Featherston Findings Volume 6

Edward F. Featherston
In a small secluded vale, near the confluence of the Hartley Burn and South Tyne rivers. against the backdrop of the heath moor lands of Northern England, sits the eventual destination of all who find themselves tracing the family surname of Featherston (1) .Even today, more than 7 centuries after the central tower was first constructed, it stands watch over the haugh (a local term for valley) it protected for so many years. The tower. said by many, to be the loveliest in the county. was even the subject of a picture by the English artist. T.M. Richardson. The place of which I am speaking is. of course, Featherstone Castle.
Featherstone Castle is located in the county of Northumberland, near the Scottish border. It can be found 3 miles southwest of the tiny village of Haltwhistle. along the road to AIston. This attractive castellated mansion. with its luxuriant covering of English ivy. is an amalgam of architectural styles from over the centuries. The main building and an old square pele tower (which serves as the nucleus of the castle), both part of the original structure, were built no later than the year 1200 (2) .Over the centuries other buildings. towers, and battlements were added (3) .Each addition and renovation was skilfully blended with the existing structure so as to complement the whole. One renovation, the dining hall, which boasts ~ beauty- fully timbered roof with heraldry, included some 15th century woodwork taken from the choir of Carlisle Cathedral. While no longer belonging to a member of the Featherstone family (4), the halls still echo with the legacy and tales of they who lived and died within this great castle.
The Featherston family is considered to be Saxon in origin, and the sur- name to be a topographic (5) .The land was part of the county allotted to a Saxon officer for his bravery and gallant conduct against the Britons. The first house the family was said to reside in was built upon the high ground. On this high ground were two stones. referred to as Fetherstones or Feuder- stones. It was around these stones that the feudal tenants of the manor would be assembled. In time, the residence began to fall into decay (or perhaps was destroyed in the many battles with the Scots) .A new tower, the central piece of what is now Featherstone Castle. was built in the haugh (valley) below the high ground, thus the name Featherstonehaugh.
The earliest recorded occupant of Featherstone Castle was one Helios de Featherstonehalgh in the year 1212. The Featherston name continues to appear in the early history of this area. A century later. there is a record of a Thomas de Featherstonehaugh in the year 1330. He was said to hold great power in the area. being the guardian of Hexham, Wark, and the barony of Tindale. 200 years later another resident of the Castle. Sir Albany Fetherstonehaugh, was immortalized in a famous poem by R.S. Surtees. Sir Albany was High Sheriff of Northumberland in the year 1530. ~He was killed by Nicholas Ridley of Unthank. Hugh Ridley of Harden, and others during a border feud at Greenshilhaugh. near the farmhouse of one Wydon Eals. on the 24th of October, 1530. The ballad could still be heard in the 1800’s and was said to be “sung at merrymakings till the roof rang again”.
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Featherston Family Origins \cont. )
The Ballad of Albany Featherstonhaugh
“Hoot awa’ , lads, hoot awa’ .
Ha’ ye heard how the Ridleys, and Thirwalls, and a’ Ha’ set upon Albany Fetherstonhaugh,
And Taken his life at the Deadmanshaw?
There was Willemonteswick,
And Hardriding Dick,
And Hughie of Hawden, and Will of the Wa’,
I canno’ te II a’ , I canno’ te II a’ ,
And mony a mair that the de’il may knaw.
The auld men went down. but Nicol his son,
Ran away afore the fight was begun;
And he run, and he run,
And afore they were done,
There was many a Fetherston gat sic a stun,
As never was seen since the world begun.
 I canna’ tell a’. I canna’ tell a’ ,
Some gat a skelp. and some gat a claw;
But they gar’ d the Feathel”stons haud their jaw–
Nicol and Aleck and a’Some gat a hurt, and some gat nane.
Some had harness, and some gat staen,
Ane gat a twist 0′ the craig;
Ane gat a bunch 0′ the wame;
Symy Haw gat lamed of a leg;
And syne ran wallowing hame.
Hoot, hoot. the auld man’s slain outright!
Lay him now wi’ his face down:–He’s a sorrowful sight.
Janet, thou donot,
I’ll lay my best bonnet,
Thou gets a new gude-man affore it be night.
 Hoot away, lads, hoot away,
Wi’s a’ hanged if we stay;
Tak’ up the dead man, and lay him ahint the bigging; Here’s the Baily 0′ Haltwhistle,
Wi’ his great bull’s pizzle,
That supp’d up the broo’ and syne–in the piggin.”
R.S. Surtees
 The Featherstone Castle lineage again made a mark upon English history with Sir Timothy Fetherstonehaugh, great grandson of Sir Albany Fetherstone- haugh (6) .During the civil wars under King Charles I, Sir Timothy was a royalist, and contributed liberally to the royal cause raising troops at his

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Featherston Family Origins (cont.)
own expense, as well as fighting in the field of battle himself. On the 26th of August, 1651, at the battle of Wigan Lane, Lancashire, Sir Timothy was captured and taken prisoner. He was tried by court-martial in Chester and be- headed for treason on the 22nd of October, 1651, causing great turmoil for the Featherstonehaugh’s (7) .The families losses were said to exceed 10,000L. Due to these losses, two of Timothy’s sons (Philip and John) petitioned for and were granted places as pages to the queen in 1661 to help lessen the charges of their mother. In the chancel of Kirkoswald Church, County Cumberland, is a monument to the memory of Sir Timothy, erected by his grandson Thomas. /
No story about a castle would be complete without the requisite legend of a ghost. Featherstone Castle holds its own in .this case, with not just a ghost, but an entire bridal party of ghosts! According to legend, there lived at one time a baron of Featherstonehaugh, whose daughter, Abigail, was the last of the line. Abigail was deeply in love with Ridley of Hardriding. Unfortunately the baron rejected Ridley as a suitor for his daughter due to an ancient family feud (8) .Instead, the baron promised his daughters’ hand to his distant “cousin, Timothy Featherstonhaugh. No amount of pleading or tears from his beloved daughter would sway the baron, so blinded was he by the ancient feud.
Thus, the wedding day was set. Abigail was married to her cousin Timothy in the small chapel of Fetherstone Castle. Afterwards, a hunting expedition took place in honour of the occasion. As the end of the day drew near, the wedding party started its return to Featherstone Castle through the gloomy glen of Pynkinscleugh. As the hunting party approached a bridge on the road, they found the way blocked by Abigail’s reject lover, Ridley of Hardriding. Standing alongside Ridley was a well-armed band of vassels. A battle ensued, and the young bride, while attempting to stop the battle, was herself struck down and killed. Her lover, stricken with grief over what had transpired, took his own life. According to legend, Ridley’s hearts blood ran into a hollow stone. Huge black ravens then came, and drank from this stone, filling the forest with vile croaking’s of their feast (9).
While all this transpired, the baron and his wife remained at the castle, awaiting the return of the wedding party. At the stroke of midnight, the doors burst open to reveal the ghastly bodies of the wedding party, their faces with the look of death and their bodies still showing the open wounds of the days battle. A chill ran through the baron at the sight. He rose to his feet, and instinctively crossed himself, calling to God Almighty. As he did this, a mighty gust of wind blew through the castle, sweeping the ghostly party away. It is said that every year, on the anniversary of that fateful day, the bridal party once again travels that same road, and enters the castle gateway at the stroke of midnight.

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Featherston Family Origins (cont.)
(1) There are a multitude of variations on the Featherston surname, including Featherstone, Fetherston, Fetherstone, Fetherstonehaugh, Featherston- haugh, Featherstonhalgh, to name a few. In all probability, they can all trace their origins to this location in the north of England
(2) This is based on the architectural style of the doorways in this part of the castle.
(3) Including a gothic chapel with an attached mausoleum
(4) The last Featherston of record to reside in Featherstone Castle was Sir Henry Fetherstonehaugh,—Only son of Matthew Fetherstonehaugh and Sarah Lethieullier. Sir Henry inherited the castle upon his father’s demise on the 24th of May, 1774.
(5) Topographics are surnames that refer to or describe,a locality that the family came from.
(6) Timothy was sired by Henry Fetherstonehaugh of Kirkoswald. Henry was the 2nd son of Albany Fetherstonehaugh of Fetherstone Castle. Albany was sired by Albany Fetherstonehaugh, of whom the ballad speaks.
(7) It was at this time that the first known branch of the Fetherstonehaugh clan migrated to Ireland. Cuthbert Fetherstonehaugh, Esq of Hethrege- Cleugh, County Durham, removed to Ireland after the execution of his cousin, ‘Sir Timothy. Cuthbert is the ancestor of both the Fetherston’s
of Bracklyn Castle (Ireland) and the Fetherston’s of Ardagh (Ireland).
(8) This feud could have basis in the killing of Albany Fetherstonehaugh, as the names Ridley and Hardriding show up in the ballad. .,
(9) This stone is refered to as the Ravens-stone and is still shown in a wood near the castle.
The Castles of Northumberland by Frank Graham; Published by Frank Graham, 1976; Entry on Featherstone Castle, Pgs. 159-164
Tourguide of Northumberland; 1897; Entry on Featherstone Castle, Pgs. 175-178 Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage; 1835 Edition, 1842 Edition; Entries on
Fetherston & Fetherstonhaugh Lineages
Dictionary of National Biography; Edited by Leslie Stephan & Sidney Lee; Vol. VI; Published by McMillan Co., 1908; Entry on Sir Timothy Fetherston- haugh, Pgs. 1258-1259
Compiled and submitted by Edward F.Featherston
Clinton district #2 151-151
Swazee, W.E. 33Wid.farmerNCNCNCFeatherston W.C.36Wid.works on FarmTNTNTNGarrison R.S.17singleWorks on farmKYKYKY
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1880 Hickman Co., KY Census (cont.
Spring Hill district *6 20-20
Featherston, A.21male KYKYKYFeatherston, Henreter25female KYKYKY        371-378Featherston, C.C.31mar.farmerTNVATNFeatherston, Martha A.24wife KYKYKYFeatherston, Charlotte L.12dau. KYTNKYFeatherston, George N. 11son KYTNKYFeatherston, Nettie F.8dau. KYTNKYFeatherston, John W.C.2son KYTNKYFeatherston, John H. 73father VAVAVAFeatherston, Nancy 72wife TN TNGarrison, S.E.22sis-in lawsingleKYKYKYGarrison, William J.19bro-in lawsingleKyKYKY 
Featherston, B.F.25 farmerKYKYKYFeatherston, Polly Ann23wife KYTNKYFeatherston, ..Henry W.3son KYKYKYFeatherston, John W.1son KYKYky
submitted by:Jerry Ponder, HC 1, Box 713, Fairdealing, MO 63939
pub. 1983 by Person Co. Historical Society
p. 110
Albert Clayton, Jr. was born in 1905. He married Mary Elizabeth Featherston and they moved to Durham. Betsy Muriel Clayton was the only child born to this marriage.
p. 153
Charles Mclver Featherston was born in Caswell Co. 17 Dec 1906, the youngest child of nine living children born to Thomas Preston Featherston and Amanda Hester Featherston. At his birth, his oldest sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) begged her mother to let her name him for Dr. Charles Mclver who was President of Women’s College in Greensboro where Lizzie had finished school. Mclver’s older sisters relate that at his birth he was so small they used to take turns, along with their mother, sitting in front of the fire with him to keep him warm. A man’s handkerchief folded in the shape of a triangle was used as a diaper. This story seems hard to believe for a man people remember of being over six feet tall and a shoe size of thirteen.
Being the youngest of nine children and having seven older sisters had its advantages as well as disadvantages. Manya time Mclver was given a nickel to wash dishes for his sisters so they could “go out courting” .
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The Heritage of Person Co., NC (cont.)
Being a strong believer in education, Mclver’s father was not pleased with his son’s progress or lack of progress as it may have been, at Central School so after the lOth grade he sent Mclver to Oak Ridge Military School in Summerfield, N.C. to finish his education. Mclver then went to Coyne’s Electrical School in Chicago, Ill.
He left there to return to Roxboro where he went to work at Collins and Aikman in 1929. He worked there for 43 years and held the position of supervisor of the weave room when he retired in Mar. 1972. While at C & A he received an award for a technique used in the weave room which saved the company considerable money per year.
It was at Collins and Aikman that Mclver met Alyce Stanfield. Alyce Minerva Stanfield was born in Person Co. on Mar. 18, 1910, the oldest daughter of Walter Lee Stanfield and Beulah Whitt Stanfield. Alyce was named for both her grandmothers, Alice Brooks Whitt and Catherine Minerva Fox Stanfield. Alyce never liked the middle name Minerva and even after she was grown and married, disliked being teased about it. –
After her father was killed in a car wreck in 1928, Alyce was left to care for her younger brother Harold and sister Gloria while her mother worked as a practical nurse to support the family. Times were hard for the family but Alyce managed to stay in school and graduated from Roxboro High School in 1929. She then attended Pineland Business School in Salemburg, N.C. and graduated from there in May 1931. She returned to Roxboro and started work as a secretary at Collins and Aikman. It is said that Alyce was going with another young man when she met the tall handsome young Mclver Featherston, but she only had to look into Mclver’s soft brown eyes to know.
(a few lines were missed in copying)
First Baptist Church in Danville, Va. Their vows were witnessed by Edgar Masten and Helen Stanfield. They purchased the home of Mclver’s mother and father, T.P. Featherston, in September 1945 which still stands today at the corner of Madison Blvd. and Oak Street.
To this union was born a daughter Gail Lee on 2 Apr. 1939 who died at birth and Susan Ann born 9 Oct. 1946.
Susan married William U. Laws. Jr. Oct. 23, 1965. They have 2 daughters Alisa Hope b. 30 July 1971 and Katharine Lynelle b. 9 Aug. 1976.
Alyce and Mac were both loved and respected for their many kind and neighbourly deeds. Their home was always open to family and friends who might drop in. After the death of Alyce’s mother in 1942 the Featherston home became the home of Alyce’s younger brother Harold and Gloria who was 16 at the time of her mother’s death.
Aunt Alyce and Uncle Mac were the grandparents the Stanfield nieces and nephews never got to know. A niece wrote at her death. “She was always our matriarch. Our family has always been special. There has always been so much love, strength and security there for us, so much faith in us.”
Mclver died suddenly of a heart attack on Sept. 20. 1972 only 6 months after retiring from Collins and Aikman. Alyce died Mar. 5, 1980 after several years of declining health. Both are buried at Burchwood Cemetery in the Featherston family plot.
by Susan Featherston Laws
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The Heritage of Person Co., NC (cont.) p. 154
Thomas Preston Featherston Family
Little did James Wiley Featherston dream when he settled on the hills bordering Hyco Creek in the early 1800s that his place would be the setting for the first Featherston Reunion held in 1932. Wiley had been an only child, however he had two large families, having re-married after his first wife died. One of his sons, George, was the father’ of Thomas Preston and it is the descendants of this family that make up the largest percent at the Featherston Reunion held annually on the second Sunday in June at Concord Methodist Church. However, Thomas Preston’s sisters, Annie, Hattie and Fannie Lee, descendants are also a vital part of this Featherston clan.
Thomas Preston Featherston, born in Person Co., married the lovely Amanda Magnolia (Maggie) Hester of Caswell co. In the Frogsboro Community near Leasburg they reared their large family. T.P. was a. man of discipline who spoke plainly the things he believed to be the truth; Maggie on the other hand, was gentle, loving and kind. each supplemented the other, together making a wonderful team.
T.P. believed girls especially should have the very best education possible since they would be the mothers of future generations. Seeing that his daughters were well educated was no easy task in those days for sometimes it was necessary to walk long distances to school through thick forest and to cross deep streams on foot logs. Therefore it was often necessary to hold a daughter back a year until another sister was old enough to accompany her. Sometimes, too, it was necessary to send a daughter off to boarding school because she had completed the schooling available in her vicinity.
Lizzie and Annie became teachers, Hallie and Hulda were nurses. Mamie, Sue and Bertha became leaders in civic, church and community affairs. Sue was the first woman ever hired by the People’s Bank. Recently Sue was given an award for her outstanding contributions to the city. George became a detective with the police department in Durham and later was a license examiner. McIver was a supervisor with Collins and Aikman and received an award for his many years of faithful service.
One by one the children married and moved establishing homes of their own. Lizze (Mae Elizabeth) married Nash Lea Winstead (deceased) and they had eleven children: Edith (deceased), Hattie Mae, Wesley, Keith, Dorothy (deceased), Ralph (Killed in World War II), Annie, Lizzie, David, Nash and Jean.
Hallie married T.M. Phillips (deceased) and moved to Raleigh. Their children are: Hallie, T.M., Jr. (killed in World War II), Ruth and Betty Bowe.
Annie married Jack Brooks; all their babies died at birth so Annie became a foster mother to all her nieces and nephews. After Jack died Annie married Dan Bauert. Both Annie and Dan are deceased.
Mamie married Arthur Thaxton and was the only child who reared her family in the area where they were born. Their children are: Louise, Thomas Preston and Henry Speck, who are twins, Laura and Arthur, Jr. (deceased). People would sometimes ask Mamie if twins were more trouble than one child and she would reply, “Yes, just twice as Much! “. Both Mamie and Arthur are deceased.
George married Myrtle Strain. To this union were born: Margaret Strain (deceased), Billy, Louis, Ann, Tom, Jane and Becky. After Myrtle’s death George re-married, and had a son named Fred.

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The Heritage of Person Co., NC (cont.)
Hulda married Roy Hall and moved to Florida. They have one daughter, Rachael. After Roy Hall’s death Hulda married M.G. Kibbee (also now deceased) .
Sue married James Mumford Featherston (deceased) and to them were born: James, Nellie Scott, Lawrence, Joe and Jack.
Bertha married Gilmer Masten (deceased) and to this union came: Robert, Nancy and Peggy.
Mclver married Alyce Stanfield and they have one daughter, Susan. Another daughter Gail, died at birth. Mclver and Alyce are both deceased now.
After the older children were married T.P. and Maggie moved to Roxboro where T.P. became a warehouseman and a fertilizer dealer. Each Christmas all the children, the in-laws and grandchildren would come home to have dinner together. The grandchildren always looked forward to summer vacation when one or two of them would get together and go spend a week with grandma and granddaddy Featherston. Always when T.P. visited his grandchildren he carried a large bag of candy.
On Nov. 2, 1932, Thomas Preston was killed in an automobile accident about a block from his home in Roxboro. Amanda Magnolia survived him by 17 years. Most of that time she made her home with Annie and Jack Brooks, visiting the other children as she had opportunity. George Featherston (father of ..T.P.), Thomas Preston and Amanda Magnolia are all buried in Burchwood Cemetery.
Sources: Family records, conversations with family members, personal knowledge. .,
by Lizzie W. Dawson
p. 246
Hezekiah Marsten had a son Gilmer B. Masten b. 1896 d. 1964 who married 1922 Bertha Featherston daughter of Preston Featherston and Maggie Webster.
Featherston, Edward J. -clerk 54 N. College; boards 305 Main
Featherston, G. Mack -salesman 175 Union; boards 305 Main
Featherston, Henry D. -collector 40 N. Cherry; house 305 Main
Featherston, James A. -clerk 25 N. Cherry; boards 305 Main
Featherston, John E. -bookkeeper 172 Broad; boards 305 Main
submitted by: Mrs. I.D. (Elmeree) Oakley
213 Village Green Dr., Apt. E-2
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
Book 4
page 101
374. 4 Dec 1946 Earl C. Cooley and Billie Fay Featherston by H.H. Butz,
County Judge, Pecos County
Page 9
Featherston School
by Irene Durham
Formerly a part of the Trickham School District, Featherston was created in 1902, on five acres of land donated by W.A. “Ben” Featherston, to enable pupils to attend school nearer to their home than the Trickham school allowed. There were about 40 children in the area of about 10 families, and the men of the community raised the money and built the school house. In 1911, it became Common School District *3. The school served also as the community centre, and was nicknamed “DonkeyvilIe, ” some say by Fred McCormick and others say George B. Ford, due to a farmer about a mile west of the shcool who raised donkeys and mules, and their braying could be heard for a long distance, thus the nickname. The first teacher was Miss Anna Martin, followed by Ida Boatright, Miss Donald Oldfield, Carey Copeland, Vesta Lewis, Miss Martin, A.E. Goram, Nellie Weir, Ethel Limroth, Mrs. Robinett, Ellen Neal, Belle Henderson, Mae Featherston, Lou Featherston, Agnes McCain, Mary Guice, Viola Avants, Opal Philer, Elzada Deere, Ethel May McNutt, Zora Wilson, and Mrs. George (Irene) Bobo; who taught the last five years that school was held, ending in 1935. Pupils began going to other schools, which ended the one teacher school of Featherston. Officially, the school was considered to be dormant and was consolidated with Trickham in 1949.
note by editor: Caption below picture of Featherston School students- 1904 includes the following Featherston names: Jim Featherston, John Featherston, Gus Featherston, Ethel Featherston, Bob Featherston, and Irene Featherston
Caption below picture of Featherston School students about 1934 includes:
Lorene Featherston and Keith Featherston
for Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Indian Territory Published for El Paso’s Quadricentennial Celebration 1581-1981
by the El Paso Genealogical Society
p. 54
Featherston, Mrs. Mary A. -b. Washington Co., Ark.; hus. and 8 ch. of Socorro, N.M.
Paper & date: BU July 1, 1883
Date & place of death: May 20, 1883, San Marcial, N.M.
submitted by: C.R. “Ron” Featherston
Note by editor -JFH: It has been recorded in various sources that Edward A. Featherston, son of Charles Henry Featherston and Elizabeth Short Thornton, died 1 Sept 1853. This date was also transcribed into FEATHERSTON FINDINGS, Volume 4, page 20. On the 1860 Amelia Co., VA Census appears the following family:

Page 10
P.O. Mannton 27 July 186- p. 219- 550/527
Edward A. Featherston 45 teacher 3,500/11,139 VA
Mary W. Featherston 32 NC
E.M. Featherston(m) 13 VA
Charles Featherston 11 VA
Sarah Featherston 11 VA
Mary S. Featherston 8 VA
Richard Featherston 5 VA
Lydia F. Featherston 3 VA
Lewis H. Featherston 7/12 VA
Is this not the same Edward, who is said to have died 7 years earlier, or is the date of death an error? That date is recorded in a 1930’s Featherston manuscript prepared by Mrs. Augusta B. Fothergill of Richmond, VA. I’ve been informed that there are errors in this manuscript. Edward’s date of death appears to be one of those errors as is proven by the above census record and the following will, which is also shown in Mrs. Fothergill’s manuscript, submitted by Brenda G. Fischler.
Edward A. Featherston made his will 3 Feb 1888
lst. All debts to be paid.
2nd. All estate to be kept together for 2 or 3 years except that I desire there shall be an appraisement and sale of my personal effects ,except as herein provided and worked under L.J. Featherston’s direction.
3rd. After payments of just debts $1,000 shall be held by W.E. Coleman as trustee the interest only of which shall go to the maintenance and support of E.M. Featherston and Annie Featherston as long as they live or remain single, the principal of the said sum never at be touched and the surplus of interest if any to go to as increase of the principal.
4th. I give $3,000 to be equally divided between my 4 daughters at the death of E.M. Featherston and Annie Featherston, her interest to cease and at her marriage and the whole sum to E.M. Featherston.
5th. Any residue left I will my son Charles is to have $150.
6th. To L.H. Featherston a bed, bedstead, necessary covering for the same, say the one he sleeps on, also 1/2 the corn, oats, fodder and shucks made in the year 1888 in the year I die; also wheat sown by him.
7th. Sallie Archer my gold spectacles and a Bible.
8th. To E.M. Featherston my wearing apparel.
9th. To my granddaughter Lucy Bendall a colt named Strange to be kept on the farm until 3 years of age free of charge.
lOth. To L.H. Bendall 1 cow to be selected by himself.
llth. After paying all bequest I give to my sons L.H. and R.E. Featherston the sum of $500 each.
12th. The residue of estate after paying above bequest shall be divided among all my children.
13th. W.E. Coleman executor and request the court not to require any security of him. Witnesses: John A. Gills, M.J. Oliver.
The inventory and appraisement returned 19 July 1888 by M.J. Oliver, J.A. Gills, and J.A. Wills.
Page 11
p. 58-59
This Indenture made this 18th day September Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and nine between Lewis Featherstun of the County of Nottoway of the one part and Richard Epes of the said county of the other part witnesseth that the aforesaid Lewis Featherstun for and in consideration of the sum of eight hundred and ten dollars of lawful money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Richard Epes the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained sold released aliened and confirmed and by these presents, do grant bargain sell release alien and confirm unto the said Richard Epes a certain tract or parcel of land lying & being in the county of Nottoway containing one hundred and twenty five acres and eighty five poles and bounded as follows, (Viz) By the lands of Burwell Featherstun’s Est Lew Clarks Est James Davis’s Est & John Stow being the land that was devised to the said Lewis Featherstun by the last will and testament of Charles Featherstun decd To have and to hold the aforesaid land tenements and appurtenances to- the only proper use and behoof of the said Richard Epes his heirs and assigns forever, And the said Lewis Featherstun doth for himself his heirs executors administrators and assigns against all right title claim or demand of all and every person or persons whatsoever of or to the aforesaid tract of land warrant and forever defend the same to the aforesaid Richard Epes his heirs and assigns for ever. In Witness whereof the said Lewis Featherstun have hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year above written.
Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of i: ,”. Lewis Featherstun (Seal) ..
Leonard Sheffield
Wm Fitzgerald Jr. William Bates In Nottoway County court 5th of October
This deed Incented was proved by the oaths of Leonard Sheffield William Fitzgerald jun. two of the witnesses thereto subscribed
Francis Fitzgerald jun CCC
In Nottoway County court the 5th of April 1810
This deed was further proved by the oath of William Bates & ordered to be recorded Teste
Francis Fitzgerald CCC
1818-1820 Territorial Census of Alabama
Authorized Feb. 7, 1818
Franklin County
Lewis Featherston
1 male over 21 1 female over 21
1 male under 21 4 females under 21
14 slaves
Page 12
1840 Fayette County, Tennessee Census
Lewis Featherston 1 male under 5 1 female 10-15 1 male 10-15 1 female 15-20 2 males 15-20 1 female 20-30 1 male 20-30 1 female 50-60 1 male 50-60
submitted by: Brenda G. Fischler
303 Bradley Ave.
Rockville, MD 20851
Chesterfield County, Virginia Will Book 1
p. 301
In the Name of God Amen February 26th 1759
I Elizabeth Featherston Wido being weak in Body but of Perfect sound Memory praised be to God for the same but knowing the uncertainty of this Life do make and ordain this my last Will Testament
First I give my Soul to God who gave it and my body to Earth from whence it was taken to be decently Buryed at the Descretion of my Executor hereafter named and for what worldly Goods It Hath pleased God to dispose upon me I do dispose of in manner following. ‘ ,
Item I give and bequeath to my son Henry Featherston all my stock of Cattle Puter and three Bedds with the Furniture belonging to him and his Heirs forever and two Potts and one Kettle.
Item I give to my Daughter Mary Featherston two feather Beds to her and her Heirs and Assigns forever and one side Saddle.
Item I Desire that all my Wearing Cloths may be equally divided among my four Daughters.
And lastly I do constitue and appoint my son Henry Featherston hole and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have set my hand and Seal this 26th Day of February 1759.
Signed Sealed and Delivered
in presence of her
Henry Featherstone Jr. Elizabeth X Featherston (LS)
Edwor (X) Lofman mark
Greif Randolph
Chesterfield County, Virginia, Will Book 1
p. 360
In the name of God amen April 5th 1760.
I Henry Featherston being in Low state of Health but in my proper Senses do make this my last Will and Testament.
Item I give and Bequeath to Edward Featherston son of Charles Featherston three hundred acres of land it being the plantation whereon I now live to him and his heirs forever.                                                                                                
Page 13
Chesterfield Co., VA Will Bk. 1 (cont.)
Item I give and Bequeath to my Sister Mary Featherston one bay Horse Colt to her and her heirs forever.
I desire all the rest of my Estate may be sold to pay my Just Debts and the overplus to be divided between my brother Charles’s children and Thomas Jeffre’s Children and Thomas Sadlers Children and my Sister Mary.
I appoint Charles Featherston my Executor
Signed Sealed and Delivered
In presence of (Seal)
From the Nashville Tennessean
FEATHERSTONE, Mr. Marvin E. -76 years, April 29, 1991 at Parkview Hospital. Survived by wife, Mrs. Laura M. Featherstone;, daughter, Linda H. Kinnie; sister, Sarah Wright, Petersburg, VA; brother, Sammy W. Featherstone, Nashville; grandchildren, Kelly Wiggins, Jesse Thomas Howell; several nieces and nephews. Remains are at Pettus-Owen & Wood, 4506 Charlotte Ave., where services will be conducted 10:30 Thursday, Rev. William Preston officiating. Interment, Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens. Nephews and friends will serve as pallbearers. ‘ The family will receive friends after 6:00 p.m. Tuesday. PETTUS-OWEN & WOOD, 292-3392.

p. 197
No.19, 8 Jun 1859, Page 2, Col. 3- Deaths
Richard Featherstone was born in Nottoway County, Va., 7 Nov 1791 and resided in Warren County, Miss., for the past 30 years, where he died 18 Apr 1859. He was married 12 Dec 1813 to Frances H. Sills, who survives him. Nashville and Richmond Adv.
p. 228
No.3, 18 Jan 1860, Page 2, Col. 3- Deaths
Richd Featherstone: Resolution adopted at 4th quarterly conference, North Warren Circuit, Mississippi Conference: That in the death of Bro. Featherstone the church has lost a pious member; sympathy extended to widow and family. Walter Billinslea, Sec.; Levi Pearce, Chairman.
Compiled by Opal Langford and Juanita McBee
20 Nov 1904. Nesbit Rice and Irene Featherstone. Bk. 5, p. 284
21 Dec 1911. Jim Featherstone and Kate Turney. Bk. 7, p. 207
Page 14
Hunt County 1846-1880
27 Oct 1874. Edw. Featherstone and M.J.E. Moxley 21 Dec 1876. Wm. Featherstone and Rosa Robertson
Van Zandt County 1855-1880
3 Nov 1857. Isaac G. Featherston and Louiza Pinson
p. 274 –
27 Jul 1908. Perry L. Ponder and Miss Martha L. Featherston. J.W.S. Holman, Justice of the Peace
Some Texas Marriages Taken from the International Genealogical Index Family History Library -Salt Lake City, Utah !0-
Gonzales County ..
25 Feb 1879. William Featherstonhaugh and Francis Sanalasire.
Henderson County -town of Athens
21 Jul 1903. Dora Etta Featherston and Tom Scott Hancock
Mills County
24 Jan 1898. Wayne Montgomery Featherston and Martha Ellen Seabourne
13 Dec 1903. Archibald Kelly Featherstone and Alice Belle Rose
715 Nov 1906. Cluma/Clumba Featherston and John Wesley Partridge
20 Apr 1918. Mayrean/Marie Featherston and Cecil Isaac Haney
1900 Butler County, Alabama Census
Andrew Briggs head Dec 1864 35 m. 10 yrs. preacher AL AL AL
 Maggie Briggs wife Aug 1868 31 4 ch/3 lvg. AL AL AL
Andrew J.W. Briggs son Mar 1892 8 AL AL AL
Ella Briggs dau Mar 1894 6 AL AL AL
Armatine Briggs dau Mar 1897 2 AL AL AL
Martha A. Briggs mo. Aug 1830 69 m.38 yrs. wid. 9ch/5lvg. VA VA VA
Henry Featherston boarder Jun 1823 76 VA VA VA
Grenn? M. Featherston boarder Jan 1863 37 m. 7 yrs. n~ TN TN
Armatine Featherston boarder Dec 1870 29 no children AL AL AL
Page 14a
The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent. These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc. If YOu have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.
These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process, please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume. If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used.
These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.
By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage.
You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets. It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it. Please cite your sources whenever possible.
If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know. The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated. Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!
Joyce Featherston Hawkins
Page 15
B R A N C H #1- continuation & correction
Refer to Vol. 1, p. 12, Generation IV, child number 3
IV Thomas J. Featherston -b. 31 Mar 1843 Giles Co. , IN; m. Saluda ‘Lou” J. Burkeen
Issue: (see volume 1 for entire listing)
3. Charles Everett Featherston (not Charles R. or E. as previously shown) -b. 4 Nov 1872 Linville. Giles Co., IN
V Charles Everett Featherston (not Charles R. or E. as previously shown) – b. 4 Nov 1872 Linville. Giles Co., IN, d. 9 Mar 1945, bur. McGlamery Cem., Wayne Co., IN; m. 19 Jun 1894 Wayne Co., IN to L. Gertrude Craig. Sources: p. 70, Marriage Records of Wayne Co.. IN; 1880 Giles Co.. IN Census; 1900 Wayne Co., IN Census; p. 54, in report from Civil District 6 of Wayne Co., IN; ps. 268 & 381, Wayne Co., IN Cemetery & Death Records; Family records.
1. Frank Hassell Featherston -b. 23 Mar 1898 IN, d. 24 Sep 1952. bur. (John) Lay Cem., Lawrence Co., IN; m. ~? no children.
*2. Mattye Lou Featherston -m. Jasper William Daniels
3. Mary Tom Featherston -m. Marvin Horton
4. John Featherston -m. Pearl Dickey
5. Craig Featherston -m. Pearl ?
6. Paul Featherston -never married
also had the following children -order of birth not known:
7. female infant -b. & d. 27 Mar 1912 Wayne Co.. IN -‘-
8. infant -b. & d. 1 Jul 1915 -,
VI Mattye Lou Featherston -m. Jasper William Daniels
1. Rex Ray Daniels –m. Laverne Hardison
*2. Joel Wallace Daniels -m. Betty Stockard
3. Anna Tom Daniels ~ d. young
4. William Donald Daniels -m. Doris Daniels
VI I Joel “Joe” Wallace Daniels -m. Betty Stockard
1. Anna Frances Daniels –
2. Joel Timothy Daniels –
3. Matthew Scott Daniels –
submitted Apr 1991 by: Mrs. Joe (Betty) Daniels
109 Springer Dr.
Lawrenceburg. IN 38464
B R A N C H #3- a continuation submitted by another descendant
Refer to Volume 3, (listed as BRANCH #4), p. 19
VIII Edward Baxter Featherston -b. 17 Mar 1850, Chickasaw Co., MS
*4. William “Billy” Matthew Featherston -b. 6 Feb 1882 Comanche Co., TX
IX William “Billy” Matthew Featherston -b. 6 Feb 1882 Comanche Co., TX,
Page 16
B R A N C H .3 -William Matthew Featherston (cont.)
was struck by lightning and d. 3 Sep 1928 near Petersburg, Hall Co., TX; m. 12 Jan 1902 to Fannie Eva Roberts -b. 25 May 1884 in Anona, TX; d/o Woodfin Roberts/Laura Stiles,
*1. Woodfin Baxter Featherston -b. 21 Nov 1903 Stonewall Co., TX
2. Willie Gladys Featherston -b. 30 Dec 1905; m. Cecil W. Richardson
3. James Charles Featherston -b. 21 Oct 1908; m. Ruby Cowan
4. Couch Moxley Featherston -b. 6 Jun 1914; m. Rose Darlington Ross
5. William Mathews Featherston -b. 2 Oct 1922; m.1) Rosabelle Jean “Rusty” Harrison; m.2) Brenda McGahey
X Woodfin Baxter Featherston b. 21 Nov 1903 Stonewall Co., TX; res, Northfield, Oriana, Jay ton & Petersburg, TX; Ins. Agent; Baptist; m. 20 Dec 1928 Aspermont, Stonewall Co” TX to Willa Mae Gillaspia -b. 16 Sep 1906 Clay Co” TX, d. 4 Jul 1991 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX, bur. Wichita Falls, Wichita Co, , TX; res. Buffalo Springs. Henrietta-. Vernon & Wichita Falls. TX; housewife; Baptist; d/o Claud Addison Gillaspia/Ethel Ritter, Sources: Carolyn Rogers & W.B. Featherston.
1. Carolyn Faith Featherston -b. 15 Mar 1934 Wichita Falls. Wichita Co., TX; m. 30 Dec 1955 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co.. TX to Claude Doyle Rogers
2. Patricia Gayle Featherston -b. 12 Oct 1936 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co.. TX; m. 9 Jun 1956 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX to Marion Edward Huffman
submitted July 1991 by W.B. Featherston
3006 McNiel, Apt. 221
Wichita Falls. TX 76309
 B R A N C H .5- a continuation submitted by another descendant
Refer to Vol. 2. beginning on p. 16 and note some variations in data,
I William Featherston, The Elder -m. Frances Howell(?) .Note by submitter: William Featherston the elder received land patent in Charles City Co” VA as early as 1699. Source: Brenda Fischler.
*1. William Featherston -b. ca. 1718, VA
II William Featherston -b. ca. 1718. VA, d. 1769 Amelia Co., VA (Will dated 2 Aug 1769 listed children below); m. Susannah Grigg -b. 11 Jun 1720, VA, d. prob. bef. 1767, d/o William Grigg/Susan Lockett
1. William Grigg Featherston -may have stayed in Amelia Co., VA; on 1782 & 1785 Tax Lists. Letters indicate death 1787.
*2. Burwell Featherston -m. Ann Hightower
3. Lewis Featherston -will dated 7 Jan 1781; m. Elizabeth Leath
4. Richard Featherston -d. by 8 Oct 1790; m. Susanna
Page 17
B R A N C H *5- family of William Featherston (cont.)
5. Jesse Featherston -not of age in 1769; lived in Bedford &
Rutherford Cos., IN; m; Catherine
6. Charles Howell Featherston -not of age in 1769, d. 12 Jan 1791;
7. Lucy Featherston -lived in Nottoway Co., VA, d. bef. 1817; m. by 1769 to John Vaughan
8. Frances Featherston -d. by 1788; m. bef. 1769 to George Stell
9. Elizabeth Featherston -m. aft. 1767 to Lewis Clark. No issue.
10. Susannah Featherston -m. Wells
III Burwell Featherston -b. ca. 1762 or earlier; lived in Amelia Co., VA, d. ca. 1808 Nottoway Co., VA; m. Ann Hightower -b. ca. 1760 Amelia Co., VA, d/o Joshua Hightower. Source: Brenda Fischler.
*1. William Featherston -b. 27 Feb 1781, prob. Nottoway Parish, Amelia Co., VA
2. Burwell Featherston -b. ca. 1786, d. 21 Feb 1875; m. Rebecca Adams. Burwell fought in War of 1812.
3. Richard Featherston -b. ca. 1793, d. 1850’s; m. Frances Matilda Sills. No issue. Richard was a School Teacher & Methodist Preacher. Lived near Vicksburg, MS.
4. Joshua Featherston -b. 24 Sep 1788; m. Ann Wilkinson. Lived in Lunenberg Co., VA. Methodist Preacher. Fought in War of 1812.
IV William Featherston -b. 27 Feb 1781, prob. Nottoway Parish, Amelia Co., VA, d. 20 Oct 1872, Robertson Co., IN; m. 9 Jan 1809 Nottoway Co., VA to Elizabeth Jones -b. 29 Aug 1785, VA, d. 1867 Robertson Co., n~, d/o Rev. John Jones/Nancy. William’s pension papers on file from War of 1812. Sources: Obit. in IN newspaper; Bible Records of William Featherston; Brenda Fischler.
1. Ann Elizabeth Featherston -b. 19 Apr 1811 VA, d. in infancy
2. John Burwell Featherston -b. 18 Aug 1812, VA, killed by yoke of .oxen when a boy
” 3. Martha Ann Featherston -b. 9 Dec 1813 VA; m. Bill Newton
4. Sarah C.R. Featherston- b. 9 Apr 1816 VA; m. Jesse Davis
5. William R. Featherston- b. 17 Sep 1818 VA, killed by horse as a boy *6. Joshua Wood Featherston -b. 14 Feb 1820 Nottoway Co., VA
7. Henry N. Featherston- b. 13 Jun 1823 VA
8. Mary S.F. Featherston -b. 22 Jun 1825 VA; m. Phinus Ewing Dycus
9. Edwin Jones Featherston -b. 22 Apr 1827 VA; never married
10. David S. Featherston -b. 6 Aug 1832 VA
V Joshua Wood Featherston- b. 14 Feb 1820 Nottoway Co. VA; moved to Robertson Co., IN at 10 yrs. of age; d. 13 Jan 1899, bur. old Jackson Cem., 1 mi. north of Cedar Hill; a Circuit Riding Methodist Minister; m. 27 Feb 1844 to Emily Maria Price Jackson -b. 5 Nov 1829 Prince Edward Co., VA, d. 24 May 1912 near Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., IN, bur. Old Jackson Cem., d/o Miles Anderson Jackson/Jane Pullman Hamblen. Sources: Genealogy of Phillip Gowan; Genealogy of Brenda Fischler. Emily Featherston has quilt she pieced in the museum at the Upper Room, Methodist Church, Nashville, IN.
Page 18
B R A N C H #5- Issue of Joshua Wood Featherston
1. Wesley Raymond “Ramy'” Featherston -b. 10 Apr 1845 near Adams/Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., IN, d, 2 Apr 1924; m. 2 Jan 1878 to Mary Elizabeth Long
*2, Leona Idelia Madora Lankford Featherston -b. 22 Apr 1847 near Adams/Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., IN
3, Elizabeth Frances Mary Jane “Frank” Featherston -b. 15 Jun 1849
near Adams/Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., IN, d. 16 Sep 1876; m. William J. Barnes
4. Sarah Catherine Eliza “Sack” Featherston -b. 1 Aug 1851 near Adams/ Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., IN, d. 11 Jul 1955; m. 5 May 1881 to John Meredith Goodman
5. Martha Adeline (Aunt Addie) Featherston -b. ~3 Oct 1862 near Adams/ Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., IN, d. 17 Oct 1948; m, 25 Nov 1883 to
Joel Frank Ruffin
VI Leona Idelia Madora Lankford Featherston -b. 22 Apr 1847 near Adams/ Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., IN, d. 26 Jun 1898 Nashville, Davidson Co., IN, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem., Nashville, Davidson Co., IN; m. 19 Dec 1865 to William Anderson Jackson -b. 15 Jan 1843 Adams, Robertson Co., IN, d. 18 Nov 1916 Nashville, .Davidson Co., IN, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem., Nashville, Davidson Co,. IN, s/o Dabney Miles Jackson/Dorothy Louise Dunn; he m. 2) to Fannie Della Gentry. Leona Idelia Madora Lankford Featherston was full 2nd cousin .to her husband William Anderson Jackson. Sources: Genealogies of Phillip,Gowan, Ruth Jackson Bland & Brenda Fischler.
1, Madora “Dora ” Anderson Jackson -b. 26 Aug 1867 Robertson Co, .IN ,
d. 2 May 1939; m.1) 13 Apr 1884 to Joames 0. Folks; m.2) 10 Dec 1891 to Robert H. Alexander
2. Clarence Raymond Jackson -b. 5 Mar 1869 Robertson Co., IN, d. 3 Jan 1932; m. 2 Sep 1891 to Claudie May Foster
3. Ada Frances ‘Fannie” Jackson -b. 12 Sep 1871 Robertson Co. , IN, d. 24 Sep 1962, bur. Red River Baptist Church Cem., Robertson Co., IN; m. 13 Aug 1894 to James Melvin
*4, James Watkins “Wat” Jackson -b. 5 Jun 1877 Adams, Robertson Co. , IN
VII James Watkins ‘Wat” Jackson -b. 5 Jun 1877 Adams, Robertson Co. , IN, d. 25 Feb 1966, bur. Inglewood Cem., Los Angeles, CA; m. 10 Nov 1898 Nashville, Davidson Co., IN to Kate Nance -b. 27 Jul 1879 Nashville, Davidson Co.. IN. d. 18 Nov 1964 Gardena, Los Angeles, CA, bur. Inglewood cem., Los Angeles, CA, d/o James Blanton Nance/Drucilla Sampson. Sources: Death Certificates; Jackson Family Bible; Obituaries of James Watkins Jackson & Kate Nance Jackson; Mary Ruth Jackson Bland; Leona Jackson Mitchener; Charles Jackson; Dorothy Jackson Davis.
1. Leona Drucilla Jackson -b. 18 Aug 1899 Nashville, Davidson Co., IN,
d. 29 Jul 1982; m. 16 Feb 1924 to John Edward Mitchener
2. Claude Edward Jackson -b. 8 Oct 1901 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN,
d. 12 Apr 1981; m.1) 21 Nov 1922 to Jimmie V. Cowan; m.2)Anne Stover
Page 19
B R A N C H *5- Issue of James Watkins Jackson (cont.)
*3. Mary Ruth Jackson -b, 23 Apr 1904 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
4. William Anderson Jackson -b, 3 Mar 1906 Nashville, Davidson Co.
TN, d, 17 Nov 1972; m, 30 Jun 1948 to Florine Hopkins
5, Charles Hibbett Jackson -b. 21 Feb 1908 Nashville, Davidson Co.
TN; m, 1930 to Thelma Pauline Stokes
6. James Watkins Jackson, Jr. -b. 12 Feb 1910 Nashville, Davidson Co. TN, d, 15 Aug 1961; m, Pauline Rose Hermann
7. Harold Nance Jackson -b. 16 Qct 1912 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN,
d. 10 Nov 1913, bur, Mt, Olivet Cem., Nashville, TN
8. Katharyn Jackson -b. 28 Aug 1914 Nashville, Davidson Co. TN, d. 24 Jul 1915, bur, Mt, Olivet Cem., Nashville, TN
9. Melvin Wheeler Jackson -b. 24 Jul 1917 Nashville, Davidson Co. TN; m. 26 Nov 1946 to Mary Pfeiffer
10, Annie Dorothy (Dorothy Ann) Jackson- b, 4 Jan 1920 Nashville, Davidson Co” TN; m, 21 Aug 1947 to Durwood Leard Davis
VIII Mary Ruth Jackson -b, 23 Apr 1904 Nashville, Davidson Co. TN, d, 13 Jan 1990 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, bur, 16 Jan 1990 Springhill Cem. Davidson Co. TN; m, 15 Aug 1924 Los Angeles, CA to Thomas Allen Bland -b, 15 Jul 1898 Nashville, Davidson Co. TN, d. 2 Jan 1988 Nashville, Davidson Co. TN, bur. 4’ Jan 1988 Springhill Cem., Davidson Co., TN, s/o Joseph Lee Bland/Carrie Merrill Allen
*1, Ruth Carolyn Bland -b, 16 Jul 1929 Los Angeles, Los Angeles “0”
CA; m.l) 5 Nov 1949 to Robert Charles Kirkham; m,2) 17 Jun 1965 to Howard Qsmond White, Jr,
submitted Feb 1991 by: Ruth White
 B R A N C H *5- a continuation submitted by another descendant
Refer to Volume 2, p. 22; Vol, 3, p. 24; Vol. 4, p. 25
VI Christopher Columbus Featherston –
*6, Minnie Pearl Featherston -b, 13 Apr 1883 Clinton, Hickman Co” KY
VII Minnie Pearl Featherston -b, 13 Apr 1883 Clinton, Hickman Co., KY, d. 10 Nov 1967 Doniphan, Ripley Co” MO, bur, Amity Cem. , Ripley Co., MQ; m, 13 Dec 1902 Doniphan, Ripley Co, , MO to Edward Warren “Ed” Ponder -b, 25 Nov 1878 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO, d, 5 Mar 1930 Doniphan, MQ, bur. Amity Cem. Ripley Co, , MO, s/o Holloway W, “Holly” Ponder/Mary Elizabeth Lowe
*1, Leonard Francis Ponder -b. 9 Jan 1904 Doniphan, Hipley Co. MO
2, Alma Addie Ponder -b, 3 Feb 1907, Pulaski, Ripley Co., MO; m. 11
Apr 1925 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO to Loranzia Dow Vandiver -d. 2
Jan 1953 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO, bur, Amity Cem” Ripley Co., MO, s/o James Edward Vandiver/Missouri Ann Hideout
Page 20
B R A N C H *5- Issue of Minnie Pearl Featherston (cont.)
3. Mary Ressa Ponder -b. 18 Sep 1912 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 4
Sep 1930 Doniphan, Ripley Co. , MO to Gilbert “Gib” Daniel Braschler -b. 3 Jun 1908 Pratt, Ripley Co., MO s/o Peter Daniel Braschler/ Betsy Lavina Eagan
VIII Leonard Francis Ponder -b. 9 Jan 1904 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO, d. 12 Nov 1970 Doniphan, MQ, bur. Doniphan Cem.; m. 8 Aug 1925 Doniphan, MO to Hazel Bea Keel -b. 26 May 1904 Ponder, MO; she m.2) 22 Mar 1973 Cape Girardeau, MO to Teal J. Languel; d/o John William Keel/Nannye Barham Beakley
1. Paul Edward Ponder -b. 17 May 1926 Madison, IL; m. 8 May 1950 Fulton, MO to Lois “Lorraine” Gentner
2. Nancy Elaine Ponder -b. 7 Qct 1927 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 27 Qct 1945 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO to William Felix Halcomb -b. 29 Sep 1921 Doniphan, MO, s/o Samuel Jesse, Halcomb/Willa Belle Dayton
3. Ramona Frances Ponder -b. 4 Mar 1933 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m.1) Jan 1951 Jack Miller -s/o Clyston Miller/Miriam Richmond
*4. Jerry Wayne Ponder -b. 8 Aug 1937 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO
5. Larry Warren Ponder -b. 22 Sep 1943 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. Wanda Lee Stewart -b. 1 Jan 1943 East Prairie, Mississippi Co., MO, d/o Howard N. Stewart/Mary Meyers
IX Jerry Wayne Ponder -b. 8 Aug 1937 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO; m. 10 Nov 1962 Phoenix, AZ to Janice Ruth Albright .,
1. Victor Brent Ponder -b. 4 Jun 1964 in Panama Canal Zone
submitted Mar 1991 by: Jerry Ponder
B R A N C H *5- This submitter adds an additional generation.
I William Featherston I -b. ca. 1642 Henrico Co., VA, d. bet. 23 Dec 1718 Charles City Co., VA; m. ca. 1687-89 Charles City Co., VA to Mary May -she m.1) Henry May. Sources: Henrico Co., VA Court Records; Charles City Co., VA Court Records; Prince George Co., VA Court Records.
1. Jane Featherston -m. John Cross
*2. William Featherston -b. ca. 1691 VA
II William Featherston 11- b. ca. 1691 VA, d. ca. 1769; m. ca. 1718 to Frances Howell -b. 1699 VA. Sources: Dinwiddie Co., VA Court Records; Amelia Co., VA Court Records; Charles City Co., VA Court Records.
*1. William Featherston -b. ca. 1720 Amelia Co., VA
2. Richard Featherston –
3. Howell Featherston –
Page 21
B R A N C H *5 (cont.)
III William Featherston 111- b. ca. 1720 Amelia Co., VA, d, 1789 Amelia Co., VA; ill. ca, 1740 Amelia Co” VA to Susanna Grigg -b, ca, 1722 Prince George Co., VA, d/o William Grigg/Susanna, Sources: Amelia Co., VA Court Records; Prince George Co., VA Court Records; Lincoln Co., NC Marriage Records; Nottoway Co. VA Deed Books; Dinwiddie Co., VA Court Records,
1, William Grigg Featherston -b. ca. 1741 Amelia Co., VA, d, ca, 1787 Amelia Co., VA
2. Lewis Featherston -b. ca. 1742 Amelia Co. VA, d, 2 Jan 1781 Amelia Co. VA; m, Elizabeth Leath
3. Lucy Featherston -b. ca, 1743 Amelia Co. VA, d. 1817 Amelia Co.
VA; ill. by 1767 Amelia Co., VA to John Vaughn
*4. Burwell Featherston -b, ca. 1745 Amelia Co. , VA
5, Richard Featherston -b, ca, 1747 Amelia Co. VA, d, ca, 1790
Lincoln Co. NC; m, Susanna Davenport –
6, Frances Featherston -b. ca, 1748 Amelia Co. VA, d, ca, 1792
Lincoln Co. NC; m, George Still
7. Elizabeth Featherston -b, ca, 1750 Nottoway Co., VA, d. ca, 1804 Nottoway Co. VA; ill. ca. 1770 Nottoway Co. VA to Lewis Clark
8. Susanna Featherston -b. ca, 1752 Nottoway Co” VA, d. ca, 1792 Nottoway Co” VA; m, ca, 1769 Nottoway Co” VA to Wells
9, Jesse Featherston -b. ca, 1754 Nottoway Co., VA, d. ca, 1820
Lincoln Co” NC; m, 15 Jan 1775 Lincoln Co. NC to Catherine
10, Charles Howell Featherston -b. 1761 Nottoway Co., VA, d. 12,Jan
1791 Brunswick Co., VA; m. Gean
IV Burwell Featherston -b. ca. 1745 Amelia Co., VA, d, ca, 1808 Nottoway Co., VA; ill. ca, 1779 Nottoway Co. VA to Ann Hightower -b. ca. 1758 Amelia Co. VA, d. aft, 1826, d/o Joshua Hightower/ , Sources: Amelia Co., VA Court Records and Deed Book; Nottoway Co. VA Marriage Records; Robertson Co. TN Death Records,
*1, William Featherston -b. 27 Feb 1781 Amelia Co., VA
2, Burwell Featherston -b, ca. 1783-86 Amelia Co., VA, d. 21 Feb 1875 Dinwiddie Co., VA; m.1) 2 Dec 1808 Dinwiddie Co. VA to Rebecca Adams; m,2) 10 Sept 1853 Robertson Co. TN to Sophia Hart
3. Joshua Featherston -b, 24 Sep 1788 Nottoway Co. VA, d, 3 Jul 1848 Lunenburg Co. VA; Methodist Minister; m, 16 act 1821 Lunenburg Co. VA to Ann Wilkinson
4, Richard Featherston -b, ca, 1791 Nottoway Co. VA, d, 18 Apr 1859 Warren Co. MS; m. 1815 to Frances Matilda Sills
5. John Featherston –
V William Featherston -b. 27 Feb 1781 Amelia Co. VA, d, 20 act 1872 Robertson Co. TN, bur. Robertson Co., TN; moved to TN in 1830’s; m. 9 Jan 1809 Nottoway Co. VA to Elizabeth Jones -b. 29 Aug 1785 Nottoway Co., VA, d, 1867 Robertson Co. TN, bur. Robertson Co., TN; d/o John Jones/Nancy , Sources: Amelia Co. VA Deed Book; Nottoway Co. VA Deed Book; Robertson Co., TN Marriage Records; Robertson Co. TN Death Records,
Page 22
B R A N C H #5- Issue of William Featherston
1, Ann Eliza Featherston -b, 19 Apr 1811 VA, d, young
2, John Burel Featherston -b, 18 Aug 1812 VA, d, young
3, Martha Ann Featherston -b, 9 Dec 1813 VA, d, 25 Jan 1891 Robertson Co. IN, bur, Newton Cem” Robertson Co., IN; m, William Newton
4, Sarah C.E, Featherston- b, 9 Apr 1816 VA, d, Robertson Co. IN,
bur, Elmwood Cem” Robertson Co” IN; m. 29 Mar 1841 Robertson Co.
IN to Jesse W, Davis
5, William R, Featherston- b. 17 Sep 1818 VA, d. young
6, Joshua Wood Featherston -b, 14 Feb 1820 VA, d, 13 Jan 1899
Robertson Co. IN; m, 27 Feb 1844 Robertson Co., IN to Emily Jackson 7, Henry D, Featherston- b, 13 Jun 1823 VA; m,l) 7 Apr 1846 Robertson
Co. IN to Mary Draughon; m,2) 26 Nov 1848 to Mary E, Davis
*8, Mary Frances Featherston -b, 22 Jun 1825 VA
9. Edwin Jones Featherston -b. 22 Apr 182~ VA, d, 1898 Robertson Co., IN
10, David S. Featherston- b. 6 Aug 1832 Robertson Co., IN; m,l) 13 Jan 1854 Robertson Co. IN to Susan Crawford; m.2) 27 Jan 1874 to Elizabeth Doris
VI Mary F. Featherston- b, 22 Jun 1825 VA, d, 9 Dec 1896 Robertson Co.,
IN, bur. 10 Dec 1896 Elmwood Cem. Robertson Co. IN; m, 2 Jan 1848 Robertson Co. IN to Phinis Ewing Dycus -b, 28 Mar 1823 IN, d, 16 Dec 1903 Nashville, Davidson Co., IN, bur, 17 Dec 1903 Elmwood Cem. Robertson Co. IN; ,farmer, Sources: Robertson Co., IN Marriage Record; Robertson Co. IN Death Record; 1850 & 1860 Robertson Co. IN Census Records; Family Bible Records,
1. John C, Dycus -b, 1845 (step son to Mary Frances)
2. Josephene Dycus -b, 1845 IN (step dau, to Mary Frances)
*3. Susan Sabrina Dycus -b. 29 Oct 1847 Robertson Co., IN
4. Mary Elizabeth Dycus -b. 1855 Robertson Co. IN; m. 13 Jan 1875 Robertson Co., IN to W,R, Draughon. Moved to Los Angeles, CA
5, Margaret A, Dycus -b. 1858 Robertson Co., IN; m. Fred Young. Moved to Louisville, KY
6, Katherine Dycus -b, 16 Jul 1860 Robertson Co., IN, d, 2 Jan 1953 Logan Co., KY, bur, Greenwood Cem. Logan Co., KY; m. 26 May 1882 to John A, Babb- b, 19 Mar 1846, d. 19 Apr 1926
7, Frances 0, Dycus -b. 17 Aug 1862 Robertson Co. IN, d, 3 Feb 1930 Springfield, Robertson Co. IN, bur, Elmwood Cem. Robertson Co.,
IN; m,l) 25 Aug 1880 to Henry Atkins; m,2) 6 Dec 1915 Robertson Co. IN to John E, Robertson
VII Susan Sabrina Dycus -b, 29 Oct 1847 Robertson Co. IN, d, 17 Jul 1928 Robertson Co. IN, bur, 19 July 1928 Elmwood Cem. Robertson Co., IN; m, 23 Sep 1864 Robertson Co. IN to David Wesley Pepper -b, 1843 Robertson Co., IN, d, 1899 Robertson Co., IN, bur. Elmwood Cem., Robertson Co. IN; Carpenter; s/o Stephen Pepper/Catherine Crawford. Sources: 1870 & 1880 Robertson Co., IN Census Records; Robertson Co., IN Marriage and Death Records; Family Records,
Page 23
B R A N C H *5- Issue of Susan Sabrina Dycus
1, Mary Lee Pepper -b, 29 Jul 1865 Robertson Co. IN, d, 1 Jan 1958
Robertson Co. IN, bur. Elmwood Cem. Robertson Co., IN; m, 12 Feb 1884 Robertson Co. IN to George Boyd Morris
2. Bertha Pepper -b, 16 Jun 1866 Robertson Co. IN, d, 17 Oct 1869 Robertson Co. TN, bur, Cheatham Cem. Robertson Co. IN
3, Joseph Pepper -b, 7 Mar 1867 Robertson Co. TN, d, 15 Feb 1894,
bur, Elmwood Cem., Robertson Co. TN
4, Lucy Pepper -b, Nov 1869 Robertson Co. IN, d, Jun 1911 Robertson Co. TN, bur, Elmwood Cem. Robertson Co. TN; m, 24 Sep 1892 to Christopher Bringhurst
5, Maggie H, Pepper -b, 16 Dec 1870 Robertson Co. IN, d, 23 Jun 1952 bur. Bellwood Cem., Pine Bluff, AR; m, 9 Sep 1885 Robertson Co. IN to John Frey
6, Stephen Pepper -b, 16 Nov 1872 Robertsqn Co., IN, d, 24 Dec 1879 Robertson Co. IN, bur, Cheatham Cem., Robertson Co. IN
7, John Milton Pepper -b, Jan 1875 Robertson Co. IN, d. 1 Aug 1930 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL; bur, Elmwood Cem. Robertson Co. IN;
m, 15 Jul 1897 Robertson Co., IN to Lillian Hyman
*8. Anna Pauline Pepper -b, 14 May 1876 Robertson Co. IN
9. Samuel D. Pepper -b, 15 Jul 1878 Robertson Co. IN, d, 28 May 1962 Rutherford Co., IN, bur, Triune, Williamson Co., IN; m, 10 Jul 1903 Robertson Co. IN to Kate L, Draughon
10, Joey Pepper -b, 25 Dec 1879 Robertson Co., IN, d. 28 Dec 1879 Robertson Co. IN, bur, Cheatham Cem., Robertson Co., IN
11, Josie Pepper -b. 25 Dec 1879 Robertson Co., IN, d. 28 Dec 1879 Robertson Co. IN, bur. Cheatham Cem., Robertson Co. IN
12, David Wesley Pepper, Jr, -b, 14 Aug 1881 Robertson Co., IN, d. 9
Oct 1961 Robertson Co. IN, bur, Elmwood Cem., Robertson Co. IN; m, 10 May 1901 Robertson Co. IN to Mary E, Ruffin
VIII Anna Pauline Pepper -b, 14 May 1876 Robertson Co., IN, d, 19 May 1947 cJacksonville, Cherokee Co. TX, bur, McDonald Cem. Cherokee Co. TX; m. 2 Mar 1897 Robertson Co. IN to Edmond Corbin -b, 17 Oct 1875 Robertson Co. IN, d. 26 Mar 1939 Cherokee Co. TX, bur, McDonald Cem., Cherokee Co. TX; Farmer; Nazarine; s/o Estill Wade Corbin/Maranda Hicks Dunn, Sources: 1900 Robertson Co. IN Census; Robertson Co., IN Marriage Records; 1910 Texas Census Records; Cherokee Co. TX Marriage Records; Cherokee Co., TX Death Records; Family Bible Records,
*1, Herbert Moore Corbin -b, 31 Dec 1897 Robertson Co. IN
2. Vernon Ray Corbin -b, 31 Jan 1899 Robertson Co., IN, d. 20 Jul 1972 Milano Co. TX, bur, Milano Cem., Milano Co. TX; m, 9 May 1918 Cherokee Co. TX to Clemmie Ollie Cook
3. Bertha Pauline Corbin -b, 25 Jun 1901 Robertson Co., IN, d, 6 Sep 1972 Cherokee Co. TX, bur, Union Chapel Cem., Cherokee Co., TX; m, 18 ~1ay 1918 Cherokee Co. TX to Marvin E. Wallace
4, Clyde Daniel Corbin -b, 22 Apr 1914 Cedar Hill, Dallas Co. TX; m. 1939 Lubbock, Lubbock Co. TX to Garnet Hammersmith
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B R A N C H #:5- cont,
IX Herbert Moore Corbin -b, 31 Dec 1897 Robertson Co. ni, d, 13 Jul 1965 Cherokee Co. TX, bur, Griffin Cem” Cherokee Co. IN; farmer; Church of Christ; m,l) Reecie Murphy; m.2) 28 Dec 1924 Cherokee Co. TX to Hattie Viola Moore- b, 28 Feb 1893 Rusk Co. TX, d, 8 Dec 1930 Cherokee Co. TX, bur, Griffin Cem., Cherokee Co. TX; Hattie m,l) Charlie Jolly; d/o J.R. Owen Moore/Amanda Peters, Herbert Moore Corbin m,3) to Jewel Lee. Sources: Cherokee Co. TX ,Marriage Records and Death Records; Family Information.
1, Calvin Daniel Corbin -b, 23 Nov 1926 Cherokke Co. TX; m. 23 Dec 1961 Dallas Co. TX to Lorena Dagley
*2, Joseph David Corbin -b, 20 Oct 1928 Cherokee Co., TX
X Joseph David Corbin -b, 20 Oct 1928 Chero.kee Co., TX; Salesman; Church of Christ; WWII Army -Korea; m, 7 Nov 1948 Cherokee Co., TX to Vesta Ann Burton- b, 7 Oct 1930 Cherokee Co., TX; Factory worker; Church of Christ; d/o Sylvester H, Burton/Johnnie v. Hoover, Sources: Cherokee Co. TX Marriage Records; Family information,
*1, John David Corbin -b. 22 Dec 1949 Ft. Hood, Bell Co. TX; m, 5 Jun 1920 Cherokee Co., TX to Linda Lewis
2, Patricia Ann Corbin -b, 27 Jul 1952 Jacksonville, Cherokee to., TX; m. 27 Aug 1971 New Surnmerfield, Cherokee Co., TX to Danny Ray
3. Robert Dale Corbin -b, 23 Feb 1957 Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., TX; m, 21 Oct 1977 Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., TX to Aletha Masters
4, Karen Suzanne Corbin -b. 9 Dec 1960 Jacksonville, Cherokee Co. TX; m, 8 Jan 1977 Iroup, Smith Co., TX to James Ricky Little
submitted Apr 1991 by: David Corbin
Desire to correspond with anyone researching Charles Featherstone. b. ca. 1637 England & wife Rebecca Stratton/Evans. b. ca. 1649.
submitted by: June M. Millwood
Looking for information on Sarah Featherstone and her parents. Sarah was born ,
ca 1828 in Indiana -possibly Marion County. She had a brother Charley or Jerry who raised her children after her death in 1861. .
submitted by: Melrose Trimble
Fall 1990 issue of Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society lists a Bible Record from Bedford County, IN of John Davis (7 Jun 1794 -6 Nov 1866) who married Catharine Featherston (8 Dec 1784 -11 Oct 1863) on 30 July 1812. Who were her parents?
submitted by: Brenda G. Fischler
06-02. Submitted by: Melrose Trimble
Additional information received by your editor from Melrose Trimble. shows that Sarah Featherstone. b. ca. 1828 in Indiana was married to Benjamin Kuser. FEATHERSTON FINDINGS. Volume 1. page 15, shows Sarah Jane Featherston. b. 1828. KY; m.1) 11 Feb 1847 in Marion Co.. IN to Benjamin Kuser. She was a daughter of Jeremiah Featherston and Anne Green.
submitted by: Joyce Featherston Hawkins
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