Featherston Findings Volume 4

Featherston Findings Volume 4

Vol. 4. Forward

Volume 4 of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS has now been completed. As you know, these volumes have been published at 2 and 3 month intervals up to this point. I am sure somewhere down the line the information will not be forthcoming in such quantities and therefore there will not be this same frequency of publishing these booklets. I am overwhelmed by the response I have had so far. It is quite apparent that Featherston researchers have felt a need for a publication such as this. Through these pages, we may share our information with each other now and have it recorded for future generations.

It is important for the continuing success of this series that you send in your miscellaneous Featherston information and your branch for inclusion in future volumes. Some of you may feel you do not have enough information to send in your branch for our Branches section. Let me encourage you to send in what you have. Perhaps there is someone else who may be able to give you just the needed data to tie you into another line, as has been done in this issue. Volume 1 contained Branches #1, *2, *3 and #4. Branch #3 has now been linked to #4. Hereafter, this Branch will be known as *3 and Branch *4 will no longer be used. It is our goal to eventually eliminate all branch numbers, except one, joining us all into one big family!

Because there is a limited number of Featherston families, ^as compared to Jones, Smith, etc.), perhaps at some time in the future there will not be enough data submitted to continue publishing lineages in the Branches section of our booklets. In the event these should become unavailable, would anyone object to having booklets published using only miscellaneous material?
Your suggestions for bettering these booklets will be greatly appreciated and your contributions are most welcome.
Joyce Featherston Hawkins

Vol. 4. Index

A Book of Garretts, Volume II 1
War of 1812 Veterans in Texas 4
Genealogical Abstracts From Tennessee Newspapers 1791-1808 4
1850 Madison County, Illinois Census. 5
1850 Shelby County, Illinois Census 5
1860 Clinton County, 111inois Census. 5
1860 Madison County, Illinois Census 6
Howell County, Missouri Marriages 6
Ripley County, Missouri Marriages 7
Joshua Featherstun Family 8
1850 Census – Amelia County, Virginia 9
Chesterfield County. Virginia Marriage Register, 9
Macon County, Missouri Obituaries 1889-1903 10
Obituaries 10
Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly Bulletin
Bible Record of William Featherston 12
Smith County, Tennessee Court Minutes 13
The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 25. No. 1, Jan-Mar 1951 13
Ratchfords…I Reckon 13
Peter Willis of Tennessee and His Descendants. 13
From Mrs. Ann H. Klein 14
Branches 1, 3 and 5 15
Queries 27
Every Name Index

Vol. 4. Page 1
by Hester Elizabeth Garrett – pub. 1980

1. Charles (?) Featherstone m. ca. 1675? Rebecca Stratton Patram b. ca. 1637 b. ca. 1649 (see below) d. August 1782-Inventory date d. aft. 1726 In his will dated 1688 Edward Stratton, Jr. lists his “loving sister Rebecka Newman” which seems to prove that she was Rebecca Stratton. However Edward Stratton, Sr. lists only his wife, Martha (2nd wife-widow of Thomas Shippy) and his son, Edward Stratton. Jr. Rebecca is mentioned as one of the heirs of Reginald Evans (Henrico Record Book 5. p. 176-No date). At that time Anthony Patram was still living. The date of his death is not known but as Francis Patram was the only child of that marriage, it is possible that Anthony died soon after his birth in 1671. (“Francis Patram, age ca. 21 yrs. gave testimony – Aug. 1, 1692 – Valentine Papers 111. p. 1790 1692 Ct. Rec.) It has been recently proven that Charles Featherstone had four children. If Rebecca were the mother of all four, she must have been married to Charles as early as 1674/5. There has been no indication that Charles had been married before. (Proof of the four children-Colonial Wills of Henrico., VA Part 1 1654-1737 by Benjamin B. Weisiger 111 p. 109. “Rebecca Newman, wife of Samuel Newman, age 77, 18 Sept. 1725 deposed that she knew Charles Featherstone, dec’d, & that he had at the time of his death 4 children, lawfully begotten, a son Henry Charles Featherstone & 3 daughters, Anne, Sarah, & Susanna. (This proves her birthdate as about 1649).

Issue: 1. Anne Featherstone b. ca. 1674/5 m. ca. 1692 to Abraham Eurton
2. Sarah Featherstone – no other information
3. Susanna Featherstone – no further record
4. Henry Charles Featherstone b, ca. 1681 (Orphan’s Court, Henrico Recs. Vol. 4-p. 45)

CHESTERFIELD CO.. VA WILL BK. 1. pt. 2. p. 301 2/26/1759
Will of Elizabeth Featherstone
Item: To son. Henry Featherstone all stock of cattle, puter, & three beds with the furniture belonging to him and his Heirs forever and two Potts and one Kettle
Item; To Daughter Mary Featherston two feather beds to her and her heirs forever and one side saddle. Wearing clothes equally divided among four daughters.
Elizabeth (X) Featherston

IBID page 360 Will of Henry Featherstone 4/5/1760
To Edward Featherstone, son of Charles featherstone, 300 A. of land being plantation upon which he now lives. (2) sister, Mary, one bay horse (3) rest to be divided between brother. Charles children: Thomas Jeffries children; Thomas Sadler’s children and sister, Mary.

CHESTERFIELD CO.. VA WILL BOOK 4, page 400 4/9/1764
Will of Henry Walthall mentions grandchildren of Phoebe Featherstone, dec’d (his daughter} – a negro woman, Jude, cont…

Vol. 4. Page 2
A Book of Garretts (cont.)

CHESTERFIELD CO., VA WILL BOOK 3 page 70 11/13/1778
Will of Charles Featherstone mentions: sons. Henry Featherstone, Charles, the estate of Thomas Walthall, dec’d, dau., Elizabeth Walthall, dau., Pheby Featherstone, grandson, Charles Featherstone, son of Henry Featherstone.

CHESTERFIELD CO., VA WILL BOOK 3 page 252 7/10/1778
Will of Wm. Moseley mentions among others grandaughter, Elizabeth Featherstone

12/4/1778 Irby Hudson & Phoebe Featherstone. Sec. Henry Featherstone
9/28/1778 Edward Featherstone & Sarah Ashbrooke. Sec. Peter Ashbrooke

11/23/1781 Charles Featherstone & Ann French. Sec. Thos. French

AMELIA CO., VA WILL BOOK 3, page 43 1/7/1781
Will of Lewis Featherstone Wife: Elizabeth Brothers: Charles Howel Featherstone and William
Wit.: Peter Jones, Mary (X) Clardy
Signed: Lewis Featherstone

AMELIA CO., VA DEED BOOK 23, page 159 Feb. 1810
Deed between Burril Featherstone and Rebecca, his wife, and George Kidd.

page 9 12/12/1787 Charles Featherstone – Lucy Elmore
1 1782 Charles Featherstone – Gilly Brumfield
(Note by editor – JFH: It was Carolus Featherston and not Charles that married 1st Gilly Brumrield and 2nd Lucy Elmore)
18 8/27/1794 Hezekiah Featherstone – Nancy Tarpley
42 1/8/1814 Jeremiah Featherstone – Anne Green
55 Feb. 1828 Kelly Featherstone – India Johnstone

1/15/1794 Charles Featherstone – Lucy Pitts dau. of Lunsford

CHESTERFIELD CO., VA WILL BOOK 4. Part 2. page 439
8/13/1792 Will of Garrard Walthall Son: Garrard Walthall
Daughters: Catherine Walthall, Ann Marshall, Mary Hatcher. Elizabeth Cook, Sarah Bass
Grandsons: Garrard Walthall Cook, Richard Walthall Cook. Peter Cousins
Grandaughters: Elizabeth Featherstone Cook, Nancy Cook, Sarah Cook, Rebecca Cook
Sons-in-law: John Cook and Alexander Marshall Executors
Wit.: Henry Featherstone Sr. & Jr. Maria Walthall

IBID page 505 7/20/1792 Will of Edward Featherstone
Son: Charles Featherstone to him- land, mahogany desk. two tables, one dozen chairs
Daughters: Elizabeth, Lucey
Wife: riding chair
Brothrs: Henry Featherstone and Charles Featherstone and nephew. Henry Featherstone Exec.
Signed: Edward Featherstone
Page 615 Part of his inventory
Two Bibles, two prayer books. 1 Gaseeter. one history of the cont…

Vol. 4. Page 3
A Book of Garretts (cont.)

Buccaneers, four volumes of Cook’s Voyages, one History by
Singleton, one History of Charles II
Henry Featherston was on the Quit rent roll of Henrico Co., VA April 1705

HENRICO CO., VA WILL BOOK 1714-18, p. 27
Jan 9, Hen: Chas. Featherston, Henry Randolph and John Folkes witnessed will of Richard Walthall
19 Jan Charles Henry Featherston witnessed will of Diana, dau. of Richard Walthall.

Although many notes have been made, the ones used here are only those which might fit the dates for Charles Featherstone who went to VA in 1653 aged about 16. It is possible that his father may have been a Henry Featherstone as he named his only son Henry Charles.

Page 51 6/1/1614 Henry ffetherston m. Mary Mighell


1626 Fetherston Jno = Jane Hancock Halsham
1630 Fetherston Jn = Dy Fribus Halsham
1626 Fetherston Wm = Urs. Haies Bp. London
1629 Fetherston Tho. = Eliz. Carter Canterbury
1633 Fetherston Jno = Agn. Roise Wing Rutland
1634 Fetherston Jn = Alce. Acklam Paver
1536 Fetherston Jn = Barb. Glover Wisbech, Cambridge
1636 Fetherston Jn = Honor Gutheridge Southwark Glo.
1617 Fetherston Edw. = Jane Peighen Eston
1623 Fetherston Wm. = Mary Jaram Leeds

COLEMAN’S CATALOGUES 1616 Deed between Richard ffetherston of Loughboro, Co. of Leicester and Chas. frethersLon with seal.
IBID *23 – page 14 Deed between Richard Featherston. Loughboro County. Leicester & Chas. ffetherston and Richard Burton with seal & signature dated 1616.

p. 46 1612/5/23 Charles Featherstone of Shipen Hill within the Monastery of Felley Abbey, husb. & Ellinor Stuffin of Rufford, widow, at Arnold.

p. 165 5/28/1638 John Burton of Bagthorpe, husb. & Mary Fetherston. d. of Charles Fetherstone of Felly-Milne, husb.

p. 518 Aug. 1. 1590 Charles Fetherston of Carroden. Co. Leicester. Yeoman & Katherine Benet of Selston, Nottingham at Hucknal, Torkard.
(The will of this Charles was proved 1640. He was of Dishley Grange – is 3 typed pages long. Had no children but mentions George, Charles & Richard & their children but not by name. He also mentions Thomas Burton. The will of his wife, Katherine dated 8 Jul 1646 mentions brother-in-law Richard ffetherstone of Loughboro, Kinsman Charles ffetherston of Selson, County of Nottingham.)

1614 Featherstone, Lionel 1, gentlemen Stamford, Lines.
1616 Featherstone. Cuthbert, Chancery Lane, St. Dunstan in West cont…

Vol. 4. Page 4
A Book of Garretts (cont.)

1645 Featherstone, Thomas, gentleman, Warwick
1647 Featherstone, Henry, Esq. St. Anne, Blackfriars, London
1652 Featherstone, Thomas, gentleman. Warwick
Cuthbert Featherstone of the ancient stock of the Featherstons of Hetherye Cleugh, in the Parish of Stanhope, in the County of Curham was of an ancient Saxon family – as were all of the Featherstone – Featherstonehaugh line. He m. Katherine & had Ralph – d. 1631 Henry lived London 1635 m. Mary-had issue.


p. 280
Marcus Lafayette Sharp
Born: 23 Jan 1789, Mecklenberg County, North Carolina
Died: 14 Jul 1862. Washington County, Texas
Buried: Old Gay Hill Cemetery
Spouses: 1) Phebe Featherstone of Gallatin, Tennessee (1790-1819)
m. 1 March 1814 2) Elizabeth Locke Hibbett.

Known Children: By first wife:
Elizabeth Cannon, b. 16 Dec 1814, m. Alonson Cannon John Henry (M.D.i, b. 31 Oct 1816, m,. Eliza Teal
Benjamin Franklin, b. 31 Oct 1818. m.1) Martha Hall m.2) Mary Crocket
By second wife:
William Locke (M.D.J. b. 1 Jan 1822
Elmira Louisa, b. 20 Sep 1823, m. George Fulton Crocket
John Morres, b. 22 Dec 1823
Marcus Alexander, b. 4 Feb 1834
Alfred Hibbet, b. 7 Jan 1836, m. Sarah Buchanan
Valerus Publiur, b. 1838
Service: Surgeon’s Mate in 1st Regiment of Bradley’s Tennessee Volunteers
Sources: U.S. Daughters of 1812 records of descendants. 1812 Ancestor Index, p. 575

Compiled by Sherida K. Eddlemon

p. 305
March 22. 1808, Vol. 1, No. 9
In Rutherford a bay mare was taken up by Jesse Fetherston. The horse was appraised at $50 on January 6, 1808.

Vol. 4. Page 5

Microfilm Copy M432 Roll 119
Page 568 Dwelling No. 165 Family No. 165
Enumeration Date 3 Sep 1850 – Twp. 3N R 5W (now known as Helvetia Twp.)
William Petherston 43 male Farmer $400 Real Estate VA
Margaret Fetherston 38 female TN
John Fetherston 18 male TN
Franklin Fetherston 16 male TN
Susan Fetherston 14 female TN
Burrel Fetherston 12 male TN
Thomas Fetherston 10 male TN
Emily Fetherston 5 female IL
Margaret Fetherston 3 female IL
Frances Fetherston 8/12 female IL


Microfilm Copy M432 Roll 128
Page 155 Dwelling No. 905 Family No. 905
Enumeration date 26 Sep 1850
Burel Featherston 66 male Farming VA
Rebecka Featherston 62 female VA
Joseph Featherston 21 male Farming TN
Martha Featherston 18 female OH


Microfilm Copy M653 Roll 163 – Page 707 Dwelling No. 545 Family No. 560 –
P.O. Carlyle – Enumeration Date 29 Jun 1860
B. Featherstone 50 male Farmer $5200/$500 VA
Nancy Featherstone 48 female TN
John Featherstone 17 male Farmer MS
Caroline Featherstone 16 female MS
Belfield Featherstone 13 male MS
Wm. Featherstone 10 male MS
Mary Featherstone 8 female MS
Martha Featherstone 5 female MS
Ella Featherstone 4 female MS

Page 707 Dwelling No. 546 Family No. 561
Danl. Featherstone 27 male Farmer /$300 TN
Ellen Featherstone 19 female IL
Mary Featherstone 1 mo. female IL

Vol. 4. Page 6
1860 Clinton Co., IL Census (cont.)

Page 709 Dwelling No. 556 Family No. 571 – 30 Jun 1860
Thomas Featherston 22 male Farmer $1000/$200 TN
Ellen Featherston 23 female PA
Clary Featherston 0 mo. Female PA (sic)
Isaac Miner 21 male Laborer France

Page 710 Dwelling No. 562 Family No. 577
James F. Featherston 27 male Farmer /$300 TN
Susan Featherston 26 female IL
Agnes Featherston 4 female IL
Roda Featherston 2 female IL
Mr.(?) Williams 22 male Laborer IL
Elizabeth Traylor 13 female IL

Page 773 Dwelling No. 1018 Family No. 1036 – 24 Jul 1860
John Featherston 28 male Farmer TN
Nancy Featherston 27 female KY
Sarah Featherston 7 female IL
Mary Featherston 4 female IL
William Featherston 1 male IL
Danl. Utiey 24 male Laborer KY


Microfilm Copy M653 Roll 208
Twp. 3N R 5W, P.O. Highland – Enumeration Date 7 Jul 1860
Page 572 Dwelling No. 952 Family No. 934
Household of Beverly Watkins male
Emily Featherstone 15 female IL
submitted by: Becky L. Brewer


5 Dec 1897. William C. Featherston of Brandsville (over 21) m. Mrs. Amanda A. Sutton of Brandsville (over 18) at brides. Bk. 6, p. 93.

28 May 1899. Geroge W. Rideout of Christy, Howell Co. (over 21) m. Ora Featherston of Christy (over 18) at home of bride. Bk. 6, p. 273.

16 Jul 1899. Cicero Featherston of Christy (over 21) m. Sallie Rideout of Christy (over 18) at home of bride. Bk. 6. p. 287.

Vol. 4. Page 7
Howell Co., MO Marriages (cont.)

24 Nov 1909. Henry Featherston of Doniphan (over 21) m. Etta Rideout of Koshkonong, Oregon Co. (over 18) at Mrs. Rideout’s. Bk. 9, p. 367.

22 May 1922. Anthlus B. McMillian of Brandsville (over 21) m. Nettie I. Featherston of Brandsville (over 21). Married in office of probate judge. Bk. 13. p. 186.

31 Aug 1929. Ed Anderson of Brandsville (over 21) m. Grace Featherston of Brandsville (over 21). Bk. 15, p. 145.

16 Oct 1931. K.D. Armbus of Springfield, MO (over 21) m. Lena Featherston of Brandsville (under 21). J.C. Featherston, father of Lena, gave consent. Married at Brandsville by Rev. John C. Featherston. Bk. 15, p. 379.

7 Jun 1938. J.H. Finley (over 21) m. Bernice Featherston of Brandsville (over 21). Bk. 18, p. 36.

27 Jan 1942. W.B. Featherston of Brandsville (over 21) m. Marie Burris (over 18). Bk. 19, p. 8.


14 Dec 1902. E.W. Ponder (over 21) m. Minnie Featherstor. (over 18 at res. of bride. Bk. 4, p. 407

6 Jul 1910. Jessie Featherston (under 21) m. Letta Ponder (over 18). Martha Featherston, mother of Jesse, gives her assent. Bk. 6, p. 63

15 Apr 1915. W.C. Garrison (Clarence) of Doniphan (over 21) m. Victora Seaton. Bk. 7, p. 62.

28 Nov 1918. C.W. (Walter) Garrison of Doniphan (over 21) m. Laura G. Davis (over 18). Bk. 7, p. 257.

8 Aug 1929. William A. Braschler (over 21) m. Clarice Featherston (under 21) . Bk. 8, p. 346

3 Apr 1930. Herbert L. Faries (over 21) m. Jessie M. Featherston (under 21). Zetta Featherston, mother of bride, in person consents to marriage. Bk. 8, p.373

24 Dec 1932. Vester Hodo (over 21) m. Ruth Featherston (under 21). Parents of Ruth give written consent. Bk. 9, p. 48.

13 Apr 1936, Marvin Featherston (under 21) m. Beatrice Grissom (over 21). Mother of Marvin gives her written consent. Bk. 9, p. 266

Vol. 4. Page 8
Ripley Co., MO Marriages (cont.)

Charles Henry Featherston (over 21) m. Ellen O’Brien (over 21). Bk. 9. p. 397.
Note by editor: W.C. (Clarence) Garrison and C.W. (Walter) Garrison were sons of Charlotte Lee Featherston and William Jerome Garrison.
submitted by Mrs. I.D. Oakley

Joshua Featherstun family

Joshua Featherstun – b. 24 Sep 1788 Nottoway Co., VA, d. 3 Jul 1848 Lunenburg Co., VA; Farmer & Methodist minister; Pvt. in 5 Regt. Va. Mil. & War of 1812; son of Burwell Featherstun and Anne Hightower; m. 16 Oct 1821 Lunenburg Co., VA to Anne Wilkinson – b. 28 Jan 1800, d. after 2/4/1879.
Sources: Mrs. Lizzie Featherstun of Kenbridge, VA (in 1964 letter); Mrs. Ray B. Featherstun of Lamar, SC; War of 1812 pension file WO 32981, WC 25819; Confederate service records for John Richard, William Bond and Joshua James Featherstun.

1. Lucy Anne Featherstun – b. 25 Sep 1822, d. 14 May 1904; m. 31 Oct 1842 to Peter W. Hawthorne, Jr.
2. John Richard Featherstun – b. 28 Jun 1824, d. May 1904: Confederate veteran; m. Anne Elizabeth Hasskins

1. Wellington Featherstun – d. 1903
2. Hallie Featherstun – m. John Richard Bacon
3. John Featherstun – m. Lizzie __
4. Lucy Featherstun – d. 1903

3. Sarah Elizabeth Featherstun – b. 19 Dec 1825; m. 23 Oct 1845 to Thomas Johnson
4. William Bond Featherstun – b. 9 Sep 1827: Confederate veteran.
5. Virginia Alberta Featherstun – b. 17 Apr 1829
6. Joshua James Featherstun – b. 16 Dec 1830, d. 14 Feb 1909: Confederate veteran; m. Jennie Wilkinson

1. daughter that died young
2. Maurice Featherstun
3. James Featherstun
4. Robert Sterling Featherstun – b. 10 Jan 1867 Lunenburg Co., VA. d. 5 Sep 1937 Brunswick Co., VA (his widow lived in Suffolk. VA in March 1964 and a son. Ray Barrow Featherstun, lived in Lamar, SC, Mar 1964- BGF)

7. Martha Louise Featherstun – b. 12 Jan 1833
8. Benjamin Wilkinson Featherstun – b. 21 Jun 1834, d. 2 Aug 1834
9. Charles Wesley Featherstun – b. 25 Jun 1835, d. 26 Mar 1836
10. Mary Frances Featherstun – b. 3 Jul 1837; m. William Thweatt Blackwell

only one. Joshua Blackwell – drowned in Dan River while duck hunting when he was a college student at Danville, VA

11. Cornelia Wilkinson Featherstun – b. 5 Sep 1839. d. Apr 1840

Vol. 4. Page 9

P. 69 #561/561

Phoebe Featherston 47 female VA
Bettie Featherston 18 female VA
John Featherston 16 male VA
Mary Featherston 14 female VA
Robert Featherston 12 male VA
Harriet Featherston 8 female VA
Martha Featherston 2 female VA


16 July 1831. Richard S. Featherston and Phebe F. Cogbill, dau. of John Cogbill Sr. Wit: Geo. H. and Eliza A. Cogbill. Married 27 July 1831 by Leonard Nunnally, Baptist minister.
submitted by: Mrs. Brenda Fischler


Compiled by Phyllis E. Mears – 1987
p. 191
Mrs. Nancy Buntner Whiles died 26 January 1902 at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Rachel White, at Ardmore. She was born in Kentucky but had resided in Missouri since three years or age. She was a member or M.E. church. South. Her aged husband. Wm. A. Whiles, and nine children, all married and living in Macon county, survive her. The children are Thomas Whiles in Macon: Mrs. Rachel White, of Ardmore; Robert Whiles, of Macon; John W. Whiles and William Whiles of Callao; Mrs. Mary White or Ardmore: Monroe Whiles of Round Grove township; Mrs. Ella Duckworth of Longville; and Mrs. Belle Featherstone of Macon. Funeral services at M.E. church. South.

p. 193
William Whiles, 77, a resident of Macon county died 25 February 1902 at: the home of his daughter at Ardmore. He was a native of Kentucky, coming to Missouri and locating in Macon county when 11 years of age, and was engaged in farming during the active years of his life. He was a member of M.E. church, South. He leaves nine children, all residents of Macon county, namely, Robert Whiles, Thos. Whiles and Mrs. Belle Featherstone, of Macon; John W. Whiles and William Whiles of Callao, Mo.; Mrs. Mary White and Mrs. Rachel White, of Ardmore; Mrs. Eliza Duckworth, of Longville; and Monroe Whiles of Round Grove. His wife was buried exactly four weeks ago. Funeral at M.E. church. South.
submitted by: C.R. Featherston

Vol. 4. Page 10

Note; The first 2 obituaries were taken from a newspaper in Cookeville, TN. I have forgotten the name of the paper, but the obituaries are in my possession. – JFH

Funeral Services Held Last Friday for Winnell Featherston Funeral services were held last Friday afternoon at McBroom Chapel for Winnell Featherston, 40, who died at his home in the Holladay Community on Thursday after a long illness. C.M. Countiss officiated. Burial was in the Double Springs cemetery. He was a member of the Church of Christ, he is survived by his wife, four children, James, Estelle, Bonnie Jean and Joyce Faye, mother, Mrs. Mattie Featherston, two sisters, Mrs. Ercell Madewll and Miss Vallie Mae Featherston of Cookeville, two brothers, Clyde Featherston of Cookeville, and John Featherston of Fort Knox, KY.
JFH; Winnell Featherston (my father) was born 24 Sep 1903, d. 23 Dec 1943

Mrs. Frank Featherston
Funeral services for Mrs. Mattie Vogel Featherston, 81, widow of Frank Featherston, were held today in the chapel of Whitson Funeral Home. Fred Evans and John A Chalk officiated and burial was in Double Springs Cemetery. Mrs. Featherston, a resident of Cookeville, Rt. 4, died Wednesday at her home following & long illness. She was a native Putnam Countian and was a member of the Church of Christ.
Survivors are: two sons. Clyde Featherston, Cookeville; John Featherston, Crossville: two daughters, Mrs. Thurman Madewll, Mrs. David Brady. both of Route 4, Cookeville; sister, Mrs. Lon Dyer. Baxter: 10 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
JFH:My grandmother:Matt ie Vogel Carr Featherston. b. 9 Oct 1881. d. 3 Apr 1963

From The Daily Journal – Tupelo, Miss. – May 2, 1983
J.F. Featherston
Shannon – James Franklin Featherston. 54, died Friday night at North Mississippi Medical Center. He was a salesman. He worked 28 years for the Lewis Sales Co. in Atlanta, Ga., and for the last two years with Dunlap Sales of Kentucky. He was a member of the Verona Church of Christ. Services were 4 p.m. Sunday at McGrath-Rasberry Memorial Chapel with Bro. Robert Kingsley and Bro. James Seagers officiating. Burial was in Lee Memorial Park Cemetery.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Delores Mitchell Featherston of Shannon: three daughters. Mrs. Abby Paine of Memphis, Tenn., Miss Susie Featherston of Shannon and Jennifer Boyer of Nashville. Tenn.; three sons. Rudy Johnson and Jimmy Featherston, both of Shannon, and Steve Johnson of Saltillo; three cont…

Vol. 4. Page 11

Obituary of J.F. Featherston (cont.)

sisters, Mrs. Bonnie Foster of Hendersonville, Tenn., Mrs. Estelle Andrews of Atlanta, Ga., and Mrs. Joyce Hawkins of Alexandria, La.; his mother, Mrs. Thelma Featherston of Madison, Tenn.; and five grandchildren. Pallbearers were Larry Salmon, Bruce Williams, Dorn Patton, Bobby Goff. Tommy Goff and Morgan Stephenson.

From Nashville Tennessean – Sun. July 7, 1985
Featherston, John B. – 65 years. July 5, 1985, Survived by wife, Emma Featherston of Madison; son. Mark Featherston and daughter-in-law, Ginny of Nashville; daughter, Mrs. Gay Goodwin and son-in-law, Jeff of Crossville; two sisters, Ercell Madwell of Cookeville and Vallie Brady of Cookeville; two grandchildren, Adam Featherston of Nashville and Laura Goodwin of Crossville. He was an employee of Malone & Hyde for over 37 years. He was a member of the Madison Church of Christ. The family will receive friends from 3 to 9 p.m. Sunday at Burris Funeral Home. The funeral service will be at 11 a.m. Monday in the Chapel of Burris Funeral Home. Interment in Crossville City Cemetery.
Burris Funeral Home of Crossville in charge of arrangements.

From Crossville, Tennessee Super Times – July 30, 1985
John Bailey Featherston. 65. died at his home 239 Madison, Blvd.. Madison. Tennessee, Friday, July 5, after a heart attack. Services were conducted Monday, July 8, from the chapel of Burris Funeral Home, with burial in Crossville City Cemetery. Buck Dozier, Madison Church of Christ, Ray Frizzell. Kingsport and John B. Jenkins, Chattanooga officiated. Pallbearers were Eddie Brown, Garland Brown. E.F. Francisco, Foress Kidwell, Eimo Lewis, Sterling McNeal and Tate Welch.
Mr. Featherston was a member of Madison Church of Christ. A veteran of World War II, he served in the United States Army from 1941 to 1945. His overseas duty was in the European Theater with the 12th Armored Division Tank Battalion.
He had been affiliated with Ragland-Potter and Malone-Hyde companies for over 37 years. He and his family lived in Crossville 19 years of this time. Since 1972. Mr. and Mrs. Featherston had resided in the Nashville area. A native of Putnam County, he was a son of the late Frank and Mattie Carr Featherston. He was born March 18, 1920, and married the former Emma Watson in Cookeville July 12, 1944. Besides his wife he leaves a son and daughter-in-law. Mark and Ginny Featherston, Nashville; a daughter and son-in-law. Gay and Jeff Goodwin, Crossville; a grandson, Adam Featherston. Nashville; a granddaughter. Laura Goodwin, Crossville; two sisters, Mrs. Thunnan (Ercell) Madwell and Mrs. Vallie Brady, both of Cookeville; and a sister-in-law. Mrs. Thelma Featherston, Madison.

Vol. 4. Page 12

Vol. 1, No. 3 – July 1963
Bible Record of William Featherston (Nottoway Co., Va. – Robertson Co., Tenn.)
William Featherston, son of Burrel and Ann Featherston, was born Feb. 27, 1781 Elizabeth Featherston, daughter of John and Nancy Jones, was born Aug 29, 1785 Ann Eliza Featherston, daughter of William and Elizabeth Featherston, was born Apr. 19, 1811.
John B(urwell) Featherston, son of William and Elizabeth Featherston. was born Aug. 18, 1812.
Martha Ann Featherston, daughter of William and Elizabeth Featherston, was born Dec. 9, 1813
Sarah C.E. Featherston, daughter of William and Elizabeth Featherston, was born April 9, 1816.
William R. Featherston, son of William and Elizabeth Featherston. was born Sept. 17, 1818.
Joshua W(ood) Featherston. son of William and Elizabeth Feacherston. was born Feb. 14, 1820.
Henry D. Featherston, son of William and Elizabeth Featherston, was born June 13, 1823.
Mary S.F. Featherston, daughter of William and Elizabeth Featherston. was born June 22, 1825.
Edwin Jones Featherston, son of William and Elizabeth Featherston. was born April 22, 1827.
David S, Featherston, son of William and Elizabeth Featherston, was born Aug 6, 1832.

William and Elizabeth Featherston were married January 9. 1809, in Nottoway County. Va., according to his War of 1812 papers. They moved from Nottoway County to Dinwiddie County, Va., between 1816 and 1820. Between 1826-30 they settled permanently in Robertson County, Tenn., where Elizabeth Featherston died in 1867 and William around 1878. Note: The above Bible is now (1962) in possession of John Goodman, Adams, Tenn. (Gr. grandson of William and Elizabeth Featherston.)

Vol. 4. Page 13

Bk. 11, p. 465
27 Feb 1826. David C. Hibbits former guardian to John J. Hibbits rendered into court a receipt from Edward Featherston, the present guardian, for the property of the said John J. Hibbits, which receipt was duly acknowledged in open court by Edward Featherston, the present guardian.

Bk. 11. p. 465
27 Feb 1826. Ordered that Solomon Debo and Archibald Thompson be appointed commissioners to take the examination of Polly Y. Featherston and Elizabeth L. Sharp, privately and apart from their husbands, Edward Featherston and M.D. Sharp, touching a deed of conveyance executed by them jointly to David C Hibbits.


Vol. 25, No. 1, Jan-Mar 1951
Richard H. Edmondson was deeded a tract of land on the headwaters of Miles Creek by his father Richard C. Edmondson on 20 Oct 1817 (Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deed Book 17, p. 91). Richard C. Edmondson married Frances Bowers in Mecklenburg County 8 Sept. 1790. Administration on his estate occurred in 1818. By Frances he had only two sons, Richard C., Jr., and Robert Spilsbee Edmondson. Richard Coleman Edmondson married again in 1812 Elizabeth Featherstone, who had already borne him several children.

by Wilma Ratchford Craig – 1971

p. 267
Jasper William Lewis, b. 24 May 1915, m. on 19 Oct 1941 to Ruth Featherstone. b. 8 July 1918, dau. of John Henry and Ida Mae Stowe Featherstone of Belmont, N.C. Their child is Mary Ellen Lewis, b. 26 Sept 1955. Jasper works at Pharr Yarns; Ruth, at Belk’s in Belmont. They live in Belmont, N.C.

by Charles A. Sherrill – 1987

p. 174
George Green Will is, son of Andrew and Jane (Ramsey) Will is, was born 1 Aug. 1881. He married Georgie Featherston (1882-1975) and lived in Franklin County, Tennessee. George Willis died at the age of 37 on January 8, 1919 and is buried at the Mount Garner Cemetery in Decherd.
Children of George G. Willis:
1. Madeline Willis. m. Bob Wilson and died in North Dakota
2. Wiley Willis, moved to Florida and married Bess __
3. Joanna Willis, m. Francis Frasrand. They had a son and a daughter.
After Joanna and her brother Wiley both died, their spouses married one another.

Vol. 4. Page 14

From Mrs. Ann H. Klein
This is a letter I received in answer to a request for the book “Good Morning, Mr. Featherstone?” by Eula Perkinson. This information is on page 13 of
Jan. 2, 1990
Mrs. Anne H. Klein
Dear Mrs. Klein.
In reply to your letter about our book, I’m sorry to have to tell you that we have sold all of them and we do not plan another printing. From an original printing of 500 most of them sent to Perkinson descendants. We donated a few to libraries, a few libraries and genealogical societies ordered books. We did not advertise the book so it has been fun getting in touch with many families from many states.
There was no Featherstone genealogy relating to Featherstones of the U.S. – the title refers to the Featherstones of England from whom, according to sources, the Perkinson family descended. Elias de Featherstone was the ancestor in Northumberland, England for whom Featherstone Castle was named – the family was seated there for several generations from about 1100. There were 3 brothers, descendants of Elias who had three sons. one of whom was named Perkin, Celtic for “Peter”. Perkin Featherstone had a son named John who was called John-le-Perkinson meaning “John the son of Perkin”. John adopted the name John Perkinson and dropped the name Featherstone. This is documented, ca. 1500, and on records in genealogy of that family in England.
A book titled “The Parkinson’s of Lancashire” by Richard Ainsworth gives the origin of the Perkinson family in this book which we found at the Society of Genealogists in London: Perkinson was the original spelling of the name dating from around 1300’s and gradually evolved in the Parkinson spelling. The book by Ainsworth has been out of print since 1936, we were told by a bookstore in London. We have never been able to find one from “old books” dealers.
We did visit Featherstone Castle – it is about 3 1/2 miles out of Haltwhistle. a medieval town in Northumerland Co.. England. It is beautiful on the bank of the Tyne River. The old pele tower and a certain doorway area dates back to the time of Elias de Featherstone, ca. 1100; it has been added on to down through the years and is now quite impressive. In Elias’ day it was called a “hall house”. It is near Hadrian’s wall in that part of England. In doing our Perkinson research in colonial Virginia we found a Charles Featherstone who married I believe. Anne Burton, living in that part of Henrico Co., VA, 1700’s, in which our oldest ancestors (Perkinsons) lived. I suspect many of the present day Featherstones descend from Charles.
Thanks for getting in touch and sorry I’m not of much help to you.
Sincerely yours,
Eula Thomas Perkinson
Note: Thank you Ann for sharing this letter with us.(JFH)

Vol. 4. Page 14a

The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent. These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.
These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly 33 it Is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process, please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume. If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used. These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage.
You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins

Vol. 4. Page 15
BRANCH *1 – a continuation submitted by another descendant

Refer to Volume 1. page 11 & page 15 and note the following additional information.

I Charles Featherston – b. England; will dated 4/3/1788; will proven Brunswick Co.. VA on 25 Jan 1790; m. Jean/Jane Wright – d. 16 Nov 1812 Fayette Co., KY?. Charles Featherston had 7 children, probably 2 wives. Jean/Jane Wright probably wife #2.

1. Fathey (Faith?) Featherston – d. post 1788
2. Chariot (Charlotte?) Featherston – d. post 1788
*3, Carolus Featherston – b. VA
4. Hezekiah Featherston –
5. Jeremiah Featherston –
notes by submitter: Charles & Hezekiah were Brunswick Co., VA Taxpayers in 1782-87. Carolus & Jeremiah moved from Charlotte, VA to KY in early 1800’s.

II Carolus Featherston – b. VA, d. post 1830 Franklin Co., KY; moved from Charlotte Co., VA to KY in early 1800’s; res. Franklin Co., KY – will 3/30/1830; m.l) 21 Nov 1782 Charlotte Co., VA to Gilley Brumfield; m.2) 12 Dec 1787 Charlotte Co., VA to Lucy Elmore. Sources: 1810 Charlotte Co VA census; 1820 Fayette Co., KY census.

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Robert Featherston – m. Martha Russell, d/’o John Russell
2. Elizabeth Featherston – m. 1 Jan 1810 Charlotte Co.. VA to Hezekiah Russell
Issue by 2nd wife:
*3. James Featherston – b. ca. 1790 VA
4. William Featherston – b. 1793 Charlotte Co., VA, d. 2 Jan 1870 Dyer Co., TN, bur. Shaw Cem.; m. Sarah/Sally Vaughan – b. 1798 VA. d 1868, d/o William Vaughan
5. Jeremiah Featherston –
*6. Burwell Featherston – b. 16 Feb 1797 Charlotte Co., VA
7. Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1804 KY
8. John Featherston – m.l) 13 Jul 1822 Fayette Co., KY to Nancy P. Featherston – d/o Jeremiah Featherston/Elizabeth Elmore
9. Sally Featherston –
note by editor: This submitter does not list a child named Lucy. Submitter is descendant of both children 3. James Featherston and 6. Burwell Featherston.
note: by submitter: Carolus Featherston’s will of 3/3/1830 shows he was resident of Franklin Co., KY, mentions owning a VA plantation, children #1-#9 mentioned in will.

Ill James Featherston – b. ca. 1790 VA, d. 22 Feb 1878; m. 20 Jan 1815 Charlotte Co., VA to Elizabeth “Betsy” Elmore – d. 1848-1850. d/o James Elmore, Jr./Mary or Polly Elam. Sources: Will – Franklin Co., KY 3/4/1878, Scott Co., KY 1850 and 1860 censuses. Forks of Elkhorn, Franklin Co., KY 1870 census, cont…

Vol. 4. Page 16

Issue of James Featherston/Elizabeth “Betsy” Elmore:

1. William E. Featherston – b. ca. 1816 Fayette Co., KY. d. pre 1878; m. 15 Jan 1846 Franklin Co., KY to Eliza Graves; m.2) 22 Aug 1855 Franklin Co., KY to Sallie E. Featherston – b. 1834 Jessamine Co KY
*2. Mary E. Featherston – b. KY, d. ca. 1850; m. Martin Featherston
3. John E. Featherston – b. ca. 1822 KY; m. 12 Jul 1851 Franklin Co., KY to Sarah Ann Jones
4. Lucy Ann Featherston – b. 9 Mar 1827 KY, d. 27 May 1890 Saline Co.. MO, bur. Salt Springs Cem.; m. 11 Oct 1844 Scott Co., KY to Granville Thomason – b. 14 May 1820 KY, d. 11 Dec 1904. bur. Salt Springs Cem.
5. Margaret J. Featherston – b. ca. 1830; res. Scott Co., KY 1860
6. Robert W. Featherston – b. ca. 1831 Jessamine Co., KY; m. 22 Aug 1855 Franklin Co., KY to Frances Ann Sebree – b. ca. 1837 Franklin Co., KY; res. Forks of the Elkhorn. KY 1870

III Burwell Featherston – b. 16 Feb 1797 Charlotte Co., VA, d. 23 Oct 1885 Madison, MO, bur. Middle Grove, MO; Farmer; m.l) 21 Oct 1818 Jessamine Co./, KY or Fayette Co., KY to Sarah/Sally Wymore – b. KY, d. 1833-4 “when Wm. M. was an infant”; m.2) 1836-7 to Rebecca Corman – b. ca. 1810 KY, d. 1874. Sources: Randolph Co., MO 1850 & 1860

Issue by 1st wife:
*1. Martin Featherston – b. 30 Aug 1819 KY
2. female – b. 1820-22
3. female – b. 1820-22
4. Green Berry Featherston – b. 22 Jan 1823 Jessamine Co.. KY. d. 10 May 1901 Callao, MO; m. 7 Jan 1853 Monroe Co., MO to Anna Mahone Broaddus
5. Charles Featherston – b. 1824; res. MO, CA (gold rush)
6. Walker Turner Featherston – b. 26 Jul 1825 Fayette Co., KY, d. 3 Oct 1903 Madison, MO. bur. Macedonia Cem.; m. 4 Sep 1857 Monroe Co., MO to Amanda Stephens – d/o William R. Stephens/Agnes Nelson
7. Andrew Jackson Featherston – b. 2 Mar 1827 KY, d. 10 May 1909 Moberly. MO, bur. Moberly, MO; m. 20 Oct 1853 Randolph Co., MO to Mary E. Meals
8. male – b. 1828-30
9. female – b. 1828-30
10. Martha Featherston – b. 1831 KY. m. 12 Jan 1851 Randolph Co., MO to John Holloway
11. William M. Featherston – b. 24 Feb 1833 Jessamine Co.. KY, d. 5 Aug 1911 Moberly, MO, bur. Moberly, MO; Disciples of Christ Minister; m. 20 May 1858 Monroe Co., MO to Mary J. Ragsdale- d/o Edward Ragsdale/ Sarah E.__
notes by submitter: daughter *2 or #3 possibly: Eliza Jane Featherston; m. 21 May 1843 Randolph Co., MO to David W. Tullock. 1 son died by 1884.
Issue by 2nd wife:
12. Elizabeth Featherston – b. 1837 KY; m. 16 Sep 1858 Randolph Co.. MO to William J. Broaddus
13. female – b. 1838-40 KY?
14. Sarah C. Featherston – b. 14 Apr 1841 KY, d. post 1916; m. 18 Nov 1872 to Snelling Barlow Wood cont…

Vol. 4. Page 17

Issue of Burwell Featherston/Rebecca Corman (cont.)
15. Silas Featherston – b. 8 Aug 1846 Randolph Co., MO, d. 27 Dec 1916 Moberly, MO; m. 11 Mar 1886 Randolph Co., MO to Mrs. Lucinda Bunnel
16. Lucy Jane Featherston – b. 5 Feb 1849 Randolph Co., MO, d. 18 Sep 1931 Trenton, MO. bur. Trenton, MO; m. 18 Nov 1872 Randolph Co., MO to Hugh B. Wisman
17. Rachel Featherston – b. 1851 Randolph Co., MO

IV Martin Featherston, (s/o Burwell Featherston/Sarah/Sally Wymore) – b 30 Aug 1819 KY, d. 13 Aug 1914 Moberly, MO, bur. Antioch Cem.; m.l) Mary E. Featherston – d. ca. 1850, d/o James Featherston/Elizabeth “Betsy” Elmore; m.2) 3 Mar 1853 Randolph Co., MO to Arminta Shearwood – d. post 1895. Sources: Randolph Co., MO 1860 & 1900 Censuses.

Issue by 1st wife:
*1. Sarah “Sallie” Elizabeth Featherston – b. 16 Jun 1843 Carroll Co. MO
2. James Taylor Featherston – b. 1849-50, d. 1922 Saline Co., MO, bur. Arrow Rock Cem.; m. Marshall Co., MO to Emma __ – b. 1854, d. 1919 Saline Co., MO, bur. Arrow Rock Cemetery
note by submitter: There were possibly additional sons.
Issue by 2nd wife – (there were five daughters – conflicting names)
3. Emma Featherston – m. John Alexander
4. Bettie D. Featherston – b. Nov 1861 MO; m. ca. 1882 Joseph M Groves – b. Feb 1838 MO
5. Julia Featherston –
6. Susan E. Featherston – m. __ Hager
7. Belle Featherston – m. Henry Stewart
8. Mary F. Featherston – (twin) b. ca. 1856 MO
9. Martha B. Featherston – (twin) b. ca. 1856 MO

V Sarah “Sallie” Elizabeth Featherston – b. 16 Jun 1843 Carroll Co., MO, d. 14 Dec 1902 Carroll Co., MO: Christian; m. 16 Jun 1874 Hartline. WA (at Martin Featherston’s) to John James Elder – b. 7 Sep 1843 Madison co., KY, d. 19 Nov 1923 Eugene Township. WA, bur. Elder burial grounds; moved to Carroll’ Co., MO 1850; progressive farmer; s/o Robert Elder/Nancy Mills. John James Elder m.l) Nanny Winfrey; m.3) Mrs. Letha Trougough; m.4) Mrs. Alice Kelly

*1. James Claude Elder – b. 25 Mar 1875 Carroll Co., MO
2. Minnie Susan Elder – b. 14 Jul 1876 – Carroll Co., MO. d. 8 Aug 1972 The Dalles, OR; m. 22 Jan 1903 Hartline, WA to Cole Smith
3. Bessie May Elder – b. 16 Oct 1878 Carroll Co., MO, d. 12 Jan 1972 Atwood, KS, bur. DeWitt, MO cem.; m. 13 Dec 1900 Carroll Co MO to George T. Casebolt
4. Robert Martin Elder – b. 5 Apr 1881 Carroll Co., MO, d. 1 Dec 1969 Yakima, WA; m. 31 Jan 1906 Moberly, MO to Norma Anders – d 13 Jan 1968
5. Mary E. Elder – b. 16 Jan 1883 Carroll Co., MO, d. 28 Mar 1885 Carroll Co., MO
6. Lucinda “Lula” Elder – b. 23 Apr 1885 Carroll Co.. MO, d. 29 Nov 1984 The Dalles, OR; m.l) 25 Dec 1906 Hartline, WA to James W. Hoech. banker; m.2) Dec 1953 The Dalles. OR to James W. Paullis

Vol. 4. Page 18

VI James Claude Elder – b. 25 Mar 1875 Carroll Co., MO, chnd. 1922 10-12 miles north of Centralia, MO at Antioch Christian, d. 30 Sep 1959 Hardin MT bur. Hardin Cem.; m. 22 Dec 1897 Carrollton, MO to Miranda Scott Kelly -‘b 13 May 1880 Carroll Co., MO. chr’nd 1914 Miami Station, MO, d. 20 May 1953 Hardin, MT, bur. Hardin Cem.; Christian; d/o William Morton P. Kelly/Eliza Jane Scott. James Claude Elder moved to Centralia, MO Dec 1916.

1. Arminta Ethel Elder – b. 21 May 1899 Carroll Co., MO, d. Aug 1899 Carrollton, MO, bur. Pleasant Park Cem.
2. Claude Scott Elder – b. 17 May 1900 Carroll Co., MO; m. 23 Feb 1921 Centralia, MO to Laura Ellen burnett – b. 11 Jan 1900
3. Taylor Kelly Elder – b. 29 Jan 1902 Hartline, WA, d. 10 Jun 1985; m. 12 Apr 1924 Centralia, MO to Lorraine Bride – d. Sep 1979
*4. Earl Elder – b. 30 Jun 1903 Hartline, WA
5. Lula Leone Elder – b. 28 Jul 1905 Carrollton, MO; m. 9 Oct 1927 Hardin, MT to Lee Curry
6. Emmanuel Glen Elder – b. 30 Jun 1907 Carrollton, MO, d. 20 Jun 1978 Grand Junction, CO; m. ca. 1932 Hardin, MT to Gwendolyn Helman
7. Pearl Madonna Elder – b. 4 Aug 1908 Carrollton, MO; m. 16 Oct 1929 Billings, MT to Francis Curry

VII Earl Elder – b. 30 Jun 1903 Hartline, WA, chr’nd. 1922 10-12 miles north of Centralia, MO at Antioch Christian, d. 15 Mar 1982 St. Louis MO bur Laurel Hill Cem.: Methodist; m. 11 Mar 1926 St. Louis, MO to Beatrice Shockley – b. 12 Mar 1906 Craineville. Williamson Co., IL. chr’nd. ca. 1931 Crow Agency, MT; Methodist; d/o Wiley Shockley/LiIly Ann Wilcox

*1. Glenn Marion Elder – b. 18 Nov 1926 St. Louis. MO
2. Wanda Arlene Elder – b. 28 Nov 1928 Hardin, MT; m.l) New Orleans, LA to George Landry; m2) 1950’s to James Todt: m.3) 6 Jul 1962 to Ronald A. Cochran
3. Robert Earl Elder – b. 24 Mar 1935 Hardin. MT; m. 15 Feb 1960 St. Louis. MO to Rita Poeschel

VIII Glenn Marion Elder – b. 18 Nov 1926 St. Louis. MO; Driver for 7-up & Pepsi; Baptist/Jewish; m. 27 Nov 1945 Dothan, AL by a J.P.; m. 27 Dec 1945 at Temple Shaare Emeth by Rabbi Julius Gordon to Sylvia Bessie Lugcrer – b. 26 Nov 1927 St. Louis, MO; Jewish; d/o Frank Lugger/Winifred Lillian Burbell

1. Sharon Edythe Elder – b. 10 Jun 1946 St. Louis, MO, d. 12 Jun 1946 St. Louis, MO, bur. Chesed Shel Emeth
*2. Mark Marion Elder – b. 7 Mar 1950 St. Louis, MO
3. Randall Frank Elder – b. 26 Dec 1952 St. Louis, MO
4. Kirn Phillip Elder – b. 29 Juni 1954 St. Louis, MO; m. 11 Oct 1974 Bridgeton. MO to Grace Maria Lucido – b. 3 Feb 1954

1. Phillip James Elder – b. 27 Feb 1980
2. Matthew Earl Elder – b. 22 Mar 1984

Vol. 4. Page 19

IX Mark Marion Elder – b. 7 Mar 1950 St. Louis, MO; Bar Mitzvahed at Temple Shaare Emeth on 6 Apr 1963; Computer supervisor; Jewish; Marine Corps 8 Oct 1969 – 16 Jul 1971; m. 29 Apr 1972 at St. Martin of Tours. Lemay, MO to Janice Marie Manila – b. 27 Sep 1950 St. Louis, MO, chr’nd. Oct 1950 St. Thomas Acquinas, St. Louis, MO; Catholic; d/o Anthony Ambrose Mantia/Mabel Berniece Ann Knight

1. Daniel Marion Elder – b. 8 Oct 1976 Kirkwood, MO, chr’nd. 9 Jan 1977 St. Francis of Assist
2. Brian Anthony Elder – b. 24 Feb 1979 Kirkwood, MO, chr’nd. 11 Mar 1979 St. Francis of Assist
submitted Dec 1990 by: Janice Mantia Elder

Information has been received that links B R A N C H #3 and B R A N C H #4
from: Brenda Fischler and Mrs. I.D. Oakley

Thank you ladies, for bringing this to my attention. Hereafter. Branch #4 will no longer be used and will be known as BRANCH »3 – Refer to Volume 1, p. 23 – 28. Please note the following additions regarding this family.

I Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1635 England; m. ca. 1675 to Rebecca Stratton – b. ca. 1649-56, d. aft. 2 May 1726, d/o Edwart Stratton, Sr./-——. Rebecca m.l) Anthony Patram and m.3) by Oct 1682 to Samuel Newman. Sources: Henrico Co., VA Court Records; A Book of Garretts. Volume 2.

1. Anne Featherston – b. Henrico Co., VA, d. 5 Jan 1745 Amelia Co.. VA; m. Abraham Burton – d. 1736 Amelia Co., VA
*2. Henry Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1681 Henrico Co.. VA
3. Sarah Featherston –
4. Susanna Featherston –

II Henry Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1681 Henrico Co.. VA, d. bef. 1759; m. Elizabeth Walthall – d. ca. 1759 Henrico Co., VA. Sources: various Henrico Co., VA Records; research by various individuals; The James Y. Bennett Family – Starke County Indiana Pioneers.

*1. Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1715-18
2. Henry Featherston – b. ca. 1738, d. 1760 Chesterfield Co., VA. Unmarried.
3. Mary Featherston – unmarried
4. daughter – m. Thomas Jeffries
5. Rebecca Featherston – living 5 Jun 1795; m. Thomas Sadler – will dated 5 Jun 1795 & proven 25 Jul 1796 Brunswick Co.. VA
6. daughter –

Vol. 4. Page 20

Ill Charles Featherston – b. ca. 1715-18, will dated 13 Nov 1778, Chesterfield Co., VA; m. Phoebe Walthall – b. ca. 1720 Henrico Co., VA, d. bet. 1760-64, d/o Henry Walthall/Phoebe Ligon.

1. Henry Featherston – b. ca. 1738 Chesterfield Co.. VA, d. 15 Dec 1827 Smith Co., TN; m. ca. 1768 to Elizabeth Marshall
2. Edward Featherston – b. ca. 1740, d. 1792 (will dated 20 Jul 1792); m. 28 Oct 1778 to Sarah Ashbrook
*3. Charles H. Featherston – b. 9 Feb 1743
4. Elizabeth Featherston – b. ca. 1748, d. 1800; m. Thomas Walthall
5. Phoebe Featherston – b. 1754, d. 16 Dec 1820; m. 4 Dec 1778 to Irby Hudson

IV Charles H. Featherston – b. 19 Feb 1743, d. 23 Apr 1828; m. 23 Nov 1781 Amelia Co., VA to Ann M. French. Sources: old Family Bible records; Amelia Co., VA Marriages; Prince Edward Co., VA Marriages.

1. Dorothy French Featherston – b. May 1783; m. 25 Sep 1800 Prince Edward Co., VA to Cadawalder Jones
*2. Charles Henry Featherston – b. 3 May 1786 VA
3. Calpurnia Wherry Featherston – b. Feb 1799; m. 5 Dec 1822 Amelia Co., VA to William H.L. Tabb

V Charles Henry Featherston – b. 3 May 1786 VA, d. 1865; m. 15 Jan 1807
Prince Edward Co., VA to Elizabeth Short Thornton – d/o Sterling Clack
Thornton/Mary Jones. Sources: Old Family Bible records; Prince Edward Co.,
VA Marriages; Amelia Co., VA Marriages; Featherston manuscript compiled by
Mrs. Augusta B. Fofchergill during the 1930’s.

1. Charles Henry Featherston – b. 13 Oct 1807, d. 19 Jan 1833
*2. Richard S. Featherston – b. 8 Dec 1808
3. Amanda L.P. Featherston – b. 9 Feb 1811. d. 10 Jun 1859: m. 5 Nov 1833 Amelia Co.. VA to Stokes Tunstill
4. Edward Featherston – b. 8 Dec 1813 VA, d. 1 Sep 1853; m. 23 Apr 1845 Edenton, NC to Mary Hewlett
5. Mercer Featherston – b. 8 Dec 1814 (twin)
6. Montgomery Featherston – b. 8 Dec 1814 (twin); m.l) Susan Snelling of Chesterfield Co., VA; m.2) 12 Jul 1844 to Emily Ann Agee
7. William Booker Featherston – b. 25 May 1817, d. 1878; m. Amanda Melvina Fitzallen Talbot – d. ca. 1859 Cleburn, TX
8. Martha E. Featherston – b. 11 Jan 1819; m. in TX to John W. Doty
9. Leadrius M. Featherston – b. 1 Jan 1820
10. Everard Mead Featherston – b. 13 Mar 1822, d. ca. 1895 Cincinnati OH; m. __
11. John Randolph A. Featherston – b. 6 Dec 1824 VA, d. 3 Mar 1910 Cleburn, TX, bur. Cleburne Cem., Johnson Co., TX
12. Mary E. A. (or B.) Featherston – b. 11 Jun 1827; m. General E.C. Turner cont…

Vol. 4. Page 21

VI Richard S. Featherston – b. 8 Dec 1808, d. bef. 1850; m. 25 Jul 1831 Chesterfield Co., VA to Phoebe F. Cogbill – b. ca. 1803 VA, d/o John Cogbill/__. Sources: Chesterfield Co.. VA Marriage Record; Amelia Co., VA 1850 Census; Prince Edward Co., VA 1860 Census; VA Confederate Service Records; old Bible records; Jones Co., IA 1880 Census; Dubuque Co., IA 1900 Census.

1. Bettie Featherston – b. ca. 1832 VA
*2. John C. Featherston – b. Jul 1834 VA
3. Mary Featherston – b. ca. 1836 VA
4. Robert W. Featherston – b. ca. 1838 VA, wounded at Battle of Chancellersvilie and d. 7 May 1863
5. Harriet Featherston – b. ca. 1842 VA
6. Martha Featherston – b. ca. 1843 VA

VII John C. Featherston – b. Jul 1834 VA; farmer & carpenter; served with Co. K 21 VA Infantry in Civil War m.l) Catherine Williams – b. ca. 1839 VA, d. when son John Richard was small; m.2) ca. 1870 Martha S. __ – b. Dec 1832 PA, parents b. IRE. Sources: Amelia Co., VA 1850 Census; Prince Edward Co., VA 1860 Census; VA Confederate Service Records; Jones Co., IA 1880 Census; Dubuque Co., IA 1900 Census; Plymouth Co.. IA 1900 Census: Mr. & Mrs. E.C. Kitterman of Benton Harbor. MI 1960 letter to Brenda Fischler.

Issue by 1st wife:
*1. Mary F. or Mary Thomas Featherstone – b. 10 Nov 1855 Richmond, VA
2. John Richard Featherston – b. 2 Oct 1859 Prince Edward Co., VA; m. ca. 1880 to Lettie ___ – b. Apr 1859 !A. parents b. IRE
Issue by 2nd wife:
3. William J. Featherston – b. Aug 1871 NJ: rn. ca. 1895 t:o Mary C. ——
– b. Sep 1874, parents b. GER
4. Margaretta Featherston – b. ca. 1874 PA

VIII Mary F. of Mary Thomas Featherston –
Refer to pages 23-25 of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS Volume 1 for her children and descendants.
This Branch submitted by: Brantly & Katie Chappell

BRANCH *3 – a continuation

Refer to Branch #4, Volume 3, beginning on page 18.
VII Charles Henry Featherston – m. Nancy Ann Yarbrough Middlebrook
*4. James Elesbury Featherston – b. 24 Mar 1857 Lone Oak, Hunt Co.. TX

VIII James Elesbury Featherston – b. 24 Mar 1857 Lone Oak, Hunt Co., TX; m. 1884 Trickham. TX to Irene Uzede Boatright

1. Infant – b. & d. 20 Mar 1887, bur. Trickham. TX cont…

Vol. 4. Page 22
Issue of James Elesbury Featherston/Irene Uzede Boartight (cont.)

2. John Rash Featherston – b. 3 Jan 1888, d. 13 Sep 1956 Trickham. TX; m. 3 Jan 1913 Trickham, TX to Ida Laura Greene – d/o W.H. Greene. Occupation: well driller, later stock farmer. Divorced 1946. No issue
3. Charles Baxter Featherston – b. 14 Oct 1890 Hartshorne, Indian Territory, d. 21 Aug 1892, bur. Hartshorne, OK
4. Ethel Rebecca Featherston – b. 16 Aug 1892 Hartshorne. OK, Indian Territory; m. 26 Aug 1917 Trickham, TX to Luke Giddings Mathews – b. May 1887 Trickham, TX, s/o William Drayton Mathews/Elizabeth __; Attorney; Methodist
5. Will ie Agustus Featherston (dau.) – b. 24 Apr 1895, d. 30 May 1895 . Hartshorne, Indian Territory
6. Edward Broadus Featherston – b. 1 Jul 1896 Hartshorne. Indian Territory; m. 2 Apr 1922 Brownwood, TX to Gladys Irene Greene – b. 6 Feb 1897 TN, d. 22 Apr 1980 d/o H.R. Greene/Lou __
7. Robert Bond Featherston – b. 14 Aug 1898 Hartshorne, Indian Territory; m. 25 Sep 1921 Trickham, TX to Li 11 ie Augusta Lindley, d/o Tom Lindley/Tressie __
8. Ida May Featherston – b. 5 Sep 1900 Trickham, TX; m. 5 Nov 1921 to Bernice Watson Mclver b. 4 May 1898 Trickham, TX
*9. Louisa Rachel Featherston – b. 11 Nov 1901 Trickham, TX
10. Loucias Cassias J. Featherston – b. 1 Mar 1903 Trickham, TX, d. 22 Nov 1963, bur. Trickham. TX; m. 5 Dec 1941 San Diego, CA to Dixie Keen (divorced). No issue

IX Louisa Rachel Featherston – b. 11 Nov 1901 Trickham, TX; never married. compiled about 1983 by: Lou R. Featherston (used by permission)

BRANCH *5 – a continuation submitted by another descendant

Refer to Volume 2, page 16 and note the following additional information.

I William Featherston – b. ca. 1685 VA. d. 1718 VA; m. Frances Cross note by editor: Submitter lists a different order of birth of William’s children, as follows:

1. William Grigg Featherston – b. ca. 1738
2. Lewis Featherston – b. ca. 1740 Amelia Co., VA
3. Lucy Featherston – b. ca. 1742 Amelia Co.. VA
4. Burrell Featherston, Sr. – b. ca. 1744
*5. Richard Featherston – b. ca. 1746 Amelia Co., VA
6. Frances Featherston – b. ca. 1748 Amelia Co.. VA
7. Elizabeth Featherston – b. ca. 1750 Amelia Co.. VA
8. Susanna Featherston – b. ca. 1752 Amelia Co., VA
9. Jesse Featherston – b. ca. 1754 Amelia Co., VA
10. Charles Howell Featherston – b. ca. 1761 Amelia Co., VA

Vol. 4. Page 23

II Richard Featherston – b. ca. 1746 Amelia Co., VA, d. ca. 1790 Lincoln Co., NC; m. Susanna Davenport

1. Lewis Featherston –
2. Susanna Featherston –
3. Francis (Frankey) Featherston – b. ca. 1781
*4. Richard Featherston, Jr. – b. ca. 1788

III Richard Featherston, Jr. – b. ca. 1788; m. Elalah Fulton

1. Harriet A. Featherston – b. ca. 1806 NC
2. Clement A. Featherston, Sr. – b. ca. 1809 Fairfield Co., SC; m. Elizabeth Elders
3. Lewis Featherston – b. ca. 1813 SC
4. Caroline Featherston – b. ca. 1818 NC; m. Louis Clemmer, Lincoln Co., NC
5. Richard Wesley Featherston – b. 31 Jul 1821 York Co., SC. d. 30 Oct 1862 Noxubee Co., MS; m. Rachel Jeffries Smith McKenney, York Co. SC
6. Sarah Featherston – b. ca. 1823, m. 20 Nov 1846 Lincoln Co., NC to Levi Clemmer
*7. Jasper Newton Featherston – b. 6 Sep 1825 SC or NC
8. Amanda Featherston – b. ca. 1826 SC
9. James B. Featherston – b. 14 Jul 1828 SC, d. 18 Jan 1895 Lincoln Co., NC; m. Barbara Ryhne, Lincoln Co., NC
10. Daniel Asbury Featherston – b. ca. 1833 SC. d. 3 Jul 1863. KIA Battle of Gettysburg, PA

IV Jasper Newton Featherston – b. 6 Sep 1825 SC or NC, d. 26 Feb 1902 Columbus, MS; m. 2 Feb 1846 Lincoln Co., NC to Elizabeth Rhyne

1. Emma Featherston – b. 1849 NC. Died single
*2. Amanda Anne Featherston – b. 21 Oct 1849 Lincoln Co., NC
3. Eleanor (Elala) Featherston – b. 30 Oct 1852 Lincoln Co.. NC. d. 23 Nov 1926 Columbus, MS; m. Louis Coleman, Noxubee Co., MS
4. Richard Asberry Featherston – b. 9 Jan 1855 Winston Co., MS, d. 3 Oct 1935 Noxubee Co., MS; m. Sallie Hines

V Amanda Anne Featherston – b. 21 Oct 1849 Lincoln Co., NC, d. 10 Jan 1925 Columbus, MS; m. 20 Sep 1866 Noxubee Co., MS to William James Morton

1. Erome Morton – m. G. Laws
2. James Morton – m. Dinkie Burrage
3. 0llie Morton –
4. Walter Morton – m. Bonnie Smith
5. Carrie Morton – b. 1867 MS; m. ? Thompkins
6. Lily L. Morton – b. 1869 Lalparge. Fauette Co., TN
*7. John Asbury Morton – b. 17 Feb 1876 Noxubee Co., MS
8. Mollie Morton – b. 17 Feb 1876 Noxubee Co., MS; m. Percy Featherston – b. Dec 1899 Noxubee Co.. MS, s/o Richard Asberry Featherston/ Sallie Hines cont…

Vol. 4. Page 24

VI John Asbury Morton – b. 17 Feb 1876 Noxubee Co.. MS, d. 18 May 1954 Columbus, MS; m.l) 10 Aug 1910 Columbus, MS to Elizabeth Jane Richardson; m.2) to Alice Bradly

Issue by 1st wife:
*1. Frances Elizabeth Morton – b. 15 Feb 1917 Columbus, MS
Issue by 2nd wife:
2. Louise Morton – m. Johnnie Huffman

VII Frances Elizabeth Morton – b. 15 Feb 1917 Columbus, MS, d. 18 Jun 1972 Port Gibson, MS; m. 6 Jul 1935 Columbus, MS to C.C. Callahan

*1. James Walter Callahan – b. 15 Sep 1937 Columbus, MS
2. Noel Lee Callahan – b. 12 Aug 1942 Columbus, MS; m. 11 Jan 1985 Jackson, MS to Sarah Morrison Fuller
3. Larry Wayne Callahan – b. 29 Nov 1946 Columbus, MS; m. 11 Jun 1976 Ft. Rucker, AL to Mary Carol Stevens

VIII James Walter Callahan – b. 15 Sep 1937 Columbus, MS; m. 28 Oct 1969 Basile, Switzerland to Brigitte Karin Frohlich

1. Nathalie Karin Callahan – b. 24 Dec 1970 Bad Herfield, W. Germany
2. Norman Callahan – b. 31 Oct 1946 Bad Herfield. W. Germany
submitted Dec 1990 by: James W. Callahan

BRANCH *5 – a continuation submitted by another descendant

Refer to Volume 2, pages 16-18 & 22 & Volume 3, page 24

VI Christopher Columbus Featherston – (submitter lists name as John Henry Columbus Cicero Featherston).

*4. John William Cicero Featherston – b. 22 Apr 1879 Hickman Co.. KY

VII John William Cicero Featherston – b. 22 Apr 1879 Clinton, Hickman Co., KY, d. 11 Feb 1940, bur. Union Hill Cem., Brandsville, Howell Co., MO; m. 16 Jul 1899 Howell Co.. MO to Sarah Webster Rideout – b. 18 Mar 1880 Webster Co., KY, d. 28 Sep 1957, bur. Union Hill Cem.. Brandsville, Howell Co., MO, d/o Henry Giles Rideout/Lucy Jane Polley. Res. Brandsville, Howell Co., MO. Source: Information obtained from Bernice Finley Adams.

1. Alta Mae Featherston – b. 20 Apr 1900 Howell Co., MO, d. 18 Aug 1967 St. Louis, MO; m.l) James Sullivant; m.2) James Jeffries
*2. Nettie Irene Featherston – b. 15 Mar 1902 Ripley Co., MO
3. Thelma Lee Featherston – b. 5 Feb 1904 Howell Co.. MO, d. 19 Apr 1972 El Centre, CA; m.l) Bryan Harris
4. Grace Pearl Featherston – b. 4 Oct 1906 Howell Co., MO, d. 28 Jun 1960 Howell Co., MO; m. 21 Aug 1929 to Ed Anderson
5. Paul Vestal Featherston – b. 28 Nov 1908 Howell Co., MO, d. Walla Walla, WA: m. Anna Pentecost
6. Ruth Featherston – b. 20 Mar 1910 Howell Co.. MO, d. 21 Mar 1911 Howell Co., MO cont…

Vol. 4. Page 25
Issue of John William Cicero Featherston/Sarah Webster Rideout (cont.)

7. Lena Genevieve Featherston – b. 20 Mar 1912 Howell Co., MO
8. William Byron Featherston – b. 28 Jun 1914 Howell Co., MO; m. Marie Burris
9. Doris Bernice Featherston – b. 28 Sep 1917 Howell Co., MO; m.l) 7 Jun 1938 Howell Co., MO to John H. Finley; m.2) Glen Adams
10. Donald Ray Featherston – b. 28 Apr 1921 Howell Co., MO; m. 15 Jul 1950 Salem. AR to Eva Whitsell
11. Sidney Grant Featherston – b. 10 Feb 1923 Howell Co., MO; m. Lucy Garber

VIII Nettie Irene Featherston – b. 15 Mar 1902 Ripley Co., MO, d. 2 Aug 1979 West Plains, Howell Co., MO, bur. Union Hill Cem.; m.l) 22 Jun 1922 West Plains. Howell Co., MO to Anthlus Belvin McMillian – b. 21 Jul 1900 Grandin, Carter Co., MO. d. 16 Sep 1952, bur. Union Hill Cem., Brandsville, MO, s/o Phinnus H. Mcmillian/Martha Alderina Gosnell; m.2) Dorris Jennings Huff; m.3) Ellis Dixon

Issue by 1st husband:
*1. Vera Marie McMillian – b. 1 Apr 1923 Brandsville, MO
2. Belvin Glenn McMillian – b. 17 Jul 1924 Brandsville, MO; m.l) Jun 1943 Springfield, MO to Etta Mae Bridges; m.2) 19 Dec 1981 to Maxine Reed

IX Vera Marie McMillian – b. 1 Apr 1923 Brandsville, MO; m. 19 Jul 1941 Springfield, MO to Elbridge G. MacKenzie – b. 6 Feb 1916 Great Bend, K3, s/o Scott Robert MacKenzie/Martha Ellen Murrey

1. Elbridge Gerry MacKenzie, Jr. – b. 22 Feb 1943 Washington. MO; m. 4 May 1968 Madison. IL to Sharon Patton
2. Robert Lynn MacKenzie – b. 30 Apr 1954 St. Louis, MO; m. 1 Aug 1960 Tacoma. WA to Tamara Jo Graham
submitted Dec 1990 by; Marie MacKenzie

BRANCH *5 – a continuation submitted by another descendant

Refer to Volume 2. pages 22, 23 & Volume 3, page 24

VI Christopher Columbus Featherston – m.l) Martha F. Cherry; m.2) Martha Adaline Garrison

*5. Ora Glenn Featherston – b. 1 Apr 1881 Hickman Co., KY

VII Ora Glenn Featherston – b. 1 Apr 1881 Hickman Co., KY; m. George Washington Rideout

1. Lillie Rideout –
*2. Maude Lee Rideout – b. 2 Dec 1901
3. Ambrose Rideout –
4. Opal Rideout –
5. Vera Rideout – cont…

Vol. 4. Page 26

VIII Maude Lee Rideout – b. 2 Dec 1901; m. Claude Lee Ponder – b. 17 Mar 1901, d. 25 Dec 1964

1. Claude Lee Ponder, Jr. – m. Jean Philabaum
2. Chester Ponder – m. Dorothy Kenega
3. Martha Ponder – m. Robert Adams
*4. Peggy Ponder – b. 2 Jun 1929
5. Sarah Ponder – m. Ray Condray

IX Peggy Ponder – b. 2 Jun 1929; Homemaker; m. Vince Raddle – b. 25 Feb 1929; retired Director of Education at Cape Girardeau, MO

1. Dennis Vincent Raddle – b. 4 Sep 1955; Printer; m. Tammy Mitchener b. 11 Nov 1959; School Teacher

1. Tara Whitney Raddle – b. 14 Sep 1987
2. Sandra Kay Raddle – b. 28 Aug 1957; School Teacher; m. Donald Carnahan – b. 12 Mar 1956; Water Patrol Officer

1. Bryan Vincent Carnahan – b. 7 May 1986
2. Lauren Nichole Carnahan – b. 2 May 1989

submitted Dec 1990 by: Peggy Raddle

BRANCH *5 – additional information

Refer to Volume 2, pages 22, 23

VII Henry Marion Featherston – m. Etta Francis Rideout

*4. Veta Pearl Featherston – b. 15 Jul 1918 Doniphan. Ripley Co., MO

VIII Veta Pearl Featherston – b. 15 Jul 1918 Doniphan. Ripley Co.. MO; Retired; Church of God; m. 14 Feb 1941 to Edwin E. Sutherland – b. 9 Jul 1919 Heber Springs. Cleburne Co., AR; Retired; Church of God; Military Rec. – Oct. 1942 – May 1945; s/o G.B. Sutherland/Amanda Martin. No issue.

submitted Dec. 1990 by: Veta Sutherland

Vol. 4. Page 27

Lloyd Featherston’s (my grandfather) mother was Eliza Graves, (1820- 1853), married Wm. Epps Featherston. She was the daughter of John D. Graves (1776 – 1848), married Catherine Thomasson, daughter of Richard Thomasson – will probated 27 Sep 1802. Who were John Graves’ parents? Any info on Richard Thomasson, who was his wife?
submitted by: Ann Tolle Klein

Need information on Catherine “Katy” ____? who married Jesse Featherston (b. ca. 1744 VA. d. ca. 1815/16 Bedford Co., TN). They were probably married in Amelia Co., VA or in North Carolina. Had sons William, Merriman. Presley. Jesse, Burrell and one or more daughters (names unknown, but believe one to be Catherine). Catherine d. after 1820 in Bedford Co., TN.
submitted by: Mrs. Louise Swindell

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