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1830 Robertson County, Tennessee Census11840 Tennessee Census Index1Mexican War Service Records1Clark County, Arkansas Marriage Records 1832-18743Madison County, Illinois Marriage Records 1813-18654Descendants of Alexander Fetherstonhalgh4An Index to Delayed Certificates of Birth Filed Subsequent to
January 1, 1860 Texas – Volume Three5An Index to Birth Records – Texas 1903-1909 – Volume Two6An Index to Probate Birth Records Section Two – Texas Delayed – Vol. 46An Index to Probate Birth Records – Texas Delayed – Volume 117Kerr County, Texas, Death Records 1903-19608Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers91860 Ohio Census9Information Extracted from a Florida Death Certificate.11The Prospect News (Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO Newspaper) Apr. 22, 189712The Prospect News (Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO Newspaper) May 6, 1897121870 Warren County, Mississippi Census12Charlotte County, Virginia Deed Book #1713BRANCHES #1. #3, *5 AND *814Queries25Change of Address25Every Name Index


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1830 Robertson County, Tennessee Census

William Featherston 1 m. under 5 (Edwin, b. 1827)
1 m. 5-10 (Henry, b. 1823)
2 m. 10-15 (Joshua b. 1820 & Wm. R. b. 1818)
1 m. 15-20 (John Burwell b. 1812)
1 m. 40-50 (William b. 1781)
1 f. under 5 (Mary b. 1825)
1 f. 10-15 (Sarah Catharine Eliza b. 1816)
1 f. 15-20 (Martha Ann b. 1813)
1 f. 40-50 (Elizabeth b. 1785)
[David not yet born; Ann Eliza already deceased]

1840 Tennessee Census Index
by Byron Sistler & Associates

Bennett Featherston RB-169 (Robertson Co. – p. 169) (actual reading of this microfilm shows Burwell Featherston – not Bennett)
Charles Featherston RB-138
Jessee Featherston RB-131
John Featherston RB-166
Wm. Featherston RB 143
Wm. Featherston RB-204
Pressley Featherston RB-146
Charles, Jessee, the Wm. on p. 143 and Pressley are in Rutherford County, not Robertson. Rutherford County’s 1840 census ran from p. 54-p. 146; Robertson County ran from p. 151-p. 207.

Mexican War Service Records
Bounty and Pension Records at U.S. National Archives

Abstracted by Brenda G. Fischler, 1962
Featherston, Charles R. Co. B 2 Kentucky Infantry Private
Widow’s Pension File Certificate #13719
Name of widow: Jennie Y. Featherston
Charles R. Featherston born Feb. 1. 1829, Franklin Co., Ky., where he lived whole life
Enlisted June 1. 1846. Frankfort, Ky.
Discharged June 9, 1847, New Orleans
Occupation: carpenter
Married (1) Mary Ross (born Sept. 20, 1823) who died Feb. 26, 1890 (2) Jennie Y. Hodges who died April 26, 1931
One child living in 1904: Ann Mary Featherston (then Ann Mary Stephenson) b. 6-5-1861
Statement by Charles R. Featherston in 1904, “My father’s Bible showing date of my birth is with my sister Mrs. Mary Hancock, wife of William Hancock (tailor) in Springfield, 111.”
Address in 1904: 638 Holmes St., Frankfort, Ky.
Name of sister and brother-in-law of Jennie Featherston: Ruth Penn and Josiah Penn

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Mexican War Service Records (cont.)

Featherston. Edward F&S 6 Louisiana Militia Volunteers Colonel
Widow’s Pension File Certificate #3297
Name of widow: Rebecca W. Featherston
Edward Featherston enlisted June 3, 1846 at New Orleans
Discharged Aug. 25, 1846.
Died Nov. 19, 1857, at Camargo, Mississippi.
Married Rebecca W. Alston Dec. 3, 1818, at Mt. Vernon, Ga., by Rev. Wilson Conner.
Rebecca born Feb. 17, 1799 in N.C. [date or place of Edward’s birth not noted]
Statements by Rebecca: “My husband was a commission merchant in New Orleans in the spring of 1846 when war was declared…Since the death of my husband. I have resided in Clarendon, Ark., and Buena Vista, Mississippi”
Featherston. Green B. Co. D 3 Missouri Mounted Infantry (Rail’s) Private
Service record under: Featherstone, Grenbery
Veteran’s Pension Certificate #1001
Enlisted Feb. 28, 1848
Discharged Oct. 19, 1848 at Independence, Missouri
Born Jan. 22, 1833 in Fayette Co., Kentucky
Dropped from pension roll because of death May 10, 1901
Residence 1887: Moberly, Randolph Co., Missouri
Occupation: carpenter
Physical description: 6 feet 2 inches tall, blue eyes, light hair, light complexion
Temporary address 1897 and 1898: Bynumville, Chariton Co., Missouri
A.J. Featherston of Moberly, Mo., declared (1887) he served with Green B.
Featherston in same company and regiment, that his own age was 60 and that he had known Green B. for 50 years.

Featherston, Andrew J. Co. D 3 Regt Missouri Mounted Infantry (Rail’s)
Service record under; Featherstone, Andrew G.
Veteran’s Pension Certificate #12299
Enlisted March 1, 1848 at Paris (Monroe Co., Missouri)
Discharged Oct. 25. 1848 at Independence, Missouri
Born March 2, 1827 in Jessamine Co., Kentucky
Residence since leaving service: Randolph Co., Missouri
Married Mary E. Meals Randolph Co., Missouri Oct. 20, 1855 (given as 1853 in one part of file); she died April 3. 1903
Children living in April 1907: Emma Barnett (nee Featherston) b. Mar. 15, 1856; John M. Featherston b. April 3. 1859; Willard Featherston b. Oct. 3, 1874
One affidavit Mar. 1903 signed by Emma Barnett 45 and J.L. Featherston 26
Date of death of Andrew Featherston not noted
Physical description: 5 feet 10 inches tall, gray eyes, dark hair. light complexion

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Mexican War Service Records (cont.)

Featherston, James E. Co. # 3 Battn Louisiana Volunteers Captain
Bounty Land File BLWT 50-160-9779
Applied for bounty land Jan. 7, 1851
Age (Jan. 7, 1851): 24; residence: Chickasaw Co., Miss.
Enrolled May 23, 1847
Discharged June 1848
Is this the same person as James E. Featherston, Paymaster of F&S 3 Battn La. Vols.?

Featherston, John R. Co. M Talbot’s 1st Virginia Volunteers Corporal
Pension Certificate #915
Enlisted June 20. 1846 at Lynchburg, Va.
Discharged Sept. 10, 1848 at Fortress Monroe
Born Dec. 24, 1824 in Amelia Co., Va.
Died Mar. 3, 1910 in Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas
Places of residence since discharge: Amelia Co., Va.; Fayette Co., Tenn.; Duvall’s Bluff, Ark.; Dallas Co., Tex.; and Cleburne, Tex.
Physical description at time of enlistment: 5 feet 11 inches tall, gray eyes, black hair, swarthy complexion
Occupation: farmer
Married in Jan. 1855 in Hanover Co., Va., to Miss Jennie Winston; she died in May of the same year (1855) and he never remarried.
Last payment of pension made after John Randolph Featherston’s death to W.B. Featherston, County Attorney [where?] Relationship to John R. Featherston not stated]

Featherstone, Charles H. F&S 6 Louisiana Militia Volunteers Quartermaster Sergeant
No pension or bounty land file found
submitted by Brenda G. Fischler


6 Nov 1866. John Spencer to Pheeby Featherston by J.M. Bradley, M.G.
13 Nov 1867. Nathan M. Ellington 37 to Harriet T. Featherston 22. at the res. of J. Crows in Arkadelphia by A.L. Crawford, M.G.
30 Dec 1873. Richard H. Featherston 26 to Virginia C. Carda 23 of Clarksburgh. VA by Andrew Huntes, M.G.

Page 4

18 Jan 1849. Cert. #77-71. Mary Featherston and James Gullick by J. Duncan, J.P.
2 Sep 1852. Cert. #106-214. Martha A. Featherston and Albert Smith by J. Suppiger, J.P.
25 Jul 1853. Cert. #113-517. John Featherston and Nancy B. Utiey by J.T. Lusk. J.P.
7 Apr 1859. Cert. #162-514. Daniel E. Featherston and Ellen L. Hobbs by E.M. Morgan, J.P.
6 Mar 1861. Cert. #173-945. Susan Featherston and Thomas Aris by G. Crownover, J.P.
1 Jun 1864. Cert. #190-630. Emily Featherston and Sidney Ammons by P. Hassinger, Magistrate
submitted by Mavis Brees

Descendants of Alexander Fetherstonhaigh

Alexander Fetherstonhaigh – b. Durham, ENG; m. Cicely Duckett – b. Greyrigg, Westmoreland Co., ENG, d/o Richard Duckett
*1. Lyonnell Fetherstonhaigh –
Lyonell Fetherstonhaigh – s/o Alexander Fetherstonhalgh/Cicely Duckett

*1. Henry Fetherstonhaigh –
Henry Fetherstonhaigh – m. ? Hinemarshe

*1. William Fetherstonhaigh – b. Brancepeth, Durham, ENG
2. Lyonell Fetherstonhaigh – b. Brancepeth, Durham, ENG
3. Lancelot Fetherstonhaigh

William Fetherstonhaigh – b. Brancepeth, Durham, ENG, d. 1659, s/o Henry Fetherstonhaigh/ ? Hinemarshe; m. 28 May 1626 ENG, to Jane Fawdon – d/o Henry Fawdon

1. Elizabeth Fetherstonhaigh – b. 23 Apr 1627 Brancepeth, Durham ENG; m. Thomas Hull
*2. Mary Fetherstonhaigh – b. 16 Dec 1632 Fetherstonhaigh, Durham. ENG, d. Sep 1702 ENG, bur. 13 Sep 1702 ENG; m. 9 Apr 1653 Brancepeth, Durham, ENG to Arthur Jopling
3. Henry Fetherstonhaigh – b. 29 Sep 1629 Brancepeth, Durham, ENG; m. Mary Fulthorpe cont…

Page 5
 Descendants of Alexander Fetherstonhaigh (cont.)

Mary Fetherstonhaigh – b. 16 Dec 1632 Fetherstonhaigh. Durham. ENG, d. Sep
1702 ENG, bur. 13 Sep 1702 ENG; m. 9 Apr 1653 Brancepeth, County Durham, ENG to
Arthur Jopling – b. abt. 1630. d. 26 Jun 1728 Wolsingham Co., Durham, ENG, s/o
Robert Jopling/Margaret Hutton
1. Robert Jopling – d. 1715; m. 28 May 1678 Wolsingham. County Durham, ENG to Sarah Watson
2. Margaret Jopling – d. 1697
3. Jane Jopling – b. abt. Mar 1656 County Durham, ENG, chr. 29 Mar 1656 Wolsingham, County Durham, ENG
4. Mary Jopling – b. abt. Jun 1658 County Durham, ENG, chr. 18 Jun 1658 Wolsingham. County Durham, ENG
5. William Jopling – b. abt. Oct 1662 County Durham, ENG, chr. 23 Oct 1662 Wolsingham, County Durham, ENG, d. 1746; m. Elizabeth ?
6. Arthur Jopling. Jr. – b. abt. Dec 1664 County Durham, ENG, chr. 27 Dec 1664 Wolsingham. County Durham, ENG, d. 1737
7. Thomas Jopling – b. abt. Jan 1667 County Durham, ENG, chr. 22 Jan 1667 Wolsingham, County Durham. ENG, d. 1728; m. Christian ?
8. Ann Jopling – b. abt. Feb 1671 County Durham, ENG, chr. 21 Fob 1671 Wolsingham, County Durham, ENG
9. Ralph Jopling, Sr. – b. 10 Feb 1674 Landew Parish, Wolsingham. County Durham, ENG. chr. 10 Feb 1674 Wolsingham. County Durham. ENG, d. abt. 1720 Henrico Co., VA
submitted by Jeffrey Bowman
Web editors note: Term Durhamshire has been replaced in the text as County Durham which is the correct term Durham has never been a “Shire County”

by Ruby Ruth Cowart and George B. Fluellen

Bureau of Vital Statistics – Texas Department of Health Resources
Austin. Texas (1975)
NameCounty Date File No.Featherston, Alvin Floyd  Mills  Nov 11124211Featherston, Argus JimHenderson                 Dec 95011391Featherston, Bobbie J Shakelford                 Jan 24272156Featherston, Carl CliftonHenderson                 Aug 5077723Featherston, EuniceHenderson                 May 98 039119Featherston. Frances LKaufman                     Jan 16 290580Featherston, Hazel DColemanJul 16259622Featherston, James OliverHenderson  Jan 6146827Featherston. Jennie I Hamilton Jan 13150012Featherston, JessieHamilton  Mar 9 176325Featherston, Lillie MayCoryell Jan 1048704Featherston, Lula JaneBosque Nov 96049373cont…
 Page 6
Delayed Texas Birth Certificates (cont.)
Featherston, Mary WJohnson Oct 1044036Featherston, Minnie CHenderson May 14260051Featherston. Mozelle LHenderson Oct 18190753Featherston. Odis CLeon Jul 16236017Featherston. Ruby DMills Jul 13145920Featherston, Ruby JoyceNavarro Jun 40020981Featherston, Soleta AHenderson Jun 7140138Featherston, VeraHenderson Sep 99259978Featherston, Verona JimColeman Nov 13054223Featherstone, Elsie IreneJefferson  Jan 4 001867Featherstone, Jesse HenryAnderson  Nov 97041280Featherstone, Jewel WHenderson Aug 2063715 

Featherston, L.CBexar 4-12-056048Featherston, Tomy, Inf. ofErath11-14-0448231Featherston, William BenjamineColeman12-11-0424985Featherstone, W.S., Inf. ofStonewall4-7-09140589Featherstone. William GillColeman9-25-0927226
Supervision by Frank Rader (1946)
NameCountyDateFile No.Featherston, AsburyGreen Ala.7-8-731384388Featherston. ClarenceHenderson 9-18-111114999Featherston Claude WadeHenderson11-10-841214123Featherston, ClevelandLamar4-12-091159484Featherston, Dorothy HelenHills12-6-381011795Featherston, Edna CharleenHenderson2-15-231104797Featherston, Geneva LockeyVan Zandt8-31-241122461Featherston, Maud EllaFalls1-23-901127168Featherston, Naomie AnnVan Zandt1-21-801208185Featherston, Otis BaxterColeman10-21-161037562Featherston. Wallace RaySmith7-20-281262282Featherstone, Charles WesleyCoryell4-26-921002481Featherstone, John HenryFalls10-17-271233124Featherstone. Mary EttaAnderson1-7-961077837Featherstone, Tom BillLeon7-29-201141122Featherstone, William JeterHenderson12-6-151250907Page 07
 Supervision by Frank Rader (1946)
Feartherston, Travis VinsonGrimes12-10-01616220Featherston, Albert CecilGrayson11-10-96989448Featherston, Albert LeslieCalifornia2-15-22622324Featherston, Aleck BookerJohnson 7-9-25638633Featherston, Alma JewelHarrison7-31-03402235Featherston, Arthur CliftonHenderson6-12-00659888Featherston, Bertha LenaTarrant1-10-88827243Featherston, Billy JamesHenderson11-6-32731018Featherston, Bobbie JoeHenderson1-20-35371612Featherston, Bonnie ColeanHenderson12-30-24444457Featherston, Carl MontgomeryMills10-10-04556704Featherston. Charles GarretBoone Ark10-20-79184520Featherston, Christopher ColumbusHenderson 3-7-93927430Featherston, Claborn WadeLeon3-15-11777604Featherston, Claude HamiltonLeon3-2-17179062Featherston, DaveHenderson10-15-89803237Featherston, Donald EvertAnderson4-17-29670759Featherston, Dora EttaHenderson3-26-87839727Featherston, Earl Wayne Imperial, Cal.7-18-19384019Featherston, Elmer WelchStonewall 2-20-16275530Featherston, Ernest BeaufordHenderson9-29-1999028Featherston, Eustace ClarkHenderson6-7-29731017Featherston, Flora HesterMills1-20-05213755Featherston, George WashingtonHenderson 5-17-86807378Featherston, George WilliamHenderson6-7-97371169Featherston. Gordon AtchisonClay1-23-9984880Featherston. Gus Jr.Coleman2-24-20270682Featherston, HarrelCreek, Okia3-4-09726314Featherston, Henry EdwinJohnson 10-29-17638632Featherston, Henry ReeceGrayson11-6-01195404Featherston, HindaFalls4-3-21774199Featherston, HomerHenderson 1-23-08678182Featherston, Ida MaeHunt3-1-76993713Featherston, Irene JaneMontgomery. Ark7-3-95775844Featherston, J.D.Mills2-28-1095970Featherston, J.W.Henderson8-26-27992708Featherston, Jason RiceHenderson10-29-03802986Featherston. John FawlerHenderson4-7-95733200Featherston, LeonColeman 3-27-21276260Featherston, Leona LolaHenderson7-2-24992709Featherston, LeonardHenderson1-30-95814534Featherston, Lorena JosephineColeman7-16-09982474Featherston, Lucias CaciusColeman3-1-0354574Featherston, Lucille MarieHamilton 9-13-22891377Featherston, Lula MalicaVan Zandt10-8-91760023Featherston, MarieErath10-19-99878251Featherston, Martha AliceHenderson2-29-34731019Featherston, Mary AnnPike. Ark2-19-09831970cont…
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An Index to Probate Birth Records
 Texas Delayed (cont.)
Featherston, Mary ElizabethStonewall2-8-0916981Featherston, Mattie PearlSmith10-14-98764496Featherston, Minnie JaneCoryell8-25-24614993Featherston, Ora JewelGrayson3-15-98753168Featherston, Patsy RayRusk1-31-32297297Featherston. Porter ColumbusLeon3-12-05127833Featherston, RenaMills8-9-07990471Featherston, Richard EugeneBeckham, Okla4-16-32881041Featherston, Robert GrayEastland10-28-23513133Featherston, Robert HezekiahClay7-25-88170546Featherston, Robert LafayetteHenderson9-13-12804711Featherston. Robert WilliamClay11-25-0084879Featherston, Royce EugeneHenderson3-31-27161122Featherston, T.J.Hamilton6-30-13371281Featherston, Tempie EthelHenderson4-8-96803227Featherston, Travis VinsonGrimes12-10-01616220Featherston, Whitaker RosboroughPike, Ark.8-18-06246434Featherston, William MatthewHale10-2-22482648Featherston. Willie LeeHenderson10-14-04463161Featherston, Winfield Scott, Jr.Stonewall3-28-13409257Featherston, Winfry BillDallas5-7-22481174Featherston, Woodfin BaxterStonewall11-21-03336017Featherstone, Bernice ModineLeon7-2-14777653Featherstone, Bessie LouLeon6-28-23777652Featherstone, Buna KatherineLeon6-2-25777651Featherstone, Drury MintonJohnson10-8-8317742Featherstone, James WhiteCherokee4-21-21131119Featherstone, John BryantFalls7-20-91423935Featherstone, Johnie PaulHamilton2-23-20703860Featherstone, LetaGrayson 2-12-06337680Featherstone. Nicholas WilsonDallas 5-30-03427253Featherstone. Porter LockhartJefferson9-27-07766295Featherstone, William BertAnderson5-31-10563154

Compiled by Gloria Clifton Dozier
pub. by Heritage Books, Inc.
Featherston, Billy Ray 8/26/53 19 Texas Kerrville Ingram Lameta
Featherston, Emily lola 8/26/53 41 Texas Kerrville Ingram Lameta
submitted by C.R. “Ron” Featherston

Page 09

pages 633 & 634
1158 HCA 13/52
folio 297 Henry Fetherston & Thomas Babb vs Thomas Santley
16 Mar. 1635/6
Thomas Beale of Colchester, sailor, aged 48.
Witness says that part of the “Hopewell’s” lading was to be delivered at New England and part at Virginia, but witness does not know if Thomas Santley had any lading in her. After loading in London the ship sailed for New England with the intention of going to Virginia thereafter. When she arrived at Plymouth in New England she fouled a quay and was damaged. Richard French, her master, gave her up for lost “and bade Thomas Babb, the merchant of the said ship to save what goods he could”. Witness was quartermaster on the “Hopewell”. Since all the mariners did not think she was seaworthy and capable of continuing her voyage to Virginia. Thomas Babb sent some of the passengers who were to go to Virginia in another ship, which he hired in New England. The “Hopewell” was damaged in November last past”. (1635).
“In that part of the world at that season of the year the winds blow westerly for 3 or 4 months together continually from November to February. This is a bad wind to take a ship from New England to Virginia, but a good wind to bring it back to the Downs, and those westerly winds do make the seas betwixt New England and Virginia very troublesome and tempestuous, but a ship that is strong and sufficient may perform a voyage from New England to Virginia without any great hazard or danger, but there is a great deal less danger in coming from New England to London at that time of year.

Witness says that some repairs were affected in New England, but it was decided to come home, and on the homeward voyage the ship was very leaky. The “Hopewell” arrived at New England during the latter part of October or early November last past (1635) and returned to London 3 weeks ago (end of February 1635/6).

folio 337 Same case. 4 Mar 1635/6.
John Herringman of Lymehouse, sailor, aged 24.
Witness says that there were 10 or 12 passengers to go from New England to Virginia. He was not shipped to go in the “Hopewell” until after she had taken on all her lading. He was shipped first to go to New England and then to Virginia. After the “misfortune at Plymouth, New England, the passengers, which came in her from London bound for Virginia left her after she came to Boston, which is distant about ten to twelve leagues from Plymouth. Witness was hired by Thomas Babb to go as carpenter to New England and then to Virginia”.


John Featherstone 77 retired farmer MD
Martha Featherstone 67 PA

Page 10

Sarah Featherston 52 ENG
Stephen Featherston 25 ENG
Josiah Featherston 23
Mathias Featherston 19
Elizabeth Featherston 22
Edward Featherston 16

Orphan Asylum
Mary Featherston 9 Unknown


Elizabeth Featherston 16 boarder tailoress ENG
John Featherston 45 boarder bricklayer ENG

Mathias Featherston 20 boarder clerk OH


Elijah Gorsuch 60 day laborer NC
Elizabeth Featherstone 33 NC
Emily Featherstone 13 OH
Maria Featherstone 11 OH
Rhoda Featherstone 9
Jane Featherstone 6
Charles Featherstone 1
Ellen Featherstone 1
Cornelius Featherstone 19 day laborer OH
John Featherstone 30 clerk IN


Edward Featherstone 40 grocer ENG
Sarah Featherstone 38 OH
Kate Featherstone 10 OH
Ella Featherstone 5 OH
John Featherstone 30 carpenter ENG
Malintha Featherstone 27 OH

 Page 11
1860 Dresden, Muskingum Co., OH Census (cont)

Joshua Osier 51 laborer VA
Eliza Osier 38 ENG
Sarah M. Osier 18 OH
Kellogg G. M. Osier 14 OH
Chas. H. Osier 7 OH
Hester Featherstone 60 ENG


Twinburg Institute
Edward Featherston 15 ENG
Elizabeth Huterstone 19 teacher of music ENG


Thomas Featherston 28 farmer OH
Margaret Featherston 25 OH
John Featherston 22
Susan Featherston 20
Elizabeth Featherston 17
Louisa Featherston 11
Emma Featherston 9
Lucy Ann Featherston 6
submitted by Mrs. I.D. Oakley

Information extracted from a Florida Death Certificate

George W. Featherstone
born: 17 March 1881 in Kent County. England
died: 11 November 1932 at Mound Park Hospital in St. Petersburg, Pinellas
County, Florida
burial: 12 November 1932 at Royal Palm Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Occupation: Gardener – Landscape
Usual residence of deceased: 317 18th St. So., St. Petersburg, Fla.
Length of stay in this community: 10 yrs.
Names and birthplaces of his parents: Unknown
Name of widow: Elizabeth Featherstone
Informant: A.H. Halloway
submitted by: Ellen Featherston Edwards

Page 12
(Doniphan, Ripley Co., Missouri newspaper)
Apr. 22, 1897
published every Thursday
by R.E. Douglas, Editor and Publisher
D.C. Cunningham, Ass’t Editor

Local and Personal News
G.N. Featherston and wife returned from a month’s visit with relatives at Cypress, Kentucky, yesterday

 (Doniphan, Ripley Co., Missouri newspaper)
May 6, 1897
published every Thursday
by R.E. Douglas, Editor and Publisher

Local and Personal News
Andy Dudley has purchased the express business from G.N. Featherston. G.N. Featherston, having disposed of his drayage business, started, with his family, for Kentucky, to-day.
submitted by Jerry Ponder


Bovina Precinct. P.O. Bovina, MS – enumerated 30 Jun 1870

Irene Featherston 14 MS
Charles W. Featherston 12 MS
Robert H. Featherston 10 MS
Abbie Featherson 8 MS
Leonidas W. Featherston 5 MS
Laura Featherston 3 MS

Wm. W. Featherston 21 MS
Martha J. Featherston 18 AR
James Bellfield 22 MS
AbagiK?) Randal (male) 29 MS

384/326 – 14 Jul 1870
Joseph Featherston 42 farmer $15000/$3640 TN
Clara Featherston 34 MS
Josephine Featherston 15 MS
Francis Featherston(f) 14 MS
Ella Featherston 12 MS
Henry B. Featherston 9 MS
Joseph W. Featherston 5 MS
Robert M. Rudduch(?) 24 MS
Emmanuel Philip 14 black farm hand MS

Page 13
1870 Warren Co., MS Census (cont.)

Vicksburg, MS – 30 Jun 1870
Francis M. Featherston 43 minister M.E.G.(?) $1010/$875 TN
Mary E. Featherston 41 keeping house MS
Louis R. Featherston 19 MS


Know all men by these presents that I Hezekiah Featherstone of the County of Charlotte State of Virginia for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear to John W Featherstone Robert R Featherstone Nancy Eudaly Benjamin J Featherstone Okelly Featherstone Chappel Featherstone Sarah Featherstone and William M Featherstone as well as for the further Consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by the Said John W Featherstone Robert R Featherstone Nancy Eudily Benjamin J Featherstone Okelly Featherstone Chappel Featherstone Sarah Featherstone and William M Featherstone at as before the ensealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, I have given and granted by these presents do give and grant unto the said John W Featherstone Robert R Featherstone Nancy Eudily Benjamin J Featherstone Okelly Featherstone Chappel Featherstone Sarah Featherstone and Wm M Featherstone their Executors Administrators and assigns my Land & all my personal property To have and To hold the said property unto them the Said John W Featherstone Robert R Featherstone Nancy Eudaily Benjamin J Featherstone Okelly Featherstone Chappel Featherstone Sarah Featherstone and William M Featherstone their Executors administrators & assigns forever. And the Said Hezekiah Featherstone for himself his Exors and administrators the Said property unto the Said John W Featherstone Robert R Featherstone Nancy Eudaily Benjamin J Featherstone Okelly Featherstone Chappel Featherstone Sarah Featherstone & William Featherstone their Executors Administrators & assigns against the Claim of him the Said Hezekiah Featherstone his Executors administrators & assigns and against the Claim or Claims of all & every person or persons whatsoever Shall & will warrant & ever defend by these presents –
In witness whereof I have Set my hand & affixed my Seal this the twenty Second of May one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven.
Signed Sealed & Delivered Hezekiah Featherstone
in presents of
Richard Williams. Horatio Wingo, Benjamin F. Denton

page 318a
This deed of gift was proved at the Clerk’s office 4 June 1827 by oaths of
Richard Williams, Horatio Wingo & Benjamin F. Denton

Page 13a

The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent. These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.
These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process, please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume. If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used.
These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage. You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins
Page 14
BRANCH #1 – updates

Refer to Volume 1, pages 12 & 13, Generations V & VI and add the following information.
V Frank Featherston –

*2. Winnell Featherston –
5. Ercell Featherston – b. 16 Dec 1914 Putnam Co., TN; m. Thurman Madewell

1. Linda Elaine Madewell – b. ca. 1940, d. 18 Oct 1991 Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN, bur. Crest Lawn Cem.. Putnam Co., TN; m.l) John Bohannan (div.); m.2) 23 Oct 1982 to Alien Gullett

VI Winnell Featherston –

1. James Franklin Featherston –

3. James Winnell Featherston –

2. Aaron Lamar Featherston – 27 Jan 1992 Warner Robins AFB, GA
submitted by: Joyce Featherston Hawk ins

 refer to previous volumes for more complete information on Generations I thru V.

I Charles Featherston – d. ca. 1790 Brunswick Co., VA; m. Jean Wright

*5. Jeremiah Featherston – b. 4 Nov 1776 VA

II Jeremiah Featherston – b. 4 Nov 1776 VA. d. 11 Jul 1854 Fayette Co., KY; m. 4 Jan 1796 Charlotte Co., VA to Elizabeth Elmore – b. 7 Mar 1771 VA. d. 3 Mar 1864 KY, d/o James Elmore/Sarah Tarpley

*2. William R. Featherston – b. 7 Dec 1798 prob. Charlotte Co., VA

III William R. Featherston – b. 7 Dec 1798 prob. Charlotte Co., VA, d. 14 Sep 1878 Auburn, Sangamon Co., IL, bur. Wimmer Cem., Auburn. Sangamon Co., IL; m.2) Jan 1838 KY to Martha L. (Dunn) Wilson – d/o Nathaniel Dunn/Mary __

*3. William Henry Featherston – b. 16 Feb 1839 Jessamine Co., KY

IV William Henry Featherston – b. 16 Feb 1839 Jessamine Co., KY, d. 2 Mar 1925 Harris Co., TX. bur. Magnolia Cem., Katy, TX; m.l) 7 Sep 1865 Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL to Sarah Jane McComas – b. 14 Mar 1838 Sangamon Co., IL, d. 6 Mar 1872 Butler. Bates Co.. MO, bur. Butler. Bates Co.. MO. d/o Elisha McComas/Sophia Shelton

*2. William Taylor Featherston – b. 1868 Sangamon Co., IL

V William Taylor Featherston – b. 1868 Sangamon Co., IL. d. 22 Sep 1948 Prague, OK, bur. Prague, OK; m. Clara “Call ie” Climatee Albert – b. 1871 Hagerstown, MD, d/o Hans Albert/Mary Dagenhart
 *2. Albert Henry Featherston – b. 21 Jan 1897 Auburn, Sangamon Co., IL cont….

Page 15
 BRANCH *1 (cont.)

VI Albert Henry Featherston – b. 21 Jan 1897 Auburn, Sangamon Co., IL, d. 31 Jan 1973; m.l) 1919 to Ida Ellen Nash; m.2) 1929 to Lorena Young

*1. Jack Lyndon Featherston – b. 30 Jul 1923, Prague, OK
2. Lester Dale Featherston – b. 19 Nov 1925, Prague, OK; m. Ponca
City, Kay Co., OK to Maxine Ellen Hull

VII Jack Lyndon Featherston – b. 30 Jul 1923, Prague. OK; res. Tulsa. OK; Baptist; Military 1941-46 & 1950-51; m. 4 Sep 1946, Elizabeth City, NC to Rosalyn Saunders – b. 14 May 1923, Elizabeth City, NC; res. Tulsa. OK; retired; Baptist; d/o William Dempsey Saunders/Margaret Lenora Palmer

1. Jack Lyndon Featherston, Jr. – b. 16 Jul 1948, Norman, OK; m. 19
Dec 1969, Tulsa, OK to Jana Kay Warren – d/o Art Warren/Carol __

1. William Lyndon Featherston –
2. Su Carol Featherston – (adopted)
2. Jeanette Camille Featherston – b. 22 Jun 1950, Norman, OK

1. Alix Elizabeth Featherston – (adopted)

submitted Jul 1991 by: Jack L. Featherston

Refer to previous page

VI Albert Henry Featherston – b. 21 Jan 1897 Auburn, Sangamon Co., IL. d. 31 Jan 1973; m.l) 1919 to Ida Ellen Nash; m.2) 1929 to Lorena Young

1. Jack Lyndon Featherston – b. 30 Jul 1923 Prague, OK
*2. Lester Dale Featherston – b. 19 Nov 1925 Prague. Lincoln Co., OK

VII Lester Dale Featherston – b. 19 Nov 1925 Prague, Lincoln Co., OK, chr. 1938 Pawhuska. Osage Co.. OK; res. Amarillo. TX; Tax Agent; Christian; US Navy; m. 7 Sep 1948 Ponca City, Kay Co.. OK to Maxine Ellen Hull – b. 9 Aug 1925 Ponca City. Clay Co., OK, chr. 29 Jan 1939 Ponca City, Kay Co., OK; Secretary; Christian; d/o Charles Digby Hull/Mary Elizabeth Armacost

1. Nancy Ellen Featherston – b. 13 Nov 1951 Ponca City, Kay Co., OK; m. 16 Jun 1973 Amarillo. Randall Co.. TX to Thomas Ryan Scherlen
2. Cynthia Ann Featherston – b. 2 Jun 1954 Ponca City, Kay Co., OK, d. 4 Jul 1956 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK, bur. 6 Jul 1956 Tulsa, Tulsa Co OK
3. Teresa Diane Featherston – b. 18 May 1959 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK; m.l) 14 Apr 1979 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK to Michael “Mike” William Goree (div.); m.2) 10 Oct 1986 to Gary Lee Gwaltney cont…

 Page 16
 BRANCH *1 – Teresa Diane Featherston (cont.)

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Dena Michelle Goree – b. 12 Jan 1981
Issue by 2nd husband:
2. David Ross Gwaltney – b. 6 May 1988

submitted Oct 1991 by; Dale Featherston

BRANCH #1 – revisions and additional information

Refer to Volume 1, bottom of p. 14 and following pages

III Rev. Jeremiah Featherston – was buried in his own cemetery, but I’m not sure what has happened to it! His wife, Anna (Green) Featherston, d. 15 Mar 1897 in Indianapolis, IN (aged 100 years)

*1. Charles G. Featherston –
2. John G. Featherston – d. 26 Apr 1885 Greenwood, Johnson Co., IN
3. William Eppes Featherston – d. 1 Apr 1905 Indianapolis, IN
4. Burwell Featherston –
5. Lucy Ann Featherston –
6. James G. Featherston – b. 1824/25 KY; m.2) 8 Nov 1893 Marion Co., IN to Dicy Silvey
7. Sarah Jane Featherston –
8. Robert J. Featherston –
9. Mary E. Featherston –
10. Jeremiah “Jerry” M. Featherston –
11. Nancy Moriah Featherston –

IV Charles G. Featherston – m.2) Narcissa W. Eudaly – d. fall of 1870; m.3) Mrs. Eliza “Lizzie” Jane Parker – b. 1837-1839 IN, d. 7 Jan 1909, bur. Old Augusta Cem., Marion Co., IN. d/o Henry Grove. Lizzie m.3) 22 Jan 1884 Marion Co., IN to William C. Rodocker

Issue by 1st wife:
1. John W. Featherston – b. 1 Mar 1837. d. 22 Jun 1912. Among John W.’s descendants was a Robert Marion Featherstone born 24 Dec 1914 in Anderson, IN. Robert was an author and is mentioned in Indiana Authors – 2nd volume. He was son of Marion Alonzo Featherston
Issue by 2nd wife:
*2. Eliza Jane Featherston – b. 17 Nov 1839
3. Nancy Ellen Featherston – b. 17 Nov 1839. d. aft. 1877
4. Jeremiah Featherston – b. 10 Sep 1841, d. aft. 1905; moved to Johnson Co., IN. A Jermiah (uncertain if this one) married 16 Nov 1898? in Johnson Co. to Sarah Taylor
5. Charles Featherston – b. 10 Nov 1842, d. Dec 1925
6. Narcissa S. Featherston – b. ca. 1843. d. aft. 1880
7. Margaret F. Featherston – b. ca. 1846, d. aft. 1880

Page 17
 BRANCH *1 – issue of Charles G. Featherston (cont.)

8. Maria Featherston – 30 Apr ca. 1847, d. 13 Feb 1893 Noblesville Hamilton Co., IN
9. Elizabeth Featherston – b. 1850/51 Indianapolis, Marion Co IN May have died in the 1870s.
10. Andrew Jackson Featherston – b. May 1853, d. aft. 1911 Left Indiana about 1911.
11. Franklin Pierce Featherston – b. May 1853. d. aft 1912
12. Lucinda Featherston – b. 22 Feb 1856. d. 13 Jan 1924 near Carmel Clay Twp., Hamilton Co., IN; m. John E. Gresh
13. Melissa E. Featherston – b. 22 Feb 1856, d. 27 Jun 1900
14. Mary A. Featherston – b. ca. 1861 Old Augusta, IN, d. aft. 1882- m 1 Jan 1878 Marion Co., IN to Lewis M. Day
15. James William Featherston – b. Dec 1862 Old Augusta, Pike Twp Marion Co., IN, d. 1935 near Fishers, Delaware Twp.. Hamilton Co IN bur. Union Chapel Cem., Marion Co., IN; m. 26 Nov 1885 Hamilton Co., IN to Florence Manda Fisher

Note. ~ JFH-, The list of Charles G.’s children reflects the elimination of William (child number 10 as shown in Volume 1) and adds information on Mary A and James William. Numbers have been adjusted accordingly. Source (by Mr Mernman): Biography of John W. Featherston, half brother of James William.
V  Eliza Jane Featherston – b- 17 Nov 1839, d. 24 Jan 1905; m.l) 11 Dec 1857 Noblesville, Hamilton Co.. IN to Christopher Columbus Green -b abt 1840 (near Eagle Village. Boone Co., IN) in Clay Twp., Hamilton Co.. IN. s/o Theodore Elston Green/Anna Bowers who were both born in Pioneer. IN. Eliza Jane m.2) to George Washington Penrose and may have lived in Hancock Co., IN in 1872.

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Nancy Ellen Green –
2. James E. Green – d. 1934/35 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
3. Pheobe Jane “Jennie” Green – Was likely named for her aunt Phoebe and her mother “Jane”. “Jennie” d. aft. 1936 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN; m. James Alien Lee
Issue by 2nd husband:
*4. Ruzeu Sylvanus Sylvester “Silver” Penrose –
5. Eliza Caturah Penrose – m. Virgil Theophilus Latta
6. William S. Penrose – b. 8 Sep 1872 in either Hancock Co. or at Woodbank. d. 30 Nov 1949 Indianapolis, IN; m.2) 1897 to Rosaline Ann Monks
7. Sanford Ammoniah Penrose –
8. Ada Rana Russia Mayme Julietta Penrose – This name was considered absurd by her and she preferred Russia (pronounced Roosia) Mayme.

VI Ruzeu Sylvanus Sylvester “Silver” Penrose – He was married 1st abt 1896 to a gypsy, but it was not Romania Bunnell Pratt. Delete the 6th & 7th lines of this paragraph on page 18. Vol. 1. Silver m.2) 6 Jun 1898 Zionsville Boone Co., IN to Mary Helen Huston – b. 6 May 1872 (not 19 May as previously
 Page 18
BRANCH #1 – Rezeu Sylvanus Sylvester “Silver” Penrose (cont.)

shown). Mary lived near Pendleton in the village of Huntsville. She did not ever live in Anderson. Her residences were De Graff, OH; Huntsville, Eagle Village, Indianapolis, Traders Point area and Zionsville, IN. Her father was Darius R. Huston. Delete sentence about Victor Beck (vol. 1, near bottom of p. 18). Silver also lived in the Traders Point area.
Issue by 1st wife:
There is no issue by the 1st wife; if there was they left with the wife. So Charles Morgan (listed as child 2.) is not a son of Silver. I have recently found some old papers of my grandfather’s which reveal that “Mary Helen Huston already had Chas.” She was not married before so far as I know. This makes Chas. illegitimate and he adopted the Penrose name.
Issue by 2nd wife: (and a change of numbers)
1. Donald Penrose –
*2. Noble Penrose –
3. Ruby Penrose –
4. Arnold Penrose –
5. Dorothy Penrose –

VII Noble Penrose – m.2) to Eula Mae Shackelford. d/o Milton Anderson Shackelford/Mary Ellen Perry
submitted Nov 1991 by: Frank Merriman
Note – JFH: The above data shows corrections that Mr. Merriman wishes to make to his information as shown in Volume 1. He makes no changes to his previous listing regarding the children of Noble Penrose or Mary Margaret Penrose (Generation VIII).

BRANCH #3 – additional information

Refer to Branch #4, Volume 3, page 20, Generation X, child 1.

XI Solon Richmond “Rick” Featherston, III – b. 29 Oct 1948 Wichita Falls, TX; res. Wichita Falls, Tyler. Dallas. & Abilene, TX; Nurse Anesthetist; Bible Church; m. 27 Oct 1990 Tyier. Smith Co., TX to Alice Jane “Janie” Hooker – b. 25 Mar 1950 Tyier, TX; res. Tyier, TX & Anchorage. AK; Housewife; Bible Church; d/o Louise Lafayette Hooker/Alice Ruth Thedford No children
submitted Jul 1991 by: Solon Richmond “Rick” Featherston, III

Page 19
 BRANCH #?) – Madeline Raymond notes:

Refer to Branch #3 and branch #4, Volume 4, page 19

II Henry Charles Featherstone – d. by 28 Sep 1747 at Henrico co VA source: ., Henrlco co” VA’ Deed Book, 1744-1748, p. 324-son Charles sold to brother Henry 300 acres of land ‘which belonged- to their father.
That item led to this info:
Same Branch as above (3), same volume as above (4), but pages 19 and 20- page 19 shows that Henry Charles Featherstone-s son Henry was b ca 1738 d 1760 Chesterfield co.. VA, and was unmarried. It appears that the “about”‘birth year (1738) for this Henry is confusing with the “b. ca. 1738” birthdate of his nephew Henry Featherstone, top of page 20. What I have for birth years of Henry Charles Featherstone’s sons follows: (Sources: family group sheets sent me in 1987 by Elmeree Oakley )
1. Charles, b. ca. 1716 (agrees with Volume 4)
2. Henry, b. ca. 1718
Additional info on Henry
He d. 6 Apr 1760 at Chesterfield Co.. VA, the day after Randall Johnson wrote his will for him which was not signed nor witnessed. This nuncupative will [delivered orally to witnesses] was “presented by brother and next of kin Charles Featherston” to the November 1760 Chesterfield Co.. VA. Court. In it. Henry bequeathed the 300 acres of his father’s land purchased from brother Charles in 1747 to Charles- son Edward Featherston. Henry’s will also names “brother Charles, sister Mary ” and Thomas Jeffres- and Thomas Sadler’s children.” Sources: Chesterfield Co. VA, Order Book 3, page 88; Chesterfield co., VA. will Book 1, p. 360.
There is an additional record on that 300 acres of land—on 5 Sep 1775 at Chesterfield Co., VA. Henry’s brother Charles and Charles- son Henry sold the 300 acres to Edward Featherstone. Edward named in will above ——Source: Chesterfield Co.. VA. Deed Book 8, page 33.
Correction – see volume 7, page 21:

8. Orin Ellington – b. 5 Jun 1888 (not b. 25 Sep 1883, which is his sister Lorene’s birth date as shown on page 20)
submitted Feb 1992 by: Madeline Raymond

Page 20
BRANCH #5 – a continuation

Refer to Volume 4, p. 23 and correction in Volume 5, p. 19

I William Featherston –

*1. William Featherston – b. ca. 1710 VA

II William Featherston – b. ca. 1710 VA, d. Apr 1769 Amelia Co., VA; m. Susannah Grigg
(JFH: make another correction – If William, Jr. was born ca. 1710, he certainly could not have married in the same year, as shown in Vol. 5, p. 19)

*5. Richard Featherstone – b. ca. 1746 Amelia Co., VA

III Richard Featherstone – b. ca. 1746 Amelia Co., VA, d. ca. 1790 Lincoln Co., NC; m. Susanna Davenport. Source: Mrs. I.D. Oakley, Hopkinsville, KY

1. Lewis Featherstone – d. 1805 Abbeville District. SC; m. Catherine Johnson – d/o Benjamin Johnson/Elizabeth Gaines
2. Sarah Featherstone – b. 18 Aug 1773 prob. Granville, NC, d. 15 Sep 1859 Giles Co., TN; m. 29 Nov 1790 Lincoln Co., NC to Raleigh Harwell
*3. Susanna Featherstone – b. ca. 1777 VA; m. Henry Mayo Gaines
4. Francis Featherstone – b. ca. 1780, d. 2 Jan 1859 Pickens Co., SC; m. Rev. Robert Gaines
5. Richard Featherstone – d. aft. 1840 York Co., SC
6. Nancy Featherstone – b. ca. 1784; m. 6 Jul 1802 Lincoln co., NC to Gardner Harwell
Note by submitter: Elizabeth, Henry and Robert Gaines were all children of
Rev. Henry Gaines & Ann George.

IV Susanna Featherstone – b. ca. 1777 VA; m. 1 Jul 1797 Lincoln Co., NC to Henry Mayo Gaines – b. ca. 1769 Culpeper(?) Co., VA, d. ca. 1833 TX?. s/o Rev. Henry Gaines/Ann George.
Note by submitter: Henry Mayo Gaines was a Methodist Minister from at least 1794 (living in Amherst, VA) to 1807 (Buncombe Co., NC)

1. Francis Pendleton Gaines – b. 15 Dec 1798 Lincoln? Co., NC?; m. 18
Jun 1817 to James Barfield
2. Ira M. Gaines – b. Jul 1801 Lincoln? Co., NC?, d. 29 May 1861; m.l)
Hayes; ro. 2) 25 Mar 1845 to Narcissa Mildred Bloodworth – b. ca.
1828. d. ca. 1902
*3. Richard Featherstone Gaines – b. ca. 1809 Barren Co., KY

V Richard Featherstone Gaines – b. ca. 1809 Barren Co., KY, d. ca. 1870 (or d. aft. 15 Apr 1885?) Ripley, Lauderdale Co., TN, bur. Asbury Cem.; m. 9 Jun 1840 Shelby Co., TN to Melvina L. Amanda Keese – b. 12 Aug 1824 MS?, d. 3 Jun 1907 Ripley. Lauderdale Co., TN, bur. Asbury Cem., d/o George Washington Keese/Helen Clarissa Butler. Sources: 1860 & 1870 Lauderdale Co., TN Census records.
Note by submitter: Asbury Cem. is 4 miles south of Ripley, TN.

1. James Gaines – m. Molly Wallace – b. ca. 1865 cont…
Page 21
 BRANCH #5 – Issue of Richard Featherstone Gaines (cont.)

2. Mary Francis Gaines – b. 1848 MS; m. 16 Dec 1868 to John S. Temple
3. Clara C. Gaines – b. ca. 1849 MS; m. 28 Nov 1867 to Samuel R. Haynes – b. ca. 1848 TN
*4. John Lewis Gaines – b. 28 May 1853 Ripley, Lauderdale Co., TN
5. Edmund Columbus Gaines – b. May 1856 TN; m. 2 Mar 1884 Lola Virginia Bentley – b. GA
6. Robert Gaines – b. ca. 1859 TN; m. ca. 1880 to Caron Borum – b. ca. 1862 TN
7. Luella (Mildred?) Gaines – b. ca. 1862; m. Calvin Rhoads

VI John Lewis Gaines – b. 28 May 1853 Ripley, Lauderdale Co., TN, d. 4 Jan 1940 Kensett, White Co., AR, bur. Kensett Cem.; m. 24 Mar 1874 Lauderdale Co., TN to Permelia Anne Boyd – b. 20 Jan 1852 Lafayette Co., MS. d. 12 Aug 1923 Kensett, White Co., AR, d/o James Spencer Boyd / Narcissa Caroline Pope

1. Ida Lee Gaines – b. 14 Jul 1877 TN, d. 28 Aug 1960; m. L.A. Rhodes – b. AR?
*2. William Keese Gaines – b. 11 Feb 1879 Ripley, Lauderdale Co., TN
3. Hester Francis Gaines – b. 18 Apr 1880 TN. d. 8 Sep 1963; m. Jim I Wright – b. AR?
4. Florence Stella Gaines – b. 26 Aug 1881 TN, d. 6 Oct 1954; m. John L. Harris – b. AR?
5. Nora Pearl Gaines – b. 25 Apr 1883 TN. d. 23 Mar 1923; m. to Cooke
6. Laura Eusula Gaines – b. 20 Oct 1885 AR, d. 25 Sep 1889
7. Edmund Pope Gaines – b. 19 Feb 1887 AR, d. 14 May 1948; m. Nellie 8. Claudie Gaines – b. 19 Dec 1889 AR, d. 20 Jul 1952; m. John Devonshire – b. AR?
9. Luella Mildred Gaines – b. 14 Aug 1895 AR, d. aft. 1966; m. Claude Martin – d. aft. 1966

VII William Keese Gaines – b. 11 Feb 1879 Ripley, Lauderdale Co.. TN, d. 23 Mar 1960 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR, bur. Pinecrest Cem.; m. 1 Feb 1900 to Mamie Mallory Boyd – b. ca. 1883 Oxford. Lafayette Co., MS, d. 10 Jun 1965 Little Rock. Pulaski Co., AR, bur. Pinecrest Cem., d/o Thomas Able Boyd/Margaret Ellen Alderson

1. Jewel 1 Gaines – b. 5 Sep 1900 Higginson, White Co., AR. d. Oct 1977; m. 21 Apr 1918 to Paul Williams – b. Jan 1900 Portia, Lawrence Co., AR, d. Oct 1949
*2. James Rudolph Gaines – b. 31 Dec 1914 Kensett, White Co., AR
3. Virginia Gaines – b. 12 Nov 1917 Kensett, White Co., AR; m.l) 3 Feb 1940 to Joseph Finley – b. 7 Mar 1913 Little Rock, Pulaski Co.. AR, d. 22 Feb 1986; m.2) 15 Jul 1987 to Hugh Frisby – b. 21 Aug 1913 Loanoke, AR

VIII James Rudolph Gaines – b. 31 Dec 1914 Kensett, White Co., AR, d. 23 Jul 1985 Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM, bur. Alexander. AR; Lt. Colonel, USAF WWII. Korea; m. 1 Mar 1953 Anderson AB, Guam to Edith Marie Key – b. 11 Aug 1921 Kennett, Dunklin Co.. MO, d/o Thomas Holloway Key/Cora Dunlap

Page 22
 BRANCH #5 – James Rudolph Gaines (cont.)

*1. Boyd Douglas Gaines – b. 25 Nov 1958, Wiesbaden FRG

IX Boyd Douglas Gaines – b. 25 Nov 1958 Wiesbaden FRG; Captain US Army; m
24 May 1980 Hertford, Perquimans Co., NC to Martha Elizabeth Murray – b 20
Feb 1953 Edenton, Chowan Co.. NC. d/o Charles Frederick Murray Sr./Helen Mae

1. Ashley Elizabeth Gaines – b. 2 Dec 1985 Lawton, Comanche Co., OK
2. Lindsey Murray Gaines – b. 8 Dec 1987 Elizabeth City. Pasqotank Co., NC

submitted Feb 1992 by: Cpt. Boyd Gaines

BRANCH *5 – a continuation

Refer to Volume 2, pages 16 & 17

IV Burrell Featherston. Jr. – b. ca. 1784, d. 21 Feb 1875; m. 9 Dec 1808 Dinwiddie Co., VA to Rebecca Adams – b. ca.1788 VA, d. 4 Feb 1852 Shelby Co IL

*9. Joseph Henry Featherston – b. 8 Mar 1829 Robertson Co., TN

V Joseph Henry Featherston – b. 8 Mar 1829 Robertson Co., TN, d. 27 Nov 1878 Bovina. near Vicksburg. Warren Co., MS of yellow fever; m. 26 Nov 1851 Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS to Clara Rainey – b. 1826 MS, d. 17 Jan 1877 Bovina. near Vicksburg. Warren Co., MS of yellow fever. Sources: Probate Rec. 1875-82 Bk. P. pg. 557; Marriage & Court Records of warren Co., MS; Family knowledge & records.
Note by submitter: Believe Rainey family came to Miss from Virginia.

1. Rebecca Featherston – b. 21 Oct 1852, Bovina, Warren Co., MS, d. 28 May 1934; m. 25 Dec 1870 to her 1st cousin William Pitt Featherston
2. Josephine Featherston – b. 3 Aug 1854 Bovina, Warren Co., MS; m.l) Gus Williams; m.2) Charles Harris
3. Frances Featherston – b. 23 Jun 1856 Bovina. Warren Co.. MS; m 22 Feb 1877 to James Albert Brown
4. Ellen Featherston – b. 27 Aug 1858 Bovina. Warren Co., MS. d. Feb 1910; m. Charles Knox
5. Henry B. Featherston – b. 25 Apr 1861 Bovina, Warren Co., MS, d ca. 1878
*6. Joseph William Featherston – b. 16 Oct 1865 Bovina, Warren Co.. MS

VI Joseph William Featherston – b. 16 Oct 1865 Bovina, Warren Co., MS. d. 8 Feb 1947 Siloam Springs. Benton Co., AR, bur. Siloam Springs, Benton Co., AR; m. 16 Sep 1894 Lexington, Holmes Co., MS to Eva Lula Reynolds – b. 8 Jun 1877 Brazos Co., TX, d. 20 Apr 1959 Siloam Springs, AR; Methodist; d/o Richard Wilson Reynolds/Ann Elizabeth Fonville cont….

Page 23
 BRANCH W – Joseph William Featherston (cont.)

1. Joseph Charles Featherston – b. 4 Sep 1895 Lexington. Holmes Co MS, d. 23 Nov 1982 Tulsa, OK; m. 6 Jun 1921 to Dixie Williams
2. Edward Roswell “Jack” Featherston – b. 21 Mar 1897 Lexington Holmes Co., MS. d. 7 Mar 1970 Long Beach, CA; m.l) Belle • m 2) Ellen Frost ——
3. Ann Ellen Featherston – b. 18 Feb 1899 Lexington, Holmes Co., MS d. May 1899 at age 4 mo. from menigitis
4. Henry Pierce Featherston – b. 20 Oct 1903 Lexington, Holmes Co MS, d. 26 Jul 1990 Stevenson, CA; m. 8 Aug 1928 to Vesta Barnett
*5. Eva Lena Featherston – b. 20 Dec 1905 Sanford, Covington Co., MS

VII Eva Lena Featherston – b. 20 Dec 1905 Sanford, Covington Co., MS; m 1) 13 Oct 1923 to James Elmer Pennell – b. 20 Jul 1904 Dutch Mills. Washington Co AR d. 27 Jun 1970 The Dalles. Wasco Co., OR, bur. Odd Fellows Cem., The Dalles, Wasco Co., OR; m.2) 17 Aug 1963 to Vernon Byxbe

1. Alice Louise Pennell – b. 3 Feb 1926 Siloam Springs, Benton Co.. AR; m.l) Frederick Christianson; m.2) Kenneth Sandburg
2. James Kenneth Pennell – b. 23 Jan 1928 Lincoln, Washington Co AR- m.l) Roberta Rank; m.2) Pauline Colby
3. Mildred Marie Pennell – b. 23 Jun 1930 Lincoln, Washington Co , AR- m. Clare Bruce
*4. Virginia Lee Pennell- b. 10 Jul 1932 Dutch Mills, Washington Co. AR
5. Fannie Maxine Pennell – b. 16 Feb 1935 Dutch Mills, Washington Co AR; m.l) William Willhite; m.2) Don Litton

VIII Virginia Lee Pennell – b. 10 Jul 1932 Dutch Mills, Washington Co.. AR- m 9 Dec 1950 Yakima. Yakima Co., WA to George Richard Phillips – b. 24 Oct 1929 Council Bluffs. Pottawattamie Co., IA, s/o Roland Kilgore Phillips/Goldia Zula Nixon

1. Richard Alien Phillips – b. 11 Nov 1951 The Dalles. Wasco Co., OR-
m. Nancy Elizabeth Butler

1. Jeffrey Richard Phillips – b. 23 Dec 1976 Frankfurt. Germany

2. Robert Dale Phillips – b. 3 Dec 1955 The Dalles, Wasco Co., OR- m Jessee Faye Knight

1. Joshua Dale Phillips – b. 17 Mar 1974 The Dalles, Wasco Co OR
2. Jacob Ryan Phillips – b. 17 Mar 1978 The Dalles, Wasco Co. OR
3. Terra Faye Phillips – b. 20 Sep 1979 The Dalles. Wasco Co., OR

3. Russell Lee Phillips – b. 25 Jun 1959 The Dalles. Wasco Co OR- m
Linda Sue Yates

1. Jeremy Paul Phillips – b. 29 Feb 1984 The Dalles. Wasco Co. OR
2. Rebecca Louise Phillips- b. 16 Apr 1986 The Dalles. Wasco Co OR
3. Jordan Russell Phillips- b. 14 Apr 1989 The Dalles, Wasco Co. OR

Submitted by: Virginia Phillips.
Page 24

I ____ Featherston – m. Lucy ___ – will dated 15 Jul 1797 Chester Co., SC. Source: Chester Co., SC Will Bk. 1, p. 11.

*1. John Featherston –
2. Richardson Featherston –
3. Martha Featherston – m. __ Morgan
4. Fannie Featherston – m. __ Norton
5. Sarah Featherston –

II John Featherston – m. Willia (Willa) Colston. Source: Chester Co., SC Will Bk. E, p. 105 dated 29 Dec 1809
(note by submitter: This is the will of John Featherston, son of the John Featherston starred above.)
1. John Featherston – (the will writer)
2. Richard Featherston –
3. Howel C. Featherston –
4. Rebekah Featherston – m. William(?) Scoggin
*5. Lucy Featherston –

III Lucy Featherston – m. Cyrus Arledge

1. Ann Arledge – m. Matthew Bell
*2. Joseph Cyrus Arledge –
3. William Arledge – m. Mary W. Slaughter
4. Lucinda Arledge – m. William W. Wimberly
5. John Fisher Arledge – m. Harriett Jones
6. Willie Caroline Arledge – m. Josiah Hancock
note by submitter: some researchers list an additional daughter. Ellie.

IV Joseph Cyrus Arledge – m. 26 Sep 1833 to Lydia Ann Slaughter

*1. Mary Jane Arledge –
2. Sarah Ann Arledge – m. 8 Feb 1853 Limestone Co., AL to James M. Cole of Tenn.
3. James Cyrus Arledge – m. 21 Oct 1858 Fannin Co., TX to Savannah Shaffer
4. Harriet Caroline Arledge – m. 19 Mar 1857 Fannin Co., TX to Calvin W. Stephenson
5. George Wade Arledge – m.l) 17 Jun 1868 Fannin Co., TX to Fannie Wheeler; m.2) Georgia Moss
6. Martha Eleanor Arledge – m. 3 Jan 1866 Fannin Co., TX to William Russell
7. Joseph Clinton Arledge – m. 22 Jan 1873 Fannin Co., TX to Delia Stone

V Mary Jane Arledge – m. 24 Oct 1850 Limestone Co., AL to Andrew Milton Weatherford

1. Samuel Joseph Weatherford – m. 9 Sep 1877 Limestone Co., AL to Mary Haraway
*2. Lydia Ann (Ophelia) Weatherford – cont…

Page 25
BRANCH #8- (cont.)

VI Lydia Ann (Ophelia) Weatherford – m. 18 Sep 1872 Weatherford TX to Benjamin Franklin Hutchison

1. Mary Penelope (Mamie) Hutchison – m. 30 Dec 1907 TX to Will Arledge (a cousin)
*2. Jesse (nmn) Hutchison –

VII Jesse (nmn) Hutchison – m. 19 Oct 1898 Dallas, TX to Eula Kate Smith

1. Jesse Elmer Hutchison – m. 10 Aug 1921 Dallas, TX to Annie Ruth Anderson
*2. Eula Mae Hutchison –
3. Benjamin Clinton Hutchison – m. 24 Sep 1927 Dallas, TX to Bernice Marie Fuller-Morse

VIII Eula Mae Hutchison – m. 16 Nov 1921 Dallas, TX to Henry Clay Weaver

1. Doris Jeanne (Doll ie) Weaver – m. 3 Apr 1943 Rockwall, TX to Harold Wilburn Martin
*2. Alice Maurine Weaver –
3. Gretchen (nmn) Weaver – m. 23 Apr 1949 Dallas, TX to Ignatius Alphonse Blazi, Jr.
4. Patricia Ann Weaver – b. 18 Sep 1935, d. 27 May 1949

IX Alice Maurine Weaver – m. 5 May 1945 Vickery (now Dallas), TX to William L. Sekanick

1. Nicola Ann Sekanick – m. 12 Aug 1966 to Joe Lee Stout

1. Susan Lynn Stout – b. 25 Sep 1967
2. Sharon Kay Stout – b. 17 Jan 1970

submitted Jul 1991 by: Alice Sekanick

Page 26

08-01. Seeking information on the descendants of Rebecca Featherston and Thomas Sadler. Their grandson, Zachariah Sadler (son of Henry) was born 1780-84 poss. Brunswick Co., VA, d. ca. Sep 1836, Perry Co., MO; m. 1 Sep 1806. Lincoln Co., NC to Elizabeth “Betsy” Maberry or Maybry – b. 1791-94 NC, d. bef. Sep 1836. Need names and personal data of their children.
submitted by: Joyce Featherston Hawkins

08-02. Does anyone have birth, marriage, and death dates and locations for Mrs. Elizabeth Featherston [not proven 1817-1862] who lived her married life in Waldron (Scott Co.) AR, but may have died in Arkadelphia (Clark Co.) AR.
She was second wife of William Grandison Featherston [1807-1873]. Three of her great granddaughters (ladies born about the turn of the century) say her maiden name was THOMPSON which is the middle name of her daughter (their grandmother) Harriett Thompson (Featherston) Ellington. Was it? Two of Elizabeth’s grandchildren give different maiden names for her: POPPINS AND PEEL.
08-03. I would like to find birth, marriage, and death dates and their locations for Mrs. Isabella Featherston who lived in Arkansas Counties of Crawford and Scott about 1828-1835. She was first wife of William Grandison Featherston [1807-1873]. Isabella died about 1835-1837 and may have had some family or property in Franklin Co., AR, as in 1840 her husband was appointed guardian there of their two minor children. George Washington and Robert M. Featherston.
submitted by: E. Madeline (Replogle) Raymond

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