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Some years ago Joyce Fay Hawkins indentified the possible branches that might exist in the USA. her findings follow;
Branches of USA research:-

One of the features of the series of surname booklets entitled FEATHERSTON FINDINGS, published from 1990-1997 is a BRANCHES section in each of the 20 booklets. Each Branch listing begins with an earliest known, Featherston(e) ancestor.

BRANCH #1 (see example in The Featherstone Family News, Volume 1, Issue 4, Winter 1997, pages 5-7), lists descendants of Charles Featherston who died between 1788 and 1790 in Brunswick Co., Virginia. Charles’ wife was Jean/Gean/Jane Wright. See map

BRANCH #2 (see example on pages 2-4 of same newsletter), lists descendants of William Featherston who was born about 1790 in South Carolina. William married Cynthia Conn.

BRANCH #3 shown in FFs volume 1 lists descendants of John C. Featherstone and his wife Catherine. They resided in Richmond, VA. A listing of BRANCH #4 is also shown in FFs volume 1 which began with Charles Featherston who was born ca. 1635 in England and died ca. 1681 in Henrico Co., VA. This Charles married Rebecca Stratton. Later it was learned that John C. Featherstone was a descendant of this Charles. At this point, BRANCHES #3 and #4 merged and #4 was dropped.

BRANCH #5 are descendants of William Featherston who married Frances (Cross or Howell). Their son, William, Jr. died 1769 in Amelia Co., VA. William, Jr. married Susannah Grigg.

BRANCH #6 lists descendants of Martin and Mary Featherston. Their son, Martin was born 1821 in County Galway, Ireland and emigrated in 1842 to the U.S. He married Mary Callan and resided in Boston, Massachusetts.

BRANCH #7 lists some descendants of Lewis Featherston who died in Shelby Co., Tennessee in 1845. He married in Lunenburg Co., VA to Sally Hurt. Lewis is probably a member of BRANCH #5 (grandson of William, Jr.)

BRANCH #8 are descendants of Richard and Lucy Featherston of Chester Co., South Carolina. Lucy’s will was dated 15 July 1797 in Chester County. It is possible that Richard and Lucy’s daughter, Sarah, was the unmarried mother of William Featherston (BRANCH #2).

BRANCH #9 are descendants of Daniel Featherston, b. ca. 1847 Ireland and his wife Elizabeth “Lizzie” Carey. They resided in Appleton, Wisconsin. This branch was submitted by a FFs subscriber on behalf of another individual.

These listings (BRANCHES) were submitted by subscribers/researchers for publication in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS. Other information is available that could provide additional listings.
Joyce Featherston Hawkins. You can now view Featherston Findings on this web site

Perkinson or variant

From the book “Good Morning Mr Featherstone?” by Eula Thomas Perkinson page 175

…………..”The Parkinsons of Lancashire by Richard Ainsworth, out of print since 1936, but printed by Accrington press, and on pages 1 & 2 of this book we learn that the Perkinson family is descended from Elias or Helius de Featherstone of the Manor of Featherstone, now called Featherstone Castle, in Northumberland. The Manor was granted to him in the early 13th century. The name was originally spelt Featherstonehaugh- haugh , which means the alluvial plains of a river, simply refers to the location of Featherstone Castle situated on the beautiful Tyne River some 3 and a half miles south west of the village of Haltwhistle in Northumberland, England. The Featherstones eventually dropped the haugh from their name. It is in Ainsworth’s The Parkinsons of Lancashire that we find the following genealogical chart

Elias de Featherstonehaugh
Ralph (d. 1243)
Thomas Featherstonehaugh m. Mariatta
| | |
Alexander Robert Perkin
John le Perkinson(1362)

According to Ainsworth Alexander Featherstonehaugh ” became the main line at Featherstone Castle, while the third son, Perkin, came into Lancashire possessions of the family” ” It is proved by a deed that he was living there in 1362-3, the thirty sixth year of Edward the thirds reign. He is mentioned together with his son John, in the foregoing document. Which is in latin

Ainsworth’s translation

“Be it known to all men etc. Margaret, daughter of Peter Placedieu, has surrendered to John le Perkinson of Sefton, one manor situated on the North side of Farrington, to hold from the 36th year of Edward III (1361-2) for a term of 60 years (or to the end of 60 years)”

To quote Ainsworth further ” John le Perkynson, the son of Perkin Featherstonehaugh, was known as Perkins’ son and the above deed is proof that he had discarded the old name Featherstone and had adopted the name by which he was known…………..”

You can also view the work of UK Researcher and member Margaret Clough into the links of her Parkinson family

It would be nice to say that the above covers all USA research- but that would be untrue there are still families for who the work goes on in trying to find if their families fit somewhere- or maybe are a new line.