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Vol. 5. Index

Deaths of Neighbourhood. 1
Elias McFadden Morgan’s Day Books 2
Clinton Co., IL Grantor/Grantee Indices (Deeds) 3
Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers who Served During the War of 1812 4
The Featherstones and Halls Gleanings from Old Family Manuscripts 5
1880 Jones County, Iowa Census 8
1900 Dubuque County, Iowa Census 8
1900 Plymouth County, Iowa Census 8
Letter by J.H. Sharpe (1893) 9
Amelia County, Virginia Wills 11
Nottoway County, Virginia Wills 11
Old Albemarle Co., NC Births, Marriages, Deaths & Flesh Marks 1659-1820 11
The Record, 29th ed.. Garland Co., AR Historical Society 1988 12
Marriages From the North Carolina State Archives 12
Choctaw Census From the Oklahoma City, OK State Archives 13
Branches 1, 3, 5 & 7 14
Queries 23
Queries Answered 24
Every Name Index

Vol. 5. Page 1

Note by submitter – Becky L. Brewer: The following is copied verbatim from “The Stalker”, the quarterly publication of the Madison County (IL) Genealogical Society, Volume IX, Number 3, 1989, pp. 129-135. Pat Morgan, the submitter is the wife of Dave Morgan, great- grandson of Elias McFadden Morgan and grandson of James Howe Morgan; Pat and Dave live in Longroont. CO.
“This book was kept by Elias McFadden Morgan (1817-1881) from November 1844 until Sept 1880 and records deaths of his neighbors during this period. The area of coverage is the corner of Clinton and Madison Counties in Illinois. Elias lived in several locations during this period but all of them were in this south east corner of Madison County, or on the northern edge of Clinton County.
“The book was Transcribed by Patricia Morgan in 1989. In so far as possible, the original spelling was maintained. All notes, except at the very end of the book, are those made by E.M. Morgan.
“The format appears to be a listing of those who were buried at the Gullick Cemetery before Elias began to keep the book, and then a listing after November of 1844, apparently kept by Elias as the events occurred, of deaths, whether or not buried at Gullick. He then came back and ran a set of totals when he decided to close the book.
“What criteria he used to list a death is not known. Several of his children are listed, as is his first wife. His mother is not. “The last two notations were probably made by his son James Howe Morgan. James continued his father’s tradition of Day Books but appears not to have continued the death book.”

Elias M. Morgan Book From Nov 7th 1844
I make from time commenced to keep this Book – up to 28 Sept 1880
Bured at the Gullick yard of the American Natives…110
Before commenced the Book……………………… 72
Deaths Bured at Gullick yard
Graceys 1 Stringfield 1
Bryants 6 Wm Ramsey 1
Duncans 4 Polly No ten 1
Tim Good 4 John Ramsey two Wives 2
John Berry Two children 2 James Ransey & wife Daughter 3
Rob Craigs – Sheabs 4 John Berry 1
George Ramsey 2 Lisenby 1
Gilbert Watson – Birk 6 Barber Fanny 2
N.W. Ramsey 5 Mathew Fro 11 en Wife 2
John Hobbs children 2 Harbert Hobbs child Betsy 1
Gingles – Miller Sam 3 Stanly child 1
Bev Berry Jack Harris Mother 2 James Billingsley child 1

Vol. 5. Page 2
Deaths of Neighbourhood (cont.)

Savage – Tom Savage 3 Wm Lee 1
Johnathon L Harris 3 Sam Smith 1
Mrs huse 1 Robert Bit lings ley 1
Pearce Boy Snake Bit 1 Wm Gullick 1
Spitser Spitner 2
(Note by editor – JFH: This is a very lengthy list containing many names. Therefore, the Featherston names only, are extracted from the remainder of this list.)

Mrs Featherston Bured at William Featherstons dide Feb 4th 1852
Bev Watkins child Bured at William Featherstons dide Jun 30th 1852
Eben Fulton wife Bured at Wm Featherstons dide Dec 5th 1852
Richard Featherstone Bured at William Featherstones dide Nov 16th 1853
Mary Gullick Bured at William Featherstones dide Sep 18th 1854 wife of James Gullick
Burrel Featherstone Bured at William Featherstones dide Dec 10th 1856
Thos Hightower Bured at Wm Featherstones dide Sep llth 1859
Beverly Watkins child Bured at William Featherstons dide Dec 16th 1859
Mrs Bellfield Featherstone Bured at William Featherstone dide Feb 2nd 1861
Clemency Watkins Bured at Wm Featherstons dide Mar 24th 1862
Dan Featherstons child Bured at Wm Featherstons dide May 7th 1862
James Gullick child Bured at William Featherstons dide Jun 14th 1862
Thomis Featherston wife Bured East of Aviston dide Aug 4th 1862
Bev Watkins child Bured at Featherston Grave yard dide Nov llth 1863
Bev Watkins child John Bured at Featherstons dide Apr 6 1864
Levy E Rundell child Bured at William Featherstones Nov 17th 1865
Ellen Featherstons child Bured at Pres church May 2nd 1867
Daughter Butha Hobbes

The following entries are extracted from transcripts of the day books of Elias McFadden Morgan (1817-1881); the transcripts were provided by Dave and Pat Morgan of Longmont, CO (Dave is grandson of Elias). I do not have transcripts of all the day books; Dave and Pat were kind enough to provide entries for certain months and years based on specific events. Elias lived in SE Madison Co., IL and NW Clinton Co., IL.
(Notes were made by the submitter of this material.)
February 1852
Thu 5 Drisly at Die Featherstones Funeral
(Note: Rebecca (Adams) Featherston believed to have died 4 Feb 1852- BLB)
November 1853
Wed 16 Rased Mill Dam Die Featherstone Died
(Note: Richard Featherston d. 16 Nov 1853; buried at Wm. Featherston’s)
March 1854
Sun 5 At home Featherstone Bill Bev Watkins over

Vol. 5. Page 3
Day Books by Elias M. Morgan (cont.)

April 1854
Sat 29 Made Bourds Bought two hors from Mrs Featherston

September 1859
Mon 12 Clear at Funeral by Bill Featherstones Eat Dinner at Rich
(Note; Thomas J. Hightower, first husband of Adeline Featherston, died 11 Sep 1859; buried at Wm. Featherston’s)

June 1861
Sun 2 Raining clear in Evening Went to Summerfiled With harriet Dan Featherstone & Wife here

July 1862
Sun 6 Clear hot at home Featherston & hobbs their

September 1868
Wed 30 Clear at Wm Featherstone Sale
(Note: It is believed William Featherston left Madison Co., IL after 1865 — the last burial on his farm took place 17 Nov 1865; could this “sale” have preceded William’s move to another area?)

September 1871
Thu 7 Clear dry warm Mrs Featherston here

Thu 28 Clear cool at home Mrs Featherston making apple butter

October 1871
Wed 4 Clear dry went to the fair my girls Sis Beave’s girls Billingsley girls & Eli Featherston

Wed 25 Cloudy at home all day Chris & El Featherston went to Sabastapol

Sun 29 Cloudy girls at Richardsons Harriet Sis Beve & me at old saw mill & Nancy Featherstons

The following information found at LDS Family History Center, Mission Viejo, California

Indirect Index (Grantee)
Entry Book “B” (1843-1859)
Featherston, W. from W.K. Marney p. 26
Featherston, W. from W. Pointer p. 101
Featherston, W. from J.C. Stewart p. 101
Featherstone, J.F. from W. Featherstone p. 120
Featherston, W. from J.C. Stewart p. 137
Featherston, W. from S. Watkins Nal(??) p. 201
Featherston, F. from S.T. Hull p. 223
Featherstone, B. from H.B. Thorp p. 233
Featherstone, J.F. from 0. Hoyt p. 235

Vol. 5. Page 4
Clinton Co., IL Grantor/Grantee Indices (cont.)

Entry Book “C” (1859-1865)
Featherstone, Dan E. from Abner Paine p. 117
Featherstun, John from James R. Holt p. 121

Entry Book “D” (? – ?)
Featherston, John from Spencer Shepherd by Adm. p. 41
Featherston, J.R. from J.W.D. Gillespie p. _

Entry Book “E” (? – ?)
Featherstone, Henrietta from Abram Gooding p. 29
Featherston, Henrietta from E. De Moulin p. 37
Direct Index (Grantor)

Entry Book “B” (1853-1859)
Featherstone, W. to J.F.(T.?) Featherstone p. 120
Featherstone, W. to H. Wuildo(?) p. 161
Featherstone, J.F. to B.F. Greer(?) p. 184

Entry Book “C” *1859-1865)
Featherstun, Thos. to Samuel T. Hall p. 125
Featherstun, Bellfield to Henry Thorp p. 132(134?)

Entry Book “D” (? – ?)
Featherston, Mary Jane by Guar. to Adolph Miller p. 2
Featherston, Jos. F. to George Schulte p. 42
Featherstun, John R. to Chas. L. Horn, Jr. p. 115

Entry Book “E” (? – ?)
Featherstun, John R. to Benjm. T. Ellegood p. 280

Entry Book “F” (23 Sep 1880)
Featherstun, Henrietta L. to John H. Middeke p. 99
Featherstun, H.L. to J.H. Middeke p. 107


The following information found at NARS, Los Angeles Branch, Laguna Niguel, CA

Roll 70 Featherston/Featherstone/Featherstun
Featherston, Burrell. 8 Reg’t. (Wall’s), VA Militia. Pvt/Pvt
Featherston, Charles E. 23 Reg’t. (Brown’s), VA Militia. Sgt/Sgt
Featherston, Charles H. 1 Corps d’Elite (Randolph’s), VA Militia. Pvt/Pvt
Featherston, Daniel. 3 Reg’t. (Roulston’s), W. TN Militia. Pvt/Pvt
Featherston, Edward. 1 Reg’t. (Hall’s), TN Volunteers. Sgt/Sgt
Featherston, Edward. 1 Reg’t. (Wynne’s), W. TN Militia. Pvt/Pvt
(cross-ref. only; orig. filed under: Fetherston. Edward.)

Vol. 5. Page 5
Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers who Served During the War of 1812 (con’td)

Featherston, Edward. 2 Reg’t. Mounted Gunmen (Williamson’s), TN Volunteers. Pvt/Pvt
Featherston, Henry. 1 Reg’t. (Metcalfe’s), W. TN Militia. Sgt/Sgt
Featherston, Joshua. 5Reg’t.. VA Militia. Pvt/Pvt
Featherston, William. Alexander’s Batt’n. Riflemen, GA Militia. Pvt/Pvt
(cross-ref. only; orig. filed under: Fetherston, William.)
Featherston, William. 1 Reg’t. (Byrne’s), VA Militia. Pvt/Pvt
Featherston, William. 5Reg’t., VA Militia. Pvt/Pvt
Featherstone, Burwell. Coffee’s Reg’t., Cavalry, W. TN Volunteers. Pvt/Pvt
Featherstone, Howell. 83 Reg’t. (Scott’s), VA Militia. Pvt/Pvt
Featherstone. William. 83 Reg’t. (Scott’s), VA Militia. Pvt/Pvt


Roll 961 No Featherston/Featherstone/Featherstun listed
submitted by: Becky L. Brewer
FHC Film #0845443

The Featherstones and Halls Gleanings from Old Family Manuscripts by Margaret Irwin
Leominster; Published at the Orphan’s Printing Press Broad Street

To My Mother. John Hall’s Granddaughter this little Chronicle is inscribed

In publishing this record of the lives of some of my ancestors, I confess that my main object has been to perpetuate the memory of the self-sacrificing devotion in the hearts of their many descendants, for I cannot but think that the remembrance of the worth and work of those who have proceeded us must stimulate us to live more worthily, that we may in no way bring dishonor upon the name.
I venture to hope, however, that the letters from Stephen Grellet and others, whose memory is held in high honor throughout our Church, may secure a wider circulation than would be possible amongst members of the Hall family line.
All the letters and the manuscripts which I have availed myself of, now appear in print for the first time. For the loan of the originals I am indebted to the kindness of C. Stansfield Wilson, John Hall Shield, and especially John Hall of Carlisle.

Vol. 5. Page 6
The Featherstones and Halls Gleanings (con’td)

These letters are, of course, written without any thought of publication, and the composition has not been in any way trimmed or revised. I have adhered as closely as possible to the originals, preferring to sacrifice grammatical and well-rounded forms of expression, rather than run any risk of losing the individuality of the writers. One valuable feature of the letters is that the writers have not confined themselves to the history of the religious experience; we get glimpses also of their social and business relations, and therefore a more complete picture of their life as a whole. Most of the information contained in the chapter entitled “America Seventy Years Ago” has been obtained from a curious old book published in 1811 and entitled “Travels in some parts of America in the years 1804, 1805, 1806.” It was written by a Friend, a certain Robert Sutcliff, of Sheffield. Short and unpretending as this little chronicle is, I am conscious of its many imperfections, and should have been glad if the manipulation of the materials had fallen into more skillful hands. It has, however, been a labor of love, and as such I submit it to the indulgent criticism of my readers.
The Grange Higher Crumpsall
February 19, 1890

The Featherstones of Featherstone
Ten years imprisonment in Morpeth Gaol! A dreary prospect to look forward to, and yet Cuthbert Featherston, the prisoner for conscience sake could, for the second time in his life, tear himself away from his wife and children and face the fate that awaited him with a brave heart.

How narrow and dark would the dungeon seem to one whose life had been spent on the wild Northumberland moors, for Cuthbert Featherstone was a native of Allendale in the north country, a land of hills and valleys, taking its name from the two rivers, the East and West Alien which traverse the district, on their way to the more important, but not more beautiful Tyne.

The hill country which these rivers intersect is full of natural beauty and the interest thus excited is greatly enhanced by the historic associations which cluster around the ruined castles and over the remains of the still earlier parades. Here is the site of the Celtic or Iberian camp. where chips of flint are still to be found in abundance and well formed arrowheads besides, by those who will not too soon weary of the search. Away to the north, along the outline of the hills, the Roman Wall of Serverus still stands to guard from northern forces; no “jerry building” there, but honest work meant to endure. On the slope of the hill, just within the wall. the boundary lines of the remains of a Roman camp are also clearly indicated.

Nearer at hand stands all the remains of the Castle of Staward-le-Peel, in a spot the most romantic ever chosen for a stronghold; this, and other castles still well preserved, remind us of the struggles of earlier times. In all the conflicts which were constantly engaging the different clans of Northumberland, both among themselves and with their implacable foes from beyond the Scottish border, the Featherston’s were always ready to take a part. The old chronicles tell us that they held the Manor of Featherstone in the Parish of Haltwhistle in the reign of Henry III and continued to hold it in (con’td)

Vol. 5. Page 7
The Featherstones and Halls Gleanings (con’td)

unbroken succession for twelve generations down to the end of the 17th century. And then, as regards one branch at least of the Featherstone family, that to which the prisoner Cuthbert Featherstone belonged, the record of strife and conflict give place to quite another story of actions none the less heroic.
(note: 2 paragraphs about George Fox deleted here. C.M. “89)….
every where he went, as he journeyed from place to place, some were found willing to accept the simple faith he taught; and so it came about that, at a very early period in the history of Quakerism, members of the Society of Friends were to be found in remote Allendale. First and foremost among them were various members of the Featherstone family.
The earliest records preserved tell of the persecution to which these adherents of the new faith were subjected. In the year 1660 Cuthbert Featherstone and twenty-three others were taken prisoners at a meeting at New Shied, and carried off to Hexham where they were put into a “stinking dungeon”. The gaoler walled up the window, and would scarcely allow anything to be brought to them. Some, if not all the little company were transferred to Morpeth Gaol. They were all, however, freed at the Assizes by the King’s Proclamation, issued on the assession of Charles II. By this proclamation, 700 Freinds in different parts of the country were released from prison.

But Cuthbert Featherstone’s troubles did not end here. In 1663, he was taken by a writ for refusing to pay tithes, and again found himself a prisoner in Morpeth Gaol from which he was not released until 1673. Ten years imprisonment in such a loathsome dungeon would have quenched the zeal of most men; not so Cuthbert Featherstone, who inherited not only the name, but also the indominitable spirit of ancestors who knew not when they were beaten; and so we find him giving his “Testimony Concerning Tyth”.
“When I was convinced of God’s Truth,” he writes, “I took a consideration about paying of tithes, and in the Light, I saw it to be the great uphold of the false Anti-Christian Ministry which keeps many from the teachings of God’s Spirit, and I saw there was need to bear a faithful testimony against it. And the tythers reckonings demanding of me cloth, wool and lamb, I could not pay them any, but bare my testimony against it and all reckonings; and whatever I saw was demanded in that kind; whereupon they came and broak into my field and took away the best lamb of nine, and after, for bearing my testimony against it, I was put in prison, yet I ever to this day have borne a faithful testimony against it. Wherefore in the year 1676 and in the year 1677 they have in a plundering manner taken fower lambs more. This I give under my hand the 28th day of the 10th month, 1677.
Cuthbert Featherstone.

Once again, nearly twenty years later, we catch a passing glimpse of this venerable Apostle of Quakerism, when Thomas Story visited Allendale in 1696.
In his journal he tells how amongst the little company gathered together to meet him was “our ancient and honorable Friend Cutherbert Featherstone”. Then he describes how, as they sat conversing together, their minds were drawn under the canopy of Divine Silence, and he watched the tears trickle down the furrowed cheeks and long white beard of his ancient Friend. And Thomas Story adds, “I was greatly affected with love towards him from the same cause and (con’td)

Vol. 5. Page 8
The Featherstones and Halls Gleanings (con’td)

had this hope and confidence that, as I thus observed the Lord was as near His children in old age (who had served Him faithfully from the time of their Visitation) as when He revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ and through our hearts – as He would be with me also in advanced age if I proved faithful and true to the Lord and attained that degree. This encouragement in the beginning of our journey, by that tender association in the presence of the Lord, is not to be forgotten but kept in lasting remembrance to the promise of the Lord our God.

Of the life of John. son of Cuthbert Featherstone, few details have been preserved. His religious training and preparation for the battles of life must have fallen largely to his mother for he was only two years old when in 1663 Cuthbert Featherstone was torn away from home and family never to return for ten long years. We know that in 1701 he married Isabel Summers. The old records describe him and his wife as “religious Friends who carefully educated their children in principles of Faith.”
submitted by: Connie Moretti


John Featherston head 47 carpenter VA VA VA
Martha Featherston wife 47 PA IRE IRE
William J. Featherston son 8 NJ VA PA
Margaretta Featherston dau 6 PA VA PA


John Featherston head Jul 1834 65 m. 30 yrs. VA VA VA
Martha S. Featherston wife Dec 1832 67 2 ch/2 liv. PA IRE IRE
William Featherston head Aug 1871 28 m. 5 yrs. NJ VA PA
Mary C. Featherston wife Sep 1874 25 0 ch I A GER GER


John Fetherston head Nov 1858 41 m. 20 yrs. VA VA VA
Lettie Fetherston wife Apr 1859 41 7 ch/6 liv. IA IRE IRE
Walter Fetherston son Apr 1881 19 IA VA IA
Cora Fetherston dau Jun 1883 16 IA VA IA
Freddie Fetherston son Jun 1885 14 IA VA IA
Katie Fetherston dau Jul 1889 10 IA VA IA
Gregory Fetherston son Oct 1893 6 IA VA IA
Elmer J. Fetherston son Oct 1895 4 IA VA IA
submitted by: Mrs. I.D. Oakley.

Vol. 5. Page 9

In a letter written by J.H. Sharpe, M.D., from San Augustine, Texas, the writer identified himself as the son of Phoebe Featherston. the daughter of Henry, who married M.D.L.F. Sharpe. The letter was written in longhand and the person who typed it found some of it illegible, stating that it is believed to be dated in 1893. The letter contains the following, which apparently deals with the presidential election of 1840, when General William Henry Harrison was elected to the presidency: When the first Gen. Harrison was a candidate on the Whig ticket for the Presidency, the Democrats of Nashville charged him with being an Abolitionist – the Whigs ___ ___ ___ called it ___ lies, etc. Two or three Democrats got on their horses – went to Virginia – where Gen. Harrison moved to from Ohio – got the Church books of which he was a member there, and in them found the ___ and by-laws of the Abolition Society, and Gen. Harrison’s name was the first one on it, and my grandfather Henry Featherstone, was the second name. This can be seen in the files of the Nashville Union
of that date. That is where I read it.
Two of his young Negro ___ (free) came with him to Tennessee. I knew them well when five or six years old. That ___ the records in the paper. But he got tired of his Abolitionism – went back to Virginia, bought more Negroes and gave my mother a nurse – and that nurse raised 10 or 15 children and died here on this place 10 or 15 years ago.

I never saw my Grandfather but one time that I can remember. Then he was confined to his house and bed with extreme old age.
JFH: The above item (among others) was submitted and approved for publication
with a request that the submitter’s name not be used.


Amelia Co., Virginia. Will Book 2X. p. 316
April 26, 1770 – Inventory and Appraisal of estate of William Featherston Includes among other items five slaves named Abram, Jack, Ben, Bob and Sam. Total value 319 pounds 15 shillings 9 pence.

Amelia Co.. Virginia. Will Book 3. 1780-1786
In the Name of God Amen I Lewis Featherstone of Amelia County and Parish of Nottoway being in perfect memory and mind do appoint this my Last will and Testament — Item I give & bequeath to my loving wife Elizabeth Featherstone one negro woman named Aggy, one negro boy named Dick, one negro boy named Dego, one negro boy named Jim, one feather bed & furniture one half of my stock of horses, cattle, hogs & sheep also one blew side saddle which she has in possesion also all the Pewter that came by her, all of which I give to her to dispose of as she shall think proper. I also lend to my loving wife Elizabeth one negro man named Joe, one negro man named Sam, one negro man named Ben all which I lend her during her widowhood ——–(con’td)

Vol. 5. Page 10
Amelia Co., VA Will Bk. 3. 1780-1786 (con’td)

ITEM I give & bequeath to my brother Charles Howel Featherstone one negro man named David also one feather Bed & Furniture also all my Pewter that I have not already given also all my stock of cattle, horses, hogs & sheep that I have not already given also two brass mounted guns also my blacksmiths tools all which I give to him —— when he comes of age or marrys all which I give to him & his heirs forever —— It is further my desire, that the three negroes that I have lent my wife and all the rest of my estate that I have not already given may be equally divided between all my brothers & sisters it is my will and desire that my estate may not be appraised, and lastly I do appoint my brother William Featherstons & Charles Featherstone my Executors of this my Last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this fourteenth day January 1781.
Signed sealed & Delivered
in presence of /s/ Lewis Featherstone (Seal)
Peter Jones
Robert (X) Hinton
Mary (X) Clardy

Amelia Co., Virginia. Will Book 3, p. 113

December 21, 1781 – Inventory of the estate of Lewis Featherston, deed. Includes seven negro slaves. Recorded June 27, 1782. (I have only the abstract of these two inventories; however we do have a photocopy of the will of Lewis Featherston – in the will dated Jan. 14, 1781, Lewis gives and bequeaths to “loving wife Elizabeth Featherston” one negro woman named Aggy one negro boy named Dick one negro boy named Dego one negro boy named Jim
“These she may dispose of as she shall think proper”
He also Lends to “Loving wife Elizabeth during her widowhood” one negro man named Joe one negro man named Sam one negro man named Ben
And to “my brother Charles Howel Featherston”
one negro man named David (and various other items) “when he comes of age or marrys”

Amelia Co.. Virginia. Will Book 4, p. 87-88

Not dated – Inventory of the estate of William Featherston. Deceased
Returned and ordered recorded February 28, 1788
Includes among other items three slaves named Robin, Abram, and Dego Total value 482 pounds 1 shilling 3 pence
(Note by BGF: This is William Grigg Featherston. Apparently Abram came to him from his father’s estate. Dego was one of the slaves given by Lewis Featherston to his wife Elizabeth; perhaps Wm. Grigg Featherston bought Dego from his sister-in-law).

Vol. 5. Page 11

Nottoway Co.. Virginia. Will Book 1, 1789-1802. p. 25
Will of Charles Howell Featherston
In the name of God Amen The Twelfth day of January one thousand seven hundred and ninty one I Charles H. Featherston of the County of Nottoway being sick in body but of good sound mind do make Constitute, order and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. Item: I will that all my Just Debts be paid. Item: I give and bequeath to Lewis Featherston son of Elizabeth Featherstone the Tract of Land whereon I now live, which sd Land I desire to be rented out at the discretion of my Executors untill the said Lewis Featherstun shall arrive at the age full age of Twenty one years and the profits arriving from such rents likewise given to the said Lewis Featherstun when of full age it is also my will and desire that fifty pounds Current money of Virginia be Raised and levied out of my Estate for the said Lewis Featherstone be kept for him untill the time above mentioned Item It is my desire that my personal Estate be kept together until a Crop be made on the plantation, and then Equally Divided between Burwell Featherstone and Luke Clarke —
I also appoint Burwell Featherstun and Luke Clarke Executors to this my last will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Day and year before Written
Signed Acknowledged /s/ Chas. H. Featherstun (Seal)
And Delivered in presents of
A(?)mey Davis
Lewis Vaughn
James Davis

p. 26
It is my will and Desire that whatsoever I have given or willed to Lewis Featherstone son of Elizabeth Featherstun shall return to Burwell Featherstone and Luke Clarke Equally Provided the sd Lewis Featherstone Should die without a Lawful 1 Heir, or before he arrives to full age but not else Witness: /s/ Chas. H. Featherstun (Seal)
A(?)mey Davis
Lewis Vaughn
James Davis
Note: No record of probate of this will was given on this photostat.
submitted by: Brenda G. Fischler


Perquimans Precinct North Carolina
John Coles the son of James Coles of Virginia In Nancymum County Was Marryed to Elizabeth Tederton? (Federton?) ye daughter of William Tederton And Margaret His Wife ye 5 day of Janeuary Anno Corn 1698 by Mr. John Barrow, Justis.

Vol. 5. Page 12

Twenty-ninth edition
Garland Co., AR Historical Society 1988

The earliest known ancestor of this family was John Fulton b. 1726, MD, d. 4 Aug 1754, St. Parish Church. Baltimore Co.. MD, wife Hannah Norris born 1742, issue eight:
1. Cassandra Fulton, b. 1757
2. Wm. Fulton, b. 1759
3. Alexis Fulton, b. 1761
4. Letetia Fulton, b. 1763
5. James Fulton, b. 1765. NJ
6. Priscilla Fulton, b. 1768
7. Savannah Fulton, b. 1770
8. Rachael Fulton, b. 1772
(This information from Bush River Lower Hundred Census taken Aug. 15, 1776, Hartford Co., Maryland.)

No. 5 above, James B. Fulton b. 21 Jan. 1765, Bordentown, Burlington Co., NJ d. 26 Apr 1848 York Co., SC, m. 27 May 1787. Montgomery Co., Maryland to Anastasia Tuel b. 9 Oct 1763 near Georgetown, Maryland d. York, York Co., SC dau. of Wm. Tuel & wife Rachel Offutt, issue nine, all born York. York Co., SC
1. Rachel Offutt Fulton, b. 22 Jun 1788. m. 23 Dec 1808 Buday W. Wheeler
2. Ezekiel Tuel Fulton, b. 28 Apr 1791, d. 10 Apr 1816
3. Elalah Pratt Fulton, b. 30 Jun 1793, m. 18 Oct 1803 Richard Featherston
4. Horatio Sparburn Fulton, b. 16 Jun 1795, m. 21 Feb 1822, Gil ley James
5. Theodore D. Fulton, b. 15 Apr 1698. m. 1821 Elizabeth Parker
6. Amarandah E. Fulton, b. 20 Sep 1799, d. 14 Apr 1801
7. Arcbelah Clement Fulton, b. 8 Feb 1802, m. 16 Sep 1819 Daniel James
8. Daniel Asberry Fulton, b. 5 Aug 1804, m. 4 Jan 1827 Elizabeth Blalock
9. James W. Fulton, b. 11 Nov 1807, m. 10 Aug 1837 Mary Cleromon
(This information taken from James B. Fulton’s Revolutionary Pension application. The family listings were from a Bible. James B. Fulton entered the service of the United States in May 1781 under Captain Richard Wall is of the 3rd Maryland Regiment commanded by Col. Aarons and was attached to General Gist’s Brigade under the command of General Washington. His company first rendesvoused at Georgetown and marched from there to Annapolis. Still in the company of the same officers, they marched to Yorktown where he remained in active service in the beseiging Army. Fulton had the honor of bearing his part in the action which resulted in the capture of Lord Cornwall is. At age 68, he filed for a pension on 28 Oct 1833, and rec’d $22.00 per year.)

Marriages From the North Carolina State Archives

29 Nov 1790. Sally Featherston and Roily Harwell. Lincoln Co. 1 Jul 1797. Susanna Featherston and Henry Gaines. Lincoln Co. Bondsman/Witness: Roily Harwell (con’td)

Vol. 5. Page 13
Marriages From the North Carolina State Archives (con’td)

5 Nov 1799. M.N. Featherston and Milly Mills. Rutherford Co. Bondsman/Witness: Ambrose Mills

6 Jul 1802. Nancy Featherston and Gardner Harwell. Lincoln Co. Bondsman/Witness: John Allen / Rolly Harwell.

29 Apr 1809. William Featherston and Caty Spencer. Lincoln Co. Bondsman/Witness: John Spencer

2 Feb 1846. Jasper N. Featherston and Elizabeth Rhyne. Lincoln Co. Bndsman/Witness: Adam Cloninger

20 Nov 1846. Sarah Featherston and Levi Clemmer. Lincoln Co. Bondsman/Witness: George Clemmer / Andy Hogh

26 Jan 1848. James W. Featherston and Nancy J. Walton. Person Co. Bondsman//Witness: Sidney Walton

3 Sep 1854. Isabella G. Featherston and Richard Crowder. Person Co. Bondsman/Witness: Wm. J. Ellott/Ambrose Jones

20 Jul 1858. Hariett A. Featherston and Daniel J. Donly. Wake Co. Bondsman/Witness: William N. Andre

15 Dec 1858. George A. Featherston and Elizabeth J. Bowe. Caswell Co. Bondsman/Witness: Robert Newman

22 Apr 1867. Polly (Blanch) Featherston and Samuel Long. Caswell Co.

14 Nov 1867. Thomas W. Featherston and Virginia Richmond. Caswell Co.

Choctaw Census from the Oklahoma City, OK State Archives Choctaw:

Final Rolls Citizens By Marriage – ages calculated to 25 Sept 1902
Number Name age sex Blood Card #
301 Featherston, Lucius C. 49 M IW 3226
Henry B. 37 M IW 4520
Viola 31 F IW 4531

Final Rolls of Citizens & Freemen of the Five Civilized Tribes 25 Sep 1909
9313 Featherston, Mittie A. 29 F 1/8 3221
Charles C. 10 M 1/16 3221
Willis F. 8 M 1/16 3221
Lucius C., Jr. 7 M 1/16 3221
Henry B. 6 M 1/16 3221
James T. 4 M 1/16 3221
Edward M. 2 M 1/16 3221
Choctaw Freemen 25 Sept 1909
5450 Featherston, Sallie 58 F 1564
5454 ” John 27 M 1564
5455 ” Clement 12 M 1564
5465 ” Matthew 30 M 1567
5466 ” Norene 7 F 1565
5467 ” Roma 5 F 1565
5468 ” Mathew B. 4 M 1565
submitted by; James W. Callahan,

Vol. 5. Page 13a


The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent.
These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.

These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process, please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume. If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used.
These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage. You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.

If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins

Vol. 5. Page 14

– a continuation submitted by another descendant who adds some additional information. Refer to volume 1, ps. 11, 14 & 15 and volume 4, ps. 15 & 16.

I Charles Featherston –

*3. Carolus Featherston –

II Carolus B. Featherston – b. VA, d. ca. Apr 1830; m.2) Lucy Elmore. Sources: Carolus’s will in Franklin Co., KY, Will Bk. #2, pg. 35 & 36 dated 30 Mar 1830.

*3. James Featherston – b. 7 Dec 1789 Charlotte Co., VA
4. William Featherston –
5. Jeremiah Featherston –
6. Burwell Featherston –
7. Charles Featherston –
8. John Featherston –
9. Sally Featherston – b. 15 Sep 1778 Culpepper Co., VA, d. 27 Feb 1840 Scott Co., KY; m. Snelling Wilkerson

III James Featherston – b. 7 Dec 1789 Charlotte Co., VA, d. 22 Feb 1878 Franklin Co., KY; m. 26 Jan 1815 Charlotte Co., VA to Elizabeth “Betsy” Elmore – b. 28 Jul 1799 Charlotte Co., VA, d. bef. 1878 Franklin Co., KY, d/o James Elmore, Jr./Mary “Polly” Elam. Source: Copy from “Old Family Bible”.

*1. William Epps Featherston – b. 24 Nov 1816 Fayette Co., KY
2. James Elmore Featherston – b. 15 Oct 1819
3. John Edward Featherston – b. 20 Jan 1822; m. 12 Jul 1851 to Sarah A. Jones – d/o ? Jones/Elizabeth
4. Mary Elizabeth Featherston – b. 26 Oct 1824, d. ca. 1850; m. Martin Featherston – b. 30 Aug 1819 KY, d. 13 Aug 1914 Moberly, MO, bur. Antioch Cem.,
s/o Burwell Featherston/Sarah “Sally” Wymore
5. Lucy Ann Featherston – b. 9 Mar 1827 KY, d. 27 May 1890 Saline Co., MO, bur. Salt Springs Cem.; m. 11 Oct 1844 Scott Co., KY to Granville Thomason
– b. 14 May 1820 KY. d. 11 Dec 1904, bur. Salt Springs Cem.
6. Margaret Jane Featherston – b. 26 Apr 1829
7. Robert Wyate Featherston – b. 18 Jul 1831, Jessamine Co., KY m. 15 Mar 1855 to Frances Ann Sebree – b. ca. 1837 Franklin Co., KY, d/o Reuben B.

IV William Epps Featherston – b. 24 Nov 1816 Fayette Co., KY. d. 1 Jan 1878; m.l) 16 Jun 1846 Franklin Co., KY to Eliza Graves – b. 1820 KY. d. ca. 23 Jan 1853 (sic), d/o John D. Graves/Catherine Thomasson; m.2) 22 Aug 1855 Franklin Co., KY to Sarah “Sallie” E. Featherston – b. ca. 1835 Jessamine Co., KY, d/o William R. Featherston/Sally Elmore. Sources: Family Bible; Franklin Co., KY Marriages; Vital Statistics. Franklin Co.. KY; 1850 Scott Co., KY Census; 1860 & 1870 Franklin Co.. KY censuses; 26 Jan 1878 Franklin Co., KY will of James Featherston – Bk. 3, p. 309.

Issue by 1st wife:
*1. George Lloyd Featherston – b. 9 Feb 1849 Franklin Co., KY

Vol. 5. Page 15
William Epps Featherston family (con’td)

2. Alexander W. Featherston – b. ca. 1851, Franklin Co., KY
3. William Featherston – b. 9 Sep 1853 Franklin Co., KY (note JFH: date as shown by submitter)
Issue by 2nd wife:
4. Ellen R. Featherston – b. 16 Jun 1856 Franklin Co., KY d. 1 Sep 1859
5. Willard T. Featherston – b. Aug 1859 Franklin Co., KY
6. Frances Marion Featherston – b. 1864 Franklin Co., KY; m. 27 Feb 1889 Franklin Co., KY to Virginia Lee Steadman
7. Jennie E. Featherston – b. Oct 1868 Franklin Co., KY

V George Lloyd Featherston – b. 9 Feb 1849 Franklin Co., KY, d. 17 Sep 1915 Lexington. Fayette Co., KY, bur. Lexington Cem., Lexington, KY; res. Franklin, Woodford & Fayette Cos., KY; m. 23 Dec 1869 Franklin Co., KY to Sallie Dorcas Wilkerson – b. 23 Dec 1849 Scott Co., KY, d. 17 May 1941 Midway, KY, bur. Lexington Cem., Lexington, KY, d/o William Madison Wilkerson/Martha F. Black; res. Scott, Woodford & Fayette Cos., KY. Sources: Old Family Bible and personal information and from an older first cousin; Franklin Co., KY Marriages; 1860 & 1870 Franklin Co., KY Censuses; 1900 & 1910 Fayette Co., KY Censuses; 1900 Woodford Co., KY Soundex; 1910 Scott Co., KY Soundex; Franklin Co., KY Order Books; KY International Genealogical Index; Church & Family Graveyards of Franklin Co., KY.

1. William Vernon Featherston – b. 18 Oct 1870 KY, d. 24 Mar 1944, bur. Georgetown, KY; m.l) 4 Sep 1895 Franklin Co., KY to Luella Powell – b. ca. 1868,
d. 25 Sep 1896 (aged 28 yrs.), bur. Bartlett Featherston Graveyard, Franklin Co., KY; m.2) 24 Apr 1900 to Mrs. Evalyn Swinney Alien – b. Oct 1872 KY
2. Tera Featherston – b. 30 May 1872 Forks of Elkhorn, Franklin Co., KY; m. 15 Jul 1912 Lexington, Fayette Co., KY to Louella Stephenson
3. Claude Featherston – b. 28 May 1874 KY, bur. Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; m. 11 ? 1903 to Amanda Featherston – b. ca. 1884 KY
4. Mattie Lee Featherston – b. 5 Aug 1876 KY, d. 1 Feb 1933, bur. Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; never married
5. Eliza Featherston – b. 16 Oct 1878 KY, d. 1958, bur. Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; m. 8 Aug 1904 to Claude B. Payne
6. Stephen Black Featherston – b. 12 Aug 1881 KY, d. 22 Apr 1956, bur. Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; m. 5 Feb 1905 to Louise L. Bagby – b. ca. 1884 IL
7. Sudie May Featherston – b. 26 Aug 1886 KY; d. 14 Aug 1937; m. John Alien
*8. Lucy Elizabeth Featherston – b. Mar 1895/6 Woodford Co., KY

VI Lucy Elizabeth Featherston – b. Mar 1895/6 Woodford Co., KY, d. 2 Sep 1930 Lexington, KY, bur. Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; m. 1923 Louisville, KY to Raymond Estill Tolle – b. 7 Jun 1894 Mason Co., KY, d. 10 Nov 1984. Louisville, KY, bur. Sellersburg, IN, s/o Ollison H. Tolle/Mattie Lizzie Tucker. Sources; Personal knowledge. Note by submitter: My mother died when I was 6 yrs. old. I have never found day & month of her birth or their wedding date. (con’td)

Vol. 5. Page 16
Lucy Elizabeth Featherston family (con’td)

* 1. Elizabeth Ann Tolle – b. 3 Oct 1924 Lexington. Fayette Co., KY; m. 1) Jack Warren Holland; m.2) 18 Jun 1955 to Ervin Albert Klein.
2. Raymond Estille Tolle, Jr. – b. 10 Sep 1927 Lexington, Fayette Co., KY; never married.
submitted Jan 1991 by: Ann Tolle Klein


a continuation submitted by another descendant

This was begun as BRANCH #4 in volume 1, p. 25 and linked to BRANCH #3 in volume 4, beginning on p. 19. Refer to volume 1, ps. 26 & 27, Generation IV, child number 8.

IV Henry Featherstone, Sr. – m. Elizabeth Marshall

*8. Mary Ann “Polly” Featherston – b. 17 Mar 1782 Henrietta Co., VA (as shown on tombstone)

V Mary Ann “Polly” Featherston – b. 17 Mar 1782 Henrietta Co., VA (as shown on tombstone), d. 27 Jan 1869 Wynne, Cross Co., AR, bur. Cogbill Cem., Wynne, AR; m. 26 Nov 1807 Chesterfield Co., VA to Charles Christian Cogbill – b. 25 Dec 1784 Henrietta Co., VA (as shown on tombstone), d. 13 Aug 1869 Wynne, Cross Co., AR, bur. Cogbill Cem., Wynne, AR. s/o Charles Cogbill/Lucy Christian. Sources: Bible Pages; Census Records; Fayette Co., TN Courthouse records; Family members; Alice Cogbill, LaGrange, Tenn.; I.V. Crawford, Tyier, TX; Grave markers; Charles Christian Cogbill’s marriage recorded in Chesterfield Co., VA Circuit Court; Church of Latter Day Saints, Memphis; Cross County, AR Cemetery Records – Vols. 1 and 2.

*1. Linnaus Cogbill – b. 11 Sep 1808 Chesterfield Co.. VA
2. Thomas J. Cogbill – b. 1810 Sumner Co., TN; m. 21 Aug 1842 to Lucinda B. Dawson
3. Charles H. Cogbill – b. 11 Feb 1811 TN; d. 4 Jul 1881, bur. Tabernacle Cem., Piperton, Fayette Co., TN; m.l) Margaret ?; m.2) Frances McCauley; m.3) 21
Jul 1859 to Hardenia A. Taylor
*4. Elizabeth Marshall Cogbill – b. 20 Jun 1816 TN, d. 13 Jun 1896, bur. Stantonville, McNairy Co., TN; m. David McKenzie
5. Mary C. Cogbill – b. 1818 TN d. 1885 Stony Point Cem., Searcy, White Co., AR; m. 12 Nov 1835 to David P. Coffey
6. George Washington Cogbill – b. Feb 1820 Smith Co., TN, d. 1868, bur. Cogbill Cem., Wynne, Cross Co., AR; m. 29 Jun 1847 to Sarah Elizabeth Massey
7. Frances M. Cogbill – b. 1827 McNairy Co., TN; bur. Mt. Moriah Cem., Somerville, Fayette Co., TN (no marker); m. 15 Dec 1852 to James H. Johnson
8. Quincy A. Cogbill – b. 1830 McNairy Co., TN, d. bet. 31 Aug 1860 and 16 Dec 1861, bur. Jefferson Co., AR; ro. abt. 1858 to Narcissa ?

Vol. 5. Page 17
BRANCH #3 (con’td)

VI Linnaus (also spelled Lineas) Cogbill – b. 11 Sep 1808 Chesterfield Co., VA, d. 27 Apr 1860 at res. near Moscow, TN, bur. Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church, near Willisten, TN (no marker); m. 22 Dec 1835 Fayette Co., TN to Mary Ann Grider – b. 28 May 1819 KY, d. 2 Dec 1880, bur. Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church, near Willisten, TN (no marker), d/o ? Grider/Martha Boone. Sources: Family Bible; Census records; Records at Fayette Co., TN Courthouse; Charles -Christian Cogbill’s marriage recorded in Circuit Court, Chesterfield County, VA Marriage Register 1771 – 1853; Alice Cogbill, LaGrange, TN; Priscilla Langdon, Somerville, TN; I.V. Crawford, Tyier. TX; Currie Rodgers, Somerville, TN.

1. George Henry Cogbill – b. 17 Nov 1836 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 27 Apr 1860 2. Lucy Frances Cogbill – b. 16 Sep 1839 near Moscow, Fayette
Co., TN, d. 5 Oct 1842, bur. Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Willisten, Fayette Co., TN
3. Emily Frances Cogbill – b. 8 May 1843 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN. d. 16 May 1845, bur. Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Williston,
Fayette Co., TN
4. James Crittenden Cogbill – b. 10 Oct 1845 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 19 Dec 1876; m. 11 Jan 1866 to Mollie C. Holman
*5. Mary Ellen Cogbill – b. 28 Mar 1848 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN
6. Martha Jane Cogbill – b. 10 Sep 1851 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN; m. 21 Dec 1870 to Thomas F. Moore
7. Sarah “Sallie” Grider Cogbill – b. 10 Jun 1854 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, bur. Jones Chapel Cem., Williston. Fayette Co., TN; m. 19 Dec 1881 to
Thomas Sydney Beat
8. Charles Linnaus Christian Cogbill – b. 25 Jul 1857 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 17 Oct 1861.
Note by submitter: James Crittendin Cogbill was a Private in the Civil War. He was a soldier in Co. “H”, 14 (Neely’s) Tennessee Calvary, having joined for duty at Moscow, Tenn., on Sept. 1, 1863. He was a prisoner of war at Memphis, Tenn., at the end of the War, and took the oath of allegiance to the U.S. on May 12, 1865. He is described: “dark complexion, light hair, eyes blue Height 5 ft. 10 in., age 19”

VII Mary Ellen Cogbill – b. 28 Mar 1848 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 8 Jan 1918 Moscow, TN, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Crossing Community, Fayette Co., TN; m. 30 May 1872 to John William Furcron – b. 6 Jan 1851 Richmond, VA, d. 21 Nov 1933 Williston, Fayette Co., TN, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Crossing Community, near Moscow, TN, s/o John Furcron/Mary Jane Thorp. Sources: Census records; Fayette Co., TN Courthouse records at Somerville, TN; Bible records; Older family members; Tombstone inscriptions; Marriage of John Furcron and Mary Jane Thorp found in Marriage Bonds and Minister’s Returns – Chesterfield Co., VA 1816-1853 by Benjamin Weisiger at Memphis Main Library.

1. Gus Henry Furcron – d. as a young child
2. Arthur Boyd Furcron – b. 3 Dec 1874 Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 19 Mar 1934, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Community, Fayette Co., TN; m. 13 Feb 1903
to Pearl E. Teague (con’td)

Vol. 5. Page 18
Family of Mary Ellen Cogbill (con’td)

3. Agnes Evelyn Furcron – b. 26 Nov 1876 Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 21 Feb 1963, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Community. Fayette Co., TN; m. 29 Dec
1893 to James Edwin Simmons
4. Linnie Mae Furcron – b. 1 May 1878 Moscow. Fayette Co., TN, d. 5 Feb 1942, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Community, Fayette Co., TN; m. 25 Dec 1898 to
William Johnson
5. Corrie Lee Furcron – b. 8 Apr 1882 Moscow. Fayette Co., TN, d. 23 Jan 1963, bur. Somerville, Fayette Co., TN; m. 27 Aug 1905 to William J. Langdon
*6. Jessie Hilda Lavetra Furcron – b. 3 Jan 1886 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN
7. Willie Estelle Furcron – b. 1 Mar 1888 Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 11 Jun 1960, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Community, Fayette Co., TN; m. 9 Jul 1908
to James Samuel Chambers
8. John Edna Valentine Furcron – b. 14 Feb 1891 Moscow. Fayette Co., TN, bur. Jones Chapel Cem., Williston, Fayette Co., TN; m. 20 Jul 1912 to Noel
Morton Burnette

VIII Jessie Hilda Lavetra Furcron – b. 3 Jan 1886 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN, d. 6 Dec 1968 Wychmere Nursing Home, Memphis, TN, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Crossing Community, Fayette Co., TN; m. 18 Mar 1906 at Bride’s home near Moscow. TN to James Brown Carpenter – b. 22 Mar 1871 near Slayden, Marshall Co., MS, d. 18 Nov 1932 Baptist Hospital, Memphis, TN, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays crossing Community, Fayette Co., TN, s/o Sidney D. Carpenter/Rebecca Ann Watkins Clay. Sources: Family Bible; Death certificates; Marriage of James and Jessie recorded in Marriage Bk. 5. p. 60, Fayette Co. Courthouse, Somerville, TN.

1. Milton Clare Carpenter – b. 15 Mar 1907 near Slayden, Marshall Co., MS, d. 4 Nov 1972, bur. Seward Family Cem., near Eads, Shelby Co.. TN; m.l)
Annie Teague; m.2) 12 Mar 1933 to Eula S. Rutledge
2. Annie (she later changed to Anne) Lee Carpenter – b. 6 Dec 1908 near Slayden, Marshall Co., MS, d. 12 Jun 1980, bur. Magnolia Cem., Collierville,
Shelby Co., TN; m. 9 Feb 1930 to William Martin Newby
3. Nona Marie Carpenter – b. 25 Feb 1910 near Slayden, Marshall Co., MS; m. 22 Mar 1929 to Leslie W. Chambers
4. Raymond Brown Carpenter – b. 22 Jul 1913 near Slayden, Marshall Co., MS, d. 11 Apr 1986, bur. Bethlehem Cem.. Hays Community, Fayette Co., TN; m.
Ruth Buffaloe (ended in divorce)
5. Buford Leroy Carpenter – b. 4 Jun 1915 near Slayden, Marshall Co., MS, d. 29 Jan 1966, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Community, Fayette Co.. TN; m. 11
Mar 1937 to Frances Pauline Ashford
6. Douglas Clay Carpenter – b. 17 Jan 1919 near Moscow, Fayette Co.. TN, d. 14 Sep 1944 (missing in action near Metz. France; Memorial at Bethlehem
Cem.); never married
7. Dorothy Lavetra Carpenter – b. 4 Dec 1920 near Moscow, Fayette Co.. TN; d. 29 Jun 1921, bur. Bethlehem Cem., Hays Community, Fayette Co., TN
*8, Bertha Mae Carpenter – b. 30 May 1925 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TO; m. 6 May 1944 to Robert Leo Dooney

Vol. 5. Page 19
Family of Jessie Hilda Lavetra Furcron (con’td)

9. Lester Gilbert Carpenter – b. 11 Aug 1928 near Moscow, Fayette Co., TN; m. 29 Jul 1950 to Mary Louise Harvey
submitted Jan. 1991 by: Bertha C. Dooney

BRANCH #5 – correction

Refer to Volume 4, p. 22 submitted by: James W. Callahan

The following note is an excerpt of an April 1991 note to James Callahan with a copy sent to your editor from: Mrs. Louise Swindell,
“…You list the father and mother of your Richard and my Jesse as William Featherston (b. ca. 1685 VA, d. ca. 1718 VA) m. Frances Cross. This is incorrect as you will note that the first child you have listed is William Grigg, b. ca. 1738 — twenty years after the death of the above mentioned William…”
From your editor-JFH; This was my error, for which I offer my sincere apologies. I erroneously eliminated one generation that was submitted by James Callahan. His submitted material shows the following:

I William Featherston – b. ca. 1685 VA, d. 1718 VA; m. Frances Cross

*1. William Featherston – b. ca. 1710 VA

II William Featherston – b. ca. 1710 VA, d. Apr 1769 Amelia Co.. VA; m. ca. 1710 to Susannah Grigg For their issue, as listed by Mr. Callahan, refer to volume 4, p. 22.


a continuation submitted by another descendant
Refer to Volume 2, ps. 16 & 17. Generation IV, child number 8

IV Burwell Featherston – m. Rebecca Adams
Note by submitter: Tradition has it that Rebecca was a close relative to one of the presidents of the U.S.

*8. Francis Marion Featherston – b. 24 Sep 1827 Robertson Co., TN

V Francis Marion Featherston – b. 24 Sep 1827 Robertson Co., TN, d. 30 Jan 1891 Woodville Station, MS; m.l) 19 Jun 1848 Warren Co., MS to Mary Elizabeth) Rundell – b. 1829 MS; m.2) 1879 Warren Co., MS to Virginia Markham – b. Jul 1855 according to the 1900 Hinds Co., MS Census. Sources: Myrtle Irene Walker Walton reminiscenses; Methodism in the Mississippi Conference, Vol. 2, (con’td)
Vol. 5. Page 20
Francis Marion Featherston (con’td)

Hawkins Foundation, Jackson, MS; Hunting For Bears “Warren Co., MS Marriages”, N R Murray, Hammond, LA; Red River Settlers by E.R. Whitley, pgs. 23-26. Genealogical Pub. Baltimore 1980; 1860 U.S. Census, Yazoo Co., MS; 1880 U.S. Census, Santa Barbara Co., CA dist. 18. pg. 2; 1900 Hinds Co., MS Census.
Note by submitter: Francis Marion Featherston was licensed to preach in 1853, Warren Colored Mission 4 years; in Tennessee 1866-1867; in California 1881-1884; Presiding Elder Mississippi Methodist Conference; Dr. Divinity Hiwassee College in 1885.

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Henry Walter Featherston – b. 1849 MS; m. 25 Mar 1874 to Emily E. White
2. Lewis Rundell Featherston – b. 1851 MS, d. 19 Oct 1883 Yuba City, CA
3. Francis Featherston – b. 1853 MS
*4. Sallie Belle Featherston – b. 1854 MS
5. Irene Featherston – b. 1856 MS; m. 16 Oct 1877 to William B. Celland
6. Charles Wesley Featherston – b. 1858 MS
7. Laura Featherston –
8. Robert Featherston –
9. Leonidas Featherston –
10. Abbie Featherston –
Issue by 2nd wife:
11. Mamie F. Featherston – b. Sep 1880 CA

VI Sallie Belle Featherston – b. 1854 MS, d. 19 Oct 1918 Yuba City, CA; m.l) 22 Jan 1876 to J.B. Featherston; m.2) 1880 Guadalupe, CA to George E. Walker
Note by editor: The above data shows the complete information submitted Dec 1990 by: Constance Walton Moretti

BRANCH #5 – corrections

Refer to Volume 3, ps. 24, 25
VI Christopher Columbus Featherston – m.2) Martha Adaline Garrison

*8. Jess (not Jesse) Arnet Featherston – b. 15 Jan 1890 (not 3 Jan 1890)

VIII Hazel Ruth Featherston –

*1. Donald Eugene Hodo – b. 18 Apr 1934 (not 18 Apr 1939 as shown at this location)

submitted by; Donald E. Hodo

Note by editor: Please accept my apologies for incorrectly typing your date of birth, Don. JFH

Vol. 5. Page 21

a continuation submitted by another descendant
Refer to Volume 3, p. 25, Generation VII, child number 2

VII Jess Arnet Featherston –

*2. Jessie Mae Featherston – b. 29 Nov 1912 Ripley Co., MO

VIII Jessie Mae Featherston – b. 29 Nov 1912 Ripley Co., MO; m. 3 Apr 1930 to Herbert Lawrence Paries – b. 25 Oct 1908, d. 27 Jun 1973

1. Betty Mae Paries – b. 20 Dec 1930; m. 20 Aug 1953 to Warren N. Grace – b. 8 Aug 1956

1. Debbie Grace – stillborn
2. Douglas N. Grace – b. 24 Dec 1955; m. 20 Oct 1984 to Julia Kirn Brenner – b. 8 Aug 1956

1. Bradley Grace – b. 7 Aug 1987
2. Dustin Grace – b. 3 Nov 1990
3. Jimmy Lee Grace – b. 7 Jun 1957; m. 10 Feb 1978 to Sharon Smithey – b. 24 Dec 1954
4. Ronald S. Grace – b. 5 Jan 1965

*2. Bonnie F. Faries – b. 7 Dec 1937

IX Bonnie F. Faries – b. 7 Dec 1937; m.l) 28 May 1955 to Roy L. Ford – b. 27 Feb 1936, d. 22 Oct 1989; m.2) to Charles Johnson – b. 15 Apr 1932

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Russell L. Ford – b. 17 Dec 1957; m.l) Glenda F. Hodge; m.2) Deborah Collier

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Russell L. Ford II – b. 27 Jun 1977
Issue by 2nd wife:
2. Richard L. Ford – b. 19 Apr 1980
3. Raymond Ford – b. 11 Sep 1984
4. Roger Ford – b. 11 Sep 1984

2. Trisha L. Ford – b. 2 Jan 1965; m.l) 8 Jan 1983 to Thomas David Swindle – b. 12 Aug 1956; m.2) Chad Mulligan

Issue by 1st husband:
1. Thomas Ryan Swindle – b. 28 Mar 1984
2. Tyler David Swindle – b. 22 Jan 1987
submitted Dec 1990 by: Bonnie Johnson


(Note by editor – JFH: Lewis Featherston (Generation I) may possibly have been a son of Lewis Featherston and Elizabeth Leath – see Branch #5, Volume 2, page 16.)

I Lewis Featherston – d. 1845, Shelby Co., TN; m. 20 Dec 1800 Lunenburg Co., VA to Sally Hurt. Sources: Franklin Co., AL 1830 & 1840 census records; (con’td)

Vol. 5. Page 22
Lewis Featherston – Sources (con’td)

Lunenburg Co., VA Marriage Records; Fayette Co., TN Marriage Records; Shelby Co., TN Marriage Records; Shelby Co., TN 1850 census; Tate Co.. MS census 1880 census; Sunflower Co., MS 1900 census; Shelby Co., TN Court Records & Estate Papers; Marriage Records of Marshall Co., MS; Cem. & Bible Records Bols. 15-16 by MS Genealogical Society.

1. Mary Featherston – b. ca. 1813-15, AL; m. 6 Feb 1838, Fayette Co., TN to A.H. Herron
2. Martha A. Featherston – b. ca. 1810-15; m. 1 Dec 1842, Shelby Co., TN to William A. Jones
3. male – b. ca. 1815-20
4. Harriet Featherston – b. ca. 1815-20; m. 26 Jun 1845, Shelby Co., TN to W.G. Wynne (Wyman?)
5. Susan Featherston – b. ca. 1815-20; m. 26 Jun 1845, Shelby Co., TN to William P. Bradley
*6. Lewis H. Featherston – b. 1 Sep 1821, AL
7. male – b. ca. 1825-30
8. female – b. ca. 1825-30
9. John Patrick Featherston – b. 10 Nov 1831, AL, d. 1 Sep 1906, bur. Bethesda Cem., Leake Co., MS; m. 18 Oct 1854, Marshall Co., MS to Mary Elizabeth
McCully – b. 10 Nov 1838, d. 6 Oct 1921, bur. Bethesda Cem., Leake Co., MS
10. male – b. ca. 1835-40
Note by JFH – Probate records for the estate of Lewis Featherston lists a “pine coffin for young Featherston” dated Sept 20, 1845. This follows many visits by doctors to George Featherston, who was apparently one of the male children of Lewis.

II Lewis H. Featherston – b. 1 Sep 1821, AL, d. 6 Jun 1896, Shelby Co.. TN, bur. Bethlehem Methodist Church Cem.. Shelby Co., TN; m.l) 1850 Oxford, MS to Zuchaina Porter – b. 1832 TN, d/o David Porter/ ? Renick; m.2) 16 Oct 1856, Shelby Co., TN to Sarah Lavina Felts – b. 26 Dec 1831 TN, d. 9 Dec 1907, bur. Bethlehem Methodist Church Cem., Shelby Co., TN. Sources: Marriages – Shelby Co., TN 1820-1858; Shelby Co., TN 1860, 1870, 1880 & 1900 Censuses; Shelby Co., TN Cemeteries; 1900 & 1910 Galveston Co., TX Censuses; Sunflower Co., MS 1900 Census; 1910 Tate Co., MS Census; Cemetery and Bible Records Vols. 15-16 by MS genealogical Society; Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1971; Yellowed Pages, Vol. XVII, No. 4, 1987 – Glimpses of Jefferson Co., TX; TX Deaths 1903-1940 – Gregg & Bexar Cos.; 1921 letter from Lewis Porter Featherstone to his niece (by marriage) Florence Merrill Featherstone.

Issue by 1st wife:
1. Lewis Porter Featherston – b. 28 Jul 1851, Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS, d. 14 Mar 1922, Longview, Gregg Co., TX, bur. Mission Cem., San Antonio, TX; m.
ca. 1875 to Alice W. ? – b. Sep 1856, TN, d. 8 Apr 1921, Bexar Co., TX.
*2. Renick N. Featherston – b. 8 Oct 1853 Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS
Issue by 2nd wife;
3. Markus Howard Featherston – b. ca. 1858, TN

Vol. 5. Page 23
Children of Lewis H. Featherston (con’td)

4. Herschel C. Featherston – b. Aug 1860 TN, d. 1932, bur. Bethesda Cem., Leake Co., MS; m. ca. 1899 to Genevieve Newborn – b. 1869 TN, d. 1955, bur.
Bethesda Cem., Leake Co., MS
5. George P. Featherston – b. Apr 1870 TN; m. ca. 1897 to Ophelia ? – b. Jun 1875 TN

III Renick N. Featherston – b. 8 Oct 1853 Oxford, Lafayette Co., MS, d. 1883 Forrest City, St. Francis Co., AR; m. 1877 to Cora A. Boardroan- b. ca. 1861 TN Sources: Shelby Co., TN 1870 & 1880 census records.

1. Cornelia Featherston – b. Dec 1879, TN
*2. Renick Sterling Featherston – b. 9 Oct 1882 Forrest City, AR

IV Renick Sterling Featherston – b. 9 Oct 1882 Forrest City, St. Francis Co., AR, d. 11 Dec 1964, Rodi, CA; m. 28 Oct 1911 Santa Barbara, CA to Florence Merrill – b. 10 Sep 1876 Andover, MA, d. 3 Jan 1971 Oakland, CA

*1. Ellen Featherston – b. 22 Sep 1912 Santa Barbara, CA
2. Katherine Featherston – b. 18 Aug 1914 Santa Barbara, CA; m. Sep 1950 Clements, CA to Eric Fenton
3. Margaret Featherston – b. 31 Jul 1916 Santa Barbara. CA, d. 9 Oct 1964, bur. Long Beach, CA; m. 1942 Maui, Hawaii to Norman Sampson
4. Florence Featherston – b. 3 Sep 1918 Santa Barbara, CA; m. May 1940 Carson City. NV to Roy Otto Hieh

V Ellen Featherston – b. 22 Sep 1912 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA; occupation: Super Cook; Minonite: m. 21 Jan 1939 Santa Rosa, CA to 01 in Charles Edwards – b. 31 Mar 1907 Modesto, CA

1. Sara Elizabeth Edwards – b. 10 Feb 1940 Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA
2. Charles F. Edwards – b. 25 Mar 1942 Lodi. San Joaquin Co., CA
3. Robert Olin Edwards – b. 31 Mar 1945 Modesto, CA
submitted Feb 1991 by: Ellen Featherston Edwards



Six of the children of my ancestors William Featherston (1781-1872) and Elizabeth (Jones) Featherston (1785-1867) are known to have married and had families. I am eager to locate descendants of their sons Henry and David and their daughters Martha Ann Newton, Sarah Davis, and Mary Dycus. This family moved from Nottoway Co., Virginia, to Robertson Co., Tennessee in the late 1820’s.
submitted by: Brenda G. Fischler

Vol. 5. Page 24
QUERIES (con’td)


Who are the parents of Catherine H. Featherston, b. ca. 1804, living at age 83. m. John Davidson Fletcher in Rutherford Co., TN in 1823, one known son: John P., b. Dec 1827, Rutherford Co., TN, who became a prominent physician and surgeon – University of Louisiana 1873, who later lived in Lonoke, AR, where his mother Catherine died.
submitted by: Mrs. Louise Swindell

Would like to know parents of Phinis Ewing Dycus who married Mary F. Featherstone in Robertson Co.. TN and where they were from.
submitted by: David Corbin


03-08. Refer to Volume 3, page 13

FEATHERSTONE MARSHALL – info on ministry of Henry Featherstone – proof of his marriage to Elizabeth Marshall – proof of father of Elizabeth Marshall
submitted by: Bertha C. Dooney

Madeline Replogle Raymond, informs us that she has two dates when Henry Featherston (Sr.) (Generation 4, Branch 3) was ordained as a Methodist Minister:
1. “Henry Featherstone was a Methodist Minister. He was issued a license to preach on 15 Jun 1788.” (Chesterfield Co. Ministers Bonds for year 1788.) Featherstone and Walthall of Holly Springs, MS, page F-7, compiled by Marie Rut ledge. Library of Congress Card #77-77053.

2. Henry Featherston (Sr) “on 12 Sep 1788, was ordained and licensed to preach by the Methodist Episcopal Church, license dated and signed by Thomas Anderson of the Methodist Conference.” Gene Hyden,

Vol. 5. Page 25

Madeline further writes that Elizabeth Marshall who m. Henry Featherstone (Sr) was not daughter of Alexander Marshall who was a Second Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War in Captain Benjamin Wards’ Co., commissioned in Amelia Co., VA, on 28 Aug 1777. That Alexander was her brother. Alexander III, who m. Amy Walthall (daughter of Girrard).
Data on Alexander Marshal Is as it relates to Featherston(e)s: Alexander Marshall (Sr), b. 1676, d. 3 May 1743 Henrico Co., VA, m. as her 2nd husband Elizabeth Worsham (daughter of John and Phoebe) who m. 1st. Thomas Ligon (son of William and Mary Tanner) of Henrico Co., VA. Thomas’ and Elizabeth’s daughter Phoebe m. Henry Walthall whose sister Elizabeth Walthall m. Henry Charles Featherston (Generation 2, Branch 3) and whose brother Garrett (Girrard) Walthall had the daughter Amy above.
Alexander Marshall, Jr (II).. b. 1707-1717 Henrico Co., VA, d. 1771-1774 Chesterfield Co., VA, m. Sarah Moseley (daughter of William and Frances Mayo). Their daughter Elizabeth m. Henry Featherston (Sr). Sarah’s father’s will, dated 10 Jul 1778 at Dale Parish Chesterfield Co., VA (Will Book 3, page 252) shows the following bequest: “To my grand Daughter Elizabeth Featherstone seventy five pounds currant Money of Virginia to her & her Heirs forever.”
The Francis Moody genealogy (full name given below), chapter 11, page 266, gives the following information on Alexander. Jr.’s (Alexander II’s) estate: October 1799 the Chesterfield Co. Court appointed a commission of six men…”to consider the additional claim against the estate made by Henry Featherstone…to divide the estate among ten legatees…one Henry Featherstone and Elizabeth his wife…one Alexander (III)…”
Moody, page 267, gives proof that Alexander Marshall (III) married Amy Walthall, daughter of Gerrard, prior to March 1794.
Alexander, Sr’s grandson. Franc i s Marsha11, Jr., b. 11 Nov 1750 Cumberland Co., VA, and his wife Phoebe Hatcher (daughter of Josiah and Ann Elizabeth Cheatham) were parents of Nancy Marshall, b. 5 Aug 1775 at VA, who married her first cousin Henry Featherston, Jr., (Generation 5, Branch 3). Sources: Walthall Family Notes, compiled 1941, by Malcom E. Walthall; Francis Moody (1769-1821), His Ancestors. Descendants, and Related Families…of Chesterfield Co., VA…compiled by Clara Lorene (Cammack) Park, copyright 1983, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD; Pioneers. Ancestors and Descendants of Yell Co., AR, Volume I…includes among other families surname “Marshall”. copyright 1983. by Elizabeth Ann (Petitlo) Bowie.
Note by JFH: Thank you Madeline, for your answers to Query 03-08. This information is appreciated very much.

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