Featherston Findings Volume 11

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston

I. William Carol Featherston, ‘Uncle Dick’ -He was a veteran of the Spanish- American War. Never Married. He is buried in Amity Cemetery, Ripley Co., MO

(JFH: Brother of C.C. Featherston)

I11 I.

Christopher Columbus Featherston -b. 1845-47 TN or Hickman Co., KY. d. 1890 Piedmont, Wayne Co., MO., bur. at Piedmont, MO; m.1) 27 Mar 1866 Robertson Co., TN to Martha F. Cherry -b. 28 Apr 1844 KY, d. 27 Jun 1876 bur. Sulphur Springs Bapt. Church, Simpson Co. KY, dau. of William Cherry and Charlotta ; m.2) 2 Jul 1877 Simpson Co., KY to Martha Adaline Garrison- b. 1 Jun 1856 Allen Co., KY, d. 20 Oct 1921 Ripley Co. MO, dau. of William Garrison and Sarah Stamps. (Martha was sister of Will, who married Charlotte Lee Featherston.) (William, Martha, Fanny Berry and Sidney Garrison were brothers and sisters. Fanny Berry remained in Kentucky and the rest of the family moved to Missouri, first to Piedmont and then to Doniphan. Sidney Garrison was the Father of Robert, ‘R.C. , Garrison and Myrtle Owens. Their Mother was- Molly Cole.)

A. Charlotte Lee Featherston -b. 26 Sep 1867 KY, d. 19 Aug 1936 Ripley Co., MO; m. 2 Feb 1886 Hickman Co., KY to William “Will” Jerome Garrison

1. Clarence Garrison -m. Victory Seaton

“a. Joyce Garrison –

b. Billie Garrison –

2. Fred Garrison -m. Myrtle Sutherland !:

a. Barbara Garrison -m. Ray Knight

3. Walter Garrison -m. Lara Davis

B. George N. Featherston- b. May 1869 Hickman Co., KY, d. 1913 Tulsa, OK or Memphis, TN; m. Lillie May Berry

1. Clara Featherston –

2. Tony Featherston –

3. Jordan Featherston –

C. Nettie Featherston -b. 1873 Hickman Co., KY, d. 1940 Ripley Co” MO, bur. Amity Cem., Ripley Co., MO; m. Noah or Goah Hector

D. John William Cicero Featherston -b, 22 Apr 1879 Clinton, Hickman

Co., KY, d. 11 Feb 1940, bur. Union Hill Cem., Brandsville, Howell Co. , MO; m. 16 Jul 1899 Howell Co. , MO to Sarah “Sally” Webster Rideout- b. 18 Mar 1880 Webster Co., KY, d. 28 Sep 1957, bur. Union

Hill Cem., Brandsville, Howell Co., MO, dau. of Henry Giles Rideout and Lucy Jane Polley

1. Alta Mae Featherston -b. 20 Apr 1900 Howell Co., MO, d. 18 Aug 1967 St. Louis, MO; m.1) James Sullivant; m.2) James Jeffries

2. Nettie Irene Featherston -b. 15 Mar 1902 Ripley Co., MO, d. 2 Aug 1979 West Plains, Howell Co., MO, bur. Union Hill Cem, ; m.1) 22 Jun 1922 West Plains, Howell Co., MO to Anthlus Belvin McMillian- b. 21 Jul 1900 Grandin, Carter Co., MO, d. 16 Sep 1952. bur. Union Hill Cem.. Brandsville, MO, son of Phinnus H. McMillian and Martha Alderina Gosnell; m.2) Dorris Jennings Huff; m.3) Ellis Dixon

a. Vera Marie McMillian -b. 1 Apr 1923 Brandsville, Howell Co.. MO; m. 19 Jul 1941 Springfield, MO to Elbridge G. MacKenzie –

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

b. 6 Feb 1916 Great Bend, KS, son of Scott Robert MacKenzie and Martha Ellen Murrey

i. Elbridge Gerry MacKenzie, Jr. -b. 22 Feb 1943 Washington, MO; m. 4 May 1968 Madison, IL to Sharon Pat ton

ii. Robert Lynn MacKenzie -b. 30 Apr 1954 St. Louis, MO; m. 1 Aug 1980 Tacoma, WA to Tamara Jo Graham

b. Belvin Glenn McMillian -b. 17 Jul 1924 Brandsville. MO; m.1) June 1943 Springfield, MO to Etta Mae Bridges; m.2) 19 Dec 1981 to Maxine Reed

3.Thelma Lee Featherston -b. 5 Feb 1904 Howell Co” MO, d. 19 Apr 1972 El Centro, CA; m,l) Bryan Harris

4.Grace Pearl Featherston -b. 4 Oct 1906 Howell Co” MO, d. 28 Jun 1960 Howell Co., MO; m. 21 Aug 1929 to Ed Anderson

5. Paul Vestal Featherston -b. 28 Nov 1908 Howell Co., MO, d. Walla Walla, WA; m. Anna Pentecost

6. Ruth Featherston -b. 20 Mar 1910 Howell Co., MO, d. 21 Mar 1911 Howell Co.. MO

7. Lena Genevieve Featherston -b. 20 Mar 1912 Howell Co., MO

8. William Byron Featherston -b. 28 Jun 1914 Howell Co., MO; m. Marie Burris

9. .Doris Bernice Featherston -b. 28 Sep 1917 Howell Co.. MO; m.1) 7 Jun 1938 Howell Co., MO to John H. Finley; m.2) Glen Adams

10. Donald Ray Featherston -b. 28 Apr 1921 Howell Co., MO; m. 15 Jul 1950 Salem. AR to Eva Whitsell ,

11. Sidney Grant Featherston -b. 10 Feb 1923 Howell Co.. MO; m. Lucy


E. Minnie Pearl Featherston -b. 13 Apr 1883 Clinton, Hickman Co., KY, d. 10 Nov 1967 Doniphan, MO; m. 13 Dec 1902 Doniphan, MO to Edward Warren “Ed ” Ponder, b. 25 Nov 1878 Doniphan. MO, d. 5 Mar 1930 Doniphan, MO, bur, with his wife in Amity Cemetery, Ripley Co., MO. (His parents were Holloway W. “Holly” Ponder- b. 1851 or 1853 MO, d. 1905, bur. with his wife in Amity Cemetery, Doniphan, MO; m. 31 Dec 1874 Ripley Co., MO to Mary Elizabeth Lowe, dau. of Aden Lowe (b. 7 Aug 1827 Hickman Co” TN) a Colonel in the Confederate Army and was Commander of the lst Missouri Infantry Regiment at Frederick- town on 21 Oct 1861 when he was killed in a battle there. Aden Lowe m. 184- to Margaret Christian -b. 6 Dec 1829 Hickman Co., TN, d. 9 Jan 1912, Doniphan, MO, bur. Doniphan Cem.

1. Leonard Francis Ponder- b. 9 Jan 1904 Doniphan, MO, d. 12 Nov 1970 Doniphan, MO, bur. with his wife in Doniphan Cem; m. 8 Aug 1925 Doniphan, MO to Hazel Bea Keel -b. 26 May 1904 Ponder, MO, dau. of John William Keel (b. 2 Apr 1881 Ripley Co., MO, d. 4 Dec 1904 Ripley Co., MO) and Nannye Barham Beakley (b. 9 Sep 1888 Ripley Co., MO, d. 19 Jun 1906 Ripley Co., MO) , Hazel Bea (Keel) Ponder m. 2nd 22 Mar 1973 Cape Girardeau, MO to Teal J. Languel.

a. Paul Edward Ponder -b. 17 May 1926 Madison, IL; m. 8 May 1950 Fulton, MO to Lois “Lorraine” Gentner

i, Charlotte Elaine Ponder -b. 18 May 1956 at Rolla, MO; m. 27 Nov 1975 Rolla, MO to Bill Merten

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

ii. David Francis Ponder -b. 29 Jan 1961

b. Nancy Elaine Ponder -b. 7 Oct 1927 Doniphan, MO; m. 27 Oct 1945 Doniphan, MO to William Felix Halcomb -b. 29 Sep 1921 Doniphan, MO. His parents were Samuel Jesse Halcomb (b. 31 Jul 1877 Warm Springs, Randolph Co., AR, d. 28 Jan 1960 Doniphan, MO, bur. Doniphan Cem.) and Willa Belle Dayton (b. 28 Aug 1884 near Patterson, Wayne Co., MO, d. 29 Oct 1968 Farmington, MO, bur. Doniphan Cem,)

i. William Douglas Halcomb -b. 23 Jun 1946 Doniphan, MO; m.1) 20 Aug 1966 Harviell, MO to Arvella Ann Wilson -b. 24 Aug 1947 Harviell, MO

(a) Christopher Eric Halcomb -b. 24 Feb 1967 Cape Girardeau, MO

William Douglas Halcomb m.2) Linda

(b) Scott Halcomb -b. 23- Aug 1972 Cape Girardeau, MO ii. Jane Laurel Halcomb -b. 3 Nov 1952 Murray, KY

c. Ramona Frances Ponder -b. 4 Mar 1933 Doniphan, MO; m.1) Jan 1951 to Jack Miller -son of Clyston Miller (d. 197-) and Miriam Richmond

i. Michael Craig Miller -b. 8 Dec 1952 (Name changed to Michael Craig Brown, by adoption); m. 20 Jun 1975 Heber Springs, AR to Carol Mason

ii. Dennis Kevin Miller -b. 23 Feb 1955 (Name changed to Dennis Kevin Brown, by adoption)

iii.Megan Lee Miller- b. 19 Mar 1957 (Name changed to Megan Lee Brown by adoption)

Ramona Frances Ponder m.2) Jan 1961 St. Louis, MO to William J. Brown

iv. William David Brown -b. 11 Sep 1962 St, Louis, MO

d. Jerry Wayne Ponder- b. 8 Aug 1937 Doniphan, MO; m. 10 Nov 1962 Phoenix, AZ to Janice Ruth Albright

i. Victor Brent Ponder -b. 4 Jun 1964 Panama Canal Zone e. Larry Warren Ponder -b. 22 Sep 1943 Doniphan, MO; m. Wanda

Lee Stewart- b. 1 Jan 1943 East Prairie, Mississippi Co., MO, dau. of Howard N. Stewart and Mary Meyers.

i. Gregory Lawrence Ponder -b, 25 May 1967 (twin)

ii. Craig Nolan Ponder -b, 25 May 1967 (twin)

2. Alma Addie Ponder -b. 3 Feb 1907 Pulaski, Ripley Co., MO; m. 11 Apr 1925 Doniphan, MO to Loranzia Dow Vandiver -d. 2 Jan 1953 Doniphan, MO, bur. Amity Cem., Ripley Co., MO. (His parents were James Edward Vandiver, b. 15 Feb 1866 Howell Co., MO, d. 15 Jun 1950 Cabool, Texas Co., MO; m. Missouri Ann Rideout -b. 1 Aug 1868 Webster Co., KY, d. 18 Feb 1897 Howell Co., MO, both parents are buried in Union Hill Cem. , Howell Co., MO)

a. Mary Pauline Vandiver -b. 17 Feb 1926 Doniphan, MO; m. 20 Dec 1943 Doniphan, MO to Cuman Etnes Grissom -b. Golden, MS, son of Austin Grissom and

i. Kenneth Wayne Grissom -b. 28 Aug 1944 Doniphan, MO; m. 26 Jul 1968 Tucson, AZ to Sara Rakish -b. 24 Aug 1949
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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

(a) Toby Michael Grissom -b. 11 Aug 1975 Show Low, AZ

(b) Kristi Lynn Grissom -b. 16 Aug 1977 Show Low, AZ

(c) Matthew Wayne Grissom -b. 11 Feb 1980 Show Low, AZ

ii. Bobby Eugene Grissom -b. 29 May 1947 St. Louis, MO; m. 12 Apr 1965 Titusville, FL to Christina Adams

(a) Chad Eugene Grissom -b. 26 Oct 1965 Titusville, FL; m. 23 May 1987 Tutusville, FL to Susan Rene Walker – b. 16 Nov 1969 Terre Haute, IN

(b) Samuel Vincent Grissom -b. 6 Sep 1967 Titusville, FL (c) Bonnie Marie Grissom -b. 29 Dec 1969 Titusville FL

iii.Carolyn Pauline Grissom -b. 3 May 1948 St. Charles, MO; m. 5 Nov 1966 Titusville, FL to Alan Burton Robinson -b. 20 Apr 1948

(a) Alan Douglas Robinson -b. 27 Oct 1970 Titusville, FL (b) Melissa Dawn Robinson -~. 30 Jun 1972 Titusville, FL

iv. Charles Donovan Grissom -b. 9 Mar 1949, stillborn, bur. Amity Cem., Doniphan, MO

b. Martha Imogene Vandiver -b. 19 Mar 1927 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO, d. 8 Apr 1982 Helena, AR; m. 7 Mar 1946 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO to Leo Charles Tanner -b. 31 May 1922 Calm, Oregon Co., MO, d. 5 Apr 1987 Helena, AR. Both are bur. Maple Hill Cem., Helena, AR

i. Billy Dale Tanner -b. 10 Oct 1946 Doniphan, MO; m.1) 11 Oct 1968 Helena, AR to Mary Nell Tolbert

(a) Pamela Louise Tanner -b. 25 May 1970 Helena, AR

Bill m. 2nd at Helena, AR to Carla (Hardy) Henson -b. 1946

(b) Megan Henson -(step-daughter)

(c) Amanda Jade Tanner -b. 28 Apr 1981 Helena, AR

ii. Ronald Lee Tanner- stillborn at Doniphan, MO 15 Feb 1948, bur. Amity Cem., Doniphan, MO

iii.Donna Jean Tanner -b. 9 Aug 1952 Helena, AR

(a) Andrea Lea Tanner -b. 1 Jan 1971 Helena, AR

(b) David Charles Tanner -b. 8 Nov 1974 Helena, AR

Donna m.1) Larry Blair at Helena, AR and m.2) Phillip Hardy, at Helena, AR (Phillip and Carla Hardy are brother and sister)

(c) John Matthew Hardy -b. 5 Jun 1985 Helena, AR

(d) Nickolas Dow Hardy -b. 22 Dec 1987 Helena, AR

iv. Mary Louise Tanner -b. 12 Aug 1958 Helena, AR

c. Lola Mae Vandiver -b. & d. 14 Apr 1928 Doniphan, MO, bur. Amity Cem., Doniphan, MO

d. Verna Lorene Vandiver -b. 10 Jun 1929 Doniphan, MO; m. 1 Sep 1948 Pocahontas, AR to Melvin Lewis Ledbetter -b. 1 Jun 1928 Willow Springs, MO, s/o William and Thelma (Bunch) Ledbetter i. Paul William Ledbetter -b. & d. 10 May 1949, bur. Amity Cem. , Ripley Co. , MO

ii. Karen Louise Ledbetter b. 27 Aug 1950 Doniphan, MO; m. 26 Jan 1973 Springfield, MO to David Leslie Chapman- b.

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

18 May 1947 Springfield, MO, son of R.C. and Betty (Hall) Chapman

(a) Steven Wayne Chapman -b. 5 Feb 1977 Springfield, MO (b) Tracy Lynn Chapman -b. 21 May 1980 Springfield, MO

iii.Kathy Lynn Ledbetter -b. 18 Jan 1952 Doniphan, MO; m. 23 Mar 1973 Springfield, MO to Michael Robert Johnson -b. 2

Aug 1952, son of Herbert E. Johnson, Jr. and Marie (a) Kellie Lynn Johnson -b. 14 Jan 1981 Springfield, MO (b) Tyler Robert Johnson -b. 21 Mar 1983 Springfield, MO

iv. Michael Lewis Ledbetter -b. 6 Jul 1955 Springfield, MO; m. 16 Jan 1987 Tulsa, OK to Lynn Anne Lewis

v. .Vickie Lorene Ledbetter -b. 2 Oct 1959 Springfield, MO; m. 19 Nov 1979 Springfield, MO to David Randy Cowin -b.

6 Dec 1957

(a) Bradley William Cowin -b. 26 Feb 1980 Houston, TX

(b) Amy Nocole Cowin -b. 21 Jun 1984 Houston, TX

e. Eldon Dow Vandiver -b. 12 Jul 1930 Doniphan, MO; not married

f. Donald Ray Vandiver -b. 18 Jun 1931 Doniphan, MO; m. 10 Jun 1955 Hernando, MI to Martha M. Kennon -dau. of Tom Kennon and Nellie (Holland) Kennon

i. Stephen Keith “Steve” Vandiver- b. 13 Apr 1957 St. Louis , MO; m. 1981 St. Charles, MO Jo Ann Hawkins c

(a) Steven Keith Vandiver, Jr. -b. 21 Ju11981 St. Charles, MO

(b) Jennifer Renee Vandiver -b. 4 Sep 1963 St.Charles, MO ii. Randy Ray Vandiver -b. 19 Oct 1958 St. Charles, MO; m.

1981 St. Charles, MO Theresa Lea Auchly -b. 14 Sep 1963 (a) Thomas Francis Vandiver -b. 14 Sep 1982 St. Charles,


(b) Seth Andrew Vandiver -b. 27 Aug 1985 St. Charles, MO

(c) Cara Jean Vandiver- b. 8 Dec 1986 St. Charles, MO

iii.Jeffrey Scott Vandiver -b. 16 Oct 1962 St. Charles, MO; m. Tracy Mae Farran -b. 11 Dec 1964

(a) Jeffrey Scott Vandiver, Jr. -b. 20 Mar 1983 St. Charles, MO

iv. Beth Ann Vandiver -b. 7 May 1964 St. Charles, MO; m. St. Charles, MO to Casey Verel O’Sten

3. Mary Ressa Ponder -b. 18 Sep 1912 Doniphan, MO; m. 4 Sep 1930 Doniphan, MO to Gilbert “Gib” Daniel Braschler -b. 3 Jun 1908 Pratt, Ripley Co., MO, son of Peter Daniel Braschler and Betsy Lavina Eagan

a. Joanne Braschler -b. 8 Aug 1931 Doniphan, MO; m. 30 Nov 1951 Doniphan, MO to Blane Franklin Wylie -b. 23 Jul 1931 Doniphan, MO, son of Wilbur and Nora Wylie

i. Daniel Franklin Wylie -b. 23 Oct 1952 Springfield, MO

ii. Janet Lynn Wylie -b. 8 Nov 1954 Springfield, MO

iii.Joel Blane Wylie -b. 20 Sep 1958 Topeka, KS

iv. Debra Ann Wylie -b. 25 Aug 1960 Poplar Bluff, MO

v. Mary Kay Wylie -b. 9 Jun 1962 Poplar Bluff, MO

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.


b. Edward Daniel Braschler- b. 12 Mar 1939; m. 10 Apr 1964 Poplar Bluff, MO to Judith Lynn Self

i. Jennifer Leann Braschler -b. 7 Jan 1967 Poplar Bluff, MO ii. Jon Daniel Braschler -b. 16 Feb 1970 Poplar Bluff, MO

F. Henry Marion Featherston -b. 3 Nov 1886 Hickman Co., KY, d. 29 Apr 1972 Ripley Co., MO; m. 24 Nov 1909 Howell Co., MO to Etta Frances Rideout -b. 9 Mar 1887, d. 30 May 1960 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co. MO, bur. with her husband in the Doniphan Cem., Doniphan, MO, dau. of Henry Giles Rideout. (Etta was a sister of Sarah “Sally” Rideout who married Cicero Featherston and a sister of George Rideout who married Ora Featherston.)

1. Clarice Henrietta Featherston -b. 15 Nov 1910 Ripley Co., MO; m. 8 Sep 1929 Ripley Co., MO to William Arnold Braschler -b. 20 Dec 1906 Ripley Co., MO, d. 198- Ripley Co., MO, bur. Ripley Co., MO

a. Clarice Evelyn Braschler- b. 8 May 1930 Ripley Co., MO; m. 14 Jun 1958 Ripley Co., MO to Harold Lloyd Jobe -b. 19 Oct 1927 Morley Co., MO

i. Dennis Lloyd Jobe -b. 11 Sep 1959 Scott Co., MO; m. 22 Dec 1984 Grand Prairie, TX to Connie Renee Brundige -b. 2 Jul 1959 Dallas, TX

ii. Brenda Kay Jobe -b. 21 Apr 1961 Scott Co. , MO; m. 7 Jul 1980 Biloxi, MS to Neile Ryan Custer- b. 31 Sep 1961 Baltimore, MD

(a) Jonathan Ryan Custer -b. 1 Dec 1982 Bitbury, ,Germany (b) Jamie Lynn Custer -b. 1 Feb 1984 Scott Co., MO

iii.Keith Wayne Jobe -b. 14 Oct 1964 Scott Co. , MO; m.

b. Lestel Arnold Braschler -b. 21 Jun 1931 Ripley Co., MO; m. 1 Oct 1955 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO to Elva Rose Mobley -b. 26 Sep 1937 Ripley Co., MO, dau. of Elvis and Bethel Mobley

i. Cynthia Jo Braschler- b. 13 May 1957 Ripley Coo, MO; m.1) 22 Jun 1979 Anderson, IN to David Eric “Rick” Hall – b. 3 Sep 1953 Anderson, IN; m.2) 18 Apr 1987 Marion, IN to Ronald Netherton -b. Mar 1957 Marion Co., IN

ii. Chris Arnold Braschler -b. 21 Jan 1960 Ripley Co., MO; m. 15 Sep 1984 Anderson, IN to Sandra Clemons -b. 4 Apr 1960

iii.Michael Layne Braschler- b. 3 Apr 1961 Ripley Co., MO; m. 23 Jun 1984 Anderson, IN to Mary Fry -b. 26 Nov 1961 Anderson, IN

c. Cloyce Arnita Braschler -b. 31 May 1938 Ripley Co., MO; m. 14 Jul 1961 Ripley Co., MO to Truman Jack Nickerson -b. 8 Dec 1938 Harrison Co., MO

i. Sandra Kay Nickerson -b. 3 Aug 1962 Rock Island, IL

ii. David Nickerson -b. 8 Nov 1967 Wiesbaden, Germany

d. Phillip Eldon Braschler, Sr. -b. 19 Jun 1944 Ripley Co., MO; m.1) 20 Sep 1964 Ripley Co., MO to Gladys Brown -b. 26 May 1946; m.2) Jun 1986 to Debra Chapman

i. Phillip Eldon Braschler, Jr.-b. 9 Nov 1964 Ripley Coo, MO

ii. Clifton Arnold Braschler -b. 18 Jan 1971 Ellisville, MO

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

e. Glenda Vinetta Braschler -b. 21 Apr 1949 Ripley Co., MO;m.1) Jun 1967 Ripley Co., MO to Leslie (Crook) Carson; m.2) Oct 1973 St. Louis, MO to William Robert Tossing -b. 25 Aug 1944 Joliet, IL; m.3) 1985 St. Louis, MO to Tekola Mekonen -b. 194-

i. Johnathon Braschler Tossing -b. 11 Mar 1975 St. Louis, MO, d. 20 Mar 1975 St. Louis, MO

ii. Daniel Joseph Tossing -b. 26 May 1976 St. Louis, MO iii.Jason William Tossing -b. 14 Jul 1978 St. Louis, MO

iv. Dag Mawl Mekonen -b. 10 Mar 1987 Dallas, TX

Charles Henry Featherston -b. 25 Apr 1912 Ripley Co., MO; m. 3 May 1938 Ripley Co., MO to Ellen Inez O’Brien -b. 27 Sep 1917 Ripley Co., MO

a. Charles Ronald “Ron” Featherston -b. 30 Dec 1938 Ripley Co. , MO; m.1) 9 Jun 1961 Ft. Belvoir.; VA to Alana Rogers -b. 12 Aug 1941 Butler Co., MO; m.2) 9 Sep 1983 Harris, TX to Allie Kay (Frick) James -b. 26 Jul 1950 Trinity Co., TX; m.3) 14 Sep 1985 Butler Co., MO to Joann Virginia (Garrison) Weber – b. 12 Nov 1941 Butler Co., MO

i. Deri Lynn Featherston -b. 2 Feb 1965 Iberia Parish, LA; m. 18 Dec 1984 Harris Co., TX to Richard Craig Terry- b. 21 Nov 1963 Orange Co., CA

(a) Richard “Ricky” Alan Terry -b. 12 Feb 1987 Montgomery Co., TX

ii. Lara Andrea Featherston -b. 21 Feb 1967 Iberia Parish, LA b. Ellen Elaine Featherston -11 Apr 1941 Ripley Co., MO; m. 11 Jun 1960 Ri p 1 ey Co. , MO to Lawrence “Larry II A II en Boston – b. 10 Nov 1938 Sangamon Co., IL

i. Rita Theresa Boston -b. 14 May 1961 Fayette Co., KY

ii. Carrie Ellen Boston -b. 11 Jul 1966 Orleans Parish, LA

c. Sally Louise Featherston -b. 27 Sep 1947 Butler Co., MO; m.1) 17 Mar 1967 Butler Co., MO to Larry Dale Gillis -b. 5 Sep 1941; m.2) 13 Jan 1978 Butler Co., MO to Jerry Wayne Boyd -b. 22 Jun 1945 Ector, TX

i. Melissa Katherine Gillis -b. 28 Feb 1968 Cape Girardeau Co. , MO

ii. Eric Allen Gillis -b. 19 Dec 1969 Butler Co., MO iii.Jason Andrew Gillis -b. 13 Apr 1973 Butler Co., MO

iv. Jerry Wayne Boyd, Jr. -b. 18 Oct 1979 Brazos Co., TX

3. Edward Eugene Featherston -b. 6 Mar 1917 Ripley Co., MO; m. 22 May 1942 St. Louis, MO to Florence Wolfe -b. St. Louis, MO

4. Veta Pearl Featherston -b. 15 Jul 1918 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 14 Feb 1941 Mississippi Co., MO to ~win E. Sutherland -b. 9 Jul 1919 Heber Springs, Cleburne Co., AR, son of G.B. Sutherland and Amanda Martin

5. Dorothy Marie Featherston -b. 7 Mar 1921 Ripley Co. MO; m.1) 29 Jul 1937 Ripley Co., MO to Bernard Braschler -b. 23 Dec 1917 Ripley Co., MO; m.2) 1950 Ashley, AR to John Thomas Lybarger -b. 10 May 1922 Faulkner, AR; m.3) 1961 Ventura, CA to Wilbur Eugene

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

Lamb -b. 23 Mar 1921 Dade Co.. FL. d. 13 Jul 1977 Ventura. CA

a. James Edward Braschler (adopted) -b. 17 Aug 1945 Ripley Co.. MO; m.1) 1965 KY to Elizabeth; m.2) Sep 1971 Ventura. CA to Lora Durrett; m.3) 1979 Ventura. CA to Patty Ruth Maxwell

i. Debra Ann (Braschler) Hesler -b. 25 Jul 1967 Ventura. CA (adopted by Hesler family)

ii. Mickey James Braschler -b. 25 Mar 1972 Ventura. CA

b. Jeannie Lybarger -b. 28 May 1953 Obion Co.. TN; m.1) 1971 Ventura. CA to Mike Smith; m.2) 1975? Ventura? CA to Earl Henderson; m.3) 1981 Ventura? CA to Thomas Baggett

i. Bryan Kane Smith -b. 1 Feb 1973 Ventura. CA

ii. Michael Ryan Smith -b. 7 Mar 1975 Ventura. CA

iii.Christy Marie Henderson -b. 39 A~r 1977 Ventura. CA

6. James William Featherston -b. 3 Jul 1923 Ripley Co.. MO; m.1) 8 Jul 1941 Wayne Co.. MO to Virginia- Rae Frazier -b. 1 Apr 1925 Kane?, IL; m.2) 12 Jun 1970 St. Louis. MO to Joan Paltron -b. 18 Aug 1944 Orleans Parish, LA

a. Ronald Blaine Featherston -b. 10 Dec 1941 St. Louis, MO; m.1) 1 Jun 1960 Butler Co.. MO to Phyllis Adams -b. 12 Apr 1944 Butler Co.. MO; m.2) 27 Jan 1978 Stoddard Co. MO to Myra Janet Ward -b. 13 Jul 1954 Isle of Wight Co., VA

i. Cynthia Jean Featherston -b. 24 Dec 1960 San Diego, CA

ii. Lorrie Ann Featherston -b. 24 Dec 1961 Phelps Co., MO; m. Sep 1981 Stoddard Co., MO to Lloyd Willis

(a) Jared Willis -b. 1982 Stoddard Co.. MO

(b) Kayle Ann Willis -b. 24 Jul 1987 Stoddard Co., MO iii.Angela Berneda Featherston -b. 7 Sep 1964 Butler Co. MO; m. Butler Co., MO to Joe Mitchell

(a) Amber Mitchell -b. Jun 1985 Butler Co., MO

iv. Ronald Blaine Featherston 11- b. 12 May 1971 Sedgewick Co., KS

v. Jennifer Janet Featherston -b. 3 Jun 1979 Lamar Co., TX vi. Dustin Blane Featherston -b. 17 Sep 1980 Lamar Co., TX

b. Helene Francis Featherston -b. 19 Sep 1946 Butler Co., MO; m.1) 15 Mar 1974 Stoddard Co.. MO to Harold Gene Cagle -b. 26 May 1950 Stoddard Co., MO; m.2) 11 Feb 1977 St. Charles. MO to Dennis Leroy Rodgers -b. 1 Jul 1942 Stoddard Co., MO

i. Harold Gene Cagle 11- b. 28 Oct 1974 Stoddard Co.. MO

ii. Dennis Leroy Rodgers 11- b. 31 Jul 1977 St. Charles Co., MO

iii.Dean Allen Rodgers -b. 5 Nov 1978 St. Charles Co.. MO

c. Jon Ray Featherston- b. 11 Sep 1947 Butler Co., MO; m. Jackson Co., MO to Donna Sue McGuire -b. 13 Nov 1950 (?????) Jackson Co., MO

i. James Blaine Featherston I -b. 25 Jun 1970 Clay Co., MO 7. Lois Irene Featherston -b. 11 Dec 1928 Ripley Co.. MO; m. 8 Jun 1949 Ripley Co., MO to Viggo Holm Madsen -b. 21 Apr 1925 Derumark a. Kirk Holm Madsen -b. 16 Mar 1951 Nassau Co., NY; m. Jul

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

1980 E. Chester Co., NY to Carol Lynne Deitch -b. 17 Jan 1954 Bronx, NY

i. Rabeca Lynn Madsen -b. 30 Mar 1984 White Plains Co., NY b. Karen Kris Madsen -b. 21 Feb 1953 Nassau Co., NY; m.1) 27 Feb 1978 Long Island, NY to Russell Harrison- b. 1953 Harrison Co., NY; m.2) 3 Aug 1985 Broome Co., NY to Charles Heesh- b. 15 Mar 1951 Lake Como Co., PA

8. & 9. Twin infant sons -b. Jul 1930, d. at birth, bur, Amity Cem. Doniphan, MO

G. Ora Glenn Featherston -b. 1 Apr 1881, d. 19 Apr 1960; m. 28 May 1898 to George Washington Rideout -b. 29 Feb 1872 Webster Co” KY, d. 24 Feb 1952 Doniphan, MO, son of Henry Giles Rideout and Lucy Jane Polley Rideout. (George was a brother of of Etta Rideout who married Henry Featherston and of Sarah “Sally’i Rideout who married Cicero Featherston).

1. Lilly Rideout -b. 22 Mar 1900, d. 11- Mar 1962; m. Elmer E. Miles -b. 5 Apr 1896, d. 22 Sep 1948

a. Glenn Elmer Miles –

b. Gerald Miles –

c. George Miles –

d. Mary Beth Miles -m. Benny Pulliam, son of Ponder Pulliam and Glenda

2. Maude Lee Rideout -b. 2 Dec 1901 Doniphan, Ripley Co” MO; m. 14 Jun 1922 Doniphan, MO to Claude Lee Ponder -b. 17 M~r 1901 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO, d. 25 Dec 1964 Doniphan, MO, bur. Amity Cem., Doniphan, MO, son of Holloway W. Ponder and Mary Elizabeth Lowe

a. Claude Lee “Duke” Ponder, Jr. -b. 4 Apr 1923 near Doniphan, MO; m. 10 Nov 1945 Fort Dix, NJ to Jean Elizabeth Phillabaum -b. 23 Mar 1922 Pittsburgh, PA

i. Patricia “Patsy” Annette Ponder -b. 21 Jul 1947 Doniphan, Ripley Co” MO; m. 1 Apr 1966 Kirksville, MO to Cecil Paul Moore -b. 11 Jan 1948 Kirksville, MO

(a) Marcia Joyce Moore -b. 26 Nov 1966 Kirksville, MO

(b) Moore –

ii. Diana Lee Ponder -b. 12 Jan 1950 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO; m. 3 Aug 1974 Kirksville, MO to Dennis Life, son of Mr. & Mrs John Life of Cedar Rapids, IA

iii.Virginia Joyce Ponder -b. 20 Apr 1952 Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co” MO

iv. Jo Ann Ponder- b, 10 Jun 1959 Sedalia, MO; m. 19 May 1979 to Gary Robert Williams son of Rev. Leonard Williams

b. Chester Lowell “Bud” Ponder -b. 17 Nov 1925 Doniphan, MO; m. Dorothy Kenega -b. 11 Oct 1929 Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co., MO, dau. of Peter Paul Kenega (d. Oct 1938) and Elizabeth Filman (b. 9 Jul 1888 Mountain View, Howell Co” MO, d. 18 Jun 1970 Doniphan, MO, bur. Towles Cem” Ripley Co., MO)

i. Brent Ponder- b. 21Oct 1955 , Cape Girardeau Co., MO

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Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

ii. Suzanne Ponder- b. 18 Oct 1957 Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co., MO

iii.Gregory Ponder -b. 6 May 1960 Cape Girardeau. MO

c. Martha Elizabeth Ponder -b. 8 Feb 1927; m. Robert Adams, son of Howard Paul Adams and Ermel Lindsley

i. Cynthia Adams -b. 28 Aug 1954 Poplar Bluff, MO

ii. Nancy Adams -b. 25 Apr 1954 Poplar Bluff, MO

d. Peggy Joyce Ponder -b. 2 Jun 1929 Doniphan, MO; m. Vince Raddle -b. 25 Feb 1929 Doniphan, MO

i. Dennis Vincent Raddle -b. 4 Sep 1955 Cape Girardeau, MO; m. Tammy Mitchener -b. 11 Nov 1959

(a) Tara Whitney Raddle -b. 14 Sep 1987

ii. Sandra Kay Raddle -b. 28 Aug 1957 Cape Girardeau, MO; m. Donald Carnahan -b. 12 Mar-1956

(a) Bryan Vincent Carnahan -b. 7 May 1986

(b) Lauren Nichole Carnahan -b. 2 May 1989

e. Sarah Mae Ponder -b. 6 Mar 19–; m. 5 Sep 1964 Cecil Raymond Condray- b. 12 Jun 1935 Poplar Bluff, MOl d. 19 Jan 1974 ., Springfield, ILl bur. Amity Cem., Ripley Co., MOl son of Cecil Condray and Alleyne

i. Elizabeth Ann Condray -b. 3 Mar 1965

3. Ambrose C. Rideout –

4. Opal Rideout -b. 4 Oct 1908, d. 28 Apr 1923 ,”

5. Vera Mae Rideout –

H. Jesse Arnet Featherston -b. 3 Jan 1890 Piedmont, Wayne Co., MOl d. 29 Dec 1968 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO; m.1) 6 Mar 1910 Rozetta ‘IZetta” Ponder -b. 24 Aug 1890 Ripley Co. I MOl d. 6 Apr 1977 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MOl bur. Amity Cem., Ripley Co., MOl dau. of Marion Ponder and Thula Smith; m.2) Pauline Epps

1. Eunice Edna Featherston -b. 25 Dec 1910 Ripley Co., MO; m. 12 Jan 1929 Pocahontas, AR to Eolen Elrod- b. 1 Jan 1904 Ponder, Ripley Co. I MOl d. 25 Dec 1976 Poplar Bluff, MOl bur. Memorial Gardens Cem. I Butler Co. I MO

a. Barbara Jean Elrod -b. 5 Apr 1931 Doniphan MO; m. 3 Feb 1951 Poplar Bluff, MO to William Keith Holm

i. Randy Keith Holm -b. 12 Feb 1952; m. Elizabeth Louise Haines

(a) Rhonda Kay Holm -b. 13 Sep 1955(sic)

b. Eolen Elrod, Jr. -b. 11 Oct 1932 Doniphan, MO

2. Jessie May Featherston -b. 29 Nov 1912 Ripley Co., MO; m. 3 Apr 1930 to Herbert Lawrence Faries -b. 25 Oct 1908, d. 27 Jun 1973, son of Grover Cleveland Faries and Teresa Mercer

a. Betty Mae Faries -b. 20 Dec 1930 Doniphan, MO; m. 15 or 20 Aug 1953 Doniphan, MO to Warren Neal Grace -b. 10 Nov 1928 Gatewood, MO

i. Debbie Grace -stillborn

ii. Douglas Neal Grace -b. 24 Dec 1955 St. Louis, MO; m. 20 Oct 1984 to Julia Kim Brenner -b. 8 Aug 1956

Page 11

Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

(a) Bradley Grace -b. 8 Aug 1987

(b) Dustin Grace -b. 3 Nov 1990

iii.Jimmie Lee Grace -b. 7 Jun 1957 St. Louis, MO; m. 10 Feb 1978 to Sharon Smithey -b. 24 Dec 1954

iv. Ronald Scott Grace -b. 5 Jan 1965 St. Louis, MO

b. Bonnie Faye Faries -b. 7 Dec 1937 Doniphan, MO; m.1) 28 May 1955 Doniphan, MO to Roy Lee Ford -b. 27 Feb 1936 Hutchison, KS, d. 22 Oct 1989, son of Russell Ford and Mae

i. Russell Lawrence Ford -b. 17 Dec 1957 Granite City, IL; m.1) 29 May 1975 Doniphan, MO to Glenda Faye Hodge, dau. of Charles Hodge and Ann

(a) Russell L. Ford 11- b. 27 Jun 1977 Russell L. Ford m.2) to Deborah Collier

(b) Richard L. Ford -b. 19 Apr 1980

(c) Raymond Ford -b. 11 Sep 1984

(d) Roger Ford -b. 11 Sep 1-984

ii. Trisha Louise Ford -b. 2 Jan 1965 Granite City, IL; m.1) 8 Jan 1983 to Thomas David Swindle -b. 12 Aug 1956

(a) Thomas Ryan Swindle -b. 28 Mar 1984

(b) Tyler David Swindle -b. 22 Jan 1987

Trisha L. (Ford) Swindle m.2) to Chad Mulligan

Bonnie Faye (Faries) Ford m.2) to Charles Johnson -b. 15 Apr 1932

3. Hazel Ruth Featherston -b. 3 Jun 1915 Ripley Co., MO; m. 24 Dec 1932 to Vester Leland Hodo -b. 20 Mar 1908 Ripley Co., M6, d. 15 Aug 1988 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO, bur. Butler Co., MO, son of Robert Monroe Hodo (b. 22 May 1875 Linden, Perry Co., TN, d. 2 Sep 1950) and Sallie Paralee Driver (b. 14 Feb 1879 Ponder, Ripley Co., MO)

a. Donald Eugene Hodo -b. 18 Apr 1934 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 26 Apr 1958 Miami, OK to Mary Frances Gillespie -b. 12 Jul 1939 Torch, Ripley Co., MO, dau. of John Artis Gillespie (b. 21 May 1909 Fairdealing, MO) and Thelma Pearl Jenkins (b. 21 Jan 1912 Oxly, MO)

i. Donna Joyce Hodo -b. 21 Aug 1958 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 22 Aug 1975 Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO to Samuel Louis Silverthorn -b. 26 Aug 1946 Springfield, MO, son of Dean Silverthorn and Georgie McDonald

(a) Angela Dawn Silverthorn -b. 3 Apr 1976 West Plains, Howell Co., MO

(b) Bryan Samuel Silverthorn- b. 23 Jul 1979 San Antonio, TX

b. Shirley Ann Hodo -b. 9 Sep 1936 Doniphan, MO; m. 195- to John Max Ballard -b. 11 Jan 1934 Doniphan, MO, son of Herbert A. Ballard (b. 18 Aug 1902) and Grady Rachel Gatlin (b. 23 Nov 1902, d. 19 Jan 1965)

i. Kim Denise Ballard -b. 22 Nov 1959 Doniphan, MO

c. Roberta June Hodo -b. 13 Nov 1938 Doniphan, MO; m. Bobby Dale Boyet -b. Oct 1940, son of Louis “Shimmy” Boyet and cont. ..

Page 12

Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston (cont.)

Lois Poole

i. Jeffrey Dale Boyet –

d. Kathy Sue Hodo -b. 18 Apr 1951 Doniphan, MO

4. Marion Marvin Featherston -b. 18 Apr 1917 Ripley Co., MO, d. 23 Jul 1967, bur. Doniphan Cem., Doniphan, MO; m. Martha Beatrice Grissom, dau. of Austin Grissom and Pauline Vandiver.

a. Marion Marvin Featherston, Jr. -b. 16 Nov 1947; m.1) Lori or Lauri i. Scotty Featherston -b. 28 Feb 1966 St. Louis, MO (twin) ii. Kelley Featherston -b. 28 Feb 1966 St. Louis, MO (twin) iii.Paul Featherston –

b. Brenda Susan Featherston -b. 27 Feb 194-; m. Charles Lovelace i. Chuck Lovelace –

ii. Lovelace –

5. Carson James “Kit” Featherston -b. 18 Feb 1919 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 23 Mar 1940 Kennett, MO to Alma Lee Kenner- b. 25 Mar 1920 Warm Springs, AR

a. Bobby Joe Featherston -b. 25 Nov 1940 Doniphan, MO; m. 6 Aug 1960 to Jeanetta Pierce -b. 20 May 1940, dau. of Chester Pierce (b. 5 Nov 1910) and Dorothy Braschler (b. 16 Mar 1909 Doniphan, MO)

b. Larry Charles Featherston -b. 10 Mar 1947 Doniphan, MO; m. 8 Aug 1970 Aurora, MO to Priscilla Jane Staggs -b. 9 Jan 1948 near Nedwburg(sic), MO, dau. of Mrs. & Mrs. Lou Sanders

i. Stacy Jane Featherston -b. 1 Nov 1971 Springfield, MO

ii. Stuart Michael Featherston -b. 7 Jan 1979 Escondido, CA 6. Carl Lindell Featherston -b. 4 Jul 1921 Doniphan, MO, d. 19 Jun

1967 Poplar Bluff, MO, bur. Amity Cem., Ripley Co., MO; m. 194- Doniphan, MO to Bonnie Marie Jones -b. 12 May 1924, dau. of Beecher Jones and Donna Woodring

a. Jeffrey Lindell Featherston -b. 8 Mar 1948 Doniphan, MO; m. 6 Jul 1968 to Phyllis Jane Ensz -b. 4 Aug 1949, dau. of Alvin D. Ensz and Delma Daniels

i. Marcus Lindell Featherston -b. 27 May 1970 Springfield, MO

7. Harold Earl Featherston -b. 1 Oct 1924 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m.1) Pearl Sullivan (Pearl previously mar. to M— Wall); m.2) 1 Dec 1962 to Mabel Berzas (widow of Harris Stevens)

a. Karen Stevens -b. Lake Charles, LA

b. Ronnie Stevens -b. Lake Charles, LA

c. Jackie Stevens -b. Lake Charles, LA

d. Lisa Stevens -b. Lake Charles, LA

e. Angela Faith Featherston -b. 3 Oct 1964 Lake Charles, LA

8. Marjorie Fay Featherston -b. 10 May 1928 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 18 Jan 1951 to Ben Young -b. Doniphan, MO, son of James William Young and Ora Johnson

a. Gary Keith Young -b. 7 Oct 1951 Doniphan, MO

b. Vicki Lynn Young -b. 24 Aug 1955 West Memphis, AR; m. 197- to Ricky Lee Crowe -b. 12 Apr 1953

Page 13

JFH: In March of 1991, Jerry Ponder submitted a list which I’ve titled “The Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston”. Prior to beginning FEATHERSTON FINDINGS, C.R. “Ron” Featherston submitted a list of his family line which begins with Henry Marion Featherston. Various other individuals have submitted their BRANCH, showing C.C. Featherston as an ancestor. “The Descendants of Christopher Columbus Featherston” as presented here, is a combination of the data submitted by: Jerry Ponder, C.R. “Ron” Featherston, Marie MacKenzie, Peggy Raddle, Veta Sutherland, Don Hodo & Bonnie Johnson

Featherston(e) -given names (an added-note & correction)

Refer to Volume 10, page 10

1. Featherston Clark -On the 1850 Census.

Featherston Clark 58 male b. KY

Rebecca Clark 53 female b. OH

Featherston Clark and Rebecca Israel married in Roane Co., TN 27 Mar 1828. John Goodman, security.

2. Featherstone Wells Susannah Featherston, daughter of William of Amelia County, Va., b. ca. 1758 (not married ca. 1758 as shown in volume 10).

Submitted by: Priscilla Martin

21. SIR THOMAS FOSTER. (Sir Thomas, Sir William, Sir Richard, Sir Reginald, Sir Alfred, Sir Randolph, Sir John, Sir William, Sir Reginald, Sir Hugo, Sir Richard, Baldwin IV, Baldwin III, Baldwin II, Baldwin I, Anacher Great Forester) .He was knighted, and married the daughter of Fetherstonbaugh, of Stanhope Hall, Durham, Chief of the Fetherston clan. This family is of Saxon origin, and was seated at Fetherston, in Northumberland, before the Conquest; that part of the country having been allotted to its progenitor, a Saxon officer, for his gallant conduct against the Britons. The house in which the family resided was formerly upon a hill, where were two stones- called fether stones. The house was destroyed and a newedifice erected under the hill, which valley was locally denominated a haugh, hence the name Fetherstonehaugh.

Submitted by: Nanette A. Krieger

Page 14

JFH: An accompanying note from Ms. Krieger states “The Featherstonebough I am researching is either Mary or Elizabeth (depending on the source) daughter of the 1 ‘Chief of the Featherstone Clan” .She married Sir Thomas Foster who fought in the battle of Agincourt so they were alive about 1350-1400.” Does anyone have information that would help her?

1961 letter from Mr. & Mrs. E.S. Kitterman of Benton Harbor, MI

to Mrs. Jordan (Brenda) Fischler of Rockville, MD

Nov. 7, 1961

Dear Mrs. Fischler,

A few weeks ago Mrs. Kitterman who was Kathryn Featherston until I ruined her name on Dec. 25, 1912 rec’d a letter from her brother Fred in Ill. and in it was your letter to him in regard to the Featherston family history. We hope you will forgive us for this long delay for when the letter came our daughter and family were visiting us, so the letters were put by and left not answered, then we left on a trip, went to visit my sister in Montana, were home just long enough to rest up a bit and then went on a trip east, without bringing our correspondence up to date, and that is what is embarrassing to us now for today in going thru last summers letters we discovered and read your letter to Fred. No doubt you and the Le Mars, Iowa Featherstons are of the same line for Mrs. Kitterman’s father was John Richard Featherston ‘born at Meherrin, Va., in 1858. His father was John C. Featherstone and his mother’s maiden name was Catherine Williams; he had a sister Mary who married Henry Wetzel and lived for years in Cedar Rapids, la., one daughter Kathryn Anderson still lives there. Mr. Featherston’s mother died when he was just a boy and his father John C. Featherstone married again, and one daughter from that marriage still lives at Dubuque, la. Her name is Margaret Wahl; she is our only living Aunt in either of our families. We saw her in May this year and her mind is clear, she remembers relatives far back. We plan to see her next week enroute to Tucson, Arizona so will take your letter along and get all the family history we can and write it to you. Since Meherrin is in the County adjoining Amelia Co. it would seem you are almost of the same line of Featherstons.

The thing we regret now is that we didn’t dig into our mail before we went east, for we would have called you from our daughters Apt. in Alexandria, Va. We were there ten days and would have (planned to) gone down to Meherrin in search of family records, but our sons wife in Iowa was seriously ill so we hurried back. …Our daughter is Mrs. Ben H. Ward(?) (poss. Huard? -JFH) . Her husband is Col. Ward(?) and has office in the Pentagon Bldg. Dorothy is librarian out at Congressional school. …She too is interested in family history.

I have a first cousin Fred Kitterman who lives at Germantown, Md. not far from you. ..but he wouldn’t know the Featherstons. We visited Fred in Nov last year when our daughter and husband were stationed at Carlisle and he was spending his years at war college there, after a four year assignment in Germany. He graduated with the fall class at Geo. Washington University

Page 15

Letter from Mr. & Mrs. E.S. Kitterman to Mrs. Jordan (Brenda) Fischler (cont.)

getting his Masters degree. We went over on Oct lOth so as to be there for the occasion. They have two sons away from home in College.

In Mrs. Kitterman’s family there were four boys and two girls. Her only sister Cora died in July 1959. An older brother Walter died last May lst at Le Mars, Iowa. There is one brother Gregg who lives at Le Mars, Iowa, and Fred who lives at Johnston City, Ill.; he lived in Iowa until 1957 when he moved to Ill. Another brother, Elmer J., lived in Chicago until he died in 1954; he was the youngest of the family. Fred has one daughter Shirley, Mrs. Harry Stevens of Laporte, Ind. Greg has two sons, Lauren at Peoria, Ill., and Gerry at Le Mars, and one daughter Mrs. Phil Kreig at Le Mars. Elmer had one son, John R. now living at Tucson, Ariz. …In our family we have three – a son Ralph (Dr. R.D. Kitterman) pastor of the Methodist church at Webster City, la. and two daughters Dorothy (Mrs. B. Huard(?») at Alexandria and Laury’s now Mrs. L.D. Boyer- her husband is the Methodist minister at Channabow, Ill. and she is teaching in the Channabow school.

When we were on our way to Ariz. in 1946 we stopped at Carlsbad Caverns in N.M. and our guide was a forrest ranger there; his name was Featherston and his home was in the east; he looked so much like Mrs. Kitterman’s brother we felt sure he must be of the same family, but we didn’t get to visit with him to find out. Mrs. Kitterman’s grandfather, John C. Featherston, was a Civil War veteran -and served with the army of the South.

We would appreciate any information you can send us in regard to the family history.

Sincerely, , Mr. & Mrs. E.S. Kitterman
Featherston Questionnaire

sent by Brenda Fischler to Ray Barrow Featherstun of Lamar, SC

1. Your name: Ray Barrow Featherstun

Your birthplace (state, county) : Brunswick County, VA

Meredithville, VA

2. Your father’s full name: Robert Sterling Featherstun

Date of your father’s birth: Jan. 10, 1887

His birthplace (state, county) : Lunenburg County, VA

Is he still living?: No. Died Sept. 5, 1937, Brunswick County, VA

3. Your grandfather’s full name: Joshua James Featherstun

Date of his birth: Dec. 16, 1830

His birthplace (state, county): Lunenburg County, VA

Date and place of his death: Feb. 14, 1909, Lunenburg County, VA

4. Your great-grandfather’s name: Don’t know

Date of his birth:

His birthplace (state, county):

Date and place of his death:

cont. ..
Page 16

Featherston Questionnaire (cont.)

5. Do you have any information about earlier generations of your branch of the Featherston (Featherstone, Featherstun) family based on tradition or records?

Joshua James Featherstun had 2 brothers, Richard Featherstun and William Featherstun and 3 sisters, Berta, “Mat”, & Mary Frances (married Blackwell)

Write Mrs. John Featherstun, R.F.D., Kenbridge, VA (Husband was Richard Featherstuns son)

(JFH: The following letter is on the reverse side of the above questionnaire.) March 29, 1964

Dear Brenda,

I enjoyed your letter so much and I’m indeed sorry that I haven’t answered before now, but I had to wait and see my husband’s mother. We are in Suffolk, Va. with her for Easter holidays.

I work at the schools from 8:30-1:00 as Librarian’s are so scarce and I told them I’d work to help out on a part time basis. I have one girl Martha Jane who is 10 years old.

I’m sorry I can’t give you anymore information. My mother-in-law said to tell you the Joshua James Featherstun was in the Civil War, Company G; Ninth Va. Cavalry and was severly wounded near Brandy Station, but recovered and returned to his command and was in the last Cavalry charge at Appomattox, Va.

Once in doing some reference work, I came upon a book in which the records of Capt. John Smith stated that a Featherstun or Featherston died aboard ship and was buried in some creek which was named Featherston or Featherstun (forget what spelling) Creek.

Wish I could give you more information. If you find out more information about the Featherstun clan, we would all enjoy and appreciate it.


Jane Pate Featherstun
Mrs. John Featherstun

Kenbridge, Virginia

April 13. 1964

Dear Mrs. Fischler,

I was real pleased to hear from you & was also glad to have the information you sent me. I’m so old & write so badly I hate to write to anyone. I hope I can write a few things to help. Though I’m a poor writer & just don’t enjoy it either. I hate to tell you my hands and fingers are so stiff & sore. Hope you are in good health. Will say at first, my husband’s Father was a fine Christian gentleman. a steward in Methodist Church. He, John Richard Featherstun; his father was Joshua F-, born Sept. 24, 1788

Page 17

1964 Letter from Mrs. John Featherston (cont.)

married Anne Wilkinson born Jan. 28, 1800. He was a minister & lived near here. J.R. Featherstun had one brother, Jim Featherstun; he married Jennie Wilkinson & had 4 children, one girl that died young 3 sons: Maurice, James & Robt. Also had 4 sisters: Manerva (my grandmother), one called Bert, Mat, Mary Frances. Manerva & Mary Frances only ones to marry & Mary Frances was my grand mother, married my mother’s father William Blackwell (Buck) they called him. She was his second wife. I make so many mistakes you see is one reason I hate to write.

I will say right here that Mary Frances gave me her wedding ring Buck Blackwell gave her & I am wearing it now, it has their initials in it. Don’t know why I should get it as it is several nieces older than I am (William Thweatt Blackwell) is his whole name so the ring has W.T.B. to M.F.F. I love it very much. They had one boy was drowned in Dan river in Danville, Va. at College there, he saw ducks on the river & got a gun from a man & he and another boy went out after them & Joshua was drowned. Now I’ll give some names & births. John Richard Featherstun Born June 28, 1824 died May, 1904. He married Anne Elizabeth Haskins born 22 of March 1842 died Feb. 1920. They had 4 children Wellington F- Hollie F- John was my husband Lucy F she & Wellington died in 1903. Hollie Featherstun married & had 6 children 4 boys 2 girls. Hollie married John Richard Bacon. Mary Frances F- born July 3rd, 1837. Cornelia Wilkinson Featherstun born Sept. 5, 1839, died April 1840. Charles Wesley Featherstun born June 25, 1835 died March 26, 1836. Benjamin Wilkinson Featherstun born June 21, 1834 died Aug. 2, 1834. Martha Louise Featherstun born Jan. 12, 1833. Virginia Alberta Featherstun born ~prl 17, 1829. William Bond F- born Sept. 9, 1827. Sarah Elizabeth F- born Dec. 9, 1825. Lucy Anne Featherstun born Sept. 25, 1822 died May 14, 1904.

I do hope you can make out some of this mixed up stuff. I am such a poor one to write as you see. Thank you for what you sent me. I wish I knew more

to write. Please excuse all mistakes & goodbye. Hastily,

Lizzie Featherstun

submitted by: Mrs. Brenda G. Fischler
Note From Margie (Featherston) Manuel

My sister, Ruth Featherston Parker passed away Dec. 7, 1992 (1908-1992) .She had a sudden heart attack and died in less than 2 hours. She lived in Glen Rose, TX, but was buried in the Goldthwaite (Mills Co., TX) Cemetery.

submitted by: Margie Manual

JFH: We deeply regret to hear this news. For many years Mrs. Parker had corresponded with many of us and we shall miss her. Our deepest sympathies are offered to Margie and all of Ruth’s family and friends.

Page 18

1910 Caldwell County, Kentucky Soundex

Princeton, KY

Virginia Featherston sister 38 KY

(enumerated with Adme(?) Kuykendoll)
1910 Carlisle County, Kentucky Census

Andrew J. Featherstone head 52 m. 31 yrs. KY US US
Henretta Featherstone wife 54 6 ch/5 lvg. KY KY KY
Sam 0. Featherstone son 26 KY KY KY
Marg E. Featherstone dau 20 KY KY KY
Ermer E. Featherstone dau 14 KY KY KY

George L. Featherston head 23 m. 3 yrs. KY KY KY
Mayme Featherston wife 24 2 ch/2 lvg. KY KY KY
Christine Featherston dau 2 ‘ KY KY KY
J.E. Featherston son 7/12 KY KY KY
1910 Fayette County, Kentucky Census

Lexington, KY

Annie Featheston head 68 wid. 2 ch/2 lvg. KY GA GA
& 1 boarder

Lexington, KY

Lloyd Featherstone head 61 m. 40 yrs. KY KY KY

Sallie Featherstone wife 60 8 ch/8 lvg. KY KY KY

Madeline Featherstone dau 32 single KY KY KY

Sudie May Featherstone dau 23 single KY KY KY

Elizabeth Featherstone dau 14 KY KY KY

Lexington, KY

John McCanley head 31 single KY KY KY
Mary McCanley mother 72 wid. KY KY KY
Margaret Fatherstone N(niece?) 11 KY KY KY

Milo G. Featherson head 27 m. 5 yrs. KY KY KY
Margret T. Featherson wife 25 0 ch. KY KY KY

Milo Featherston, Sr. head 67 m. 44 yrs. KY VA MD
Belle Featherston wife 64 KY KY KY
Susie w. Featherston dau 34 single KY KY KY
Sallie K. Featherston dau 25 KY KY KY
Florence L. Featherston dau 24 KY KY KY
Margret S. Featherston dau 22 KY KY KY

Nat H. Featherston head 35 m. 8 yrs. KY KY KY
Anna Featherston wife 35 8 ch/1 lvg. KY KY OH
John E. Featherston son 7 KY KY KY

Page 19
1910 Fayette County, Kentucky Census (cont.)

Richard Featherston head 32 m. 6 yrs. KY KY KY
Earl(?) Featherston wife 33 2 ch/2 lvg. KY KY IL
Warren Featherston son 3 KY KY KY
Richard Featherston son 11/12 KY KY KY

S.B. Featherstone head 28 m. 5 yrs. KY KY KY
Louise L. Featherstone wife 26 0 ch. IL IL IL

Nora, KY

Tera Featherstone patient 38 single KY Unk Unk (patient at E. KY Lunatic Asylum)

Lexington, KY

William Fetherstone head 78 wid. KY KY KY
Samuel C. Fetherstone son 60 single -grocer KY KY KY
William E. Fetherstone son 38 s. supt. hemp factory KY KY KY
Endora Fetherstone dau 33 single KY KY KY
Lilybelle Fetherstone dau 30 single KY KY KY
1910 Franklin County, Kentucky Census

Frankfort, KY

Josiah Penn head 62 m. 28 yrs. own income KY KY KY
Ruth Penn wife 57 4 ch/3 lvg. KY KY KY
Jennie Penn dau 20
Georgia Sueas sis-in-law 38 1 ch/3 lvg.
Mary R. Sueas niece 18/12
Jennie Featherstone sis-in-law 59 wid. 0 ch. KY
Leonard Featherstone boarder 18 single warehouseman distillery

Fanny Featherstone head 72 wid. 13 ch/3 lvg. KY KY KY
Alvin D. Featherstone son 50 single KY KY KY
Russell Featherstone son 27 single KY KY KY

Willard T. Featherstone head 49 single KY KY IN
Jennie Featherstone sis 36 single KY KY IN
1910 Graves County, Kentucky Soundex

George W. Featherstone head 39 KY
Lillie Featherstone wife 39 KY
Tony Featherstone son 14 KY
Clara Featherstone dau 11 KY
Jordan Featherstone son 7 KY

Page 20
1910 Hickman County, Kentucky Soundex

John W. Featherstone head 31 KY
Mary L. Featherstone wife 31 KY
Ray L. Featherstone son 6 KY
Addie L. Featherstone dau 3 KY
Walter T. Featherstone son 1 KY

Ed Featherstone head 26 KY
Flora Featherstone wife 23 KY

Bell F. Featherston head 55 KY
Polly A. Featherston wife 53 KY
Joseph M. Featherston son 24 KY
Eva M. Featherston dau 21 KY
Eula L. Featherston dau 19 KY
Fannie B. Featherston dau 14 KY
Annie R. Featherston dau 12 KY

James A. Featherston head 29 KY
Estna M. Featherston wife 24 KY

George M. Featherston head 47 KY
Laura B. Featherston wife 38 KY
Charlie M. Featherston son 20 TX
Henry R. Featherston son 15 KY
Carrie M. Featherston dau 9 KY
Beeler Featherston son KY

Henry W. Featherston head 32 KY
Ida Featherston wife 24 KY
Earl Featherston son 7 KY
Katie C. Featherston dau 2 KY
Pauline Featherston dau KY
1910 Hopkins County, Kentucky Soundex -Erlington, KY

John T. Featherston head 50 IN
Georgie B. Featherston wife 43 IN
Georgie M. Featherston dau 18 IN
Rarit(?) M. Featherston son 15 IN
Tommie Featherston son 12 IN
Sarah M. Featherston dau 11 KY
1910 Jefferson County, Kentucky Soundex

Louisville, KY (enumerated with Kate Hannon)

Helen M. Featherytone g.dau 12 KY
Raymond Featherytone g.son 15 KY
Ronald Featherytone g.son 13 KY
Walter J. Featherytone g.son 19 KY
William J. Featherytone g.son 17 KY

Page 21

1910 Jefferson County, Kentucky Soundex (cont.)

Louisville, KY (living alone)

Jeremiah J. Featherstone 39 KY
1910 Newton County, Kentucky Soundex

Covington, KY (enumerated with Rebecca Gribel)
Clarence Featherstone brother(?) 38 OH
1910 Owen County, Kentucky Census

Potter G. Featherston head 54 m. 25 yrs. farmer KY KY KY
Sarah E. Featherston wife 48 9 ch/8 lvg. KY KY KY
Fielden Featherston son 21 KY KY KY
Marion Featherston son 19 KY KY KY
Pearl Featherston dau 13 KY KY KY
Permelia Featherston dau 10 KY KY KY
Jodie Featherston son 8 KY KY KY

(Soundex) (enumerated with William Sharp)
Brack Featherston 17 KY

1910 Scott County, Kentucky Soundex

Wm. V. Featherston head 38 KY
Eva Featherston wife 37 KY
Lillian Featherston dau 9 KY
Nancie V. Featherston dau 7 KY
Eva L. Featherston dau 4 KY
Corine Allen st.dau 13 KY
Nannie Swianey mo-in-law 74 KY

Claude Featherston head 35 KY
Amanda Featherston wife 26 KY
Jimmie Featherston dau 5 KY
Lottie Featherston dau 4 KY

Caswell County, North Carolina Marriage Records 1778-1876

15 Dec 1858. George A. Featherston to Elizabeth J. Bowe

14 Nov 1867. Thomas W. Featherston to Virginia C. Richmond

17 Jun 1867. Polly Featherston to Samuel Long

Person County, North Carolina Marriage Records 1792-1869

26 Jan 1848. James W. Featherston to Nancy J. Walton
3 Aug 1854. Isabella G. Featherston to Richard Crowder

Page 21a


The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent. These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.

These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However. if errors occur in this transcription process. please let me know. so I can make corrections in a future volume. If. while typing your lineage for publication. there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname. the spelling of Featherston will bee used.

These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.

By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage.

You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.

If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!

Joyce Featherston Hawkins
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BRANCH .3- updated information

Refer to Volume 9, page 28, Generation IX, Child 3

IX Cora Ann Round tree -m. Samroe “Sam” Hawkins

3. Ruth Ann Hawkins -m.2) 28 May 1959 Maplewood, St. Louis Co., MO to William I’Bill” Gene Bock -b. 29 Jul 1935 Obion Co., TN, d. 11 Feb 1993 Imperial, Jefferson Co. .MO, bur. Shepherd of the Hills Cem.. Jefferson Co.. MO

submitted by: Joyce Featherston Hawkins

I Charles Featherstone -b. ca. 1635 England, d. Aug 1682; m. Rebecca Stratton -d/o Edward Stratton and Martha Evan. Featherstones were landed gentry in England. His inventory for a will was taken in 1682.


1. Henry Charles Featherstone -b. 1679-81 Henrico Co., VA, d. 26 Feb 1759 Chesterfield Co., VA; m. Elizabeth Walthall

*2. Anne Featherstone -b. abt. 167? Henrico Co., VA

3. Sarah Featherstone -b. Henrico Co., VA

4. Susanna Featherstone -b. Henrico Co.. VA ..

II Anne Featherstone -b. abt. 167? Henrico Co., VA, d. 12 Dec 1745; m. Feb 1692 Henrico Co., VA to Abraham Burton I -b. 1669, d. 1736, s/o Thomas Burton and Susannah Hatcher. Resided at Cobbs. Swift Creek, Chesterfield Co., VA and finally of Deep Creek, Amelia Co., VA


1. Abraham Burton 11- b. 1691 Henrico Co., VA; m. Mary Bevill

2. Susan Burton- b. 1695 Henrico Co., VA; m.1) ca. 1720 to John Garrott; m.2) Clifton

*3. Charles Burton, Sr. -b. ca. 1696 VA

4. Thomas Burton -d. 1765

5. Phebe Burton -b. 1724

6. Stephen Burton -b. 9 Apr 1733 Amelia Co.. VA

III Charles Burton, Sr. -b. ca. 1696 VA, d. ca. 1774; m. Loveday Franklin – d/o James Franklin, Sr. Charles was of Swift Creek, Chesterfield Co., VA.


1. Thomas Burton -b. 1733; m. Sarah

*2. Henry Burton -b. 17 Jan 1733/4 Elbert. GA

3. Abraham Burton -b. 1735

4. Charles Burton, Jr. -b. 1737, d. 1792; m. Sarah Fowkes

5. Benjamin(?) Burton -b. 1741

6. Robert(?) Burton- b. 1743; m. Sarah

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BRANCH .3- cont.
IV Henry Burton -b. 17 Jan 1733/4 Elbert, GA, bapt. Bristol Parish Regis- ter, d. Aug 1822 Elbert, GA; m.1) Ann Elam -d/o James (Gilbert) Elam; m.2) Mrs. Mary Saxon- a widow and aunt of Jane Yancey Saxon, wife of Blackman Burton.

Issue by 1st wife:

1. Elizabeth Burton -m. Nathan Evans

*2. Blackman Burton -b. 15 Oct 1779 Elbert, GA
v Blackman Burton -b. 15 Oct 1779 Elbert, GA, d. 7 Mar 1848 Anderson, SC, bur. Rocky River Baptist Church, Abbeville Co. Occupation-Reverend; m. 30 Mar 1806 Elbert, GA to Jane Yancey Saxon -b. 16 Jan 1786 GA, d. 1868, d/o Hugh Saxon/Mary Elizabeth Langdon. Blackman was minister from 1839-1848, ordained in 1836.


*1. Peyton Thompson Burton -b. 21 Feb 1807-GA

2. Daniel Coursey Burton –

3. Robert Dixon Burton –

4. Louisa Burton -m. McGregor

5. Henry J. Burton -b. 1840

6. Adelina Burton -b. 1825; m. Hampton

7. Blackman Burton, Jr. –

8. German Burton -b. 6 Jul 1826 Abbeville, SC, d. 11 Jan 1884 Abbe- ville, SC, bur. Union Baptist Church; m. Margaret W. McAdams
VI Peyton Thompson Burton -b. 21 Feb 1807 GA, d. 6 Mar 1886, bur. 8 Mar 1886 Union Baptist Church, Lowndsville; Civil War; m. Mary Wiles -b. 1818, d. 8 Mar 1904, bur. 10 Mar 1904 Union Baptist Church, Lowndsville. Peyton Burton enlisted at Hamburg, SC on 16 Aug 1861 in the lst Gregg Infantry. He was wounded 1 Sep 1862. He was still on the muster roll 31 Dec 1864.


1. Martha Burton -b. 1834; m. Simpson

2. Elizabeth Burton -b. 1835

*3. Lucinda “Lou” Burton -b. 28 Apr 1840 Anderson, SC

4. Sarah Burton -b. 1842; m. Freeman

5. Caroline Burton -b. 1847; m. George McKee

6. James Thompson Burton -b. 1844

7. Louisa Burton -m. McCullough

8. Blackman T. Burton –

9. Adaline Burton –

10. Jane W. Burton –
VII Lucinda “Lou” Burton -b. 28 Apr 1840 Anderson, SC, d. 28 Jun 1910 Oconee, SC, bur. 30 Jun 1910 Bethel Presbyterian Church; m. ca. 1864 Anderson, SC to Albert Chesterfield Beaty -b. 23 Jan 1842 Pendleton Dist., Anderson, SC, d. 28 Jun 1894 Oconee, SC, bur. 30 Jun 1894 Bethel Presbyterian Church, Oconee, SC, s/o John Wesley Beaty and Mary T. Bowie. Albert was a member of Company D, 1st (Orr’s) SC Rifles, C.S.A.


*1. Margaret Catherine “Kate” Beaty -b. 31 Jul 1866 Anderson, SC

Page 24

B R A N C H .3- family of Lucinda “Lou” Burton (cont.)

2. John Peyton Beaty -b. 24 Jan 1868 Anderson, SC, d. 4 Nov 1930, bur. Bethel Presbyterian Church, Oconee, SC; m. Loula Rankin

3. Charles Austin Beaty -b. 28 May 1871 Anderson, SC, d. 25 Mar 1960; m. Lillian “Lillie” Ross

4. Lucy Anne Beaty -b. 21 Sep 1873 Anderson, SC, d. 20 Mar 1912, bur. Bethel Presbyterian Church, Oconee Co.; m. 26 Dec 1896 to Walter J. Cowan

5. James H.A. Beaty- b. 5 Apr 1875 Anderson, SC, d. 1 Jul 1948; m. Ethel Garrison

VIII Margaret Catherine “Kate” Beaty -b. 31 Jul 1866 Anderson, SC, d. 19 Oct 1915 Oconee, SC of consumption, bur. 20 Oct 1915 Bethel Presbyterian Church; housekeeper; m. 27 Dec 1884 Oconee, SC to Reuben Winfield “Sock” Lee, Jr. – b. 5 Apr 1864 Pickens Dist., Oconee, SC, d. 12 Sep 1909 Oconee, SC, bur. 13 Sep 1909 Bethel Presbyterian Church, s/o Reuben Winfield Lee, Sr. and Gilly Caroline Ross


1. Albert T. Lee -b. 11 Feb 1884 Oconee, SC, d. 1957; m. Clara Belle Vaughn

2. Mary Elmira Lee -b. 5 Jan 1888 Oconee, SC, d. 12 Apr 1953; m. Burle

Creighton Wood

3. John J. Lee -b. 20 Jun 1890 Oconee, SC, d. 7 Sep 1909

4. William Austin Lee- b. 18 Jun 1893 Oconee, SC, d. 30 Jul 1954 Oconee, SC, bur. 1 Aug 1954 Wolfe State Baptist Church; m. 1 Jun 1919 Oconee, SC to Hattie Leona Taylor

*5. Charles “Charlie” Beaty Lee -b. 24 Oct 1896 Oconee, SC

6. Henry Mack Lee -b. 14 Feb 1899 Oconee, SC, d. 17 Jun 1983 Largo, FL; m. Myrtle Mitchell

7. Franklin Lewis Lee- b. 19 Nov 1902 Oconee, SC, d. 23 May 1977 Seneca, Oconee, SC; m. Rosa Chappell

8. Gilly Caroline “Carrie” Lee -b. 13 Nov 1905, d. 23 Jun 1934; m. William Macon Huskamp

9. Ruby Edna Lee -b. 27 Jul 1908, d. 21 Oct 1970; m. Leonard H. Bowers

IX Charles “Charlie” Beaty Lee -b. 24 Oct 1896 Oconee, SC, d. 2 Mar 1972 West Union, Oconee, SC, bur. 4 Mar 1972 Wolfe State Baptist Church, West Union; U.S. NavY WWI; policeman/farmer; m. 23 Aug 1924 Osceola, MO (in the Hotel Venice) to Dollie Edna Brissey -b. 7 Apr 1901, d. 28 Apr 1972 Seneca, Oconee, SC, bur. Wolfe State Baptist Church, West Union, d/o Edgar Brissey and Mary Anna “Annie” Hines. Both Charl ie and Doll ie were employed at Long-View Farm, Lee’s Summit, MO (near Kansas City) when they met.


*1. Charles Austin Lee -b. 5 Sep 1925 Lee’s Summit, MO

x Charles Austin Lee -b. 5 Sep 1925 Lee’s Summit, MO, d. 24 Sep 1989 Mil- waukee, Milwaukee Co., WI, bur. 27 Sep 1989 Ridgelawn Cem., Gary, IN; US NavY WWII; Occupation-Western Electric Co,; m. 2 Jul 1946 Seneca, Oconee Co” SC to Joan Jeanette Julian -b. 23 Aug 1923 Gary, Lake Co., IN, bapt. Christ Church Episcopal, Gary, IN; homemaker; d/o Ralph Waldo Julian, Sr, and Rachel Norcross Elkins

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BRANCH .3- Charles Austin Lee (cont.)


*1. Charles Alan Lee -b. 19 Feb 1948 Gary, Lake Co., IN

2. Terry Calvin Lee -b. 12 Oct 1949 Gary, Lake Co., IN, bapt. Christ Church Episcopal, Gary, IN; Porter Business College, Indianapolis; Occupation- Steel worker; m.1) 21 Oct 1968 to Roseann Briggs; m.2) 9 Mar 1974 to Patricia Ann Hickenbottom; m.3) 12 Jun 1982 to Donna Lynn Burnette

3. Patrick Walter Lee -b. 15 Jul 1951 Gary, Lake Co., IN, bapt. 17 Nov 1951 Christ Church Episcopal, Gary, IN; M.S. 1975 at Indiana State University; deputy sheriff; m.1) 10 Feb 1973 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN to Judith Marie Theresa Hodde; m.2) 26 Sep 1987 Lake Tahoe, El Dorado Co., CA to Susan Glenn

4. Pamela Joan Lee -b. 15 Jul 1951 Gary, Lake Co., IN, bapt. Christ Church Episcopal, Gary, IN; clerical/homemaker; m. 4 Jun 1977 St. Christopher’s Episcopal, Crown Point toeRobert Preston Vanaman

5. Robert Jeffrey Lee -b. 3 Apr 1955 Gary, Lake Co., IN, bapt. Christ Church Episcopal, Gary, IN; St. Joseph’s College (IN); Occupation -City of Crown Point, IN; m. 12 Oct 1979 Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV to Donna Webb

6. Rachel Kay Lee -b. 3 Jan 1962 Gary, Lake Co., IN, bapt. Christ Church Episcopal, Gary, IN

XI Charles Alan Lee- b. 19 Feb 1948 Gary, Lake Co., IN, bapt. Christ Church Episcopal, Gary, IN; Ph.D. 1982 University of Michigan; occupation-musician/marketer; m. 19 Feb 1974 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX to Frances Mary Elizabeth Marr -b. 23 Sep 1948 Harlingen, TX; M.A. 1976 Morehead State Uni- versity; occupation -musician/homemaker; d/o Charles Blakely Marr and Mary Elizabeth Rogers


1. Charles Alexander Lee -b. 14 May 1984 Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI, bapt. 1984 St. Andrew’s Church Episcopal, Ann Arbor, MI
submitted March 1993 by: Charles Lee, Ph.D.

B R A N C H .9- additional information

Refer to Volume 10, pages 24 & 25
1 Daniel Featherston -b. ca. 1847 Ireland, parents b, Ireland; m. Eliza- beth “Lizzie” N. Carey- b. ca. 1850 VT, parents b. Ireland. Resided Apple- ton, Outagamie Co., WI, but Elizabeth frequently went to LaCross, WI, in the summer. Catholic. Sources: 1880 US Outagamie Co., WI Census; family tradi- tion; granddaughter Mrs, El izabeth Mae “Betty” Featherston Shoup .


1. John L. Featherston -b, ca. 1873 probably LaCross or Appleton, WI, d. ca. (perhaps) 1934 Spokane, Spokane Co” WA of Rheumatoid Arthritis where he resided, bur. probably in family plot at Apple- ton, WI; never married; with brothers Fank and Daniel, had an employment agency in Spokane. WA for woodmen (lwmberjacks)

Page 26

B R A N C H .9- issue of Daniel Featherston (cont)

2. William Arthur Featherston- b.1874, probably LaCross or Appleton, WI Cathryn “Katie” A. Featherston -b. ca. 1878 probably LaCross or Appleton, WI, d. ca. 1928 Appleton, WI, where she resided, bur. probably in family plot at Appleton, WI; never married

3. Frank E. Featherston- b. ca. 1878 probably LaCross or Appleton, WI, bur. probablyat Portland, OR. Took care of brother John in Spokane, WA after he was in a wheelchair until he died; then married about 1934; had no issue

4. Daniel J. Featherston -b. ca. 1879 LaCross or Appleton, WI, d. ca. 1920, bur. porbably in family plot at Appleton, WI; never married

5. Elizabeth Featherston -b. probably after 1880 (not named on 1880 US Census) probably LaCross or Appleton, WI, d. ca. Fall 1941 Vancou- ver, Clark Co., WA, bur. probably in family plot at Appleton, WI; m. 1915 to “Sandy” McDonald (his first name may have been Alex) ; resided Vancouver, WA; had no issue
II William Arthur Featherston- b. 1874 probably LaCross or Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI, d. 3 May 1933 Potlatch, Latah Co. , ID, bur. Greenwood Cem. , Palouse, Whitman Co., WA; Catholic; migrated from Wisconsin to Potlatch, Latah Co., ID; attorney and accountant for Weyerhauser Timber Company; m. 1914 New Year’s Eve at Spokane, Spokane Co., WA to Florence Brown -b. 11 Apr 1889, d. 8 Aug 1973, bur. Greenwood Cemetery, Palouse, WA, d/o Charles “Charlie” Brown and Elizabeth Lucas of Palouse, WA, who had migrated there from Iowa.


1. William Arthur Featherston, Jr. -b. March, ca. 1916 Spokane, WA, d. 6 May 1933 Potlatch, ID, aged 9y of spinal meningitis, three days after his father died, bur. Greenwood Cem., Palouse, WA

2. John Daniel Featherston-b. 1921 Spokane, WA or Potlatch, ID, d. 1931 Moscow, ID at about aged 10 of congenital heart failure, bur. Green- wood Cem., Palouse, WA

*3. Elizabeth “Betty” Mae Featherston-b. 14 Dec 1924 Potlatch, ID (twin) 4. Catherine June Featherston -b. 14 Dec 1924 Potlatch, ID (twin to Betty), d. Nov 1934 Spokane, WA almost aged 10y of a congenital brain turner, bur. Greenwood Cem., Palouse, WA
III Elizabeth “Betty” Mae Featherston -b. 14 Dec 1924 Potlatch, Latah Co., ID; residing 1993 Pullman, Whitman Co., WA; 16 year-elected-member of Pull- man’s Memorial Hospital Board, June 1983-June 1990, President Washington State Chapter PEO Sisterhood; m. 22 Nov 1944 Pullman, WA to Norman Howard Shoup -b. 23 Nov 1924 Coeur de Alene, Kootenia Co., ID; Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University, d. 21 Nov 1982 Pullman, WA, bur. Pullman City Cem., Pullman, WA, s/o Earl R. Shoup (b. 14 Jun 1889 Mexico, MO, d. Apr 1959 Pullman, WA, bur. Pullman City Cemetery, Pullman, WA, Methodist Minister) and Eva M. Hutchison (b. 16 Mar 1893 Endicott, Whitman Co., WA, d. May 1974 Pullman, WA, bur. Pullman City Cem., Pullman, WA) .


1. Debbora Kay Shoup- b. 12 Oct 1950 Pullman, WA; m. 21 Nov 1976 Pullman, WA to Daniel Frank Hudkins -s/o Floyd and Ruth Hudkins of Sequim, Clallam Co., WA; secretary for husband Daniel Frank Hudkins’
Page 27

B R A N C H .9- Debbara Kay Shaup (cont.)
*2. 3.

2. business, Recreational Vehicle Repairs; 1993 residence Rochester, WA Michael Allan Shoup -b. 5 Jan 1956 Pullman, WA

3. Neal Howard Shoup -b. 23 Dec 1957 Pullman WA; residing 1993 Spokane Spokane Co., WA; not married
IV Michael Allan Shoup -b. 5 Jan 1956 Pullman, Whitman Co., WA; residing 1993 Houston, TX; m. 20 Jun 1981 Kent, WA to Darlene Bauer -d/o Harold L. and Elizabeth Bauer of California, 1993 of Houston, TX


1. Rachel Nicole Shoup -b. 10 Jun 1984 Houston, TX

2. Kayla Elizabeth Shoup -b. 31 Jan 1987 Houston, TX 3. Chelsea Marie Shoup -b. 12 May 1989 Houston, TX
The above lineage submitted April 1993 by Madeline Raymond and is printed above with Betty Shoup’s permission. Inquiries may be submitted to: Madeline Raymond

11-01. Seeking information on Nickolas Featherstone Pace, b. 4 Jun 1840 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, son of Nickolas Pleasant Pace and Nancy Burwell (Inge) Pace. Nickolas Featherstone Pace married at Craigs Creek Christian Church in Montgomery Co., VA on 16 Sep 1868 to Nancy Catherine Wallace. He died 26 Nov 1910 in Dallas Co., TX. Does anyone have any idea why his middle given name was Featherstone? Information would be greatly appreciated.
submitted by:
Patricia Adk


11-02. I wish to correspond with anyone who has Featherston ancestors with a given name of Green, Gren (any spelling), or anyone whose ancestor married into a family with Green surname.
submitted by:
Barbara F. Conner

11-03. Need information on Burrell Wells born ca. 1751 and died 9 Dec 1827 Lincoln Coo, NC. His wife’s name was Polly. Their children were Featherstone
Page 28

Wells, b. 12 Jan 1771 VA, d. 3 Nov 1855 Lincoln Co., NC, mar. Wilmuth (?); Nancy Wells, b. 1785 Nottaway Co” VA, d. 1 Sep 1870 Gaston Co., NC, m. Jacob Fite; Martha Wells married Nathan M. Hoyl 1 Feb 1823; Dorothy Wells m. John Hoy14 Nov 1805; and Sarah Wells m. Alexander Patterson. Need to know how he is related to the Featherstone family.


11-04. Interested in corresponding with anyone researching Burrell Wells b. ca. 1751, d. 9 Dec 1827 Lincoln Co” NC, He is buried in the Wells Cem, (Abee Cemetery?) in Gaston Co” NC, He may have been married 1st to Susannah Featherston, dau, of William of Amelia Co” VA, 2nd to Hannah Wagstaff 5 Nov 1822 in Lincoln Co. , NC and 3rd to Mary “Polly” Titman 25 Feb 1823 in Lincoln Co., NC. I would also be interested in corresponding with anyone researching the Fite line.
submitted by:
Mrs. Lloyd (Pat) Fite

11-05. In FEATHERSTON FINDINGS, Volume 7, page 19, I list as son of William Grandison Featherston (Branch 13), Robert M. Featherston and give the following information on Robert: he was b. ca. 1834 Crawford Co., AR, and m. 10 Jun 1857 at Waldron, Scott Co., AR to Susan Elizabeth Gaines who d. 13 Feb 1866 at Scott Co., AR. This man is not found on the Scott Co.. AR, U.S. Censuses after 1870. Did Robert marry second Annie May and have a daughter “Bertie”‘?
submitted by:
Madeline (Replogle) Raymond

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