D.L.F. Sharp, William McCaren. (wb, 1-168)
submitted by: C.R. “Ron” Featherston


The Gaston Lincoln Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 584, Mount Holly, NC 28120
December 1996
ps. 19, 22, 24

Edward Maginnis/McGinnis and Family
Retha Martha McGinnis (dau. of James Leroy “Lee” McGinnis and Rebecca lona Stone) married Bill Featherston. They have seven known children:
Leia Featherston who married a Rinehart
Florence Featherston who marred a McJunkins
Hazelene Featherston
Viola Featherston
Mable Featherston
Kathleen Featherston
Arthur Featherston. He died at age 12.

submitted to the Geneological Society Jul 1996 by: James L. Taylor,
(JFH: William “Bill” Featherston – b. Nov 1874/77 NC, s/o Joseph A. Featherston/Mary “Molly” E. Neagle – BRANCH * not yet identified in FFs.)
submitted by: Kelly L. Elmore, Jr.


Volume XVII, No. 1 – Winter 1997
pages 52 & 53 ADDENDUM. MY MISSOURI PIONEER ANCESTORS by Floriece Horn LaBare
In 1981, as a member of various genealogical societies and NSDAR, I shared copies of a tombstone inscription booklet that I had prepared (1978-1981) for rural St. Francois County cemeteries on farms where my ancestors had lived and were buried….
I find that the following additions or corrections need ‘be made’ to my original booklet of Tombstone Inscriptions: (including) (con’td)

Page 08
MO State Genealogical Association Journal (con’td)

Marvin A. Featherstone, b. 11 Sep 1881; d. 26 Mar 1883.
This cemetery, accessed at 4142 Hazel Run Rd., is listed on the County Records as the Byington Cemetery….
submitted by: Jerry Ponder
(JFH: Mrs. I.D. (Elmeree) Oakley, has informed us that Marvin A. was the son of Hiram
Featherston/Sarah L. Richardson. Hiram and Sarah were married 4 Nov 1880 in St. Francois Co., MO. By 1900 they resided in Dallas Co., TX. Hiram was a son of Andrew Featherston/Elvira Letticia Martin – BRANCH #5)

Limestone County, AL Marriages (1821-1862)
from 1994 Automated Archives, Inc.

12 Nov 1839. Willey C. Featherstone and Brice M. Townsend
14 Aug 1844. Perlina Featherston and William C. Nichols
5 Sep 1849. Mary R. Featherston and William C. Hancock
31 Dec 1851. Martha C. Featherstone and Nathaniel B. Sturdivant
24 Nov 1857. Harriet A. Featherstone and Robert E. Tweedy
(JFH: These Featherstones were children of Howell Colston Featherston.
Willey C., a child of his first marriage to Amelia “Milley” Beckham. The others were children of Howell and his 2nd wife, Delaney Odom – BRANCH #8.)
submitted by: James W. Callahan


Being A History of the Hoffman, Rhyne, Costner, Rudisill, Best, Hovis, Hoyle, Wills, Shetley, Jenkins, Holland, Hambright, Gaston, Withers, Cansler, Clemmer and Lineberger families by Laban Miles Hoffman of Dallas, NC
original pub. 1915 – Reprinted by Gaston County Historical Society
Gastonia, NC by Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore 1971
pd. 21, 22, 23

Elizabeth Hoffman, daughter of Jacob Hoffman 2nd, was born Feb. 6, 1782, and married Jacob Rhyne 3rd in 1800…. Elizabeth Rhyne and her husband Jacob Rhyne lived on the south side of Big Long Creek, about two and a half miles southwest of Dallas and about the same distance northwest of Gastonia. She and her husband are buried in the Michael Rhyne private graveyard north of the creek opposite her home. Nice marble slabs mark their graves. Her children were: Caleb, m. Rachael Pasour;
Rufus, d.s.;
Jacob, m. Arabella-Clemmer;
Fannie, m. Mike Best;
Elizabeth, m. Jasper Featherstone;
Barbara, m. James Featherstone. (con’td)

Page 09
Our Kin (con’td)

….Elizabeth Featherstone is still living at a good old age at Macon, Miss.
She has children as follows:
Anne, m. W.J. Morton, Columbus, Miss.;
Emma, d.s.;
Elelia, m. Louis Coleman and James Short, Columbus, Miss.;
Asberry, m. Sallie Hines, Macon, Miss.

Anne Morton’s children:
Carrie, m. __Tompkins (child: Lily Tompkins); Lilly, m. A. Lessey;
James, m. Dinkie Burrage (child; Claude Morton);
John, m. Alice Bradley;
Mollie, m. Percy Hines (child: Jessie Hines);
Emma, m. G. Laws (children: Anneda, Earl, baby);
Walter, m. Bonnie Smith; Oilie, s.

Elelia Coleman-Short’s children: Tennie Coleman, m. R. Williams (one child: Ona); Ona Coleman, d.s.;
Lewis Coleman, d.s.; Willie Short; infant.

Asberry Featherstone’s children: David, d.s., Percy, Jno., Claude,
Sallie, Minnie, Lily, Bettie, James, Allie, Nellie and Jessie.

Barbara Featherstone’s children were: Harriet, m. Jonas Hawkins (one daughter, Maggie); Henry, m. Barbara Cloninger (child: Otho, m. __Moss and has one small child); Pearl, m. Wm. Reinhardt; Richard, d.s.; Etta, s.;
Asberry, m. Alice Bumgardner (children: Delia, Nellie, Walter, Lewis, infant); Letitia, m. S. Hawkins (children: Arthur, Belle, James, Daisy and two others); Emma, m. C. Bumgardner (children: Cora and Susie); Richard, m. Mary Bumgardner; William, m. Sallie Davis. William died in Confederate army without issue.
(JFH: Jasper Newton Featherston (m. Elizabeth Rhyne) and James B. Featherston (m. Barbara Rhyne) were sons of Richard Featherston, Jr./Elalah Pratt Fulton -BRANCH #5.)

The St. Louis Globe Democrat – probably of August 7, 1911

Special Dispatch to the Globe Democrat
Moberly, Mo. August 6 – Elder William Featherstone, aged 77 years, died at his home on West Rollins Street in this city at 12:20 Saturday morning. Mr. Featherstone was born in Jessamond County, Ky., February 24, 1833. With his parents he moved to Monroe County, this state, in 1841. On May 20, 1858 he was married to Miss Ragsdale of near Madison, Mo., who died just two months ago today. Surviving him are one brother, Martin Featherstone, aged 92 years, of this city; a half brother, Silace Featherstone; two half-sisters, Mrs. Sarah Woods of Madison, Mo. and Mrs. Lucy Wisman of Trenton, Mo. For the past fifteen years Mr. Featherstone had made Moberly his home.
Elder Featherstone was ordained a minister of the Church of the Disciples of Christ (now known as the Christian Church) at Antioch Church near Moberly, in 1851. He was one of the best known ministers of his faith in Missouri. He was always dignified, but ever had a kind word for all persons he met on all occasions. He was educated in the common schools, and was successful in his chosen profession. Last winter Elder Featherstone suffered a stroke of paralysis, followed in a few weeks by another attack, and for the past eight months had been practically an invalid. Realizing that his end was near, on Tuesday last he asked to be taken to the monument works in this city, that he might select a monument to be erected at the grave of his wife in Oakland Cemetery. He ordered a monument to cost $300. (con’td)

Page 10
The St. Louis Globe Democrat (con’td)

The funeral will be held from the Central Christian Church Monday at 2:30 p.m. conducted by Elders Lampton of Madison and W.T. Henson of Moberly. (Note attached to this obit.: There are some errors in the above account, one in the age and others in spelling of names. Also, date ordained was 1859. He would have been only 18 in 1851. Two other articles give 1859.)

Notes from an article by Rev. C.W. Webdell in the Moberly Democrat of August 6.
Rev. Wm. Martin Featherston
Born Feb. 24, 1833
Died August 5, 1911
Married Miss Mary J. Ragsdale May 20, 1858.
One of family of 17, 7 boys and 8 girls.
Survived by Martin, Silas, Mrs. Sarah Wood and Mrs. Lucy Wisman, both of Trenton (according to this article). Entered ministry in 1859 (This conflicts with date in another article.
(JFH: William M. Featherston, s/o Burwell Featherston/Sarah “Sally” Wymore -BRANCH #1.)

DEMOCRAT NEWS, MARSHALL, MO – Thursday 8 March 1922

JAMES T. FEATHERSTONE death: At his home on South Redman, James Taylor Featherstone, aged 73 years died Sunday, March 4, at 5:30 p.m. The deceased has been in poor health for sometime but only been confined to his bed since last Thursday and was able to be at the shoe factory where he was employed until a short time ago. Mr. Featherstone was a native of Kentucky, but had lived in Missouri for a great many years and was married to the late wife who was Miss Emma Swinney of the Arrow Rock neighborhood about 30 years ago. Her death occurred about four years ago at the South Redman home and the interment was in the Arrow Rock cemetery, on the Swinney lot and the husband will be laid beside her.
The funeral will take place at the Campbell undertaker’s establishment Tuesday at 10 o’clock, after which the remains will be taken to Arrow Rock for burial. The deceased was quiet in disposition, industrious and stable in character and well liked by all who knew him. A niece Mrs. Bessie Casebolt of Carroll county and a nephew, James Elder of Centralia are here and Wm. Swinney of Slater, a brother-in-law, is also here assisting in the funeral arrangements. Mr. Swinney’s family are all on the sick list and none of them was able to come with him. The deceased was reared in the faith of the Christian Church. No children survive.
submitted by: Mrs. Margaret T. “Peg” Macdonald
(JFH: James Taylor Featherston, -s/o Martin Featherston/Mary E. Featherston – BRANCH #1.)

Page 11

Abstracts of County Court Minutes 1804-1810
William Griffin Esqr. appointed to take the privy examination of Catharine Featherston touching her freely executing a power of attorney to Charles Hightower and Joshua Thorn to receive certain estates due Jesse Featherston in the Sate of Georgia in right of his wife the said Catharine; she freely and willingly executed the said power of attorney.
submitted by: Dixie A. Parker
(JFH; Jesse Featherston, s/o William Featherston, Jr./Susannah Griggs. Jesse m. Catherine ?Thorne – BRANCH #5.)


Will Bk. 2, p. 35
Will of Carolus Featherston. Dated 30 Mar. 1830. Give to 2 daus. Elizabeth Russell and Sally Wilkinson 50 cents each. To sons Robert, James, William, Jeremiah, and Burrel give sum of 50 cents each. To son Charles riding mare and saddle, $100.00 which I loaned him and half of all household and kitchen furniture. To son John horse, riding gig and other half of household and kitchen furniture. Executor to sell plantation in Va. and collect rents of said farm of my son William of Va. who has been my agent together with money which he has collected for me. Divide money equally between sons Charles and John. Appoint son Charles executor.
Carolus X Featherston
Wit: J. Wingate, Fielding Jones
Proved Apr. court 1830
(JFH: Carolus Featherston, s/o Charles Featherston/Jean Wright – BRANCH #1.)

Will Bk. 2, p. 92
Will of Martha A. Featherston. Dated 15 Oct. 1837. To sister Priscilla Talbot 15 shares of stock in Bank of Ky. left to Martha by her brother Isham Talbot. At Priscilla’s death to go to children of late brother Eliza G. Dudley, Juliah M. Samuel and Wm. G. Talbot. All other property to go to sister Priscilla. Ambrose W. Dudley, Churchill Samuel and Wm. G. Talbot to be executors.
Will proved Oct. term court 1837 by witnesses Silas Payne & Leander J. Sharp.
(JFH: In EARLY WILL RECORDS OF ADAMS CO., MS – William Featherstone (Counsellor and Attorney at Law, of Henderson County, Kentucky), will dated April 9, 1812 and probated July Term 1812. His wife was named: Martha A. Featherstone. According to HISTORY OF HENDERSON COUNTY, KY William Featherston was licensed to practice law in Henderson Co. in 1804. Various (con’td)

Page 12
Franklin Co., KY Wills (con’td)

researchers have stated that Henry Featherston and Elizabeth Marshall (BRANCH #3) had a son named William (b. Nov 1776), who was a lawyer in Henderson Co., KY. It is also stated that William died without issue. Evidently, Martha A. had no children as she leaves her property to her sister Priscilla and her brother’s children. Is Martha A. (Talbot) Featherston of Franklin Co. the same Martha A. who was married to William Featherston of Henderson Co., KY?)

Will Bk. 3, p. 309
Will of James Featherston. Dated 26 Jan. 1878. To Sarah E. Featherston widow of William E. Featherston, dec’d and her 3 children Willard T. Featherston, Francis Marion Featherston and Jimmy B. Featherston $1000.00. To Margaret J. Featherston $500.00. To Robert W. Featherston $500.00. To my daughter Lucy Ann Thomason $600.00. To Sarah Elizabeth Elder $100.00 to Taylor Featherston $100.00, the children of Martin Featherston. The residue of my estate to Sarah E. Featherston and her children. As Margaret J. Featherston owes $1250.00 she is to pay R.W. Featherston his $500.00 2 years from Jan. 1, 1878 with 6% interest and she is also to pay Sarah Elizabeth Elder $100.00. She is also to pay Taylor Featherston $100.00. Probated 4 Mar. 1878 . James Featherston
(JFH: James Featherston, s/o Carolus Featherston/Lucy Elmore – BRANCH #1. Other records show that Sarah E., widow of William E. Featherston had a child named Jenny B. The name Jimmy B. as shown above is probably an error.)

Will Bk. 5, p. 234
Will of Charles Featherston. Dated 31 Dec. 1900. To wife Jennie house and lot where now resides for her life time. Then to granddaughter Lydia Bohannon. To granddaughter Lydia Bohannon a bed and bedding, gold watch and shaving tools and trunk. All other property to wife Jennie. Wife Jennie appointed Executrix without bond.
Charles Featherston
Wit: Russell Penn N.B. Smith
Proved in court 6 Jun 1904
(JFH: Charles R. Featherston, s/o John Featherston/Lydia Poindexter – BR. #1.)


Atoka County
Irvin Featherstone head 45 MS
Margaret Featherstone wife 46 TX
Rhoda Featherstone dau – 17 OK
Vin Featherstone dau 15 OK
Eliz Featherstone dau 14 OK
Joseph Featherstone son 13 OK
Viola Featherstone dau • 11 ‘ OK
Ada Featherstone dau 8 OK (con’td)

Page 13
1910 OK Soundex – Atoka Co.
– Irvin Featherstone family (con’td)

Nellie Featherstone dau 7 OK
(JFH: Family of Irwin and Margaret Featherston is listed in the 1900 Choctaw Nation census and shows some of the same children. Can anyone identify Irvin/Irwin Featherston(e)?)

Canadian County
Peter Fedderson head 42 GER PRWR
(prisoner of war?)
Catharine Fedderson wife 41 GER PRWR
Theodore Fedderson son 19 IA
Wm. Fedderson son 17 IA
Christine Fedderson dau 15 IA
John Fedderson son 12 IA
Hilda Fedderson dau 10 IA
Geo. Fedderson son 3 OK
Bernard Fedderson son NR OK
Theodore Fedderson father 69 GER PRWR

Dewey County
William Featherston head 44 AR
Dora Feafcherston wife 34 TX
Lowell Featherston son 13 TX
Rome Featherston son 8 OK
William Featherston son 5 OK
(JFH: William “Bill” Thomas Featherston – m. to Dora Maud Gregory. William, s/o Thomas Eldridge Featherston/Margaret Louise Cline – BRANCH #5.)

Garvin County
Alfred Featherston fa-in-law? 73 TX
enumerated wtih John Mandins
(JFH; Can anyone identify Alfred Featherston?)

Grady County
Geo. W. Featherston boarder 31 TX
enumerated with John C. York
(JFH: George W. (William?) Featherston – s/o Robert Barnett/Barney Featherston/Martha Adelaide Putman – BRANCH #3.)

Albert M. Featherston . head 38 TX
Mary C. Featherston wife 37 KY
Norine Featherston dau 14 OK
Bertram Featherston son 11 KS
Clarence Featherston son 9 CO
Truffy Featherston son 7 CO
Sallie Featherston dau 2 • KS •
(JFH: Can anyone identify Albert M. Featherston?) (con’td)

Page 14
1910 OK Soundex (con’td)

Haskell County
Hubert Featherster boarder 23 AR
enumerated with Arthur Turnham
(JFH: Could this be Herbert Truman Featherston – b. May 1886 Logan Co.. AR, s/o John Featherston/Melinda Moore – BRANCH #5?)

Hughes County
Jessie B. Fetherstone head 52 AL
Cynlia Fetherstone wife 43 AR
Minnie M. Fetherstone dau 22 AR
Earnest E. Fetherstone son 18 AR
Dora Fetherstone dau 16 AR
Betha E. Fetherstone dau 13 OK
Ray D. Fetherstone son 10 AR
Henry G. Fetherstone son 8 AR
(JFH: Jesse Be(a)son Featherston – s/o Jesse Benson Featherston/Naomi Samply; m. to Cyneska Karen McWhorter – BRANCH #5.)

Johnston County
Ed H. Featherston head 42 MO
Lizzie Featherston wife 36 TN
Henry Featherston son 5 OK
Pearl ie Featherston dau 3 OK /
Laura Featherston dau NR OK
Annie Walls st.dau 9 OK
(JFH: Edward H. Featherston – s/o Edward John Featherston/Parmeda __? – BRANCH #3.)

Kay County
J.L. Featherston head 50 IL
L.H. Featherston wife 36 IL
R. Featherston dau 16 MO
(JFH: This is probably John Lewis Featherston – s/o James Franklin Featherston/Susana Francis Booker. John Lewis married Lucy Harriet Quinby – BRANCH #5.)

Lincoln County
William Feathorston head 41 IL
Clara Feathorston wife 37 IL
Taylor Feathorston son 17 IL
Albert Feathorston son 14 IL
Jennie Feathorston dau 11 IL
Nona Feathorston dau 4 OK
(JFH: William Taylor Featherston – s/o William Henry Featherston/Sarah Jane McComas. William Taylor-Featherston m. Clara Climatee Albert – BRANCH #1.)

Page 15
1910 OK Soundex (con’td)

McCurtain County
Calvin Featherston head 60 VA
Francis Featherston wife 50 LA
Martha Featherston dau 20 LA
Inda Featherston dau 10 LA
(JFH: Can anyone identify Calvin Featherston?)

Murray County
Groves Fetherston head 22 OK
Lillian Fetherston wife 19 OK
Carrell Fetherston son 1 OK
(JFH: Grover C. Featherston – s/o Christopher Columbus Featherston/__? __? (1st wife) BRANCH #2.)

Muskogee County
Etta Featherstone ?st.nie? 17 OK
enumerated with Joel Cooper

Lottie Featherstone nie AR
enumerated with Mary Shorter
(JFH: Can anyone identify Etta and Lottie Featherstone?)

Okmulgee County
Dave Featherston bro-in-law 19 AR
enumerated with John Gibson

John Featherston head 18 AR
Nuda Featherston wife 17 AL
(JFH: John and Dave Featherston – David T. and John P. Featherston, sons of Archibald Yell Featherston and Sarah Martin – BRANCH #1.)

Osage County
Lucy Featherstun head 48 IL
Grover Featherstun son 25 MO
Frank Featherstun son 19 MO
(JFH: Can anyone identify this family?)

Pittsburg County
Lucius Featherstone head 49 TX
Mitie A. Featherstone wife 38 OK
Charles C. Featherstone son 18 OK
Will ie F. Featherstone son 16 • ‘OK
L.C. Featherstone son 15 OK (con’td)

Page 16
1910 OK Soundex – Pittsburg Co.
– Lucius Featherstone family (con’td)

Henry G.B. Featherstone son 13 OK
James T. Featherstone son 11 OK
Edward M. Featherstone son 9 OK
Francis M. Featherstone dau 5 TX
Joseph M. Featherstone son 3 OK
Lots V. Featherstone son NR OK
Lots Vail sis-in-law 18 OK
(JFH: Lucius Cassius “Doc” Featherston – s/o Charles Henry Featherston/Nancy Ann Yarbrough Middlebrook; Lucius Cassius “Doc” Featherston m.3) Mittie A. Vail – BRANCH #3.)

Wagoner County
Bud Featherston head 62 AR
Sarah Featherston wife 57 AR
Ann Featherston dau 15 AR
Emiline Richardson mo-in-law 75 TN

Taney Featherston head 31 AR
Gena Featherston wife 26 AR
Clinton Featherston son 8 TX
Treasure Featherston dau 5 TX

Ray Featherstone head 23 AR
Lula Featherstone wife 19 AL
(JFH: Can anyone identify these three families?)

Identification of Ernest Featherston,
“Old Doughboy”

volume 19. pages 20-22:
Ernest Eugene Featherston – b. 16 Jan 1892 Ozark AR; m. 3 Feb 1924 to Margaret Kathryn Stromberg, s/o Jesse Be(a)son Featherston/Cyneska Karen McWhorter. Ernest E. is listed in his parent’s household on the 1900 Montgomery Co., AR Census and the 1910 Hughes Co.. OK Soundex. – BRANCH #5)
submitted by Mrs. I.D. (Elmeree) Oakley

Possible identification of Sid Featherston,

volume 19, pages 16 & 17.
The obituary states that Sid’s parents were Thomas Alexander and Alice Green Featherston. A Thomas Featherston, son of Sidney and Tabitha Featherston is listed in 1900 Van Zandt Co., TX and 1910 Henderson Co., TX census records. In 1900 Thomas was age 6, b. Aug 1894. It is possible that this is Thomas Alexander Featherston, Sid’s father, and his grandfather Sidney. (con’td)

Page 17
Sid Featherston (con’td)

However, the dates in the obit. are contradictory. Sid is said to have been age 76 at the time of his death in 1996 and to have been born 2 Nov 1914. If Sid’s age is listed correctly, his birth would have occurred in 1920. Thomas, son of Sidney and Tabitha was age 16 in 1910. It is possible he could have married Alice Green and had a son by 1914, but this possibility is even more plausible if Sid was born in 1920. Sidney was a son of Thomas Franklin Featherston – BRANCH #2.
submitted by: Priscilla Martin


Garland Co., AR Historical Society 1988 (Genealogical record. Marriages may not have occurred in Garland Co.)

p. 54 – Kilby family
Jamie Kilby “Jane” age 21 in 1910 m. 1st James L. Homes, no issue. M. 2nd Plez O’NeaI. Two daughters: (on Montgomery Co., AR 1910)
A. Mildred O’Neal, dec’d, m. L.A. Simpson.
B. Mae Jean O’Neal, m. 1st Glenn Featherston, two children.

p. 151 – Hobgood family
Raymond Hobgood b. 1918 m. at age 19 to Oza Mae Featherstone, age 18, on Nov. 20, 1937.
(JFH: Can anyone identify Glenn Featherston or Oza Mae Featherstone?)


Lower District – Greenwood Courthouse
Book ‘C’ 1892-1899 – Transcribed by Wanda McGehee 1986

25 Dec 1895. George E. Mikel, 26 and Amanda Featherston, 17.

Lower District – Greenwood Courthouse
Book ‘D’ 1893-1904 – Transcribed by Wanda McGehee 1986

11 Apr 1899. Andrew McCoy, 25 and Gertie Featherston, 18

25 Mar 1901. H.T. Rowland, 24 and Effie Featherston, 18
(JFH: Amanda and Effie Featherston were daus. of William Franklin Featherston/Ellen Jemmison. Gertrude “Gertie” Featherston was dau. of John Burrell Featherston/Sarah Malissa Cross. – all BRANCH #5.)

We’ve been informed that “English Records of Featherstons” is published in D.A.R. Magazine, Volume 65. Does anyone have this article to share with us?

Page 17a

The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent. These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.
These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process, please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume. If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used.
These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes. Therefore it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage. You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins

Page 18
BRANCH #1 & #3 – updates

VII Joyce Fay Featherston – m. Homer Leon Hawkins (for more information on this family see vol. 1, p. 14; vol. 3, p. 15; BRANCH #3, Gen. X – vol. 9, ps. 28 & 29; vol. 13, p. 26; vol. 16, p. 17)
3. Donna Lynn Hawkins – b. 19 Mar 1961 Oakland, Alameda Co., CA; m. 7 Nov 1996 Pasadena, Harris Co., TX to Joe Venoy Conner


I Charles Featherston(e) – m. to Rebecca Stratton (for previous listings of this family see Branch #4, vol. 1, ps. 25 & 26; vol. 4, p. 19; vol. 7, ps. 15 & 16; vol. 9, p. 25; vol. 11, p. 22; vol. 13, p. 23; vol. 16, p. 17; vol. 16, ps. 21 & 22; vol. 17, p. 20; vol. 17, p. 23; vol. 18, p. 19)

1. Anne Featherston(e) – m. to Abraham Burton
*2. Henry Charles (or Charles Henry) Featherston(e) – m. to Elizabeth Walthall
3. Sarah Featherston(e) –
4. Susanna Featherston(e) –

II Henry Charles (or Charles Henry) Featherston(e) – m. to Elizabeth Walthall (for previous listings of this family see Branch #4, vol. 1, p. 26; vol. 4, p. 19; vol. 7, p. 16; notes in vol. 8, p. 19; vol. 9, p. 25; vol. 13, p. 23; vol. 16, p. 22; vol. 17, p. 23) (note: in some issues children are listed in a different order)

*1. Charles Featherston(e) – m. to Phoebe Walthall
2. Henry Featherston(e) – Charles & Henry shown as *2. Henry Charles (or Charles Henry) Featherston(e) – m. to Phoebe Walthall in vol. 1)
3. Mary Featherston(e) –
4. dau. – m. to Thomas Jeffries
5. Rebecca Featherston(e) – m. to Thomas Sadler
6. daughter –

III Charles Featherston(e) – m. to Phoebe Walthall (for previous listings of this family see Branch #4, vol. 1, p. 26 – shown as Henry Charles (or Charles Henry) Featherston; vol. 4, p. 20; vol. 7, p. 16; vol. 16, p. 22; vol. 17, p. 23)

*1. Henry Featherston(e) – m. to Elizabeth Marshall
2. Edward Featherston(e) – m. to Sarah Ashbrooke
3. Charles H. Featherston(e) – m. to Ann M. French
4. Elizabeth Featherston(e) – m. to Thomas Walthall
5. Phebe Featherston(e) – m. to Irby Hudson (con’td)

Page 19
BRANCH #3 – (con’td)

IV Henry Featherston – m. to Elizabeth Marshall (for previous listings of this family see Branch #4, vol. 1, ps. 24 & 25; vol. 5, p. 16; vol 7., ps. 17 & 18; vol. 16, p. 22; for a correction see vol. 16, p. 25))

1. Sarah Featherston – m. to Thomas Hardie
*2. Charles Featherston – m. to Lucy Pitts
3. Henry Featherston, Jr. – m. to Nancy Marshall
4. William Featherston –
5. Alexander Featherston –
6. Elizabeth Featherston – m. to John Cogbill
7. child – (shown in vol. 7, p. 17)
8. Edward Featherston – m. to Mary “Polly” Y. Hibbitt
9. Mary Ann “Polly” Featherston – m. to Charles Christian Cogbill
10. Phebe Featherston – m. to Marquis De Lafayette Sharp
11. Daniel Marshall Featherston –

V Charles Featherston – m. Lucy Pitts (for previous listings of this family see Branch #4, vol. 1, p. 27; vol. 3, p. 16; vol. 3, p. 18)

1. Edward Featherston – m. to Rebecca Wilcox Alston
2. Henry Featherston –
3. Lucius Horace Featherston – (see comment vol. 16, p. 25)
4. Berinthia M. Featherston – m.l) to David P. Hannis; m.2) to John McMurray
5. Elizabeth C. Featherston – m.l) to Uriah Gardner; m.2) to Robert McKnight
*6. Melinda H. Featherston – b. 2 Jul 1807 TN
7. Frances P. Featherston – m. to ___? Fletcher
8. Lucius Horace Featherston – m. to Maria Ann Thompkins
9. Winfield Scott Featherston – m.l) to Mary Holt Harris; m.2) to Elizabeth M. McEwen

VI Melinda H. Featherston – b. 2 Jul 1807 TN, d. 29 Aug 1893 ?Haywood Co., TN; m. 29 Nov 1826 ?TN to Ansel Freeman – b. 1794 NC, d. Dec 1877 ?Haywood Co., TN, s/o Anderson Freeman / Mildred Johnson. Sources; Ansel Freeman -Will Bk. E, p. 368 (16 Aug 1872), probate 7 Jan 1878, Haywood Co., TN (Children listed: Thomas W; Lucy C; Henry D; Narcissus A; Mary F; William A; exec: Henry D; Wit: H.F. Russell and M. Barden(?); Ansel1 appointed deacon Sep 1844 at Zion Baptist Church. Haywood Co., TN (east of Brownsville); Deeds: BL F p. 370, 6 Dec 1834/3 Oct 1836 bought by Ansel and Spencer Freeman (a lot #16 in Brownsville) wit: Robt. McMurray, Jas. W. Moore; BL F p. 371, 27 Jan 1835: Wm. Howell sells to Ansell for $500; Court Minutes: Bk. C/or G, p. 372, 5 Jul 1836 Ansel adm. of estate of Spencer Freeman; Bk. C, p. 325, 1 Aug 1836 ret. inven. of Spencer Freeman; Bk. K, p. 466, 7 Jan 1843, Rec. 20 Jan 1843 land; Bk. L, p. 121, 1 Feb 1843, Reg. 17 Apr 1844 Ansel sells to Wm. Howell, lot #16; Bk. M., p. 273, 20 Nov1846, reg. 22 Feb 1849 sells land; Bk. 0, p. 713, reg. 4 (con’td)

Page 20
BRANCH #3 – Melinda H. Featherston (con’td)

May 1850 Ansel buys 3 negro slaves (Perlina 23, Will is 4, Abrams 2); Book V, p. 719, reg. 30 Mar 1859, negro girl Matilda, 13; Will Bk. 1, p. 15647, 3 Jan 1839 settlement of estate of Spencer Freeman. Resided in Rutherford Co., TN 1830; Haywood Co., TN by 1840 until death in Dec 1877. Deed BL F, p. 379, 6 Dec 1834, says Ansel and Spencer Freeman of Gibson Co. (which or both?). Malinda H. Featherston sources: “Heard Co., GA, a History of It’s People”; “Ancestors and Descendants of Judge L.H.Featherston” (FFs vol. 9).

1. Gale Freeman –
2. Thomas W. Freeman – b. abt. 1827/1830
3. Lucy C. Freeman – b. abt. 1827/1830
*4. Henry Dandridge Freeman – b. 3 Nov 1834 near Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN
5. Magnum Freeman – b. abt. 1840
6. Charles Freeman – b. abt. 1842
7. Mary Freeman – b. abt. 1845
8. William A. Freeman – b. abt. 1849
9. Narcissus A. Freeman –

VII Henry Dandridge Freeman – b. 3 Nov 1834 near Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN, d. 12 Apr 1919 Darlow, Reno Co., KS, bur. 14 Apr 1919 KS; m. 7 May 1857 to Martha Dove “Pattie” Moore – b. 24 Nov 1837 near Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN, d. 2 Jun 1940 Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS, d/o James Alexander Moore/Elinor K. Montgomery. Sources: “Tennessee Colony”, p. 7; Henry D. listed in his father’s will.

1. George Henry Freeman – b. 30 Mar 1858 Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN, d. 2 Jun 1940 Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS, bur. Hutchinson Fairview Cem., Reno Co., KS; m. 28 Oct 1883 to Vie Anna Willis
2. Stephen Alexander Freeman – b. 19 Aug 1860 Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co., AR, d. 29 Jul 1933, bur. Fairview Elmer Cem., Reno Co., KS; m. 31 Dec 1884 Reno Co., KS to Martha Ellen Bramwell
3. Winfield Scott Freeman – b. 17 Apr 1863, d. 16 Feb 1864
*4. Mary Ellen Freeman – b. 26 Nov 1864 Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN 5. Nancy Agnes Freeman – b. 21 Aug 1867, d. 7 Oct 1898, bur. Fairview Elmer Cem., Reno Co., KS
6. Martha Lorena Freeman – b. 12 Feb 1870 TN, d. 2 Jun 1942; m. 12 Feb 1890 to Zimri Randall – b. 14 Mar 1865, d. 22 Oct 1922 WV
7. Mabel Olema Freeman – b. 13 Jun 1872, d. 7 Oct 1898; m. 14 Mar 1896 to Monteray R. McMurry – b. 5 Nov 1871, d. 1 Oct 1930
8. Elizabeth Lula Freeman – b. 6 May 1875 KS; m. 23 Feb 1898 to Ralph C. Getter – b. 8 Mar 1874
9. Emma Malinda Pearl (?) Freeman – b. 30 Oct 1878 KS, d. 5 May 1936, bur. Pomona Cem., CA; m. 25 Dec 1899 to Benjamin M. Murphy – b. 14 Aug 1877, d. 10 Jun 1959

Page 21
BRANCH #3 – (con’td)

VIII Mary Ellen Freeman – b. 26 Nov 1864 Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN, d. 23 May 1954 Junction City, Geary Co., KS, bur. 25 May 1954 Memorial Lawn Cem., Arkansas City, Cowley Co., KS; m. 22 Oct 1885 Junction City, Geary Co., KS to Ellsworth Lyman Hull – b. 10 Aug 1864 Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co., WI, d. 15 Jan 1938 Ankansas City, Cowley Co., KS, bur. 17 Jan 1938 Memorial Lawn Cem., Arkansas City, Cowley Co., KS, s/o Lyman Hull/Mrs. Caroline Danndredge Leahy. Sources: Death certificates.

*1. Wyllys Lyman Hull – b. 31 Dec 1887 Syracuse, Hamilton Co., KS
2. Dwight Ellsworth Hull – b. 28 Jul 1891 Ford, Ford Co., KS, d. Sep 1962 Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., KS, bur. El Dorado, Butler Co., KS; m.l) 3 Jun 1917 El Dorado, Butler Co., KS to Mary Alberta Johnson; m.2) Harriet (Mohler) Sondergard – b. 26 Feb 1902, d. 20 Dec 1952
3. Melva Mae Hull – b. 5 Sep 1893 Jetmore, Hodgeman Co., KS; m. 25 Dec 1912 to Adrian Earl Roberts
4. Faith Elanor Hull – b. 11 Sep 1899 Wakefield, Clay Co., KS, d. 21 Oct 1966 Junction City, Geary Co., KS, bur. Highland Cem., Junction City, KS; m. 22 Dec 1920 El Dorado, Butler Co., KS to Cecil Edwin Allison
5. Alden Ansel Hull – b. 19 Jul 1905 Manhattan, KS; m. to Helen Peck
6. Helen Mabel Hull – b. 27 Dec 1909 Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, d. 1 Oct 1981 Junction City, Geary Co., KS, bur. Highland Cem., Junction City, KS; m. 17 May 1923 Salina, Saline Co., KS to Lloyd Milleson
7. Paul Hull – d. young

IX Wyllys Lyman Hull – b. 31 Dec 1887 Syracuse, Hamilton Co., KS, d. 8 Mar 1975 Borger, Hutchinson Co.. TX, bur. 11 Mar 1975 Stillwater, Payne Co.. OK; m. 25 Aug 1912 Maize, KS to Edna Jane Grandfield – b. 26 Apr 1888 Pretty Prairie, Reno Co., KS, d. 20 Feb 1961 Stillwater, Payne Co., OK, bur. 22 Feb 1961 Stillwater. Payne Co., OK, d/o George Thomas Grandfield/America Bramwell. Sources: birth, marriage and death certificates.

1. Edna Zepherine Hull – b. 6 Nov 1913 BattlesvilIe, Washington Co., OK; m. 23 Oct 1936 Bristow, Creek Co., OK to Neil Vincent Zumwalt
2. George Ellsworth Hull – b. 21 Feb 1920 Drumright, Creek Co., OK, d. 1 Dec 1989 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX, bur. 5 Dec 1989 Tucson, Pima Co., AZ; m. 27 May 1944 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co.. OK to Betty Roberta Farris Neph
3. Ansel Lyman Hull – b. 4 Oct 1925 Drumright, Creek Co., OK, d. 24 Jul 1985 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK, bur. 26 Jul 1985 Memorial Pk., Tulsa Co.. OK; m. 20 Jun 1952 Lexington, Cleveland Co., OK to Evelyn Marie Northcutt
*4. Ivan Wyllys Hull (Dr.) – b. 26 Feb 1927 Drumright, Creek Co., OK

X Ivan Wyllys Hull (Dr.) – b. 26 Feb 1927 Drumright, Creek Co., OK; m. 12 Apr 1949 Norman, Cleveland Co., OK to Jeanne Rector – b. 25 Aug 1927 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, d/o Sherwood Vivian Rector/Eardean Dorothy Smith. Sources: Birth and Marriage certificates, (con’td)

Page 22
BRANCH #3 – Ivan Wyllys Hull (Dr.) (con’td)

1. Harriet Sherwood Hull – b. 17 Aug 1953 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK; m. 7 Jun 1975 Waco, McLennan Co., TX to Carrol 1 Wayne Fadal
2. Sarah Jeanne Hull – b. 16 Oct 1955 Dalhart, Hartley Co., TX; m. 30 Aug 1975 Borger, Hutchinson co., TX to Brian Gale Alexander
3. Andrew Bramwell Hull – b. 19 Feb 1960 Dalhart, Hartley Co., TX; m. 5 May 1990 Houston, Harris Co., TX to Yvonne Suzanne Reyna-Davila
submitted May 1997 by: Jeanne Rector Hull


I William Featherston – m. Mary May
(for previous listing of this family see vol. 6, p. 20; vol. 18, p. 23)

1. Jane Featherston – m. John Cross
*2. William Featherston – m. prob. Frances Cross or Howell
(JFH: this generation added in vol. 6)

II William Featherston – m. prob. Frances Cross or Frances Howell (for previous listing of this family see vol. 2, p. 16; vol. 4, p. 22; vol. 6, p. 16; vol. 6, p. 20 – adds 2 more children; vol. 9, p. 29; vol. 10, p. 22; vol. 12, p. 18; vol. 12, p. 22; vol. 13, p. 26; vol. 14, p. 22)

*1. William Featherston, Jr. – m. Susannah Grigg
2. Richard Featherston –
3. Howell Featherston –

III William Featherston, Jr. (or Wm. Ill) – m. Susannah Grigg (for previous listings of this family see vol. 2, p. 16; generation II omitted vol. 4, p. 22; correction on missed generation vol. 5, p. 19; vol. 6, ps. 16 & 17; generation III – vol. 6, p. 21; vol. 8, p. 20; vol. 9, ps. 29 & 30; vol. 10, p. 22; vol. 12, p. 18; vol. 12, p. 22; vol. 13, p. 27; vol. 14, p. 22) Note; children listed in different order in some volumes.

1. William Grigg Featherston –
2. Lewis Featherston – m. Elizabeth Leath
*3. Richard Featherston(e) – m. Susannah Davenport
4. Jesse Featherston – m. Catherine Thorne?
5. Burrell Featherston – m. Ann Hightower
6. Charles Howell Featherston –
7. Frances Featherston – m. George Stell/Still, Jr.
8. Lucy Featherston – m. John Vaughan
9. Elizabeth Featherston – m. Lewis Clark(e)
10. Susannah Featherston – m. Burl/Burre’l 1/Burwell Wells

Page 23
BRANCH #5 – (con’td)

IV Richard Featherstone – B. Ca. 1746 Amelia Co., VA, d. Ca. 1790 Lincoln Co., NC; m. Susanna Davenport. Source: Mrs. I.D. Oakley, Hopkinsville, KY (for previous listings of this family see generation II, vol. 4, p. 23; vol. 8, p. 20 – list adds two more children & info)

Correction adding death date from contributor Janet same source

1. Lewis Featherston(e) – m. Catherine Johnson
2. Sarah Featherstone – m. Raleigh Harwell
*3. Susanna Featherston – b. ca. 1777 VA
4. Francis “Frankey” Featherston – m. Rev. Robert Gaines
5. Richard Featherston, Jr. – m. Elalah Pratt Fulton
6. Nancy Featherstone – m. Gardner Harwell

V Susanna Featherston(e) – b. ca. 1777 VA; m. 1 Jul 1797 Lincoln Co., NC to Henry Mayo Gaines – b. 1769 Culpepper Co., VA (for previous listing of this family see vol. 8, p. 20)

1. Francis Pendleton Gaines – b. 15 Dec 1798 Lincoln Co., NC ?; m. June 1817 to James Barfield
*2. Ira Mayo Gaines – B. Jul 1801 Lincoln? Co., NC?, d. 29 May 1861; (M1.22 Dec 1824 Lauderdale Co., TN to Mary Elizabeth Hayes – b. 1802, d. 1843 Marshall Co., MS;) (m.2 25 Mar 1845 to Narcissa Mildred Bloodworth – b. Ca.1828. d. Ca. 1902)
Correction adding second name, 2nd wife and m. date from contributor Janet
3. Richard Featherstone Gaines – b. ca. 1809 Barren Co., KY, d. Ripley, TN; m. to Melvina L. Amanda Keese

VI Ira Mayo Gaines – b. Jul 1801 Lincoln Co., NC ?, d. 29 May 1861 Lauderdale Co., TN; (m.1) 22 Dec 1824 Lauderdale Co., TN to Mary Elizabeth Hayes – b. 1802, d. 1843 Marshall Co., MS;) (m.2 Narcissa Mildred Bloodworth. Source: Census records.
Correction adding second name etc. from contributor Janet

Issue by 1st wife:
*1. Susan Gaines – b. ca. 1830
2. Elizabeth Gaines – m. 23 Jun 1866 to Henry Pitts
3. Pony Gaines – m. __? Glenn
4. Alice Gaines – m. __? McMann
5. Henry Gaines –
6. Zack Gaines –

VII Susan Gaines – b. ca. 1830, d. bef. 1870; m. 10 Jun 1852 Ripley, TN to James Pitts – b. 1833, d. aft. 1870, s/o Abner Pitts/Lucinda Golding. Sources: Notes from Marcel la Mohr of info. taken from Aunt Zeima in 1951.

1. Abb Pitts – m. Annie Tremble
2. Jay Pitts –
3. Base Pitts – m. Nancy Birnum/Barham
*4. Flora Jane Pitts – b. 3 Oct 1861
5. Jim Pitts (female) – m. Sam Jenkins

VIII Flora Jane Pitts – b. 3 Oct 1861, d. 2 Nov 1914/16; m.l) ca. 1885 Ripley, TN to James “Jim” Blankenship – b. Nov 1851 Lauderdale Co., TN, d. 11 Mar 1894, b-ur. Macey Cem.. Craighead Co., AR, s/o Richard G. Blankenship/ Martha W. Stokes; m. 2) to Sam Harris. Source: Family records, (con’td)

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BRANCH #5 – Flora Jane Pitts (con’td)

1. Susan Mattie Blankenship – b. Jan 1886; m. Eldridge Fullen
2. Nellie Eva Blankenship – b. 10 Dec 1887; m. M.J. Moore
*3. Carl Gess Blankenship – b. 28 Dec 1889 Ripley, TN
4. James Abner Blankenship – b. Oct 1891 – d. WWI Battle of Marna

IX Carl Gess Blankenship – b. 28 Dec 1889 Ripley, TN, d. 1953 Memphis, TN, bur. Memorial Park, Memphis, TN; occupation: Frisco Railroad; Baptist; m. 19 Dec 1915 Craighead Co., AR to Lillie Nadine Beaty – b. 11 Nov 1898 Tipton Co., TN, d. 13 Nov 1991 Memphis, TN, bur. Memorial Park, Memphis, TN; Baptist; d/o William Emory Beaty/Lena M. Webb; Baptist.

1. Adrian Blankenship – b. Nov 1916 Ditch Dump Rd., Craighead Co., AR; m. to Marie Hall
2. Ulysses Blankenship – b. Feb 1918 Ditch Dump Rd., Craighead Co., AR, d. Oct 1922
3. James Abner Blankenship – b. 23 Dec 1919 Sipes Neighborhood, Craighead Co.. AR, d. Jun 1921
4. Doris Blankenship – b. 5 Dec 1921; m. to Anthony Cotter
*5. Marvin Winfred “Jack” Blankenship – b. 11 Feb 1924 Lower Macey, Monette, Washington Co., AR
6. Maxine Blankenship – b. 22 Aug 1926 Monette, AR; m. Ben B. Goatzman
7. Carline Blankenship – b. 13 Mar 1929 Turkey Run, AR; m. Daniel “Danny” D’Errico
8. child – b. Feb 1931, bur. at Lower Macey – lived 3 days
9. Bill Blankenship – b. 8 Dec 1932; m. Barbara __?
10. Patricia June “Pat” Blankenship – b. 18 Jun 1936 Wardell, MO; m. to Kennard Wellons

X Marvin Winfred “Jack” Blankenship – b. 11 Feb 1924 Lower Macey, Monette, Washington Co., AR, d. 17 Oct 1958 Grand Junction, CO, bur. 22 Oct 1958 Obion Co. Cem., Union City, TN; res. Memphis, TN, Fulton, KY; occupation: Doctor – General Practice; Baptist; US Navy; m. 23 Jun 1951 Wilson, Dinwiddie Co., VA to Irene Frances Blair – b. 29 Dec 1928 Dinwiddie Co., VA, d/o John Daniel Blair/Lucille Gregory; res.: Wilson, VA, Fulton, KY, Durham, NC, Charlottes- ville. VA; Dietitian; Methodist. Irene m.2) to Barton Game Hagerty.

1. Frank Tyier Blankenship – b. 7 Dec 1952 Memphis, TN
2. Terry Neil Blankenship – b. 24 Jan 1954 Paducah, KY
3. Jackie Blair Blankenship – b. 27 Nov 1955 Fulton, KY; m. 22 Jun 1973 to Jeffry Brooks Davis
4. Tracy Alan Blankenship – b. 4 Nov 1957 Fulton, KY, d. 13 Mar 1976 Charlottesville, VA submitted May 1997 by: Frank T. Blankenship

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I William Featherston – m. Mary May (for previous listing of this family see vol. 6, p. 20; vol. 18, p. 23)

1. Jane Featherston – m. John Cross
*2. William Featherston – m. prob. Frances Cross or Howell
(JFH; this generation added in vol. 6)

II William Featherston – m. prob. Frances Cross or Frances Howell (for previous listing of this family see vol. 2, p. 16; vol. 4, p. 22; vol. 6, p. 16; vol. 6, p. 20 – adds 2 more children; vol. 9, p. 29; vol. 10, p. 22; vol. 12, p. 18; vol. 12, p. 22; vol. 13, p. 26; vol. 14, p. 22)

*1. William Featherston, Jr. – m. Susannah Grigg
2. Richard Featherston –
3. Howell Featherston –

III William Featherston, Jr. (or Wm. Ill) – m. Susannah Grigg (for previous listings of this family see vol. 2, p. 16; generation II omitted vol. 4, p. 22; correction on missed generation vol. 5, p. 19; vol. 6, ps. 16 & 17; generation III – vol. 6, p. 21; vol. 8, p. 20; vol. 9, ps. 29 & 30; vol. 10. p. 22; vol. 12, p. 18; vol. 12, p. 22; vol. 13, p. 27; vol. 14, p. 22) Note: children listed in different order in some volumes.

1. William Grigg Featherston –
2. Lewis Featherston – m. Elizabeth Leath
3. Richard Featherston(e) – m. Susannah Davenport
*4. Jesse Featherston – m. Catherine Thorne?
5. Burrell Featherston – m. Ann Hightower
6. Charles Howell Featherston –
7. Frances Featherston – m. George Stell/Still, Jr.
8. Lucy Featherston – m. John Vaughan
9. Elizabeth Featherston – m. Lewis Clark(e)
10. Susannah Featherston – m. Burl/Burrel1/Burwel1 Wells

IV Jesse Featherston – m. Catherine Thorne(?) (for more information on this family see vol. 9, p. 30; vol. 12, p. 18; vol. 13, p. 27)

1. Merriman Featherston – m. Amelia “Milly” Mills
2. William Featherston – m. Caty Spencer
3. Jesse Featherston, Jr. – m. Lavina Loftin
*4. Presley Featherston – b. ca. 1781 NC
5. Catharine Featherston – m. John Davis
6. Burrell Featherston – m. Henrietta Smith

Page 26
BRANCH #5 – (con’td)

V Presley Featherston – b. ca. 1781 NC; d. bef. Apr 1812 Rutherford Co., TN; m. to Nancy Loftin – b. 1765-1784, d. aft. 1820, d/o William Loftin/Levina Dunn. Nancy m.2) 14 Oct 1817 Rutherford Co., TN to Money/Manley Batton. Sources: 1810 & 1820 Rutherford Co., TN Censuses; 17 Jun 1811 William Loftin’s Rutherford Co., TN will (p. 184, TN Wills, Inventories & Settlements Vol. II 1804-1814) – mentions wife Lovina Loftin and a daughter Nancy Featherston; p. 123, Tennessee Tidbits, Vol. I “Featherston, Presly – Died before 19 October 1816 when the administrator made a report” – Rutherford Co., TN Court Min. Bk. K, p. 55; Rutherford Co., TN Marriages 1804-1872.

1. female – b. 1800-1810
2. female – b. 1800-1810
(JFH note: one dau poss. Catherine “Katie” Featherston who m. 11 Feb 1835 Rutherford Co., TN to George W. Wright)
*3. Presley/Preston Featherstone – b. ca. 1809-1814 NC
(JFH note: Can anyone supply additional information on Presley’s family?)

VI Presley/Preston Featherstone – b. ca. 1809-1814 NC; m.l) 20 Dec 1834 Rutherford Co., TN to Elizabeth Harris; m.2) 14 Apr 1852 Rutherford Co., TN to Mary “Polly” Ann Blessing – b. ca. 1833 TN. Sources: Rutherford Co., TN Marriages 1804-1872; 1840, 1850, 1870 & 1880 Rutherford Co., TN Census records; p. 338, My Findings Vol. 1 by Lillian Vesta Brown Johnson pub. 1987; Bedford Co., TN Marriages.

Issue of Presley/Preston Featherstone and Elizabeth Harris:
1. Calvin Featherston – b. ca.1834 TN; m.l) 17 Oct 1860 Rutherford Co.. TN to Nancy J. Lamb; m.2) 11 Sep 1862 Bedford Co., TN to Elizabeth Putnam
2. Catherine Featherston – b. ca. 1835 TN
3. Albert Featherston – b. ca. 1836 TN
4. William G. Featherston – b. ca. 1837 TN; m. 14 Jul 1869 Rutherford Co., TN to Sarah F. “Fannie” North – b. ca. 1850 TN, d. bef. 1900
5. Emeline Featherston – b. ca. 1838 TN
6. Jasper Featherston – b. ca. 1840 TN
7. Susan Featherston – b. ca. 1842 TN

Issue of Presley/Preston Featherstone and Mary “Polly” Ann Blessing:
8. Presley/Preston Featherston, Jr. – b. Oct 1852/1854/1856 TN; m.l) 10 Mar 1872 Rutherford Co., TN to Fannie Gates; m.2) 19 Aug 1880 Rutherford Co., TN to Martha “Mattie” M. Holden
9. Betty Featherston – b. ca. 1854 TN
10. Mary J. Featherston – b. ca. 1855 TN
*11. Bowling/Boland/Bolden C./S. Featherston – b. 15 Feb 1858 TN
12. Robert L. Featherston – b. ca. 1859 TN
13. Julia A. Featherston – b. ca. 1861 TN
14. Nancy Featherston – b. ca. 1863 TN; m. aft. 1880 to Granville M. Rowland – b. 1847 Rutherford Co., TN, s/o William Rowland/Elizabeth Brown; Granville M. Rowland m.l) 13 Sep 1875 Rutherford Co., TN to Frances Vashti Windrow – b. 15 Oct 1849
15. Henry Featherston – b. ca.-1865/66 TN
16. Mason M. Featherston – b. ca. 1872 TN (con’td)

Page 27
BRANCH #5 – (con’td)

VII BowIing/Boland/Bolden C./S. Featherstone – b. 15 Feb 1858 TN, d. 16 Jun 1916 Bedford Co., TN, bur. Houston Graveyard; Blacksmith; m. 6 Aug 1876 Rutherford Co., TN to Rebecca Corbett – b. ca. 1857 TN, d. bef. 1900. Sources: 1870 & 1880 Rutherford Co., TN Censuses – listed as “Bowling”; 1900 (“Boling”) & 1910 (“Bolden S.”) Bedford Co., TN Censuses; Rutherford Co., TN Marriages 1851-1872; Bedford Co., TN Death Notices (“Boland”); Hoover Funeral and Burial Records of Bedford Co., TN (“B.C.” & “Bolden”); Bedford Co., TN death certificate (“Boland”).

1. William Featherstone – b. 1878 TN
2. John E. Featherstone – b. 1879/80 TN
*3. Walter Albert Featherstone – b. 13 Sep 1886 Rutherford Co., TN
4. Abee Featherstone – b. Sep 1888 TN
5. Mary Maggie Featherstone – b. Sep 1892 TN

VIII Walter Albert Featherstone – b. 13 Sep 1886 Rutherford Co., TN, d. 24 Aug 1946 Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN, bur. Whitthorne Cem., Bedford Co., TN; m. to Myrtle J. Faulk – b. 9 Mar 1886, d/o Noble L. Faulk/Nannie Willoughby

1. Mamie Pearl Featherstone – b. 30 Oct 1906 Bedford Co., TN, d. 5 Apr 1988 Huntsville, AL; m. 11 Aug 1924 to Joseph Earl Kendall – b. 5 Aug 1898 Deason, TN, d. 10 May 1957 Huntsville, AL

1. Mary Evelyn Kendall – b. 7 Jul 1925 Roseville, TN; m. 14 Dec 1942 to Mauree Ezekial “Zeke” Phillips – b. 10 Apr 1924 Gibson, GA

1. Evelyn Maureen Phillips – b. 28 Nov 1943 Augusta, GA; m.l) __? Sampson; m.2) 28 Aug 1965 to __? Watanabe

1. Nancye Maureen Sampson – b. 1962
2. Wallace Kazuo Watanabe – b. 1966

2. James Walter Kendall – b. 9 Apr 1931 Belvedere, SC; m. 5 Sep 1953 to Barbara Stapleton

*2. William Preston Featherstone – b. 9 Aug 1908 Bedford Co., TN
3. Sarah Featherstone – b. 9 Aug 1910 Bell Buckle, TN; m. to Willie Wright. Has 4 children. 4. Sammie Featherstone – b. 6 Dec 1911 Bell Buckle, TN; m.l) Sallie Elizabeth Hawkins; m.2) Emma Catherine Gordon Caughran – b. 31 Jul 1914

1. James Walter Featherstone – b. 23 Mar 1937 Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN; m. 21 Sep 1956 to Eleonore Wohlgemath

1. James Walter Featherstone, Jr. – b. 16 Jun 1957, d. 23 Oct 1980

2. Samuel Gray Featherstone – b. 1939 Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN, bur. TN

Page 28
BRANCH #5 – family of Walter Albert Featherstone (con’td)

3. Reba Faye Featherstone – b. 2 Jun 1941 Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN; m.l) to Keith Williford; m.2) to James Minnear

1. Sammie Joe Williford –
2. Steven Williford –
3. Jamie Minnear – b. 26 Dec 1972

4. Marvin Tommy Featherstone – b. 14 Sep 1843 Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN; m.l) to Janice Porter; m.2) to Pamela __?

1. Tommy Featherstone –
2. Shannon Featherstone –
3. Cherish La Dream Featherstone – b. 2 Jan 1978

5. Sherry Lynn Featherstone – b. Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN; m. to Robert Allen

1. Nicholas Allen – b. 28 Sep 1977

6. Ronnie Joe Featherstone – b. 23 Mar 1946 Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., TN

5. Marvin Eugene Featherstone – b. 5 Jul 1914 Bell Buckle, TN; m. 5 Oct 1942 to Laura McKnight Bucy – b. 25 Sep 1907; m.l) __? Howell. Laura and __? Howell had 1 child, James Howell – b. 8 Dec 1927, d. 1985; m. Runt Hunt. James Howell had one child Tommy Howell

IX William Preston Featherstone – b. 9 Aug 1908 Bedford Co., TN, d. 26 Sep 1947, bur. Houston- Whitworth Cem.; m. 19 Feb 1908 to Mattie Louise Phillips – b. 19 Feb 1908, d/o Jim Phillips / Lottie Belle McCarver

*1. William Preston Featherstone, Jr. – b. 21 Jun 1926 Haley, Bedford Co., TN
2. Clarice Marie “Nell” Featherstone – b. 8 Feb 1929 Bedford Co., TN, d. 10 Jun 19_ Las Vegas, NV, bur. Las Vegas, NV; m. James A. “Jim” Brasier – b. 25 May 1936

1. Karl Michael Brasier – b. 24 May 1953 Bedford Co., TN; m. 10
Feb 1954(sic) to Karen Jean __?

1. Allison Brasier – b. 16 Mar __
2. Melissa Brasier – b. 17 Nov __

2. James “Jimmie” Brasier – b. 16 Dec __?
3. Jennifer Brasier – b. 20 May 1966

3. Betty Louise Featherstone – b. 24 Jun 1931 Bedford Co., TN; m. to John Edward Young – b. 20 Jun 1927

1. Honor November Young – b. 11 Nov 1954; m. 31 Jul __ to Richard Lee Howard

1. John Howard – b. 19 Jul 1974
2. Michael Scott Howard – b. 17 Oct 1976

2. Lori Louise Young – b. 29 Nov 1956; m. __? Aune (con’td)

Page 29
BRANCH #5 – family of William Preston Featherstone (con’td)

Issue of Lori Louise Young and __? Aune:
1. Hunter Aune –

3. Julia Margaret Young – b. 30 Sep 1960; m. __? __?. Has one son and 1 daughter.
4. Sam Eugene “Sammie” Featherstone – b. 1933 Bedford Co., TN, d. 1951
5. Joe Jack Featherstone – b. 26 Mar 1936 Bedford Co., TN; m. 7 May 1955 ID to Bonnie Jean Wetstone – b. 14 Jan 1937 WY

1. Jacqueline Jean Featherstone – b. 28 Nov 1955; m. __? __?. Has one son and one dau.
2. Danny Featherstone – b. 11 Jun 1957; m. to Cindy ___?. Has 2 sons and one dau.
3. Mark Allen Featherstone – b. 15 Feb 1965; single
4. Lora Faye Featherstone – b. 25 Jul 1970. m. __? __?. Has 2 sons. 1 child d. from SIDS.

X William Preston Featherstone, Jr. – b. 21 Jun 1926 Haley, Bedford Co., TN; m. 9 Sep 1944 to Margaret Mae Delffs – b/ 6 Nov 1926 Bedford Co., TN

*1. Dixie Ann Featherstone – b. 28 Jun 1945 Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN
2. William Preston Featherstone III – b. 10 Jun 1951 Shelbyville, Bed- ford Co., TN; m. 15 Oct 1971 to Deborah Ann Casteel – b. 18 Jan 1952 Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN, d/o Virgil Casteel/Betty Ann __?

1. Valorie Lynn Featherstone – b. 13 Sep 1975 Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN
2. William Jared Featherstone – b. 18 Apr 1981 Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN
3. Nita Marie Featherstone – b. 7 Jan 1956 Shelbyville, Bedford Co. TN; m. 23 Jan 1982 to Michael David Carrol 1 – b. 18 Sep 1954 Bedford Co. TN, s/o Roy “Buck” Carroll/Billie Fults

1. Derek Michael Carroll – (by Michael’s previous marriage) – b. 16 Sep 1976
2. Megan Marie Carroll – b. 14 Jul 1984
3. Rachel Ann Carroll – b. 15 Dec 1989

XI Dixie Ann Featherstone – b. 28 Jun 1945 Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN; m. 30 Apr 1964 to George Thomas Parker – b. 11 Nov 1940 Shelbyville, Bedford Co.. TN, s/o John Edward Parker/Robbie Ellen Parks

1. Kenneth Eugene Parker – b. 21 Jun 1965 Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN;
m. 16 Jul 1994 to Kelly Ann Lemmon

1. Thomas Aaron Parker – b. 29 Jun 1996 Murfreesboro. Rutherford
Co., TN

2. David Lee Parker – b. 7 Aug 1968 Shelbyville, Bedford Co.. TN; m. 16 Apr 1994 to Angela Paige Crosslin

1, Lance David Parker – b. 8 Oct 1995
submitted Jun 1997 by: Dixie A. Parker,

Page 30

Seeking parents and siblings of John Grant, b. 1796-1800 Montgomery Co., TN. Is he related to Burwell Grant that married ca. 1763 Halifax Co., VA to Charlotte Featherston? Was he related to David Grant, b. ca. 1747 Dinwiddie Co., VA that married Faith Featherstone? Part of this family may have went to KY.
submitted by: Debbie Youskevtch

Seeking information on grandfather, William M. Shelton. William Shelton, age 11, born AR is listed in the household of W.M. (William Grandison) Featherston in’1860 Scott Co., AR. Is there a connection between William Shelton and William Featherston?
submitted by: Violet Shelton Buehler

We are working on the Bel field Featherston family and need information as to who the daughters of Belfield married. They were Caroline – b. 1844. Mary – b 1852, Martha – b. 1855 and Ella – b. 1856. Annie B.. one of Belfield’s daus m’ 6 Apr 1857 in Warren Co., MS to John F. Hinch. B. Featherston and his wife Polly are listed in the 1880 Lamar Co., TX census. Belfield Featherston bought land in Lamar Co., TX in May of 1880. B. Featherston b. 9 Mar 1811, d. 1 Jan 1881 is bur. in Hopewell Cem., near Paris, Lamar Co., TX. Lamar Co’, courthouse records show that Mrs. Mary W. Featherston, widow of B. Featherston deeded her interest in property to John F. Hinch and children of John Robert Featherston, deceased. W.W. Featherston and wife Isabella deeded their interest in the property to Annie B. Hinch. Belfield’s wife Nancy (Culberson) Featherston, d. 2 Feb 1861 in IL. When and where did Belfield marry Mary W. “Polly” __?
submitted by: David & Ann Corbin

Would like contact with others researching ancestors and descendants of Phoebe Featherstone and Irby Hudson.
submitted by: H. Lowrey McNeel

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