Featherston Findings Volume 3

Vol. 3. Forward

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Vol. 3 Contents

Virginia Confederate Service Records 1
Identification of Some Featherstons who served in VA Units of Confederacy 3
Will of Merrimon Featherston, Henderson County, North Carolina 4
Will of John Wesley Featherston, Pendleton District, Anderson Co., SC 5
Lafayette County, Mississippi Probate Court Records 1836-1858 5
Early Will Records of Adams County, Mississippi 5
Lincoln County, Mississippi Its People 1875-1895 Vol. 1 6
Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records 6
Marriages and Deaths From Mississippi Newspapers 6
Marriage Records – Amity/Noxubee Counties, Mississippi 6
Bedford County, Tennessee Cemeteries 7
Cemetery Records of Frankiin County, Tennessee 7
1830 Census of the United States – Robertson County 8
1840 Census of the United States – Robertson County 9
1845 Census of Madison County, Illinois 9
Last Will and Testament of Henrietta L. Featherstun – Bond County, IL 9
Featherstone Arrivals in America 10
Ship Passenger Lists – The South 1538-1825 11
Cavaliers and Pioneers – Volume 1 12
Queries 12
Queries Answered 13
Branches 1. 4 and 5 15
Every Name Index

Vol. 3 Page 1

Virginia Confederate Service Records, U.S. National Archives. Washington, D.C.
1. Featherston, J. Co. I 2 Virginia State Reserves. Pvt
Only one card: on payroll Nov 30 1863-Jan 4 1864 of Co. I, 19 Regt. Va. Militia (Central Railroad Guard)

2. Featherstun, J.J. Co. C 20 Virginia Infantry. Corpl
Enlisted May 20, 1861 at St. John
Sept. 2. 1861 muster, “Sick at home on furlough”
Promoted to 4th Sgt 24 Aug 1861
“See also James J. Featherston 9 Va. Cav”

3. Featherstone, J.R. Co. B 3 Virginia Lgt Arty (Local Defense). Capt
Appointed Feb. 5, 1862
Name appears as John R. Featherstun on one record

4. Featherston, J.R. Co. G 1 Virginia Cav Pvt
Enlisted Amelia Court House May 9, 1861 for one year
“Dischared from service Aug 10, 1862, being over 35 years of age”
5. Featherston, James H. Capt Kyle’s Co. Va. Heavy Arty. Corpl.
Only one card: Enlisted Mar 6, 1862 at Appomattox for war
“Bounty due, $50”

6. Featherstone, James H. Co. D 19 Battn Va. Heavy Arty. Pvt.
Enlisted July 7, 186-(1862?) at Richmond “See also Capt. Kyle’s
Remarks “Assigned from Capt Kyle’s Co” Co. Va. Hy Arty”
Discharged 5 Aug 1862 by reason of conscript act
Description 1862: age 17, born in Appomattox Co., 5 ft 8 in, blue eyes,

7. Featherston, James H. 2 Va. Cavalry. Pvt.
Enlisted May 1, 1863 Spottsylvania for war
“Detailed signal corps”
Present on muster rolls July 1863 through Aug 1864

8. Featherston. James J. Co. G 9 Virginia Cav. Pvt.
Enlisted May 20, 1862 at Camp Sycamore for 3 years
Present on muster rolls through Aug 1864
Sept 30. 1864, “Absent – wounded – furloughed from Gen Hosp”
Parole of Prisoners of War … April 15, 1865
Residence Lunenburg Co., Va. Remarks: Retains private horse

9. Featherston. John C. Co. K 21 Va. Infantry Pvt
Enlisted Meherrin (Prince Edward Co) May 28. 1861. age 27. mechanic
Mar 1862-June 1863, “Absent – wounded at Kernstown”
July 1863-Dec 1863, “Absent – detailed enrolling office Charlotte Co. Va”
Jan-Feb 1864. “Absent – detailed enrolling officer Halifax Co., Va.”
Gen. Hosp. Farmville, Va. Aug 2, 1864, P.O. Clover Depot Halifax Co., Va.
“Motion of arm entirely lost from injury … Continuance of detail recommended”

Vol. 3 Page 2
VA Confederate Service Records (cont.)

10. Featherstun, John R. Co. G 9 Va. Cav. Pvt.
Enlisted May 20, 1861 at St. Johns
“See also 20 Va. Inf”

11. Featherstun. John R. Co. C 20 Va. Inf Bat 2 Lt.
“See also 9 Va. Cav”

12. Featherstun, John R. Co. G. 9 Va. Cav. (Johnson’s Regt) Pvt.
Enlisted Sept 24, 1863 Culpeper Court House; present through Aug 1864
Sept 30, 1864 “Absent – on detached service at Gill’s Bridge”
Parole of Prisoners of War … April 15, 1865
Residence: Lunenburg Co.. Va. Remarks: Retains private horse

13. Joseph Featherstone Company B 18 Virginia Infantry Sgt/Pvt.
Enlisted April 23, 1861, at Danville, age -3 years (23?,33?BGF)
Promoted to 4th Sgt May 1, 1861. July-Aug 1861, “Absent-sick at Centreville”. Sept-Oct 1861, “Sent to Richmond Oct 1861 & supposed to have been discharged”. Sept-Oct 1862 “Deserted – Absent without leave since April 17”: BUT THIS LAST REPORT IS IN ERROR: Copy of his discharge is attached, dated Oct. 24, 1861; reason: physical disability.

14. Featherston, Mercer Capt. Cayce’s Co. Va. Lgt Arty Sgt/Lt.
Enlisted May 20, 1861 at Richmond as 1st sergeant
Jan 24, 1862 “Enlistement extended for two years”
Promoted from sgt to 2nd Lt. Mar 31, 1862. Killed Aug 9. 1862

15. Featherston, Robert W. Co. K 21 Va. Inf. Pvt.
Enlisted Meherrin (Prince Edward Co) May 28, 1861; age: 24; mechanic
Sick Jan 2, 1862. Dec 31, 1862 “Absent; detailed – is nurse in hospital”
“Wounded at Battle of Chancellersvilie 3 May 1863 and died on 7 May”

16. Featherston, Thomas H. Co B 63 Va Inf Pvt
Enlisted Apr 5, 1862 at Abingdon, Va. for 3 years or age; age: 32
“Name appears on a register of deceased officers and soldiers from Virginia which were filed for settlement in office of Confederate States
Auditor for War Dept.” Claim presented by Walter Johnson, Administrator
May 16. 1863. Killed Jan 30, 1863 near Kelly’s Store, Va.

17. Featherstone, W.B. Capt. Alien’s Co. Heavy Arty (Lunenburg Arty) Pvt.
Enlisted Feb. 3, 1863 Ch. Bluff for war. Oct 31 1863 – sick Dec 31. 1863 “Detailed as nurse in company by commanding officer”
Present through Dec. 31, 1864. Jan-Feb 1865 “Absent on furlough
“Name on list of Prisoners of War belonging to Army of Northern Virginia who have this day been surrendered by Gen. Robert E. Lee CSA … to Lt. Gen. U.S. Grant … April 9, 1865”

above records read in 1962 by Brenda G. Fischler

Vol. 3 Page 3
Identification of Some Featherstons who Served in Virginia Units of Confederacy

1. ?

2. Same as #8: Joshua James Featherstun, son of Rev. Joshua and Ann (Wilkinson) Featherstun of Lunenburg County. 1830-1909.

3. Same as #10, #11, #12: John Richard Featherstun. brother of #2, son of Rev. Joshua and Ann (Wilkinson) Featherstun of Lunenburg County. 1824-1904

4. This is probably John R. Featherston, brother of William Booker Featherston and the twins Mercer and Montgomery. He was a Mexican War veteran. Born Dec. 24, 1824. Amelia County, Virginia, son of Charles Henry Featherston and Elizabeth Short (Thornton) Featherston; died March 3, 1910, in the home of a nephew in Cleburne, Texas (Johnson County). He was married for only a short time in his youth – his wife died before the end of the first year of marriage. No children. Most of this information came from his Mexican War pension file.

5. & 6. Probably the same person as #7. May be James H. Featherston, father of Nathaniel Ragland Featherston and son of Edward of Amelia.

8. Same person as #2

9. This must be the grandfather of Mrs. Kitterman of Benton Harbor Michigan. He married Catharine Williams and their son John Richard was born at Meherrin, Virginia, in 1858. Note that both John C. Featherston (#9) and Robert W. Featherston (#15) enlisted at Meherrin (Prince Edward County) on the same day (May 28, 1861) in the same unit, Co. K 21 Va. Infantry. Both are listed as being mechanics. Their ages are indicated at enlistment. John C.’s age in May 1861 was given as 27 (i.e.. b. ca. 1834) and Robert W. was 24 (b. ca. 1837).
Note the 1850 Amelia County census record of Household #561 on p. 69
Phoebe Featherston 47 f b. Va.
Bettie Featherston 18 f
John Featherston 16 m
Mary Featherston 14 f
Robert Featherston 12 m
Harriet Featherston 8 f
Martha Featherston 2 f
The ages of John and Robert would be consistent with this family’s composition This is just a “hunch”, but Chesterfield Co., Va.. Marriage Register shows the 27 July 1831 marriage of Richard S. Featherston and Phebe F. Cogbill, daughter of John Cogbill. Sr. Bettie. b. ca. 1832 is the right age to be the oldest child of a marriage between Phoebe and Richard S. Richard S. could be the second son of Charles Henry and Elizabeth Short (Thornton) Featherston. Their second son. Richard S., is listed in the Bible record with a birth date of Dec. 8, “1808 making him 22 when the Chesterfield marriage took place. All of this is theory, but it seems to might merit investigation.

10, 11, & 12. Same as #3 cont…

Vol. 3 Page 4
Identification of Some Featherstons who Served in Virginia Units of Confederacy (cont.)

13. ?

14. For a long time I assumed this was Mercer the twin of Mongtomery, but they were born in 1814, making him in his late 40’s in 1861. The De Sota Co., Mississippi census shows that in 1850 the Montgomery Featherston family was living with the Agee in-laws’ one of the children was 11 year old Mercer Featherston, named no doubt for his uncle, his father’s twin. This must be the uncle or the nephew.

15. Brother (?) of #9

16. ?

submitted Dec. 1990 by: Brenda G. Fischler

Note by editor: Mrs. Kitterman of Benton Harbor, Michigan corresponded with Mrs. Fischler in 1961-62. See note #9 on previous page. Mrs. Fischler submitted copies of these letters to me. They show that Mrs. Kitterman’s maiden name was Kathryn Featherston, daughter of John Richard Featherston, and granddaughter of John C. and Catherine (Williams) Featherston. Kathryn married 25 Dec 1912 to E.S. Kitterman.

Will of Merrimon Featherston of HENDERSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA

Will Book Vol. #1, pages 248-252

Abstract of the Last Will & Testament of Merrimon Featherston written and signed the 15th day of March 1844.
….my wife Milly Featherston 100 acres plus house, orchard and gristmill with all household and kitchen furniture. Two (2) negro women – Carolina. Miny and their children.
At death of my wife – slaves to be equally divided between sons William Featherston and Seaborn Featherston and my two daughters Mariah and Ann Hawkins.
….give my son Jesse a negro boy named Sam.
….son Seaborn to keep the land he lives on….a tract of land adjoining Shipman and McMinn.
….son Ambrose all horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, corn, oats, hay and all farming utinsels. William and Ambrose appointed executors.
signed: M. Featherston
witnessed Benj. D. Gullick
Jas. H. Ballard, Jr. cont…

Vol. 3 Page 5
Henderson Co., NC Will Bk. #1 (cont.)

Superior Court of Henderson County, NC
A paper writing purporting to be the Last Will & Testament of Merrimon Featherston, deceased, is exhibited before me the undersigned clerk of the said county by S.T. Featherston one of the devizees mentioned in the said will. After due notice to the executor Wm. Featherston (who is the only surviving executor of said will) that said will would be offered for probate and it is hereby proven…….


p. 131
Will of John Wesley Featherston
“When any of my sons or daughters come of age or marry” sons L.P. Featherston John C.C. Featherston, daus. Helen H. Williams, Emma E. Young. Executors Sons, L.P. Featherston, John C.C. Featherston. Dated 11 Feb. 1858. Wit:
John Wilson, R.N. Wright, John M. Mattison. Probate: 31 May 1858.

submitted by: Mrs. I.D. (Elmeree) Oakley

by Eatman, Vol. 1

p. 89 – Box 681-730
701 David W. Porter, dec’d 1856 (100 pieces) David N. Porter, Adm. Margaret Porter, widow. Heirs: Margaret (wife), Eleas W.. Margaret II, Thomas Porter, Porter Featherston, Kenneth Featherston. T.W. Goodwin, W.P. Withers, Elizabeth Withers, Josephine A. Wilkins, J.B. Houston, James F. Blackman. Sr., Willie Blackman, James F. Blackman, Jr., W.P. Wilkins. E.J. Kyle (w/o S.N. Kyle). M.B. Goodwin, L.J. Moore, Mrs. E.W. Porter, M.A. Robinson (w/o J.C. Robinson), R.A. Houston, Louis Houston. & Mrs. S. Brown, L. Featherston, L.P. Featherston – perhaps more. Blackmans are residnets of Cleburn, Texas, Featherstons are residents of Germantown, Tenn. Louis Houston & Mrs. S. Brown live in Calhoun Co., Miss. Mrs. L.J. Moore. Trezevant. TN. There are many papers and probably all papers should be carefully searched by genealogical researchers.


William Featherstone
(Counsellor and Attorney at Law, of Henderson County, Kentucky)
Dated: April 9, 1812; probated: July Term.’1812
Wife: Martha A. Featherstone
Executors; Wife, Martha A. Featherstone, and friend. Meredith W. Fisker
Witnesses: None Property: Real and personal

Vol. 3 Page 6

Marriages, Deaths and Other Items of Interest of Lincoln and Surrounding Counties For the Years 1875 Through 1895 as Published in the Newspapers

Compiled by Yvonne M. McGlothing, Brookhaven, MS – 1988

p. 44
Thursday. January 24, 1884
Married – At the residence of Mr. F.W. Collins, in Summit. Jan. 1st, 1884 by Rev. W.H. Featherston, Mr. Wallace Atkinson of Texas and Miss Rosa Payne of Summit.


Waynesboro, MS
2 Nov 1921. Annie Alexandra Masterson Pou and Troy Norsworthy married by W.H. Featherstone.

by Betty Couch Wiltshire

7 Jul 1858. Married on Tues. morning last at the residence of the bride’s father, in Holly Springs, by Rev. Henry H. Paine, Hon. W.S. Featherston to Miss E.M. McEwan.

8 Jul 1858. Married in Holly Springs, on the 29th ult., by Rev. Paine, Hon. W.S. Featherston to Miss E.M. McEwan.


No Featherstons listed in the Amite County section of this book.

Noxubee County Marriages – Grooms
8 Apr 1874. John S. Featherston and Emma Dismukes
1 Feb 1877. J.S. Featherston and Mrs. Fannie L. Eckford
15 Jan 1880. R.A. Featherston and Salllie Hines
2 Oct 1880. W.B. Featherston and Mary I. Eillard
22 Jan 1901. J.S. Featherston and Mrs. Tennie Carr

Noxubee County Marriages – Brides
4 Jul 1865. Dudley Bell and Lutecia Featherston
20 Sep 1866. William J. Morton and Anne Featherston
23 Sep 1875. Lewis Coleman and Lee Featherston

Vol. 3 Page 7

Peacock Cemetery – Located in City of Bell Buckle, Tenn.

Burrell Featherstun – Born of Jessee & Catherine Featherstun, in Buncombe Co., N.C.. Oct. 7, 1791 & Died May 27, 1868
Henrietta Featherstun, Consort of Burrell Featherstun & Born of Robt. & Mary Smith Mar. 5, 1793 – Mar. 30, 1868

Virginia W. Featherstun, dau. of Burrell & Henrietta Featherstun – 25th Dec 1813 – 7th Feb 1831 – age: 17y, 1m, 12d.

Mrs. Mary S. Peacock, late Consort of Thomas J. Peacock & Dau. of Burrell Featherstun & Henrietta Featherstun, who departed this life Jul 5th 1848 age: 31y, 5m, 2d.

Sophia E. Peacock, late Consort of William Peacock & dau. of Burrell & Henrietta Featherstun – Sep 10, 1815 – May 24, 1840

Compiled by The Franklin County Historical Society
Winchester, Tennessee – 1986

Mt. Garner Cemetery, Decherd

Featherston, Charley G. – Sep 13, 1879 – Dec. 9. 1957
Featherston, Ella Jones – Jan. 20, 1879 – June 21. 1955

University Cemetery, Sewanee
Gracemai Featherston – ———- Dec. 10, 1954, age 39
Einora Featherstone – 1909-1927
Maud Featherstone – Mother – 1890-1927
Willard 0.Featherstone – PFC US ARMY World War II – May 24, 1911 – May 1. 1977

Featherston Cemetery
Featherston. Pearl R. – Mar. 21, 1895 – Nov. 25. 1970
Featherston, Clem P. – Feb. 3, 1900 – Feb 7, 1961
Douglas F. Featherston – 1919-1938
C.D. Featherston – Nov. 7, 1884 – Nov. 17. 1938
Willie son of C.W. & Anne Featherston – Dec. 5, 1887 – Sept. 8, 1891
Anne E. Featherston – Sept. 4, 1857 – Jan 16. 1913 cont…

Vol. 3 Page 8
Cemetery Records of Franklin County, Tennessee – Featherston Cemetery (cont.)

George W. Featherston – Mar. 14, 1856 – Jan. 24, 1941
Beulah, dau. of G.W. & Anne Featherston – d. Nov. 27, 1964
Wm. H. Featherston – Jan. 19, 1851 – May 30, 1934
Richard W. Featherston – Mar. 10, 1811 – Jan. 4, 1869 Aged 57 y, 9 m & 24 days
In memory of Tranquilla E., wife of R.W. Featherston Feb. 10, 1818 – Feb 18, 1883 – Age 65 y & 8 d
Willie Alexander Holland – 1858 – 1947
Susie Featherston Holland – 1861 – 1931
Clement A. Featherston – Oct. 20. 1835 – Feb. 28, 1897
Sacred to the memory of Letha J.M. Featherston wife of C.A. Featherston June 10, 1836 – June 9, 1866
Sacred to the memory of Willie S. Featherston-April 28, 1866 – March 23, 1883 Aged 16 urs 10 ms and 25 ds.
Eliza N. wife of P.P. Featherston – Mar. 5. 1856 – Dec. 22, 1890
Hattie Lou dau. of P.P. & Alice Featherston – Apr. 29. 1892 – Oct. 26, 1905 Aged 13 yrs 5 mos & 27 days
Alice wife of P.P. Featherstone – Jan. 13, 1862 – Feb. 6, 1924
Jenett wife of P.P. Featherston – Mar. 2, 1874 – Feb. 28, 1932
P.P. Featherston – 1865 – 1942
Will D. Featherston – 1908 – 1965

Donaldson-Simmons Cemetery
Martha Ann dau. of R.W. & T. Featherston – April 9, 1844 – November 19, 1854

submitted by: C.R. (Ron) Featherston


Robertson County, Tennessee
p. 398 – Burrell Featherston
2 free white males under 5 1 free white female under 5
2 free white males 5-10 1 free white female 5-10
1 free white male 40-50 1 free white female 40-50

Vol. 3 Page 9

Robertson County, Tennessee
p. 169 – Burrell Featherston
2 free white males 10-15 2 free white female 5-10
1 free white male 15-20 2 free white females 15-20
2 free white males 20-30 1 free white female 50-60
1 free white male 50-60

p. 204 – Wm. Featherston
1 free white male 5-10 1 free white female 10-15
1 free white male 10-15 1 free white female 20-30
2 free white males 15-20 1 free white female 50-60
1 free white male 20-30
1 free white male 50-60

transcribed by Elsie M. Wasser

(IL State Census was taken in Madison Co., IL 1 Jul – 1 Oct 1845)
Twp. 3N R 5W (Separate from town of Highland) Note: This twp. now known as Helvetia — BLB)

p. 3 – William Featherinstin
Males: 2 under 10 yrs. Females: 3 under 10 yrs.
2 10-20 yrs. 2 10-20 yrs.
1 30-40 yrs. 1 30-40 yrs.
Total: 11
Militia members; 1

LDS Family History Center, Mission Viejo, CA 27 Mar 1990

LDS Film #1316519 BOND COUNTY, IL INDEX TO PROBATE RECORDS (Books 1,2,3-part)

Featherstun, Henrietta L. Bk. 1, p. 174 (wilD/p. 398 (Executor)
Book 1 (Wills), p. 174;
“Last Will and Testament of Henrietta L. Featherstun
“This is the last Will and Testament of me Henrietta L. Featherstun of Pocahontas, Bond Co., Illinois, Widow — I hereby direct the payment of my just debts funeral and other expenses. I bequeath to my Son Joseph S. Holt the sum of Five dollars. I give devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my son Clarence E. Featherstun upon trust to convert the same into money in such manner and at such time as he may deem expedient and to hold the proceeds of such sale or sales, as to one equal cont…

Vol. 3 Page 10
Last Will and Testament of Henrietta L. Featherstun (cont.)

third part or share thereof for the use and benefit of my said son Clarence E. Featherstun — as to the other equal third part or share to pay the same to my daughter Frances E. Gillespie and as to the remaining one third part or share to pay the same to my daughter Maggie M. the Wife of William F. Justi to whom respectively I give and bequeath the same. I appoint the said Clarence E. Featherstun sole Executor without Bond of this my Will. In Witness whereof I the said Henrietta L. Featherstun the Testatrix have to this my last Will and Testament, confined (sic) on one sheet of paper, hereunto affixed my hand and seal this 12th day of May One thousand nine hundred and ten.
Henrietta L. Featherstun (seal)”
Witnesses: D.R. Wilkins, M.D. ) Pocahontas, IL
W.W. Jenner )
(Above typewritten in Will Book — BLB)

-Book 1 (Wills), p. 398:
-Executor’s Bond: Waived by Testatrix
-Oath of Executor: Signed by Clarence E. Featherstun 22 Oct 1918
(Oct Term. County Court. Bond Co., ID
-Letters Testamentary: Henrietta L. Featherstun d. 21 Sep 1918
Signed 22 Oct 1918

submitted Dec. 1990 by: Becky L. Brewer


(Some approximate)
1608. Richard Featherstone arrives in Virginia in ship Pheonix with Capt. John Smith. June 2, 1608, goes on first expediation of discovery with Capt. Smith. July 24, accompanies Capt. Smith on second expedition. Dies and is buried in River. Featherstone’s Bay named for him. (Voyages and Travels by Pinkerton. Vol. 13. General Historie of Virginia the Somer Iles…by Capt. John Smith, London, 1812. (London 1634 folio pages 60-69)

1620. Sir Henry Fanshaw names as one of investors in the “Virginia adventure.” (Ibid. page 130)

1623/24. John Featherston came to Virginia before this date. Feb. 16, 1623, he is listed as among the dead (about 15 others) in Flower de Hundred, (p. 189, List of Emigrants to America 1600-1700 by John Camden Hotten.)

1625. John Featherston in Virginia before this date. He is listed as owning 250 acres of land on Hog Island. (Randolph MS Gov. Francis Wyatt’s list of land owners 1625 to King and Privy Council. VA Mag. Vol. 16. p. 13) cont…

Vol. 3 Page 11
Featherstone Arrivals in America (cont.)

1635, Richard Fanshaw, 22, in Merchant’s Hope, Hugh Weston, Master, from London for Virginia, July 31. 1635. (Hotten. Lists, p. 117)

1642/43. John Fetherston in Virginia before this date. Listed as headright of Capt. Francis Yeardly who is granted 3000 acres of land by Northampton County Court for transporting people to Virginia. Jan. 3, 1642/43. (VA Mag. Vol. 27, p. 144).

THE SOUTH (1538-1825)
Edited and Indexed by Carl Boyer, 3rd
Compiled by Carl Boyer, 3rd Newhall, CA 1979

p. 40 Names of those who came in the First Supply (From Smith, Works, (Arbor’s ed.) p. 411)
in list of Gentlemen: Richard Featherstone

p. 80
Ellen Fetherstone, a maid, sold to Thomas Trotter, appears later as a head right for William Warren, who on August 10, 1642. received 650 acres lying on the north side of Charles River.

by Nell Marion Nugent

Vol. I 1623-1666
p. 131
10 Aug 1642. William Warren granted 650 acres on north side of Charles River for transporting 13 persons including Ellen Fetherston.

p. 255
9 Jun 1653. Maj. Abraham Wood granted 1557 acres in Charles City Co. for transporting 20 persons including Charles Featherstone.

p. 386
1658. Thomas Feverstone in Virginia before this date. Headright of Edward Lockey, who was granted 1600 acres in New Kent.

p. 552
5 Apr 1666. Robert Richardson granted 500 acres in Accomack Co. for transporting 10 persons’ including Wm. Featherstone

Vol. 3 Page 12

03-01. Would like info on descendants and ancestors of Charles Featherston (b. England, will proven 1/25/1790 Brunswick Co., VA). m. Jean/Jane Wright (d. 11/16/1812 Fayette Co., KY?); father of Fathey, Chariot, Carolus (my ancestor), Hezekiah, Jeremiah.
submitted by: Janice Mantia Elder

03-02. When and where did Andrew Featherston marry Elvira Letticia Martin? Who were her parents?
submitted by: Maurine Featherstone

03-03. Would like information about William Featherston who received land patent in Charles City, Va. as early as 1699. Was he born in England & where in England? Also, when did he come to the U.S.?
submitted by; Marie MacKenzie

03-04. William Featherston was a headright listed for N. Bradford & also R. Richardson and J. Wallop for transport from England to Virginia in 1662 to 1672. Does anyone have any info about him in England? He married a Pymbrough and died in Charles City, VA after 1718-1726.
submitted by: Fred E. Featherstone, Jr.

03-05. Does anyone know when and where Elizabeth Rhyne Featherston, wife of Jasper Newton Featherston died?
submitted by: James W. Callahan

Vol. 3 Page 13
QUERIES (cont.)

03-06. Would like to pursue the connection to the Adams presidents by Burwell Featherston’s (1784-1856) wife Rebecca Adams (1789-1852).
submitted by: Connie Moretti

03-07. I would like to know the names, dates of births, names of spouses, and dates of death of Edward Featherston family. Edward was born in Virginia in 1797 and married Rebecca Wilcox Alston, daughter of James Alston and Mary Wilcox.
submitted by: C. Moxley Featherston

03-08. I would appreciate definite information (or where it can be found) of the marriage of Henry Featherstone and Elizabeth Marshall and that she was the daughter of Alexander Marshall who was a 2nd Lieut. in the Revolutionary War from Amelia Co., Va. Also, I have been unable to locate information concerning the ministry of Henry Featherstone other than records of marriages which he performed. Supposedly, he was a Methodist minister.
submitted by: Bertha C. Dooney


Refer to Volume 1, page 29.
submitted by: Brantly P. Chappell

Brenda G. Fischler, informs us that she corresponded with Mr. & Mrs. E.S. Kitterman of Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1961-62. Brenda submitted copies of 2 of these letters that she had received from the Kittermans. Mrs. Kitterman informed Brenda that she was Kathryn Featherston before her marriage on Dec. 25, 1912. She was the daughter of John Richard Featherston and granddaughter of John C. Featherston and Catherine Williams. Mrs. Kitterman also mentions that John C. and Catherine had a daughter named Mary who married Henry Wetzel and lived for years in cont…

Vol. 3 Page 14
Queries Answered – cont….

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This information conforms to information provided for BRANCH #3 printed in volume 1. It seems likely that John C. Featherston was the son of Richard S. and Phoebe (Cogbill) Featherston. Sources for this assumption are Chesterfield County, Virginia marriage record of Richard S. Featherston and Phebe F. Cogbill on 16 July 1831; 1850 Amelia Co., VA census (lists Phoebe Featherston, age 47, b. VA – her children include John age 16) and 1860 Prince Edward Co., VA census:
John C. Featherston age 26 carpenter VA
Catherine Featherston age 21 VA
Mary B. Featherston age 5 VA
J.R. Featherston(m) age 9/12 VA
Mr. & Mrs. Kitterman also state that John C.’s first wife died when John Richard was a boy. John C. remarried and had a daughter, Margaret Wahl that resided in Dubuque, Iowa in 1961.
Thank you, Brenda, for this information. Can anyone give us additional help?

Refer to query number 03-07 this volume submitted by C. Moxley Featherston,
For Edward Featherston’s family data. see the Branches section of this volume.
Can anyone supply additional information?

Vol. 3 Page 14a

The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent.
These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston. but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.
These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process, please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume. If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used.
These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes.
Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage.
You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins

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BRANCH *1 – new addition

Refer to Volume 1, p. 14

VII Joyce Fay Featherston

5. Karen Lea Hawkins –

3. Lauren DanielIe McFadden – b. 12 Dec 1990 at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa. Japan
submitted by: Joyce Featherston Hawkins

BRANCH #1 – continuation – submitted by another descendant

Refer to Volume 2, page 14.

IV William Henry Featherston – b. 16 Feb 1839 Jessamine Co., KY

*2. William Taylor Featherston – b. 1868 Sangamon Co., IL

V William Taylor Featherston – b. 1868 Sangamon Co., IL. d. 22 Sep 1948 Prague, OK, bur. Prague, OK; m. Clara “Callie” Climatee Albert – b. 1871, Hagerstown, MD. d. 6 Sep 1961 Guthrie. OK, bur. Prague, OK; d/o Henry Albert (b. 1838) and Mary Dagenhrt (b. 1844)

1. Taylor Lee Featherston – b. 1895 Auburn, IL, d. 1956; m. 3 times
2. Albert Henry Featherston – b. 21 Jan 1897 Auburn, IL, d. 31 Jan 1973; m.l) 1919 to Ida Nash; m. 2) 1929 to Lorena Young
3. Jenny Marie Featherston – b. 1900 Auburn, IL; m. Uvin Huskinson
*4. Nona Irene Featherston – b. 7 Feb 1907 Lincoln Co., OK

VI Nona Irene Featherston – b. 7 Feb 1907 Lincoln Co., OK. d. 16 Oct 1978 Austin. TX, bur. 19 Oct 1978 Shawnee, OK; Methodist; Homemaker; m. 1) Apr 1922 prob. Prague, OK to Lee Williamson Elder – b. 28 Apr 1901 Burksville, AR, d. Apr/May 1938 Oklahoma City, OK, bur. Prague. OK; farmer; Baptist; res. Lincoln Co.. OK (Prague/Arlington); s/o Joe C. Elder/Ruhanna Williamson. Nona Irene Featherston m. 2) 12 Jul 1941 Sulpulpa, OK to Terrie David Hart – b. 8 Apr 1905 Kanawa, OK, d. 19 Oct 1976 Shawnee, OK, bur. 22 Oct 1976 Shawnee, OK; res. Shawnee, OK; Mechanic; Methodist; (he m. 1) Georgia __); s/o Sidney Hart/Nannie Burger

Issue by 1st husband:
*1. Wanda Lee Elder – b. 19 Feb 1934 Prague. OK
Issue by 2nd husband – none

VII Wanda Lee Elder – b. 19 Feb 1934 Prague, OK; Baptist; TX job service rep.; m. 1) 6 Jun 1953 Benton, AR to Nuit Richard King – b. 30 Dec 1918 Seminole, OK, d. 26 May 1966 Anchorage, AK. bur. 30 May 1966 Prague, OK; res. La Marque. TX, Anchorage, AK; Pipefitter; Baptist; USN WWII 1939-1946; he m. 1) Bertha’Woodrow Head; s/o Geroge Thomas King/Sheronnie Josephine Williams. Wanda Lee Elder m. 2) 15 Jan 1971 La Marque, TX to Bobby Dean Woodard – b. 6 Nov 1927 Abilene, TX; custom farmer; Baptist; s/o Barney W. Woodard/Dora cont…

Vol. 3 Page 16
BRANCH *1 – Wanda Lee Elder (cont.)

Thompson. Bobby Dean Woodard m. 1) to June Green and had children: 1. Valarie Dean Woodard – b. 4 May 1956 Ft. Worth, TX; m. 1 Nov 1982 Dallas. TX to Terrell Dickerson; 2. Tommy Dell Woodard – b. 13 Mar 1950 Abilene, TX; m. 28 Aug 1976 Houston, TX Suzanne Hood.

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Terri Lea King – b. 7 Mar 1956 Texas City, TX; m.l) 14 Mar 1976 Austin, TX to Bobby Sides (div. 1986); m. 2) 14 May 1988 Las Vegas. NV to James Bass
Issue: one daughter
2. Karen Marie King – b. 16 Jan 1959 Texas City, TX; m. 1976 Austin. TX to Tommy Carpenter; m. 2) 14 Mar 1978 Austin, TX to Dwight Toland; m. 3) 10 May 1987 Spring. TX to Mark Necessary (div. Sep 1989)
Issue: four daughters

submitted Nov 1990 by: Wanda Lee Woodard

BRANCH *4 – Refer to Volume 1, page 27.

The submitter supplied some slightly different data and additions beginning with Generation V and the following numbered children:

V Charles Featherston – b. 6 Nov 1771 Chesterfield Co., VA; m. 24 Jan 1795 to Lucy Pitt, daughter of Lunsford and Elizabeth (Crutcher) Pitt. Lucy was related to England’s Prime Minister William Pitt. Charles and Lucy lived for many years in Rutherford Co., TN having moved there before the War of 1812. They died in Franklin, GA.

1. Edward Featherston – b. Jan 1796 (served in the War of 1812). Was Commander of 5th LA Vol. Mexican War. Married Rebecca Alston.
4. Berintha M. Featherston – b. 15 May 1802 VA d. 15 Jan 1887 CarrolIton, MS; m.1) 16 Dec 1819 Rutherford Co.. TN to David P. Hannis; m.2) John McMurray.
*5. Elizabeth C. Featherston – b. 20 Dec 1804
6. Malinda H. Featherston – b. 2 Jul 1809

VI Elizabeth C. Featherston – b. 20 Dec 1804; m.l) 3 Oct 1826 to Uriah Gardner – b. 18 Aug 1795 Southampton Co., VA s/o James Gardner/Ann __; m.2) Robert McKnight of Nashville, TN.

Issue by 2nd husband:
1. Charles Lucius McKnight – b. 13 May 1833 Mt. Pisgah, Giles Co., TN; m. 21 Nov 1866 to Sarah Frances Adiaide Hopwood
2. John W. McKnight – b. ca. 1835 Giles Co., TN
3. Palestine McKnight – b. ca. 1837 Giles Co., TN; m. T.S. Sharp note: T.S. Sharp was related to Marquis De Lafayette Sharp who married Phebe Featherston d/o Henry Featherston/Elizabeth Marshall.
4. Lucy McKnight – b. ca. 1839 Giles Co.. TN, d. 25 May 1913; m. Thomas H. Wood

Vol. 3 Page 17
BRANCH *4 – Issue of Elizabeth C. Featherston (cont.)

5. Malinda McKnight – b. ca. 1841
6. Elizabeth McKnight – b. ca. 1843
*7. Robert Felix McKnight – b. 2 Feb 1845 Rutherford Co.. TN

VII Robert Felix McKnight – b. 2 Feb 1845 Rutherford Co., TN d. 25 Jun 1926 Smith Co., TX; m. 17 Jan 1877 to Martha Caroline Hairgrove

1. Charles Ernest McKnight – b. 30 Nov 1877; m. 22 Jan 1901 to Lilly Dot an Smyri
*2. Horace Felix McKnight – b. 14 Mar 1882

VIII Horace Felix McKnight – b. 14 Mar 1882. d. 23 May 1960, bur. Bascom Cem., Smith Co., TX; m. 30 Jun 1904 to Cappie Mae Smith

1. Mattie Priscilla McKnight – b. 14 Sep 1905, d. 25 Dec 1918
2. Robert Douglas McKnight – b. 3 Nov 1909, d. 6 Dec 1909
3. Mary Louisa McKnight – b. 9 Dec 1910; m. 25 May 1932 to John Lenard Manes
4. Maggie Leota McKnight – b. 19 Sep 1912. d. 6 Feb 1914
5. Mamie Elizabeth McKnight – b. 29 Apr 1914; m. 30 Sep 1941 to Charles Hines Hudson
*6. Mildred Palestine McKnight – b. 8 May 1917
7. Sunshine Adell McKnight – b. 28 Apr 1926, d. 4 Jul 1926

IX Mildred Palestine McKnight – b. 8 May 1917; m. 22 Dec 1935 to Paul Eimo Shamburger

1. Robert Paul Shamburger – b. 30 Oct 1937; m. 26 Nov 1960 to Johnnievee Melton

1. Robert Ross Shamburger – b. 11 May 1962; m. 25 Mar 1983 to Deanna Rae Kilgore

1. Dustin Paul Shamburger – b. 4 Jan 1984
2. Whitney Renee Shamburger – b. 17 Jan 1986

2. Jeffrey Melton Shamburger – b. 28 Aug 1965

2. Bettie Ann Shamburger – b. 25 Nov 1939; m.l) 16 Dec 1956 to Derrell Gene Cooper; m. 2) Kenneth Ronald Malone

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Cathy Dianne Cooper – b. 19 Aug 1957, d. 28 Mar 1959
2. Cammie Denell Cooper – b. 13 Feb 1961; m.l) Darrel Schrock; m.2) 8 Feb 1985 to Glen Reuin Broyles

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Siara Camile Schrock – b. 20 Nov 1981
Issue by 2nd husband:
2. Brock Tyier Broyles – b. 13 Jan 1987
3. Brice Taylor Broyles – b. 13 Jan 1987

3. Julie Ann Cooper – b. 10 Jul 1963; m. 7 Jul 1987 to Ronny Lee Alien

Vol. 3 Page 18
BRANCH *4 – Julie Ann Cooper (cont.)

1. Nicholas Lee Alien – b. 26 Apr 1988
2. Kristina Ann Alien – b. 20 Apr 1990

submitted Nov. 1990 by: Mildred McKnight Shamburger

BRANCH #4 – continuation submitted by another descendant

Refer to previous pages.
V Charles Featherston – m. Lucy Pitts

*1. Edward Featherston – 20 Jan 1796 VA

VI Edward Featherston – b. 20 Jan 1796 VA, d. 19 Nov 1857 Camargo, Monroe Co., MS, bur. Carmargo Cem., Monroe Co., MS; m. 23 Dec 1818 Mt. Vernon, Montgomery Co., GA to Rebecca Wilcox Alston – b. 17 Feb 1799 NC, d/o James Alston/ Mary Wilcox. Sources: Muscogee Co., GA 1830 Census; p. 86. Monroe Co., MS Cemetery Records; Chickasaw Co., MS 1850 Census; Ancestors and Descendants of Judge L.H. Featherston by Dr. George P. Cuttino.

1. Lucy Ann Featherston – m. Clark Boone
2. Mary Elizabeth Featherston – m. __ Baskins, M.D.
3. James Edward Featherston – b. 1826 GA
*4. Charles Henry Featherston – b. 15 Jul 1828 Muskogee Co., GA
5. Lucius Featherston – b. 1830 GA, d. CW Battle of Chickamauga
6. William A. Featherston – b. 1834 GA, d. 23 Dec 1851 age 18 yrs., bur. Camargo Cem., Monroe Co., MS
7. Thomas Featherston – b. 1842 MS, d. as young man

VII Charles Henry Featherston – b. 15 Jul 1828 Muskogee Co., GA. d. 17 Dec 1844 Featherston. Pittsburg Co., OK, bur. Featherston Cem., Pittsburg Co., OK; m. 17 Apr 1848/49 MS to Nancy Ann Yarbrough Middlebrook-b. 6 Jan 1831/33 prob. Green Co., AL, d. 2 May 1912 Featherston. Pittsburg Co., OK. bur. Featherston Cem., Pittsburg Co., OK. Sources: Chickasaw Co.. MS 1850 Census; Hunt Co.. TX 1860 & 1880 censuses; Genealogical Data extracted from “Muskogee Weekley Phoenix” Indian Territory 1888-1892; Marriage Records – Hunt Co.. TX; various researchers.

*1. Edward Baxter Featherston – b. 17 Mar 1850 Chickasaw Co., MS
2. William “Bill ie” Alston Featherston – b. 21 Mar 1852 Chickasaw Co., MS, d. 20 Feb 1932 Trickham, Coleman Co., TX; m.l) 21 Dec 1876 Hunt Co.. TX to Rosetta Jane Robertson – b. 22 Feb 1858 MO, d. 24 Oct 1912, bur. Trickham, TX, d/o Obediah Bells Robertson/Sarah Cantley. William Alston Featherston m.2) 25 Aug 1913 Trickham, TX to Mrs. Etta Cantley Spence
3. Winfield Scott Featherston – b. 3 Feb 1855, Hunt Co., TX, d. 10 May 1877 Hooker Ridge. Hunt Co., TX cont…

Vol. 3 Page 19
BRANCH *4 – Issue of Charles Henry Featherston (cont.)

4. James Elesbury Featherston – b. 24 Mar 1857 Lone Oak, Hunt Co., TX; m. 1884 Trickham. TX to Irene Uzede Boatright
5. Thomas Alston Featherston – b. 1859 Lone Oak, Hunt Co., TX d. 9 Aug 1869 Hunt Co.. TX
6. Lucius Cassius Featherston – b. 13 Feb 1861 Hunt Co., TX. d. 17 Jun 1917 Featherston. Pittsburg Co., OK; m.l) 13 Sep 1888 Muskogee Co., OK to Sophia Massey; m.2) Atoka, OK to Mittie A. Vail – b. 4 Jun 1873. Atoka, OK, Ind. Terr.. d. 12 May 1948 Featherston. OK
7. Mattie Zue Featherston – b. 15 Jul 1863 Hunt Co., TX bur. Krebs. OK; m. John Samuel Boatright
8. Henry Baxter “Cap” Featherston – b. 19 Apr 1865 Hunt Co., TX, d. 14 Feb 1954, bur. Blanchard Cem., McClain, OK; m.l) Tishy Krebs; div. & m.2) Viola Krebs
9. Mary Josephine Virginia Featherston – b. 15 Oct 1870 Hunt Co., TX, d. 26 Dec 1962 Corpus Christ!, TX, bur. Electra. TX; m. 1887 Trickham, TX to Joshua Cecil Hubert – b. 17 Oct 1858 near Sequin, Gaudelupe Co., TX. d. Jun 1935 Wichita Falls, TX, bur. Electra, TX s/o William Gates Hubert/Sarah Roberts
10. Bettie Miller Featherston – b. 17 Feb 1874 Lone Oak, Hunt Co., TX. d. 7 Mar 1928 Denning, NM; m. 1897 Featherston OK to James H. Crosby
11. Ida May Featherston – b. Mar 1876. TX. d. 1961 Blanchard. OK; m. 1901 NM to W.Philip McBride

VIII Edward Baxter Featherston – b. 17 Mar 1850 Redlands, Chickasaw Co., MS. d. 1945 Aspermont. Stonewall Co., TX; m.l) 21 Oct 1874 Hunt Co., TX to Mary Jane Elizabeth “Bettie” Moxley – b. 1854. d. 1926, d/o W.M. Moxley, M.D., Captain and Major of the Confederate 18th Alabama Troops. Edward Baxter Featherston m.2) to Willie Metcalf. Note by submitter: Edward Baxter came to Rusk Co., TX before or immediately after the Civil War. Moved to Hunt Co. and then on to Stonewall Co. He was a resident of Aspermont, Stonewall Co., TX at the time of his death in 1945. He was a preacher of the Gospel of God’s marvelous grace as a Methodist and later as a Baptist. He was an active Justice of the Peace until he was 90 years old. Sources: Marriage Records of Hunt Co., TX; Chickasaw Co., MS 1850 Census; Hunt Co., TX 1860 census; Fannin Co., TX 1870 Census; Camanche Co., TX 1880 Census; Stonewall Co.. TX 1900 Census; A Pioneer Speaks by Edward Baxter Featherston; records of Ms. Lou R. Featherston.

1. Charles Moxley Featherston b. 21 Sep 1875 Lone Oak, Hunt Co., TX d. 14 Sep 1904 Alpine. TX; m. 4 Jul 1901 to Annie Pane
2. Emily Laura Featherston – b. 25 Jul 1877 Greenville, TX; m. 12 Nov 1896 to D. Ashburn
3. Winfield Scott Featherston – b. 28 Aug 1879 Blanket, TX, d. 7 Jul 1953 Stanford, TX; m. 1908 to Etta Bold
4. William “Billy” Matthew Featherston – b. 6 Feb 1882 Comanche Co. TX, d. Sep 1928 near Petersburg. Hall Co., TX; m. ca. 1902 to Fannie Eva Roberts – b. ca. 1885 TX
5. Nannie May Featherston – b. 6 May 1884 (or 5 Jun 1883) Commanche TX, d. 1968 Lubbock, TX; m. 1908 to Dan Roberts cont…

Vol. 3 Page 20

BRANCH *4 – Issue of Edward Baxter Featherston (cont.)

6. Charles Henry Featherston – b. 5 Apr 1886 Commanche, TX, d.Feb 1964; m.l) 1 Jan 1902 to Sude __ – d. 1930’s; m.2) Glenna Miller
7. Mary Elizabeth Featherston – b. 20 Aug 1888 TX
note: JFH – another record shows this child Mary Lucy Featherston –
b. 18 Feb 1889 Commanche. TX or is this another child?? Mary Lucy Featherston m.l) Charles Gregory; m.2) Albert Gardener; m.3) John W. Thomson
*8. Solon Richmond Featherston – b. 26 Sep 1891 Aspermont, TX
9. Vera Z. Featherston – b. 26 Mar 1894 TX. d. Dec 1990 Elk City, OK; m. Jim Back

IX Solon Richmond Featherston – b. 26 Sep 1891 Aspermont, TX, d. 17 Nov 1978 Wichita Falls, TX; m. 4 Feb 1918 Ft. Worth. Tarrant Co.. TX to Lillie Beall Reeves – b. 8 Nov 1892 Leagueville, Henderson Co., TX. d. 24 Jan 1985 Wichita Falls, TX

1. Solon Richmond Featherston, Jr. – b. 14 Jun 1920; never married; mental retardation
2. Foy Reeves Featherston – b. 3 Jan 1922, d. at age 8 yrs. 1 month
3. Robert Gray Featherston – b. 28 Oct 1923; m.l) 25 Oct 1947 to Haroldine Wolfe; div.; m.2) Winnie__ lives in Phoenix, AZ
*4. Charles Henry Featherston, III – b. 6 Jan 1925; m. 26 Oct 1947 to Florence “Flo” Harding
5. James Barrett Featherston – b. 17 Dec 1928; m. 25 Jan 1951 Beryl Marie Miller. Resides Dallas, TX.

X Charles Henry Featherston, III – b. 6 Jan 1925 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co.. TX; res. Wichita Falls & Tyler, TX; Commercial Realtor; Lt.(Sr.Gr) USNR; m. 26 Oct 1947 Houston. Harris Co., TX to Florence “Flo” Harding – b. 30 Aug 1927 Houston, Harris Co., TX, d/o Mason Monroe Harding/Florence E. Blackburn; res. Houston, Wichita Falls & Tyler, TX

1. Solon Richmond Featherston. Ill – b. 29 Oct 1948 Wichita Falls. Wichita Co., TX; m. 27 Oct 1990 Tyler, Smith Co., TX to Alice Jane Hooker
2. Randall Mason Featherston – b. 31 Jul 1950 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co.. TX
3. David Harding Featherston – b. 28 Jun 1956 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX
4. Molly Kay Featherston – b. 8 May 1965 Wichita Falls. Wichita, TX; m 8 Aug 1987 Tyler. TX to Jimmy Lee Bodenhamer

1. Brittany Kay Bodenhamer – b. 8 Oct 1989 Tyler, TX

submitted Dec. 1990 by: Charles Henry Featherston III

Vol. 3 Page 21
BRANCH #5 – continuation – submitted by another descendant

Refer to Volume 2, pages 16, 17 Generation IV, Child 6

IV Burwell (or Burrell) Featherston. Jr. – m. Rebecca Adams

*6. Catherine Susan Parthena Adeline Featherston – b. ca. 1823 TN

V Catherine Susan Parthena Adeline Featherston – b. ca. 1823 TN, d. ca. 1875 IL?; m.l) 24 Sep 1841 Robertson Co., TN to Thomas J. Hightower – b. ca. 1818-19 VA, d. 11 Sep 1859 Madison Co., IL. bur. Wm. Featherston’s farm, Madison Co.. IL; farmer; res. Clinton Co. & poss. Madison Co., IL. Adeline Featherston m.2) William Hussong – b. ca. 1793 TN d. 19 Oct 1865 Clinton Co.?, IL?, bur. Jamestown/Shoal Creek, Clinton Co., IL; res. TN. Madison & Clinton Cos., IL; War of 1812 TN Militia; s/o (unproven) Conrad Hussong / Marie Le Fevre. William Hussong m.l) Susannah __ – b. ca. 1794-95 NC, d. ca. 1859 IL?. res. Madison & Clinton Cos., IL. William and Susannah Hussong had one child; Seaton Hussong – d. bef. 6 Feb 1838 IL?; m. 6 Apr 1837 Madison Co., IL to Martha C. Hagler. (Note by submitter: Widow Martha C. (Hagler) Hussong m. George W. Dugger 6 Feb 1838, Madison Co., IL. Land records indicate Martha and George Dugger deeded Seaton’s land to William Hussong for $1.00. William then deeded the land. again for $1.00 to the two sons of William’s brother, Aaron Hussong.) Adeline Featherston m.3) 12 Oct 1867 Clinton Co.. IL by Henry Medley. JP to Reuben Alien – b. ca. 1807-08 TN d. 20 Feb 1871 Madison Co.. IL, bur. Lake or Lears Cem., Clinton or Madison Co., IL. Reuben Alien m.l) name unknown – d. 20 May 1867.
1. Dorothy Ruth (Hussong) – personal knowledge
2. “Family Memories” of Lessie May (Hussong) Newman, written 1959
3. 1860 Federal census of Clinton Co., IL
4. 1850 Federal census of Madison and Clinton Cos., IL
5. 1870 Federal census of Madison Co., IL
6. Death certificate of William Washington Hussong – state of California
7. Clinton Co., IL Marriage Book I (1857-1872), p. 108; William Hussong & Adeleide (sic) Hightower (license issued 25 Jan 1860 at Carlyle, Clinton Co.; m. 26 Jan 1860 Clinton Co., IL by J. Johnson, MG)
8. Clinton Co.. IL Marriage Book I (1857-1872). p. 368: Reuben Alien & Mrs. Adeline Husson (sic) (license issued 12 Oct 1867 at Carlyle, Clinton Co.; m. 12 Oct 1867 Clinton Co., IL by Henry Medley. JP)
9. Clinton Co., IL Deed Books; Book I, p. 382; Book J, p. 263; Book K, pp. 42. 43;Book K, pp. 352, 353; Book K, pp. 489, 490; Book Q. pp. 450, 451;
10. U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management: Federal patents on 2 parcels of land (80 acres each) in Clinton Co., IL- Patents recorded 13 Jul 1852
11. Numerous land records: Madison Co.. IL (purchases by William Hussong and subsequent sales by William Hussong and his wife Adeline establish identity of William as same individual who was previously husband of Susannah)
12. Numerous Federal patents on file with the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management for Madison Co., IL (also establish identity of William) cont…

Vol. 3 Page 22
BRANCH #5- sources of info for Adeline Featherston’s family (cont.)

13. National Archives, Washington, D.C. – 16 Nov 1850 William Hussong applied for Bounty land based on his service in the War of 1812 (2 applications); subsequently he was granted a warrant for 160 acres which he patented in Clinton Co., IL (his applications were numbered “23,434”; warrant was numbered “5.642” (warrant issued 23 Jun 1851)
14. National Archives. Washington, D.C. – compiled service records for William Hussong, War of 1812 (Indexed Whosong, Hoosong, Housoung)
15. “Deaths of Neighbourhood” a list of deaths and burials in SE Madison Co.. IL and NE Clinton Co., IL kept by Elias McFadden Morgan 1841-1880/81 (transcribed by Patricia Morgan; printed in Madison Co. Gen. Soc. quarterly “The Stalker” Vol. 9. No. 3, 1989)
16. Red River Settlers. Records of the Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson and Sumner Counties, TN by Edythe Rucker Whit ley, 1980 pub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD and available at Carlsbad. CA City Library
17. Various entries from the Day Books (diaries) of Elias McFadden Morgan (b. 1817, d. 1881) who lived in Madison and Clinton counties. IL. Day books transcribed by Patricia Morgan and copies of transcription (part) provided by Dave and Pat Morgan of Longmont, CO 1990.

Issue of Adeline Featherston and Thomas J. Hightower:
1. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hightower – b. ca. 1840-41 TN; m. 6 Apr 1859 Madison Co., IL to Thomas A. Hobbs (marriage record shows Ellen L. Hightower)
2. Rebecca Ann “Beck” Hightower – b. ca. 1843-44 TN; m.l) 7/8 Nov 1860 Clinton Co., IL by B. Baker to Robert C. Kirkham; m.2) Solom Shafer
3. Eliza J. Hightower – b. ca. 1844-47 TN, d. 12 Oct 1868 IL?. bur. Jamestown, Clinton Co., IL; m. 4 Sep 1863 Madison Co., IL to Levi E. Rundell (Marriage license 1 Sep 1863. no return, m. date from Elias Morgan day books)
4. Mary Jane Hightower – b. ca. 1854-55 IL; m. 9 Aug 1876 Madison Co., IL by P. Hassinger, MG to Reuben Malan
5. Dorothea/Dorothy “Dollie” Hightower – b. ca. 1857-58 IL, d. ca. 1875-77 of tuberculosis in Clinton or Madison Co. IL
Note by submitter: Great aunt Lessie May (Hussong) Newman indicated there was an “adopted” son, Andrew Hightower. Andrew appeared on census with Adeline only once: 1870 Madison Co., IL. household of Reuben and Adeline Alien as “Andy Heidauer”. The following is known about Andrew: Andrew Hightower – b. ca. 1851-52 IL m. 28 Sep 1876 Madison Co.. IL by C. Boeschenstein. J.P. to Angeline Hunt In the day books of Elias M. Morgan (transcribed by Patricia Morgan of Longmont, CO – Pat is wife of Dave Morgan, a g-grandson of Elias), I found the following entry: May 1863 Sat 9 Cleer at Edwards Mrs. housong got Boys Andy Jaison hightower It may be Andrew and Jason were kin to Adeline’s firts husband, Thomas J. Hightower, but it has also been learned that Adeline’s paternal grandmother was a Hightower.
Issue by 2nd husband:
*6. William Washington Hussong – b. 24 Jun 1861 near Trenton, IL cont…

Vol. 3 Page 23
BRANCH »5 – Issue of Adeline Featherston (cont.)

VI William “Will” Washington Hussong – b. 24 Jun 1861 near Trenton, IL (Trenton is in Clinton Co., IL but is near the Madison Co., IL line; county of birth has not been established), d. 13 May 1923 Los Angeles. CA from a stroke, bur. 15 May 1923 Inglewood Cem. (Hussong plot). Los Angeles Co.. CA; m. 12 Jan 1882 (eloped) Greenville, Bond Co., IL to Mary “Lizzie” or “Lil” Elizabeth Challis – b. 23 Jun 1861 Pocahontas. Bond Co., IL. d. 12 Apr 1935 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA. bur. 15 Apr 1935 Inglewood Cem. (Hussong plot), Los Angeles Co., CA. d/o Samuel Hugh Challis/Sophronia Thompson Plant. Sources: Dorothy Ruth (Hussong) Brewer; “Family Memories” of Lessie May (Hussong) Newman, written Dec 1959; State of CA Dept. of Health Services – Death certificates of William Washington Hussong and Mary Elizabeth (Challis) Hussong; The Story of Early Pocahontas & Sugg Cemetery, by Sugg Cemetery Board of Trustees. 1989; Personal visit to Sugg Cem., Pocahontas, Bond Co.. IL – Jun 1989; 1880 Federal Census of Pocahontas, Bond Co., IL (household of Rebecca Kirkham); 1900 Federal Census of Greenville, Bond Co., IL.
Note by submitter: William Washington Hussong was a tall man with brown eyes and black, curly hair. He held many jobs in his lifetime – traveling sewing machine salesman, streetcar conductor, store clerk, store owner, traveling salesman for a wholesale grocery firm, real estate salesman and speculator. The family moved many times in Illinois, then to Brawley. California 27 Sep 1907. In 1908 the family moved to Los Angeles, CA where they bought and sold four more homes before settling at 350 W. 54th St. between Moneta (now Broadway) and Figueroa 10 May 1912. Dorothy Ruth (Hussong) Brewer remembers that this house and the property on which the family had it built was purchased by her mother with the inheritance she received for the estate of her Aunt Lizzie (Plant) Hill. With all the moving she had been through, Mary Elizabeth decided she wanted a place of permanence for her family. That house remained in the family until Aunt Florence Hussong sold it to a black family in 1953. About two years later the property was sold to the State of California and the house was razed to make way for the Harbor Freeway.

1. Baby Boy – stillborn 21 Oct 1883 Pocahontas, Bond Co., IL. bur. Sugg Cem, Pocahontas, Bond Co., IL
2. Lessie May Hussong – b. 30 Jun 1886 Pocahontas, Bond Co., IL, d. 23 Sep 1967, bur. 26 Sep 1967 Inglewood Park Cem.. Los Angeles Co., CA; m. 25 Dec 1912 at St. Marks Meth. Church. Los Angeles, CA to Horace Morton Newman – b. ,NY. d. 4 Oct 1967, bur. 7 Oct 1967 Inglewood Park Cem., Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA
3. Florence Leota Hussong — b. 4 Aug 1890 Pocahontas. Bond Co., IL. d. 30 Jan 1955 Encino, Lon Angeles Co., CA, bur. Inglewood
*4. Dorothy Ruth Hussong – b. 27 Mar 1896 Greenville. Bond Co., IL
5. Robert Gordon Hussong – b. 26 Oct 1903 Greenville. Bond Co., IL, d. 1 Apr 1969; m.l) 20 Sep 1928 Mexico to Connie Escobar; m.2) 30 May 1942 to Irene Conlin

VII Dorothy Ruth Hussong – b. 27 Mar 1896 Greenville, Bond Co., IL; m. 3 Jul 1919 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA to Raleigh Ellsworth Brewer – b. 5 Jan 1896 Cooke Co., TX, d. 10 Jun 1987 Sylmar. CA, s/o William Robert Brewer/Alafair Jennie Hunter cont…

Vol. 3 Page 24
BRANCH *5 – Dorothy Ruth Hussong (cont.)

*1. Paul Edward Brewer – b. 2 May 1923 Los Angeles, CA

VIII Paul Edward Brewer – b. 2 May 1923 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA; Protestant; Commercial Artist; m.l) 28 Jan 1944 Los Angeles, CA (at Robertson Cmm. Methodist Church) to Janet Mabel Hanson – b. 6 Aug 1923. Hayes Co., NE. (near Culbertson); Christian; Secretary; d/o Ralph Albines Hanson/Ina Myri Carter. Paul Edward Brewer and Janet Mabel Hanson Brewer were div. 1982 at Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA; he m.2) Betty Jane Taylor.
(Note by submitter: Culbertson, NE is in Hitchcock Co.; Janet was born in Hayes Co. Ralph and Myrl’s farm is said to have been in Culbertson but the location of the property has not yet been proven.) Sources: Becky Lynne Brewer – personal knowledge; Janet Mabel (Hanson) Brewer – personal knowledge; Paul Edward Brewer – personal knowledge; Birth certificate of Janet Mabel Hanson (NE State Dept. of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics).

1. Roxanne Brewer – b. 25 Dec 1944 Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co., CA; m.l) 16 Oct 1965 Los Gatos, Santa Clara Co., CA to John Leiand Walker; m.2) Orange, Orange Co., CA to Thomas Charles Johnson; m.3) Jul 1983 Napa. Napa Co., CA to Greig Sweeney
2. Thomas Michael Brewer – b. 26 Oct 1947 at St. Joseph Hosp. Santa Monica, Lon Angeles Co., CA; m. 3 Apr 1971 Camarillo, Ventura Co., CA to Barbara Jane Thompson
*3. Becky Lynne Brewer – b. 17 Apr 1952 Santa Monica, CA

submitted Dec 1990 by: Becky L. Brewer

B R A N C H #5 – continuation – submitted by another descendant
with some differences as noted below:

Refer to Volume 2, page 22 – Generation VI

VI Christopher Columbus Featherston – b. 1845 Hickman Co.. KY, bur. Masonic Cem., Piedmont, MO; res. Hickman & Franklin Cos., KY & Wayne Co., MO; m.2) Martha Ada line Garrison

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Charlotte Lee Featherston – b. 26 Sep 1867 Franklin Co., KY; m. 2 Feb 1886 to William Jerome Garrison
2. George N. Featherston – b. Hickman Co., KY. d. Memphis, TN
3. Nettie Featherston – b. 1873 Hickman Co., KY. d. 1940 Ripley Co., MO, bur. Amity Cem., Ripley Co., MO; m. Goha Hector
Issue by 2nd wife:
4. John Cicero Featherston – b. 22 Apr 1879 Clinton. Hickman Co.. KY, d. 11 Feb 1940 Brandsville, Howell Co., MO
5. Ora Glenn Featherston – m. 28 May 1898 to George Washington Rideout
6. Minnie Pearl Featherston – b. 13 Apr 1883 Clinton, Hickman Co., KY. d. 10 Nov 1967 Doniphan, Ripley Co.. MO; m. 13 Dec 1902 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO to Edward Warren “Ed” Ponder cont…

Vol. 3 Page 25
BRANCH *5 – issue of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

7. Henry Marion Featherston – m. Etta Frances Rideout (sister of Sarah Webster Rideout and George Washington Rideout -spouses of 4. and 5.)
*8. Jesse Arnet Featherston – b. 3 Jan 1890 Piedmont, Wayne Co., MO

VII Jesse Arnet Featherston – b. 3 Jan 1890 Piedmont, Wayne Co.. MO, d. 29 Dec 1968 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO; res. Wayne, Ripley, Butler Cos., MO; Timber Dealer; Church of God; m.l) 6 Mar 1910 to Rozetta “Zetta” Ponder – b. 24 Aug 1890 Ripley Co., MO. d. 6 Apr 1977 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO, bur. Amity Cem.. Ripley Co.. MO; res. Ripley Co.. MO; Church of God; d/o Marion Ponder/Thula Smith. Jesse Arnet Featherston and Rozetta Ponder Featherston were divorced. He m.2) Pauline Epps.

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Eunice Edna Featherston – b. 25 Dec 1910 Ripley Co., MO; m. 12 Jan 1929 Pocahontas, AR to Eolen Eirod
2. Jessie May Featherston – b. 29 Nov 1912 Ripley Co., MO; m. 3 Apr 1930 to Herbert Lawrence Paries
*3. Hazel Ruth Featherston – b. 3 Jun 1915 Ripley Co.. MO
4. Marion Marvin Featherston – b. 18 Apr 1917 Ripley Co.. MO. d. 23 Jul 1967 Ripley Co., MO. bur. Doniphan City Cem., Ripley Co., MO; m. Martha Beatrice Grissom
5. Carson James “Kit” Featherston – b. 18 Feb 1919 Ripley Co., MO; m. 23 Mar 1940 to Alma Lee Kenner
6. Carl Lindell Featherston – b. 4 July 1921 Ripley Co., MO. d. 19 Jun 1967 Ripley Co.. MO, bur. Amity Cem., Ripley Co., MO; m. Bonnie Marie Jones
7. Harold Earl Featherston – b. 1 Oct 1924 Ripley Co., MO; m.l) Pearl Sullivan; m.2) 1 Dec 1962 to Mabel Berzas
8. Marjorie Fay Featherston – b. 10 May 1928 Ripley Co., MO; m. 13 Jan 1951 to Benjamin Carson Young
9. Mary Etta Varner – b. 9 Jun 1934; m. 1 Jan 1955 Hernando. MS to Charles Alfred Bigler (niece of Rozetta Ponder Featherston. Mary’s mother died when Mary was born and she was raised by Rozetta.)

VIII Hazel Ruth Featherston – b. 3 Jun 1915 Ripley Co.. MO; res. Ripley & Butler Cos.. MO; Church of God/Baptist; m. 24 Dec 1932 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO to Vester Leiand Hodo – b. 20 Mar 1908 Ripley Co., MO. d. 15 Aug 1988 Poplar Bluff. Butler Co., MO, bur. Butler Co., MO; res. Ripley & Butler Cos., MO; Grocery Clerk; Baptist; s/o Robert Monroe Hodo/Sallie Paralee Driver

*1. Donald Eugene Hodo – b. 18 Apr 1939 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO
2. Shirley Ann Hodo – b. 9 Sep 1936 Doniphan, Ripley Co.. MO; m. 17 Mar 1956 Hernando, MS to John Max Ballard
3. Roberta June Hodo – b. 13 Nov 1938 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 20 Aug 1966 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO to Bobby Dale Boyet
4. Kathy Sue Hodo – b. 18 Apr 1951 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; single

IX Donald Eugene Hodo – b. 18 Apr 1934 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; re’s. Ripley, Jackson, Butler & Howell Cos., MO; Radio Operator; Baptist; US Air Force – 4 yrs.; m. 26 Apr 1958 Miami, OK to Mary Frances Gillespie – b. 12 Jul 1939 Torch, Ripley Co., MO; res. Ripley. Butler, St. Louis, Jackson. Howell cont…

Vol. 3 Page 26
BRANCH *5 – Donald Eugene Hodo (cont.)

Cos., MO; Secretary; Baptist; d/o John Artis Gillespie/Thelma Pearl Jenkins

1. Donna Joyce Hodo – b. 21 Aug 1958 Doniphan. Ripley Co., MO

X Donna Joyce Hodo – b. 21 Aug 1958 Doniphan, Ripley Co.. MO; res. Ripley, Jackson, Butler, & Howell Cos., Willow Springs. Springfield, MO. San Antonio, TX. Hardy, AR; m. 22 Aug 1975 Willow Springs. Howell Co., MO to Samuel Louis Silverthorn – b. 26 Aug 1956 Springfield. MO; res. Willow Springs & Springfield, MO, San Antonio. TX. Hardy, AR; Electronics Tech.; US Air Force 4 yrs.; s/o Dean Silverthorn/Georgie McDonald

1. Angela Dawn Silverthorn – b. 3 Apr 1976 West Plains, Howell Co., MO
2. Bryan Samuel Silverthorn – 23 Jul 1979 San Antonio, TX

submitted Dec. 1990 by: Don Hodo

BRANCH *5 – continuation – submitted by another descendant

Refer to Volume 2, pages 16-19 Generation VII, Child 3

VIII George Lee Featherstone – b. 12 Oct 1886 Carlisle Co.. KY, d. 3 Jan 1956 Hickman Co.. KY, bur. Arlington Cem., Carlisle Co., KY; m.l) 12 Oct 1907 Fulton. Obion Co., TN to Mayme Lou Haynes – b. 27 Mar 1886 Union Co., KY. d. 30 Sep 1923 Carlisle Co.. KY, bur. Arlington Cem.. Carl isle Co.. KY. d/o Edward Walker Haynes/Henrietta Wright; m.2) 9 Mar 1924 Kansas City. MO to Lucy Maud Ashley – b. 14 Nov 1898 Hickman Co., KY, d/o Benjamin Franklin Ashley/ Susanna Ann Crane

Issue by 1st wife;
1. Christine Featherstone – b. 1 Sep 1908 Carlisle Co., KY, d. 24 Oct 1933 Arlington, Carlisle Co., KY, bur. Arlington Cem.. Carlisle Co., KY; not married.
2. J.E. Featherstone – b. 6 .Oct 1909 Carlisle Co., KY. m. 20 Apr 1934 Detroit. MI to Ruth Winfrey – b. 28 Oct 1910. No children.
*3. John L. Featherstone – b. 29 Aug 1913 Carlisle Co.. KY
4. Richard Lee “Jack” Featherstone – b. 29 Jul 1917 Carlisle Co.. KY; m. 25 Sep 1943 to Eva Puntney – b. 1918 cont…
5. James Wendell “Jim” Featherstone – b. 11 Dec 1921 Carlisle Co.. KY; m. 21 Nov 1941 Benton, MO to Pauline Sutton – b. 1921
6. Charles Haynes “Jerry” Featherstone – b. 21 Sep 1923 Carlisle Co., KY; m. 21 Apr 1946 to Martine Bishop – b. 1920
Issue by 2nd wife:
7. Jeanetta Lee Featherstone – b. 7 Jan 1928 Hickman Co., KY;’ m. 25 Mar
1950 Jefferson City, MO to Robert Lee Calvert – b. 1926 cont…

Vol. 3 Page 27

B R A N C H #5 (cont.)

IX John L. Featherstone – b. 29 Aug 1913 Arlington, Carlisle Co.. KY, d. 11 Nov 1983 Mayfield. Graves Co., KY, bur. Arlington Cem., Carlisle Co.. KY; Farmer; Baptist; m. 14 Jan 1934 Fulton. Obion Co., TN (or Fulton. KY?) to Maurine Hogancamp – b. 9 Feb 1913 Bardwell, Carlisle Co.. KY, d/o Phineas Hogancamp/Bertie Morris

1. Betty Lee Featherstone – b. 9 Oct 1935 Arlington, Carlisle Co.. KY; m. 4 Oct 1952 St. Louis, MO to Thomas Byrum

1. Alleta Byrum –
2. John Bryum –
3. David Byrum –

2. Martha Lou Featherstone – b. 18 Jun 1941 Arlington, Carlisle Co., KY; m. 6 Jun 1954 Arlington. Carlisle Co., KY to Bily McGee. No children.

submitted Dec 1990 by; Maurine Featherstone

End of Volume 3
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